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  1. Did not see this at the cinema but got it on DVD. I must say it is a really good movie and enjoyed it very much. Robert Patterson has done a good job as Bruce Wayne and the director Matt Reeves has a film to be proud of (IMHO). Regards Robert
  2. Sorry for the lack of updates, but here is where I am at. A start was made on the internals these are the cockpit, nose intake and engine exhaust (not shown). Decals are provided for the instruments. Cockpit painted dark gull grey and aluminium for the air intakes. Everything fitted nicely inside the fuselage halves. Fuselage was then glued together and the wing parts mated together. The seats and control sticks were added also seatbelts came from an Eduard etch sheet (not sure which one). The canopy was maked and blu tacked to the fuselage. The fuselage and wings were glued together and no major problems with getting them together. Then onto paint I dread painting white but his time it came out really good. I painted over the bare plastic, no primer was used. In doing so the panel lines still showed up which breaks up the surface. The tailplanes are just pushed fit as they will need decalling separately. The undercarriage and airbrake bays are next to be painted. See you next update. Robert
  3. Nice start Neil. I will check my decal stash as l may have some extra Revell F-101B sheets which l will bring to the next meeting. Regards Robert
  4. Having seen it at our model meeting just one word, superb. Regards Robert
  5. @Bjorn the 1/48 version is due for re-release in July http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/pt41/ Regards Robert
  6. Just back from seeing the film with my wife and she enjoyed it. Me, 633 Squadron on steroids, and I enjoyed 633 Squadron. Regards Robert
  7. That is a nice scheme, simple and classy. Hope Revell are taking notes. Regards Robert
  8. Robert

    RIP Ray Liotta

    Watched Goodfellas last night, thanks Ray RIP. Regards Robert
  9. Been to the RAF Museum at Hendon today so popped into Hannants and picked up a 1/72 GWH Su-35S. Need to support whats left of the model shops in London. Regards Robert
  10. Did the Dark Sea Grey return on underneath of the wing and the tailplane of XS458? I know it has been repainted many times but am looking for information when XS458 was painted in the initial trial scheme of DSG/bare metal with LTF markings. There are very few early photos of XS458 l could find but no really clear ones. Thanks for looking Robert
  11. Great photos John, l have been searching the internet for the very photos. Regards Robert
  12. @Galligraphics hi, no free postage but because it was by weight l was able to justify the postage by spreading it across the items. The item was delivered by DHL Express. I would define use it again. Regards Robert
  13. From Amazon.co.jp some Mr Hobby Acrysion Paint (water based) and some Godhand sanders. Delivered within a week. Total cost £32 for 12 bottles of paint and a pack of sanders. Regards Robert
  14. Just an update as there was no sellers in the UK l went abroad and got some from Japan. Delivered within a week via Amazon.co.jp. I might have to use them more often. Regards Robert
  15. Thanks for the reply gents. @Fnick l like the idea of doing it in my own time. Can you put the photos in the order you want to view them and does it allow captions ? Is there a resolution/Mb/xy size requirement @ckw & @bentwaters81tfw Does it allow captions as well as the resolution/Mb/xy requirement Regards Robert
  16. Does anyone have any recommendations for a company to create a photo book from my pictures. There are many companies out there so not sure which one to go for. I am looking at getting an hardback book with 20-50 pictures on good quality paper and colour reproduction. Regards Robert
  17. That is very nice indeed. Regards Robert
  18. Here is my submission for the Group Build, Platz 1/72 Fuji T-1B. As you can see there is not a great deal of parts and is a fairly new kit from 2018, although this boxing is from 2020. It will be built straight out of the box and the challenge for me is I do not like painting white. The decals will also be a challenge as there are many so will be going slow and easy. Onto the pictures. That is it 3 grey sprues and a canopy which is nice and clear as well. Regards Robert
  19. Does anyone known of any stockists of these paints in the UK please. Regards Robert
  20. That scheme does look tasty. Regards Robert
  21. Regarding the F-15EX as the example shown does not show the outer wing pylons do not be surprised if they are not in the kit, also no mention of them in the description. Are there any pictures of the pylons ? Regards Robert
  22. Not an aviation book series but Cold War Tech War - The Politics of America's Air Defense by Randall Whitcomb is an interesting book about Canada's role and the equipment they proposed in defence of North America. There are chapters on CF-105, CF-100, Project Y-1 and Y-2 and their Flying Saucers all from AVRO Canada. It was published by Apogee Books in Ontario. Regards Robert
  23. Very impressive the decalling looks really good. Regards Robert
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