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  1. Beautiful F-104, the red tip rails and lack of tanks really compliment the look, superb! Love the tarp too! David
  2. Cracking chopping Cookie! Kit-bashes are quite fun if they kits are relatively similar, I look forward to see how you tackle this one. David
  3. Fantastic result Cookie! The patina with the NMF fuselage really paid off, I think this is the way to go for a worn NMF using paint, the combo of various metallics blended but also some subtle dry brushing here and there, really top work! I'm going to go with this method too. How much did the clear layer knock off from the variation? From the pictures it doesn't look like anything at all but I know pics can be deceptive in portraying what we see in reality on our bench. David
  4. Ah, well that whooshing sound you may of heard wasn't Fritag reliving some of his Hawk hours in his model cave, but the intended meaning of your post going right by my head. Apologies to you mate also for any conveyed preciousness on my part, I thought I'd better make myself clearer incase it did come across wrong to those enjoying the thread! Crack on chaps David p.s I now understand why this thread is 135 pages, the modelling alone frankly takes the p**s, which then merely is the building blocks of plenty of more p**s taking, good stuff.
  5. Superb work Cookie, I always enjoy a thread by yourself and great to see you back at it ! I'm interested to see how the blue base works out here, I don't use Vallejo so I can't comment. The main reason I used it on my build (I should have used a lighter, dark blue (what?!) than I did tbh) was that the Alclad Polished Aluminium over it is semi-transparent, so a slight blue hue will come through, which did give some kind of allure that it is under a blue sky, slightly being reflected from the metal fuselage. I'm not sure how much this works however on the more opaque metallic paints of other manufacturers, surely it must come through as they always seem dependant on the base colour to some extent. On the non-transparent Aclads I used, the blue base did still come through a little but not quite the same effect as with the semi-transparent Alclad. I'm eager to see how this turns out! David
  6. hmm ok poor phrasing I agree. What my brain intended was, "That cockpit is really outstanding, the fact that it is in a 1/72 Hawk even more so". I'd assumed we could all see it is fantastic regardless of scale. Anyways, top work Fritag!
  7. This cockpit is outstanding for 1/72, just brilliant work! David
  8. Fantastic work! The 'Slivers' F-104 looks very slick with just the Aim-9s and the Luftwaffe is looking the business! My Italeri main canopy arrived to me cracked in the box IIRC and they still made me buy a new clear sprue (hence the missing main) so they take no prisoners on replacement parts. I look forward to them being completed. David
  9. See post 22 of this thread. Again I will repeat it in short here to prevent any confusion. It is entirely possible to backdate the Tamiya Block 50 kit to any version you want, A to D (and all the rest) but you must use the Revell kit for parts as the dimensions between Tamiya and Revell are very close indeed. The only reason I attempted these was due to the similarity of the kits. Tamiya Block 50 kit backdated to Block 10 A using Revell parts below (which is the same as 1, the earliest operation variant), still to be finished. Tamiya Block 50 kit backdated and converted to Block 15 F-16B using Revell parts. If you are alluding to whether it is worth it or not after doing it, imho, no. Revell's kits are 80% as good as Tamiya so I wouldn't bother to do it again, it was a lot of work. David
  10. Excellent work Andrés, I look forward to this WIP! How you managed to make such a clean refinement to the intakes in this scale is very impressive, I think a lot more difficult than it looks. David
  11. Thanks Kushan, agreed the NMF Mirages look so nice! Cheers Cookie, it did surprise me when I came to the model an hour later after spraying, it looked pretty nice when I clear varnished it. I can't blame anything but myself, there was always a chance of it happening I guess when using a wet layer of X-22+levelling thinner. I have stripped a model before using Mr Color thinners which was clear varnished with Aqua gloss, where the Mr Color thinner had a lot of difficulties removing the Aqua gloss compared to the underlying paint so I assumed 2 layers of Aqua gloss was going to be a sufficient barrier here, guess not! Thanks guys! I'll fix it when I can. Cheers Graeme, yes the Mirage IIIS was quite an interesting and specialised variant of the delta. I've ordered another set of Matterhorn decals and will try to contact Modelsvit to purchase a replacement set of the kit decals for the walkways etc...as they fit the kit accordingly. hmm I might think about trying to use foil on the model second time around, at least I'll avoid potential problems like this! David
  12. Well the decal stage arrived. The Matterhorn decals are rather comprehensive, you can decal two of any Mirage IIIS/RS throughout their operation history from very early NMF aircraft to the final canard equipped KAWEST85 updated camouflaged aircraft which is great. The few missing off my sheet below were used in tests to see how they would go over a NMF, they are super thin so everything looked good! During the decal phase I realised I had masked off the red trim around the fuselage avionics panel incorrectly (the red trim covered the panel too much as threw off the look), it was a borderline 'is it worth it?' decision but I went ahead and corrected the red trim, first off by sanding the access panel to prep for Alclad, Black surfacer then polished up. After accidentally pulling off the intake warning triangles with Tamiya tape during the process I more approximately made little decal coverings (paper over the decal secured with tape) to prevent the same