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  1. I've been told F3's have chased down F-111s and B-1Bs low level over Alaska with missiles (IIRC 2 Skyflash, 2 Aim-9).....they got the kill, needed fuel pretty quick after however. The F3 was very slippery low level from what I know. High speed at low level is a nice defence, a Tornado IDS isn't gonna mix it with a Su-27 or MIg-29...best to just run in different directions. The B-1 can shift on the deck for a very long time IIRC, they can run anything out of fuel trying to chase if they can't catch quick enough to get a shot.
  2. Same. I find pure levelling thinner with Aqueous satin/gloss paints doesn't dry properly even after a week or so. It seems dry to the touch quick but it softens and fingerprints/marks if you tape or hold onto it for a bit even ages after spraying. Instead I mix normal Mr Color thinner with the levelling and it mostly sorts this problem. Learn't the hard way too!
  3. Thank you Serge for the post. I am no Mirage expert whatsoever and initially I did not suspect anything wrong with the wing sweep, but began to suspect something due the the overly extended appearance of the air intake. I still cannot be 100% certain but it is in my opinion only that the wing sweep angle was not quite enough for the first edition, I show my case towards the end of post 25 of my Britmodeller WIP thread here . The drawings used come from reputedly accurate drawings, I don't believe drawings are gospel truth at all but I assume the wing angle to be corre
  4. Yep I did think it was odd with a live weapon! Thanks for the pic, that is the definitive answer there. Cheers guys, David
  5. Fantastic work Anirudh, beautiful finish to the paintwork! Replicating those canopies is very difficult. I prefer the darker tinted one from your options but any combo is right as it can look like any option depending on the light, nothing is wrong here imho and it is down to personal preference. Does the metallic gold reflect under direct light? I've experimented with Alclads (very fine pigment) mixed into clears with this and it works ok but sometimes you still see the tiny metal flakes even when using very small amounts, still not 'the answer'. Also I found in order to reduce the cloudiness
  6. Andy stop injecting these complex construction techniques in this thread, at this rate if this kit can't do Mach 2 and shoot something down I'll be wee weed.
  7. Cheers guys, glad you are enjoying the thread. I agree, I think that will be the best method, matt/satin clear + very thin grey to tint. Cheers Werner, yep they are getting the full complement of the most up to date kit. I'd like to load some Meteor missiles so I might hold off on the weapons load until I get them, or maybe even add Scalp + Meteor later on, not sure yet. I do like the look of simple load on the Rafale. On the canopy, I ended up redoing it as the future/klear I dipped it in refused to dry and just left fingerprints even
  8. Thank you Markus, because I will not weather the jet much at all, maybe the finer surface details will help balance out the realism...IDK, we will see. Yep anti-skid, the Syhart decals come with some nice masks to replicate these pretty easily fortunately, I wouldn't have looked forward to making those! I found a Getty image of this exact area of the Qatari Rafale, the actual colours and sheen (matt or satin?) are a little confusing though when comparing the left and right sides, Getty image here. I'm not sure if the anti-skid material is actually a clear
  9. Thanks for the comments guys! Arnaud, thank you and nice work on the intakes, they will be too late for this build but I'd like to do Rafale B in the future, I'll send a PM. David
  10. Fantastic model Alan, one of the best Hornets I've seen! I think replacing all the mesh was worth the hassle and the cockpit is very convincing, love the HUD. What in the end did you use for the cockpit screens? Excellent job again! David
  11. Thanks guys for the kind words! Werner--I think on a QRA fit there should be no intake covers and the canopy should be open ready for the pilot to hop in but I'm going to ignore those two details this time, let's just say 'prepped for QRA' opposed to 'on QRA'. I've not seen any images of operational Qatari Rafales other than ones taken in France and a few general publicity shots over there so I'm not sure what the exact QRA load is, given it is a small place I thought the French load of single tank + 4xMICA looked reasonable. Rafale on QRA here: The inta
  12. Rafale EQ it shall be! Update 2. I couldn't find the Wolfpack MK.16 ejection seat when I started this project a few years back and decided to detail up the kit seat instead so most of that was already done when I picked the project back up, fortunately Revell did a very good job over all so not much extra work was done, mainly adding the seat and belt harnesses. The belts are two pieces of Tamiya tape stuck together which I find gives a nice scale thickness, not quite as malleable as foil however but that wasn't needed here. Mk.16F
  13. Thank you chaps for help, very much appreciated! Hmm the last image shows a MICA EM but a different config of thrust vector vanes, I think it is a live missile (yellow dotted bands) so I guess that is the most correct config of a current live MICA, I'll use this one I think. Cheers again, David
  14. Hi guys, Does anybody have a good image (or link to one) of the exhaust of the MICA EM/IR missile? I"m struggling to find any close ups atm online. Thanks for any help, David
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