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  1. I do the same thing with the difference that I first use a damped cloth or kitchen paper with rubbing alcohol to 'clean' the kit's box and then place it in the closet. After three days it's "Christmas" day for me!!!
  2. First of all, my congrats for the work you have done so far Dennis!!! While skimming your build's 3 pages, I was surprised to see that Monogram had a kit in 1/48 that was underscaled. Particularly, if you consider the fact that they had access to many variants of the Corsair and therefore could easily produce an accurate kit (and in any scale). Looking forward for the next steps of your build Dennis. Cheers Bill
  3. Perhaps the worst part of vacformed kits are the clear parts. I have a Golden Wings T-2C (25%-ish build) and the clear parts have developed a "yellowish" tint that I might not be able to remove at this point. My proposal: spray the clear parts with Mr Color super clear UV. It will create a protective coat that will minimise the effect I have mentioned.
  4. I agree. As long as we take all the precautionary measures there is nothing to be afraid of.
  5. By far, one of the best-looking Corsairs I have ever seen!!!
  6. I second that. Others use vinyl glue though I don't know where you can find it.
  7. It's a shame! I still have in my stock a small range of Pactra's Acrylics and some MM Enamels and unfortunately the only models' store in my area that had them both has closed because the owner died a few months ago (and therefore, never got the chance to go and buy as much as I could). Now, I guess I'm gonna have to look around to other stores like Hannants and Der Sockelshop to check if they still have them. Both brands produced some of the most accurate FS and RLM numbers.
  8. Let me get this straight, you want to depict a US NAVY Phantom (probably on a carrier deck diorama?) and since Academy doesn't offer the folding mechanism you want to borrow it from Airfix's kit? In my view, I think what Airfix has done can only be justified as "poetic license". I have never seen - to such an extent - reinforcement plates on any fighter/bomber aircraft. Check what Hasegawa offers in 1/48 or, Tamiya's 1/32 F-4J to see if the specific detail is correctly depicted or not.
  9. Have you tried to clean it with white spirit (also known as turpentine)?
  10. This is the first model I plan to buy after the covid19 quarantine. Even with the issues you're reporting Mark, it still is a good kit and the only in 1/48!
  11. jaw dropping work lad !!! Any photos of the aircraft from AMARC?
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