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  1. Cheers Jonathan, So, this means that I will either have to find another Superscale sheet to pair it with the one I have, in order not to throw it into the "trash" bin or, buy a third-party decals' sheet! Well, that's scale modelling!!!
  2. Tricky work! Now, if I could only try the same thing on my Airfix Seahawk's exhausts lower surfaces!!!
  3. Beautiful work Jonathan! Did you conduct some research before you decide to build the specific aircraft? The reason why I'm asking you this is because, I'm in the process of building a Hasegawa F-14 (the old mould), and I also have the decals' sheet from Superscale that gives markings for the specific aircraft. However, the issue here is that Superscale provides only one decal for Miss Molly's artwork and no information. Therefore, I was wondering if you know if the aircraft, - and at least the beginning, - had the artwork applied only to the one side and la
  4. Even this might be manageable. But, I'll have to buy the kit first to confirm it.
  5. I'm interested to build the "yellow/black" Ventura that Aviaeology offers in one of their decals' sheets (AOD72035 - "Venturas in Canada 4"). Here's a link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aviaeology-decals-1-72-PV-1-Venturas-in-Canada-Pt-4/124472946973?hash=item1cfb2a711d:g:TiUAAOSwvddfy9lH
  6. Cheers Graham. It's a hard to find - at a logical price - kit these days! Even Kingkit doesn't have it. Specifically, I'm referring to the Minicraft kit. Looks like this will also end to the "future-purchase&build" list!!!
  7. Hi Trevor! It's time to 'revive" this little gem! Just a quick question; do you know if it's possible to build a Ventura from this kit? If so, what sort of modifications does it require? Cheers, Bill
  8. Even though, I am not satisfied with the accuracy of their colours (particularly the BS381 series), I will agree with Don. Colours do vary from aircraft to aircraft, and it is best to have photos from the actual aircraft you want to represent in scale, to support your build and particularly the two last stages, those of painting and weathering. Cheers, Bill
  9. Shalako

    Chuck Yeager, RIP.

    One of the greatest Aviators, if not THE greatest of all time. May he rest in peace.
  10. When I started our hobby (some thirty-plus years ago), I used to have the ambition to build as many Biplanes as possible, and your models have reminded me this long distant memory!! Very beautiful collection!!!!
  11. You know, this is one of those kits/aircraft scale models that you MUST have in your collection!
  12. A very nice addition to your collection mate!!! Cheers, Bill
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