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  1. Everything have blend in very nicely Bill! I guess now it's time to bring all the parts together; wings, upper/lower fuselage, horizontal/vertical stabilisers, radome.... Mind the wings/fuselage joints and all the angles.
  2. Cheers mate. That's the impression that I also had. When I'll finish mine (Canadian) I will post some photos to see how I have tried to modify this area and make it look better. Cheers, Bill
  3. Have you noticed also that the vertical stabilisers have an issue with their accuracy (at the bottom, where they join with the airframe)? I think they are too curvy. I would like to know your thoughts about this detail Bill. Cheers, Bill
  4. As far as scribing the Italeri F-5s, I have done it and it was not a pleasant process. In 1/72, the F-5 has some of the most demanding for scribing curves and if you are not used to scribing details such as panels' lines, it's very time consuming and you don't succeed it very easily (a lot of CA to cover the mistakes!).
  5. I think there used to be a topic (well, one of the many) in Arc Forums that was comparing some of the 1/72 Legacy Hornets kits available. What I faintly remember is that someone had mentioned that either the main landing gears or, the wheels of the Hasegawa kit were more accurate/ had the right angle (from the rest)??? Anyone else remember this perhaps?
  6. Has anyone bought the F-5F? I am tempted but, after reading all the comments about the company's "E" model, I am not sure if this will be a better one, at least to the areas that many fellow modellers have pointed out. It would be nice though to see a comparison between the old Italeri "F", which is supposedly more accurate in shape and this new "F" just to confirm or, refute the contradicting areas.
  7. I think there was a FineScaleModeller issue (September 1991?) that had an article with all the paint schemes that were used by various nationalities aircrafts during the war. I hope my memory serves me right.
  8. So, its Fujimi/Hobbycraft. Checked!
  9. WOW! The Yugoslavian Sabre is FANTASTIC!!!
  10. In 1/72 I don't think the difference could be that big. Perhaps by adding 2mm right where the tail connects to the main fuselage will fix the issue. Just a thought.
  11. Oops! Too late for me In fact, I have also trade my 1/48 Academy, which gives the Sabre's engine support bed.
  12. @Dave Swindell: Have you read the following topic from arc forums? http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/184207-sabre-fuselages-in-172/ There is also the following website that compares three 1/72 kits (Heller, Fujimi, and Hobbycraft): http://www.blindbatnews.com/2011/10/kit-bashing-heller-fujimi-hobbycraft-f-86-sabre-kits-compared/8203 Cheers, Bill
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