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  1. I basically only see pictures of the decals
  2. how did you do the green waterline, did you airbrush freehand?
  3. Great job!! I really love the paint job on this one, the greenish waterline and the faded hull red...super duper !
  4. klipfontein is great, but I like the norfolk either! very nice builds
  5. THANKS, finally I see a nice RFI of the Photo Mustang, that's very rare build! Well done
  6. well yes, it is still Revell, but I actually like it. I've seen far worse.
  7. Here you go. Very dark already so quality is p... poor but that's all I can do for a first impression....it looks really quite good. I can not comment on the fit except for the hull though. The halves go together quite well, no complains here. I will attach a link to an album and not the individual pictures. Have fun. http://s109.photobucket.com/user/PhilTN/slideshow/flower_class_revell one quick impression, see the link above for the rst.
  8. No pictures yet, but I have looked into mine today. It looks very good, actually I think it is above the usual revell standart. The plastic has very very little flash, it is a nice, darker plastic and the parts look quite crisply molded. I will get the hull together tonight I guess. It looks VERY promising, could be a real gem with Photoetch!!!
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