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  1. mirageiv

    F-15 Strike Eagle demonstrator

    Thanks for the information and help chaps! I found this thread on ARC which shows the rear cockpit differences, front apparently still the same as a B which would make sense at this stage however maybe with a wide angle HUD. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/286412-f-15e-prototype-148/&page=2 So the list of changes from a base F-15E to this specific F-15'B' are: -Cockpit mods -Escapac seats (maybe changed to ACES II at some point) -Early wheels -Non bulged gear doors -Remove cannon -Feathered PW exhausts -Short speedbrake -new CFT pylon But as you guys say, the B is the better starting point. I found the Aerofax book in my stash that I forgot I had and on P108 it shows a picture showing some of the CFT pylon, just the one mounted on the base of the CFT, no other smaller pylons like production machines. It looks the same as this picture here: link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/137994134@N07/29108363872/in/album-72157666781218675/ The Revell and Hasegawa kits look to include this pylon which sorts that out fine, nice! Thanks for tall the help! David
  2. mirageiv

    1/48 Rafale M, who makes the best kit?

    Easy answer- Revell by a good margin. If you can get the later issue with bombs it represents a production version more and the decals are very nice as they are designed by Syhart. Having had the Hobbyboss kit and compared them in detail, it looks like a poor copy with inaccuracies introduced such as a weird nose shapes and non production differences among many others. Also a point that people often miss it seems on online builds, the radar nose cone panel line on the Revell kit is in the wrong place. I cannot remember off the top of my head but it should be further back so best to fill it, compare with scaled photos and rescribe a new nose position. I can look at my in progress kit (stalled) tonight to see what measurements I came out with in the end to help. There are other things such as production wing tip launchers but Revell is simply a far far better starting point for sure. The only thing the Hobbyboss kits have going for them imo is they include some nice decals for the prototype/pre production versions. Cheers, David edit--people might say Hobbyboss still builds up ok and 'looks' like a Rafale, well it might but if you want more accurate shapes get the Revell.
  3. mirageiv

    F-15 Strike Eagle demonstrator

    Hi guys, I would like to build the F-15E demonstrator, TF-15B 71-0291, but I am unsure to what exactly must be converted/backdated from stock F-15E kits for this particular jet. Added to this I'm not sure what scale I would like to build it in, either 1/32 or 1/48 but that can be decided later after I understand what work must be done (unless it does matter? ). From what I gather, some of the main differences are: The pre-production pylons, CFTs, fuselage spine, airbrake size, nozzles and cockpit. However I'm not sure what this actually means for all but the nozzles. Are the pylon shapes different or number/location of pylons? How does the fuselage differ etc...? If I used the Tamiya 1/32 or Revell 1/48 F-15Es as a basis, would someone knowledgeable on this F-15 be able to list the modifications needed? My F-15 knowledge is severely lacking (never built one before) and even after doing some reading I'm still not much the wiser tbh, especially to confidently start modifying an expensive kit such as Tamiya's! Could anyone also recommend any good references for this jet? Such as maybe old publications that show cockpit images or close ups of the older style pylons to see the differences. I have the Isradecal F-15I book but I'm not sure how useful that is for this project. I know Revell produced this early jet in 1/32 and Hasegawa in 1/48 but I'd like to use the best base kit available for the conversion, and AFAIK it is Tamiya in 1/32 and Revell in 1/48. Another way might be kit-bashing the various kits. I don't mind scratch building things (average level) but if I can borrow and adapt parts from the other kits to make life easier I'd do just that. For the markings, the pictures I have show the Euro-1 scheme has the same black stencils as normal Gunship Grey F-15Es and the only obvious difference being the serial so the markings should be no problem in either scale, especially if I go the kit bash route (assuming the old decals are usable). Any help and pointers on what to do would be greatly appreciated! ATM I'm preferring to tackle it in 1/32 but if 1/48 makes things a lot easier I'll happily go that route. Thanks all for any input, David
  4. Hi Allan, as you say, the word cooperation WRT the Mirage IIIE is Italeri plastic with Revell decals (very good plan imo). Where as the F-104G/S was originally planned as dual project in design between both the companies where I assume Revell no doubt would have would have imparted some of their qualities such as usually very well done surface details. A shame this didn't happen (we can assume probs for financial reasons) but at least Italeri are giving us most of the F-104 series in 1/32 which still makes me very happy. AFV Club had one in design that looked very nice in the CAD but I'm not sure what happened to it. David
  5. I think this also tbh, merely optimism on my part in my post! I suppose they would make a bigger announcement of it, if it were the case. The release of the TF-104G will likely be the same CAD fuselage with the TF-104 front also. Because of these fuselage panel lines I still prefer the much older Hasegawa kit to work with as a base. The best F-104 in 1/32 is probably still a hybrid/kitbash of the two if wanting the perfect representation in model form to iron out the inaccuracies of both. The Italeri kit was originally meant to be in cooperation with Revell Germany (which I assume would have had more finesse imparted by Revell), they pulled out but it isn't totally off the cards from Revell to release a new kit someday when I spoke to them. Well, before all the current financial implications.
  6. Great news! Never thought I would see a 1/32 F-104 with early RF-104 camera housings OOB. Some scratch building headaches saved there for sure. 'Finely engraved recessed panel lines and rivets'---Hopefully this means new fuselages halves (in a similar requirement to the new TF-104G) with better panel lines as that would turn a rather average kit into a pretty damn good one imo. Given it's RRP will be around that of a Tamiya 1/32 F-16, I hope so! The decals for AG 52 'EB+103' look good to me also (they even included the correct starboard rescue stencils to this particular jet-http://www.916-starfighter.de/Large/eb103.htm) which is better than the original F-104G boxing, cannot comment on the rest however.
  7. mirageiv

    1/48 Kinetic Harrier T4 Finished!!