story with the main markings. Going back a few steps, before I placed the decals, I applied a brushed layer of Alclad Aqua gloss over the main fuselage to protect the delicate Alclad Polished Aluminium, I find I get a much better finish with Aqua Gloss by brushing rather than spraying and this does a great job at allowing you to handle this paint with no rub off. Then to add a little wear to the metal finish I dry brushed slightly various panels and areas with Humbrol Metalcote polished aluminium and steel in various mixes, very subtle to break up the pristine finish like in the previous posts, unfortunately it is difficult to capture on the photos. After this another layer of Aqua Gloss was brushed on to protect this, so that is two layers on so far, this is important for later, then I went ahead with the decals. I choose the aircraft 'J-2336' Geronimo which was the last aircraft off the Swiss production line with some nice artwork, these freshly delivered jets had slightly different stencils (more French) in places, soon these were replaced with more Swiss trilingual German, French and Italian stencils so you need to check exactly what time your aircraft is the decal correctly. I was worried about any decals over a NMF, the decal film is always supposed to be a problem. The Matterhorn decals were quite the opposite, the decal film is practically invisible and really didn't even need a clear layer over the top, very impressive. Check this close up of 'J-2336' number below, this is without a clear layer over the decal and no trimming of the film. I have no relation to Matterhorn-Circle and I'm certainly not here to advertise anything, but I think how good they were deserved to be highlighted. I choose to build J-2336 as it came off the production line. The airbrake decals and red wing walkways were from the Modelsvit kit sheet as they are sized very specifically to the kit's dimensions in these places, these went on very well indeed also, top decals all around fortunately! I didn't apply any decal softener to the crosses as, contrary to any other build I've done, I didn't want them to shrink into the rivets, highlighting the rivets through the white of the cross I think wouldn't look so scale going off images of the real aircraft. The dry brushing of Humbrol Metalcote gave a slight variation to the super pristine Alclad in the prior posts and I was quite pleased how it helped bring a bit a realism (or at least non uniformity), it is difficult to photo but in the shot below you can get a sense of it, Then, disaster. I decided to spray a fine clear varnish layer over the model to protect the decals, only a few light layers to avoid disrupting the Alclad shine too much using Tamiya X-22 clear and levelling thinner. I tested it prior and it worked just fine over Alclad, no reaction, no crazing just a super clear rock hard varnish that kept the NMF really well, better than Aqua gloss. man-vegetables. I'm guessing the levelling thinner penetrated the two brushed layers of Aqua gloss, then the Alclad Polished Aluminium, then the underlying Xtracolor gloss enamel and finally reactived the Mr.Color lacquer paint underneath all of this, which then reacted with the Xtracolor enamel on top of it and crazed everything. Pretty gutted tbh, tough way to learn this lesson on this model! I thought there was always a chance but I wrongly assumed enough barriers were between the X-22 and the earlier Mr. Color silvers. There is no reaction on the wings where no enamel paint was applied over Mr.Color, so thinking logically the Xtracolor enamel-Mr.Color interaction therefore has to be the reason for the fuselage crazing. I didn't do a test piece of Mr.Color---Xtracolor enamel---Alclad---Aqua gloss---X-22 as it wouldn't have been a quick test, another lesson there, if in any doubt whatsoever always test paint compatabliity no matter what! I think I would be able to strip all the paint off, hopefully trying not to get any paint remover inside the cockpit, but because of the scale this will be a difficult job indeed. I just don't fancy doing this and then going through the tortuous paint process all again anytime soon, so I'm going to put the model aside for a bit until I'm prepared to fix this carefully probs in the new year, way too much work has been done modifying the base kit to quit on it totally. I'm sorry to those viewing and commenting on the thread that is ends here for now. Cheers, David P.S
  13. Dave that paint job is perfect, super crisp! Just a fantastic model. David
  14. Wow, just a brilliant F-15A, I love the crisp blue look and you have done an excellent job replicating it! Are the exhausts nozzles kit items? They look not too dissimilar to my Aires resin ones. I plan to also build an early F-15A and this will be my reference, absolutely top draw! David
  15. Thanks Squibby, I was pleased also how the cockpit turned out by my eyes were not! Col, Cookie, thank you guys, glad you like it! I'm going to try and weather it a bit now to introduce some texture to the 'metal' as maybe it is looking a bit too pristine atm, well we will see how it goes in the next update! Hi Andrés, yep the first photo in the article was the only photo I could find that gave a reasonable clue to the colour of this panel, finding a clear photo here seems difficult for a Spanish Mirage. I agree and would go ahead with weathering a base of zinc chromate yellow, especially as you plan for a weathered example. As you are going to build the kit I can't stress enough you must test fit the main landing gear assemblies with the wings and fuselage to prevent fit problems later on when you attach the forward fuselage+nose assembly, the tolerances with the kit's fit are small and problems can snowball from this point if the main landing gear bays are allowed to distort the fuselage/wing before you attach the forward nose/fuselage assembly. Cheers guys, David
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