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  1. This is coming along very nicely. Kitty Hawk certainly don't make shake and bake kits Cheers, Tom
  2. Excellent progress John. Mind if I tag along for the ride? Cheers, Tom
  3. Fantastic Serkan. I think I can conclude that there is no way my SR-71 will look anywhere near as good Cheers, Tom
  4. This is coming along nicely Alistair. Immaculate work and fantastic leather effects Cheers, Tom
  5. I suffer from a syndrome where the words Classic Airframes tends to send shudders down my spine And perhaps my skills are not up to par to tackle a dynavector vac kit. I am going to Google the other you referred to though... Cheers, Tom
  6. Oh for a decent Gannet in 1/48...
  7. All good points and advice, thank you all. Tom
  8. Excellent. Is your Phantom on here? That collection will be an awesome display when it's finished Cheers, Tom
  9. Gentlemen, Thank you all for your replies. That will now be my plan to build a Vixen, Phantom and Bucc all in RN schemes and all in 1/48 Cheers, Tom
  10. Thos may seem like a daft question, but I'm no Brit Phantom expert. I'd like to make a Royal Navy FG1 Phantom in 1/48 but the Hasegawa kits are commanding silly prices. Is it possible to make an RN Phantom out of the 111 Sqn FG1 Hasegawa boxing? Thanks in advance, Tom
  11. Oooh, this looks like an interesting build. Mind if I tag along? Cheers, Tom
  12. Don't knock it until you've tried it
  13. The MFDs look fantastic Cheers, Tom
  14. 219 performed 24 flights and spent far longer on the ground performing engine runs and taxi trials. Yes, she was kept in a hanger when not in use, but she really did get dirty. People are often advised to check their references and that particular publication is loaded with pictures of 219 in various states of cleanliness throughout her short life. That said, I still agree that the paint job in the ammo mag is wildly unrealistic
  15. Whilst I agree that the weathering of the models in the magazine are beyond a work of fiction, XR219 did become a dirty girl as these photos from Aeroplane Special TSR2 Magazine shows... The bottom line is it's your model and you can depict her anything from a factory fresh paint scheme to the above level of weathering. For me, I'm pleased to see yours coming along and hope you sort out your paint woes. Cheers, Tom
  16. Looks interesting. Mind if I tag along? Cheers, Tom
  17. Looks good to me Jerry. Hoping to see more builds in the future. Cheers, Tom
  18. An excellent start Jerry. If you decide you can't live with the gaps, I can recommend Perfect Plastic Putty by Deluxe Materials. If you apply is into the gap and wipe away the excess with a wet cotton bud, the difference will be quite dramatic. Looking forward to seeing this progress. Cheers, Tom
  19. A fantastic build beautifully displayed. Thanks for sharing. Tom
  20. I've got my Tamiya set ordered. Can't wait to receive mine. Cheers, Tom
  21. Sad to see this happen as I was very much looking forward to attending. All the best and hopefully you'll be back next year. Cheers, Tom
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