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  1. Here I go again.. After building the PCM 1/32 XIVc straight from the box I fell in love with the kit. I then converted one into a PR XIX which for me was a lot of work. I've now decided to do another conversion with the kit. It's taken me a couple of months to find the necessary parts. Anyone guess what it will be? Wish me luck..
  2. Beautiful build and perfectly completed.. Well done, I'm very jealous...
  3. Beautiful build. Can't beat a nice Canberra.. Well done.
  4. Haggis9444

    Special Hobby Tempest II 1/32

    That's really really nice.. I like that a lot.. Well done..
  5. Haggis9444

    Matchbox Hawker Tempest II

    That's lovely.. One of my favourite looking aircraft ever. What scale is It? I'm sorely tempted to buy the Special Hobby 'Hi-Tech' 1/32 one but it's an eye-watering £80ish..
  6. Haggis9444

    1/32 Spitfire Mk.II

    Looks awesome... well done.
  7. That looks fantastic.. Well done.
  8. Haggis9444

    1/32 Spitfire XIVe bubbletop canopy

    Evening all.My next project is going to be a 1/32 Spitfire XIVe.I'm starting with PCMs fantastic XIVc and using the Greymatter spine conversion but I'm having great difficulty in finding a good canopy.I know that Greymatter do a canopy but it doesn't look the best.My usual hours of googling has drawn a bkank.Does anyone know where I can source a good Spitfire bubbletop canopy?Thanks.Mark.
  9. Haggis9444

    Too good to be true?

    Just saw this online:- https://www.stardustcolors.co.uk/chrome-paint/1229-brush-on-chrome-chrome-paint-using-brush.html They finished effect looks amazing. Anyone heard of this or tried it. It would look amazing on those post-war polished jets..
  10. I like that a lot.. Well done..
  11. Haggis9444

    Seafire Mk47 Airfix 1/48th

    That looks fantastic.. well done.
  12. That's a beautiful build. Don't see many if them. I'd love to do that in 1/32. Well done.
  13. Really like that.. well done.