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  1. That's a good idea, though I still need three more kits!!!!
  2. Who can say no to another Spitfire and with this level of detailing? Beautiful kit.
  3. Now, that would be interesting to see especially if it has a desert scheme! As for the engines while looking at various photos on the web, I noticed that some engines on later Jetstream models looked quite similar to those that the Pucara had. Any thoughts on this?
  4. I don't know how you did it BUT the realism of the stirred waters is phenomenal !!!!
  5. B-57G a magnificent aircraft and model even in 1/72 (I have the Italeri kit). For someone who wants to invest in seriously detailing a kit, the Canberra is definitely one! BTW, beautiful builds!!! Cheers, Bill
  6. It's a WINNER Andy!!!! Very convincing photography! Cheers, Bill
  7. Hi Ben, Many thanks for the clarification mate. After reading this, I'll stick to my kit and decide if I am going to build the Czech or the Polish version. Overall, it is a beautiful kit. Cheers, Bill
  8. The first photo truly gives you the feeling that you're looking at the real thing. Good job mate!
  9. Beautiful work and from an era when smoking was still allowed in the passengers cabin. Cheers, Bill
  10. "Whilst the Revell T-55 has some fairly major shape issues with the turret, it is well detailed and provides optional parts to build a number of production variants" Hi Badger, I have been watching/ reading your post with great interest because I have in my stock the Revell T-55A/AM and I must say I was disappointed with the above comment. I was hoping to finish it as an OOB build but now it seems that I truly need to also buy the Trumpeter kit. Anyhow, looking forward for the next steps of your builds. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Bill
  11. Cheers Bill, I will give it a more thorough look just in case there are any obvious differences.
  12. Hi Bill, I am glad to see that nothing can put you down from further improving your Privateer!!! Just a quick question about the resin items (and particularly the bomb sight/ targeting mechanism) that Cobra offers for the bombardier compartment. Did the Privateer used the same bomb sight mechanism that the B-24 used? Stay well! Cheers, Bill
  13. You reminded me when scale modelling was 70% fun and 30% accuracy / detailing!!! Truly beautiful work!!
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