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  1. Yep on UK ebay the prices are getting high, maybe the new Italeri rebox will be better hopefully, at least with some nice decals. I've been waiting for the 1/32 AFV kit for years, seems to be a very very slow development but I don't mind that if they make the 'ultimate' F-104 in plastic eventually, the Italeri kit is not very good imho, the Hasegawa 1/48 is much better.
  2. Great work James, I really like how crisp and bright the pilot is. Did you cut up the decals on the instrument panels/consoles before applying to help position them better or did they just fit really well? They look way neater than I can paint, I think I'll try the decals next time! Do you know how you will pose/mount the model? I've often toyed with doing a Viking jet on a low takeoff pose like my profile pic, someday I'd like to do it I guess with a clear rod up the exhaust. David
  3. Very nice cockpit and gear bay details, I'll look forward to this one!
  4. Thanks for all the nice words folks, glad you like the progress! James--Yep I agree, also the surface details are more sloppy compared to my earlier boxings. The fit on mine isn't bad (far worse out there), just out enough though even after test fitting adjusting etc..to require some work. I've found if you can get hold of the earlier releases like the German Nato boxings etc...the quality is noticeably better overall. Even though the Hasegawa F-104 is a great kit, I could see one of the manufactures now doing one better for sure with more weapons/options etc...that are covered in the Daco set. A nice clip of the Vikings here btw! :
  5. Wonderful work Chris, Norm 72 splinter camo is the bolloxx! I've used those Airdoc decals before, they are superb, if you can 'enjoy' applying stencils, it doesn't get much better than those! David
  6. Thanks for the kind words chaps! Slowly getting there, I've missed my aim of paint last? weekend by some margin but soon hopefully. Oddly different from my previous Hasegawa F-104 builds, I found the fit not so great for a lot of the fuselage parts on this one. It is a pretty simple kit so I'm not sure why but I found I needed to fill and sand pretty much every join with super glue and quite a few panel line needed cleaning up, maybe this Eduard rebox of the Hasegawa plastic is showing the actual age of this tooling, who knows, anyways most of the boring stuff is now done. I added the other major airframe mod for this particular RF-104G version, the under fuselage camera housing. This Marineflieger variant had a larger bulge than normal RF-104Gs and was provided by the Daco update set, it looks bang on compared to the real thing. Below you can see the small aerodynamic fairings for the bulge attached to the nose gear bay doors, still need a little blending in. I also stripped the paint off my older fuel tanks (a very easy job with Mr.Color thinner) and then added some raised weld seams (or strength rings?) with stretched sprue and a few other things for a more 3D appearance, I might lightly sand the seams but will decide after some primer. Unlike the fuselage fit, the wings were perfect, no filler needed I think. I've pretty much filled most of the rivets on all the wing parts and added a few fine ones here and there, not that the picture really shows it tbh. Another little fit problem was the rudder was noticeable thinner than the vertical stab, I should have sanded the fuselage pieces a bit more to make a thinner join a guess. Anyhow to make less of a step I glued a thin bit of plasticard to one side to build up the thickness then offset the rudder slightly according to pictures, I might fill the join and scribe a new hinge for a cleaner look. That is one of the Daco chaff/flare dispensers also mounted on these late Marine F-104s, just test fitting, fits pretty well to the contours of the fuselage but I think I might make them a bit sharper. We are looking like this now. I think I'll paint all the control surfaces separately and attach them later which IIRC will make masking much easier than last time. Hmm what left to do, glue/fill canopies, master pitot probe and some small antennae mounts to make, so the next update hopefully I'll have it painted. I've began to scratch some German specific intake covers but I'll show them later. I think I'm just going to load wing tanks for a clean look. Thanks for looking, David.
  7. Awesome build Dave, I really like this scheme and the heavy store fit. Always makes me wonder about the drag from the outward canted stores, must be insane in some of the flight regimes. David
  8. Excellent work, the cockpit PE looks great! David
  9. That looks fun! Almost like the fuselage pieces are different scales...as you say maybe brute force is the way to go here. I can only offer one bit of advice that has helped me a lot when heavy sanding is required, before going at it, deepen all the existing panel lines with scribers/needles quite a lot so as you sand they still remain, then deepen then again if more sanding is required. This works really quite well I've found so in the end there is only a little bit of correction needed here and there and not an awkward scribing job involving lots of odd little panels and rivet details. Despite the gaps it is looking very nice though!
  10. I'm in for sure, would be nice to build Italeri's new 1/32 Tornado if it makes it in time (or ever?!) If not hopefully a 1/32 Marineflieger example using the Revell kit. David
  11. I don't fully trust online reviews anymore tbh! Everything is amazing be it paint/kit/AM too often in online reviews and often reviewed by people that don't really know the subject matter to pic out the flaws, for me only real WIP threads on forums like this give a proper review. Annoyingly the Tarangus JA37 version has no weapon pylons/launchers or weapons (on top of all the other bits seemingly needed to the airframe) so it is another Viggen that needs a boat load of AM to make a proper interesting model. At least however it looks the part like yours when all is done.
  12. Yes please do show what areas are causing the trouble if you can, at least we can see what is in store for us. You could also have a slightly dodgy kit, the fit reputation isn't amazing and having one that is on the poorer side of the quality tolerance may be contributing to making it a real PITA. The Hasegawa Starfighter I'm doing atm (well Eduard rebox) seems to be much poorer fit wise than the other Hasegawa F-104s I've built for whatever reason also, having to fill every join this time!
  13. Keep at it Craig ! We want a Marineflieger Tornado in the gallery! To be fair I haven't had the balls to start any of mine yet as I knew it would be one of those '12 round models' but hoping you make it 'fit', the work so far and landing idea is too good to become a paint mule!
  14. Rich that is a really special model! Not only rare (especially with those missiles) but also beautifully done. I really like how sharp the camo finish is also (I'm not one of those that thinks everything should always have lots of weathering!), I hope to make a splinter one someday just like this. I have the grey Tarangus JA37 with the big Dayglo numbers that I kinda want to start sooner than later after seeing this and the points/problems you have shown in the WIP will be very helpful in the fight. 10/10!
  15. Looks fantastic Dave, I like the high contrasting touch ups and hope to do similar on my build!
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