    Nailing it Craig, looks stunning! Really like the quality of finish you have particualry with the paint, very good indeed. David
  8. mirageiv

    Tornado Gr1

    Awesome! I plan on also doing a few MRCA prototypes, will you post some pictures on here of the converison or the final result? Most of the mods look not too difficult but the curved air intake bleed vents might be a bit tricky with the Revell part breakdown. I plan on doing P.01 and P.08. Nice to see someone else tackling the MRCA prototype aircraft! David
  9. mirageiv

    RAF Tornado F.2 1/48

    +1 Would love to see an early F.2/3 sheet, especially the F.2 ADV prototype. David
  10. mirageiv

    Decal sets suggestion open topic.

    Thank you for the reply Gives me some more understanding for sure, particularly the minimum order quantity which naturally I am not aware of exactly, also the choice of simply scaling up the sheets. If I can qualify my selections a little more (rather a quick post prior). 1- As you have 1/32 sales data at hand I understand (I also agree not the biggest market), but given the Italeri Tornado sales are yet to be determined I guess it is speculative at least for this kit. I think this is the problem here for quite a lot of the 1/32 market in that there are not many options at all decal wise which impacts sales. For sure many would purchase more 1/32 kits if there were more interesting options, or any at all, available. Stating the obvious but nobody is going to want to build a (for example in this instance) RAF Tornado GR1 in 1/32 when there are no decals to actually do it. So unless you only want to build a GR4 (as the Italeri kit will be OOB) you are reliant on finding the old Revell kits decals, usually going for £50 a pop just to decal your Italeri Tornado for the same old options, and only the most determined would do so. Hence no kit sale if wanting to do a GR1, noted lower demand and decal production unjustifiable (chicken vs egg almost). If you would humour me, my point being the Tornado specifically is maybe just about enough of a gamble to have a go at. With it being an important aircraft, modelled regularly with it's own SIG, particularly domestically for GR1, combined with sales from previous scales of this particular aircraft/decals and with a new kit coming out. Just my thoughts on this particular case but I guess it all depends on the numbers, specifically the minimum order quantity. Without knowing these types of figures everything is no more than wishful thinking from my end. On choice of scheme, 1/32 options are so lacking for the Tornado that anything green/grey wrap around would be welcome by most I think. Maybe choices like this are worth a poll on here? After all a lot of us will be the ones buying them and should have some constructive recommendations or even sign up for enough demand to procure the sheets. 2- Yes, more accurately I meant any sort of RAF Phantom decals that includes FG2 options (RAFG) with the different camo stencils. Not nessarily 6 sheets, maybe 1-2 max with various options like X48186 then a separate stencil sheet to purchase. Much like your excellent 1/48 Tornado GR1 sheets. It is a well known problem in modelling 1/48 Brit Phantoms, the lack of decent decals, heck I think a lot of people would buy the sheets without even having a kit in the hope of finding them or further releases by Hasegawa. Given all the research has been done already for all these schemes, requiring a scaling up/choice selection/sheet ergonomics and with all the sunk time/costs, I still think these two particular cases are strong. 'No brainers' was a term of persuasive optimism rather than disbelief of their existence! Cheers, David
  11. mirageiv

    Decal sets suggestion open topic.

    1-Scale up the 1/48 Tornado GR.1 markings/stencils released for the 1/48 Revell kit to 1/32! This would allow RAFG Tornados in 1/32, especially considering the new Italeri Tornado 1/32 kit is coming out. Minimal effort needed and I'd bet they would would sell well. Options for RAF Tornados in this scale are pretty slim, especially RAFG and the stencil side. 2-Scale up all the new 1/72 British Phantom sheets to 1/48, I think they would sell well also with minimal effort. Both no brainers for me! Cheers, David
  12. Really fantastic work Andrew, will you still update this thread in the future with more progress? They both look too good to not finish! David
  13. mirageiv

    Mr Paint, lovely stuff.

    Could anyone post a picture close up of the gloss finish that can be achieved with the respective MRP clears? (In the interest of elimitating subjectivity) I'm still looking for my definitive gloss layer before decals, sounds like this could be it! How are curing time sand durability to weathering? Does it beat Tamiya gloss clear with levelling thinner? I can get a good shine with that but it seems to take an age to really cure 100%. Cheers, David
  14. mirageiv

    1/48 Kinetic Harrier T4 Finished!!

    Craig, are these full snow camo pics on this page what you are looking for? http://sg-etuo.de/Squadrons/No4SquadronT4