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  1. "69" has the Old Blue colours (35414/35190/35164/35622 bottom) however, the issue is with the dark colour on the "65" that is supposed to be the 35164 but at least "visually" it's not. It looks more like the 36081.
  2. Hi Sven, Many thanks for the clarification. This kind of things makes our work a bit difficult but nonetheless, that's what I like even if it takes a bit more than usual to finish a kit. Generally speaking, the adversary/aggressor schemes ARE difficult to reproduce when you don't have the FS numbers. (I know, TwoBobs have covered them but, when you have examples as the one I have mentioned, it does take more time to finish a kit) Again, many thanks. Cheers Bill
  3. Hi Sven, I was looking at these two photos and I noticed that the colours look different. Are you sure it's the same FS numbers? Because they look different. To me, only the pattern looks to be the same (Old Blue). Cheers Bill
  4. Very nice work so far, however, I would like to ask couldn't you do something about the roundels because they look a bit transparent. Cheers Bill
  5. What happened to this project? It looked so promising.
  6. Shalako

    built models for sale

    Hi Paul, These builds could be commissions that didn't go well such as, the buyer refused to pay, changed his mind or, thought the model was not up to his standards...!! Any other thoughts? Cheers Bill
  7. So, I guess it is better to try and convert the Italeri kit to an A-12.
  8. What's wrong with the Italeri SR-71 nose? I have the kit and after watching Serkan's build I thought of starting it. Just when I thought that life was easy.........
  9. Many thanks for your reply Seahawk. Cheers Bill
  10. The paint scheme is fine, you only need to take the model outside and photograph it. It will show the quality that it carries!!! Again, job well done!!! Cheers Bill
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