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  1. Cheers lads for the encouragement! I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I have a health issue that coincidentally (or not) occurs almost every time I start, or continue one of my builds. I will try to post some of my builds (F-5s ALWAYS) that are still at their beginning (cockpit tub, seat, etc.). Have a pleasant evening. Cheers, Bill P.S.: Fingers crossed let's hope someone will release either an etch or a decent resin set (and affordable) for the 1/72 F-5F, because the rear cockpit tub (the front is so and so) of the Italeri kit is rubbish.
  2. it's such a vast subject that even if you think the variety of paint schemes and markings this aircraft has adopted and served you will get a headache which one to build!!!!!! So, yes, they are all too busy building F-5s and I also need to start finishing my F-5s (excluding the unstarted ones) and so far I've got around seven!!!!
  3. No need to worry. Just let it dry and then with a wet high-grade sandpaper remove the excess.
  4. The price of the Tamiya kit prohibits me from buying one and I need several for a collection I want to do. Therefore, my second best option, which again is not cheap unless you monitor eBay 24-hours a day, is the Hasegawa kit. I know it has several issues but its a beauty! So, if your plan is to build only one Tomcat in 1/48, its worth paying the cost for the Tamiya kit. Just my two cents. Cheers, Bill
  5. My preference? The Hasegawa kit, as long as you can find it with a decent price because people don't know these days what they charge for a scale model kit! I think the question you should be asking Filippo is whether you want to build the Skyhawk OOB (Out Of the Box) or invest in several after market parts to add several details. For example, Hasegawa had two interesting kits in 1/32. The classic (and simple) TA-4J and the more advanced OA-4M, that had several metallic and etched parts. Whichever you choose, the Skyhawk is one of the most beautiful military aircrafts ever build!!! Cheers, Bill
  6. Beautiful images. Now, where do I have that old Heller Rafale A kit...?
  7. Maybe for one kit, but if you plan to build more than one (as in my case!), it doesn't really worth it. Just my two cents. Cheers, Bill
  8. I haven't build an F-15 since 1990!!! But I have to say well done to Revell for creating such a beautiful kit and with a lot of details on various parts! Good luck with your build Arthur! Cheers, Bill
  9. I have experienced several times these two problems with the specific kit. I guess it was one of those choices that afterwards Monogram have realised that they should had moulded the parts as right and left parts instead of upper and lower. Looking forward to see this beauty finished !!!! Cheers, Bill
  10. What can you say for a kit like this that has so nicely depicted external details! I'm in the process of remodelling the radome of an old Monogram F-5F (along with the LERXs) and believe me just when I think I got it right, I need to do some refilling to bring it back to shape. Nice work so far Dave. Tempting question...: do you plan to build another F-5?
  11. Vey interesting kit, little time to spend on scale modelling, and no money to draw from other expenses! But still, a very welcomed kit and long anticipated!!!
  12. Now this is a photo V.P. that you shouldn't show to scale modellers because it is veeeerrrryyyy tempting the idea to buy 50 F-2 kits!!!!!
  13. Come on Dave! Don't keep us waiting! Show us the kit's progress!!! Cheers, Bill
  14. It's an interesting kit and job well done so far Tim. I have the later Italeri boxing and I'm in the process (for more than 5 years!!) of remodelling the kit's cockpit. Cheers, Bill
  15. Actually, his one hand is on the stick and the other on the ejection handle and he is looking at 12. Probably he saw Tom Cruise coming and said, "oh no! not this guy again!!!"
  16. You're obviously not familiar with Greek women! Try to say what you just said to a Greek woman and you will end up AT LEAST with a big lump on your head!!! OUCH
  17. Any ideas of how I can "camouflage" that new kit/box in order to go unnoticeable?
  18. When I hear/read the name 'DaveJL' I KNOW its going to be a great build and that I MUST watch it!!!! Oh man, looking forward for this one!!!
  19. The only thing that I don't like in this kit and it surprises me why all these years HobbyBoss didn't attempt to offer a replacement is the windscreen!!!! Other than that, I would have bought at least 20 of this kit (yeap, I'm an F-5E fanatic, what can I say!!!)
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