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  1. Many thanks for your kind comments and likes. Much appreciated. Dick
  2. A quick and easy build of the Hasegawa/Revell Mk9 Spit. You forget how pleasurable these kits were to build compared to the modern Hi Tec ones of today. Decals are Carpena which were as thick as you can imagine and would not go down fully. The real aircraft is MH434 Ray Hanna's old mount. Please feel free to comment etc. Thanks for looking Dick
  3. Lets face it. It'll be the wrong scale...wrong subject.....wrong mark. BUT ........ it will sell by the bucket load. It won't be a Wright flyer..... because two wrongs don't make a Wright. Ok time for my medication Dick
  4. To be honest 3 aircraft should be their priority All 1/48 Spey Phantom Jaguar Buccaneer That's just put them well and truly back in the black financially . Dick
  5. Ok lets be silly.......................... 1/48 Beaufighter family Their main thrust from their own stable seems to be single engine aircraft. Dick
  6. Did they not mention in the dim and distant past that they would be doing a Wildcat series in 1/48................................... or am I going senile ??? Dick
  7. Have to agree totally. But it would be nice if this started a trend and nose sections were a new craze. Certainly in this scale for the bombers. Just a thought and hopefully not to far off topic. Dick
  8. Many thanks once again for your kind comments and likes. Very much appreciated. Yes did manage to get petrol. Easing off a bit here in Thanet. Thank heavens. Dick
  9. Dolls houses are a very good example. My wife used to do them ...and to give you some idea a bathroom suite in 1/12 scale was more expensive than a full size one from the local DIY store. Dick Won't be getting one cos' I've got nowhere to put it...... wish I had.
  10. Hi, Humbrol 19 red, Xtracolor for the rest hth Dick Many thanks for the very kind comments and likes Dick
  11. And what a nice build it was. Totally OOTB. (I didn't use the decal for the prop, but masked it instead) Would I buy another ....YES when I get petrol to go to Hornby. Please feel free to comment etc. Thanks for looking Dick
  12. I use this all the time and never had a problem with it . It's my go to matt varnish. Humbrol must be the most easily available paint/varnish for modelers so there must be other suppliers near you. Dick
  13. I'm in a quandy ......... which is cheaper. ...... this kit or a divorce ???? Dick SWMBO is out of the room at the moment
  14. Brilliant .... just brilliant. Thanks Dick
  15. Many thanks for your kind comments and likes. Very much appreciated. Dick
  16. Thanks for all your help guys. Might be something they would want to produce. Dick
  17. Latest off the bench is the venerable Tamiya Mosquito. Armament removed and decals by Freightdog. What can I say other than it doesn't get any easier than this. Nice take your brain out build. Please feel free to comment etc. Many thanks for looking. Dick
  18. Really looking good Tom. Remember those days at school. Glad I taught Handicraft. ....... less stuff to bring home. Another plus was a big workshop to play in Retirement is even better See you soon Dick
  19. Covid 19 update..................... Never in my wildest dreams did I think my hands would consume more alcohol than my mouth. Dick
  20. Have to agree with JohnT. This model will be a starting point to get money into the piggy bank and not a loss leader. Ok. Most would love to see a return to the WNW era....but lets move on .... there are big gaps in the modelling community namely post WW2 jets as an example. Lets give the guys some breathing space and lets see what they come up with and then comment in say a years time. Best of luck to them ....... you certainly have grabbed my attention and wallet . Dick
  21. Thanks for the heads up. But they don't do any. Beginning to think there there is a gap in the market. Any other ideas any one?? Thanks Dick
  22. Does any one make FOD covers for these kits ?? Can not find any anywhere. Cheers Dick Really nice kits if you haven't tried one ..
  23. How the hell do I explain this to my wife ???? So I spent next years holiday money on Spitfires............. HELP !!!!! Dick New name Rover cos' I'm always in the dog house. Ruff Ruff
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