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  1. Just the level and quantity of details on this kit makes you wanna buy it!!! Beautiful work so far!
  2. I don't want to drag you into making some changes but I think - I repeat, I think - that those panels in the rear of the fuselage are not correct. Perhaps someone who knows the kit better can confirm/refute my point. Cheers, Bill
  3. This reminds me of a Verlinden Productions set that I used to "hunt" down to find it (a bit desperately), I managed to find on Ebay, I said to myself "well, now that you've found it, ok, let's buy it in a few days", the set was obviously gone immediately because it only costed £60 and now, you can't find it below £100! I'm referring to the aircraft carrier catapult. Now, you might say well, there is the Italeri set that you can buy but, I have the impression that it is from a more modern aircraft carrier and I wanted back then to build an 80's diorama. Anyhow, that's the mistakes we pay when we procrastinate!!!
  4. You know, this level of craftsmanship makes me wonder why do I even bother building scale models? Most likely, I will never have the time nor the resources to make such a high level and enjoyable work!!! Unless, you're using a shrinking machine like those they must have at Area 51 and you just paint so realistically the various parts of a real shrank Tomcat to give us the illusion that this is an actual 1/72 scale "plastic" model!!! Seriously now, you must have a lot of patience and an advanced magnifying glass to make this sort of detailed work! Keep it coming!!!!!
  5. Beautiful kit yet, the only thing that worries me are the wheels' bays. I would prefer if they had them as one piece and as part of the lower fuselage. Cheers, Bill
  6. 33 quid for 66 parts that's quite expensive! But, it has nothing to do with the kit. It's all about marketing, shipping and handling costs and the fact that inflation is way up high despite what they say on the news. Just have a look at the supermarket prices and how often the last couples of months have increased. And the prices will continue to go up. My advice is buy now what you can afford because later on you might see this kit or as a matter of fact any kit's price skyrocketing! Just my two cents. Cheers, Bill
  7. Dear Bill, You have done a remarkable job with the specific kit and I will definitely use it as a point of reference when I finally decide to build my own. I also admire your dedication and determination to finish the specific kit regardless of the difficulties you had to face such as, the thick transparent parts, the lack of details (well, this was kind of expected! It is a Matchbox kit after all!), amongst other things. But enough with the praises. START YOUR NEXT BUILD MATE!!! DON'T KEEP US WAITING!!! Cheers, Bill
  8. Happy New Year Everybody!! The Mitchell you have built Rob is beautiful but, it doesn't compare to the job you have done on the B-17, and therefore, it is definitely a MUST to build another one!!! And less we forget - a B-26 also!!! Cheers, Bill
  9. As always, great work Rob! I am looking forward to see your model finished but, I am more anxious to see a B-25 or B-26 (Monogram/Revell ALWAYS!) being build from your craftsmanship!!
  10. Besides the comment that I made previously, I totally agree with the specific point of view. We still haven't seen the true financial effects that the 'pandemic' has caused. I think the best time to consider whether it will be worth to start again reproducing some of the sets is September/October 2022. Then, we will all know more things about the global financial scene than what we do now.
  11. If you have the moulds for the 1/72 F-4 wings inner/outer lowered slats and anything for the 1/48 S-3 Viking then you definitely need to reproduce them! There are a lot of lads out there that need these aftermarket resin parts (including myself!)!!!
  12. You're not the only one mate! But, after some failed attempts to get a hold on the specific set I have now decided that I will never build the specific aircraft. Anyhow, that's life!
  13. Man, just by reading this I can feel the cold water!!! Swimming in winter? Seriously, some doctors do say that swimming in winter is good for our health. I guess once it becomes a habit, you no longer pay attention to the water's low temperature!! Cheers, Bill
  14. Merry Christmas Serkan! Vey nice work mate! May I ask, is that a C-2 seat from an F-104 that you have 3-d printed? I thought the SR-71 was using a different type of ejection seat. Cheers, Bill
  15. I was looking at the photo you have posted on the previous page that shows the interior and particularly how far away the ammunition box is from the guns. This made me wonder how often (or not) the guns must have gone jammed. Do you have any information about this matter Bill?
  16. We definitely need a close-up on this one Bill because I can't figure out what all those bits and pieces are! We are old men don't test our patience and vision! Cheers, Bill
  17. It's either the Kinetic or the much older kit from Classic Airframes in 1/48, which is not bad but being a limited run kit, it does require a lot of fitting tests.
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