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  1. Hi Hans, thanks for your reply. I don't have the Revell 25 but, from what you say, it is a "tricky business" this colour hue!!! I recently bought AK Interactive's Luminous Orange but, the paint's hue is quite "off" from what it should be! Cheers Bill
  2. Hi Ced, My congrats for the new member of your family!!! The resemblance to you is obvious!!! Anyone else from the family has notice this?
  3. Nice work so far. BTW, do you plan to make a patented bomb the Fuerza Aerea Argentina had built and carried by the Skyhawks during the Falklands war? I think the front part was from a Korean-era American bomb (Mk.?) and the rear part was from a British WWII bomb. I think they had named it "La Bombola"?
  4. Hello Hans, Beautiful work mate! Which "orange red" did you use? I see you have a bottle of Revell's paint. Is this the one you used on the model? Cheers Bill
  5. Are you referring to exposing the decals to the sun for a few days or, to a UV lamp?
  6. You and me lad!!! That's why I've asked for the clarification. Those scale model companies
  7. Was this the case for all types of Harrier or, just for the specific one?
  8. Hi Thomas, I'm the one who has brought back from the "ashes" your thread!!! MM2041 is the colour you're referring and it is hard to find. That's why I asked just in case you had either used a mix to accomplish the hue or, another company's paint. AK Interactive claims to have the FS-28915 but, that's way too light and as a hue it doesn't have that characteristic redness the original colour had, something that is quite noticeable in many photos from the 1950-1959 era. The thing is that I like so much that paint scheme that I don't want to apply an
  9. Hi Peter, have you done any progress with your build? By the way, which paint scheme/sqn markings do you plan to use/apply? I'm asking this because I'm building the Italeri T2 and I want to finish it with the BS381C 638 / BS381C 629 scheme but, the second colour is hard to find. I have just bought the AK Interactive "629" but, it's too dark! All the photos show this colour to have a light towards medium hue and the "AK" looks more like the '638' and less than the actual colour! Any thoughts?
  10. Beautiful build Thomas but, which colour did you use for the "red" areas? I have the FS-28915 but, it's too light and the wrong hue.
  11. Ain't that the truth! I'm in a similar position with my ESCI S-3 (£56 for a resin wheel bay!!!) and the cost keeps rising BUT, in the end, it is our hobby and we do have the thinking mentality that can help us decide which aftermarket set will truly benefit our build, and which one is of secondary importance. If you don't want to improve the exhausts/intakes that's easy. You buy a set of covers and you're done and instead you invest on buying a resin set for the cockpit and some new wheel wells. I know I make it sound rather simplistic but, that's how things are if you
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