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  1. Hi André, I think for the good old days of scale modelling the kit was acceptable (perhaps more than acceptable) but, by todays' standards it needs a lot of work to look accurate. On the other hand, the Italeri kit is quite nice though I think it does have some dimensions' issues on certain areas like the wing (underscale). The kit that still remains the best in 1/72 is the Fujimi (I've got only 3)
  2. Hi Dennis, Yes, it was. I even thought to donate the finished kit to a friend and buy an 1/48 Fury but, then I realised that it had nothing to do with the scale but with the aircraft itself being small and the whole design-philosophy relied on WWII aircrafts' design.
  3. I had a similar experience with the FJ-1. The kit had an etched set for the cockpit but once I placed the canopy (closed) it was difficult to see the details.
  4. Very interesting subject you got there lad!!! Keep up the good work!! Cheers Bill
  5. Ah, la bella Italiana ragazza!!! This kit is superb! Looking forward to see it complete!! Cheers Bill
  6. I have tried to build this kit in the past but, after a number of falls (not intentionally) I've decided to put it aside. Would be interesting though to see how this build will evolve!!
  7. I like your way of thinking Clive - "having never knowingly looked a gift horse in the mouth"!!! Good luck with your build! Cheers Bill
  8. The problem with the Hasegawa kit (besides the obvious ones; lack of detailed cockpit, etc.) is that it is TOO expensive! Wish I had bought it back in the 90's when hobby shops had it for only 12 Euros! At least, I'm enjoying your build Giorgio!!
  9. Hi Dennis, Very interesting subject you got there lad, though there is something that I would like to ask; after seeing the cockpit's photos you have posted I wonder, are you going to focus on the aircraft's external details/paint work/markings more than the cockpit? Cheers Bill
  10. Don't worry about it. The Airfix decals do look good.
  11. Don't forget the NMF Giorgio!! Every time I come across a kit that has as an option an NMF finish, I always go for the camouflaged paint scheme!!!
  12. can't say much. I'm simply enjoying your build
  13. Hi Ced, Did you visit only Herakleion or also other parts of Crete? I have been to Crete twice (in my late teens; a friend of mine was from Crete) and man, the food, the wines (and the tsikoudia - a local very strong drink 60% alcohol!!) and the whole island is extremely beautiful and the people very friendly, always with a good word to say even to strangers.
  14. Is this new kit as good as it looks ? I'm asking you this because at least from the photos I have seen recently it does look like a very good kit.
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