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  1. I can't think of right now any jet that had a similar overall size or same length of front gear leg bay,. Perhaps the Fury? Cheers, Bill
  2. The colours are spot on! I'm just waiting to see how it will all blend together; camouflage, markings, weathering. Cheers, Bill
  3. If I only had the time and the resources.......!!!!!! Man, you keep surprising us with the level of your work! Cheers, Bill
  4. Been there done that, Not intentionally though, it caught me by surprise!!
  5. With all these work you have put into this kit Serkan, you make me wish I had the 1/72 Blackbird instead of the 1/48!!! Nonetheless, it's an inspiring project. Cheers, Bill
  6. Most monastic beers get a better taste after 3 years. For example, St. Arnoldus, Vondel, Corsendok, etc. In fact, some of them for this purpose have a layer yeast. But, yes, I agree, when you have good company and some delicious "hors d'oeuvres" why wait?
  7. So, no need for humans anymore huh? We have become disposables. I guess from a wife's perspective this could be something convenable - no longer the husband starring at the beautiful waitress "twins"!!!
  8. So, I presume it was a capability added much later, perhaps near the end of the aircraft's service? By the way, the pilot must had a really great view from that windscreen! Cheers, Bill P.S.: Bill, have you checked how easy or difficult it is to represent the extended slats? Does the Ginter book provides diagrams or photos that show details of the slats?
  9. I never had the pleasure to build a Catalina but from those that I've seen in various exhibitions over the years in 1/48 the kit is massive!!! Looking forward to see the next stage of your build lad. Cheers, Bill
  10. Beautiful work as always Bill I want to see how you will manage to replicate the refuelling probe because the one that the kit gives is just a plastic tube with a small bump and nothing more. Cheers, Bill
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