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  1. Another flying off the bench is the Revell 1/32 Lynx mk.8. Got this cheap from Hobbycraft. Not a bad kit. goes together well for a Revell kit (if you know what I mean ) Straight out of the box except for the Rotor fold addition from Scale Warships. (This really does save on space). If you have the Haynes manual on the Lynx this aircraft features quite heavily; so a god send from a detail point of view. An enjoyable build. What more is there to say. Worth the money. Any way on to the pictures. Please feel free to comment etc. Thanks for looking Dick
  2. To the best of my knowledge ....Yes. Just blanking off. Inside might be different. Dick
  3. Just a thought. In the CA kit there was a replacement part to remove the turret and have a smooth section in this area so that subjects like FAA training Anson's could be made. Will Airfix supply this for future boxings?? Dick
  4. Excellent work. The one I did got as far as land fill. I have to totally agree with you regarding the lack of quality of the kit. Dick
  5. Ok ... I'll bite. I'm very lucky . I'm retired and don't have any real money worries. Modelling is my only real hobby , that and travelling. Mrs. Jenko does the accounts. What's mine is hers, what's hers is her own. I do remember the days when we were living hand to mouth and also being from originally Yorkshire as the say "know the meaning of money". Some things just get stuck in your DNA. I am able to spend what I like on the hobby and during lockdown did stock up a great deal. As we were not able to travel, money was spent on modelling. What I have noticed is that everything seems to have shot up. Just look at the price of a basic meal out for example. Over the past 2 years gone up the best part of 25%. So too has our hobby. Yes I remember the 2 bob kits at Woolies as a nipper. But times have changed. So have our expectations. In my head if I take a £100 kit compared to a £20 kit will I get 5 times the satisfaction? Will it take 5 times longer to make? Do you take more time and care over it as it is more expensive? For me the answer is yes on all accounts. I do do Tamiya 1/32 and the odd Airfix 1/24 (all big money kits). I have started doing ZM Phantoms, expensive yes. but not a weekend knock out. ( I should say these kits are luxury purchases for me. But during lockdown they kept my spirits up, so to me worth it.) At the end of the day we all cut our cloth accordingly. If you have saved up all year for that special kit you will apricate it more than if you can go out and buy half of Hannants. This is a rich and varied hobby lets all go out and embrace it. What some modellers can do with even the most awful kit (Smer Walrus for example) is to be fully applauded. While some of us just like "slap" it all together. Cheap does not equate to rubbish. Like wise some very expensive kits leave a lot to be desired. Bargains can still be had .... they just are a bit harder to find. Dick
  6. https://www.lidl.co.uk/p/tool-up/parkside-micro-drill-bits/p49274 Worth a look Dick
  7. Sorry didn't notice you are in Spain not the UK. Dick
  8. Flow enhancer is a must, A few drops. Winsor and Newton from Hobbycraft. HTH Dick
  9. This is totally correct. I managed to get it put in place when they were both of sound mind. Not having it in place will mean if you need it at a latter stage when said parent is not of sound mind then you have to go through the Court of Protection. This is both very costly and time consuming and a pain. Dick
  10. Rob. One thing I forgot to mention and I would say this to anyone with parents who are getting towards elderly. Take out Power of Attorney for both Health and Finance. You won't hopefully need it now but who knows what the future holds. I did it for both my parents. Didn't need to use it with my father to much but mum is a different case . 91 and has dementia at the worst level , bed bound etc. This is the one thing I ask every one to put in place. Best to think a head. Dick
  11. Hi, If memory serves me right, my father was in and out of hospital like a yoyo (long story) However ask the nursing staff (discharge coordinator) about a care package ( Intermediate care reablement or after care) that your mum can be sent home with. This might last up to six weeks or so but it gives you breathing space to sort things out. A good point of call is Age UK. Talk to your surgery. Remember you are not alone others are in the same boat. Google is your friend here. HTH Dick
  12. To start with I'm an Airfix fan. (yes I have taken my meds. ) I have to be as they are just down the road from me. After the Big Spit announcement I was not expecting much to be honest. However the Buc. Wow. Normally this would be the star of the show. Sort of just slipped in there. It looks like Hornby are listening to us mortal modellers and they try and give something for every one.. May be not every year but over a few consecutive years. They are producing home grown subjects to a high standard that a few years ago we would only dream of. OK. Subjects like the Javelin we would tend to make only one of. Spitfires are another story. All I can say is. Thank you Airfix and keep them coming. Overall a big 10/10. Looking forward to next year. You can satisfy all the modellers half the time ,and half the modellers all the time. But not all the modellers all the time. Dick (can I get an overdraft??)
  13. You think you have problems. I only live 2 miles from Hornby and can see it over the fields at the end of my road every day. B&Q is next to it ...so how many times have I said to Mrs. Jenko "I'm just off to B&Q luv ??? and come back with kits. It's a hard life I lead. Dick In the dog house again.
  14. Dave had a look at the Flying Scotsman basic set in a local shop the other day. £200 ...... even Mrs. Jenko said ******** hell. She no longer complains with what I buy. ( result) Dick (the frugal) Now back to the main story.
  15. Thought the 9 was a 4 spoke wheel. Dick
  16. Did anyone take any sprue shots. I'm interested in the tail wheel assembly. If that area is an insert then a Mk 8 might be on the way in the distant future. Dick
  17. Just think of all the aftermarket stuff that will become available, The decals alone !!! SWMBO has given me permission to buy one. What's the betting there will be a Mk. 8 at some point. Dick
  18. Fully agree. Was Ark Royal a red herring ? Hope not............................... we'll know this time tomorrow. Dick
  19. How long before a Mk 8. Just remember how Tamiya did there's. Dick Hornby have just gone into the black.
  20. One more sleep to go and tension is mounting. Modellers are hallucinating. Our fairy god mothers are getting bored with all the wants we want. And the result is............................. Wrong subject, wrong mark, wrong scale, wrong markings, Oh well there is always next year. Se la vie. Happy modelling Dick
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