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  1. That photo looks great Dennis. I do like Swedish subjects. Cheers, Tom
  2. I think we all have different requirements when it comes to buying kits. Subject, manufacturer, scale, amount of work required to get a decent finish, etc. I for one am looking forward to this kit. £90 is a seriously good price as far as I am concerned, and the size of the finished model with a decent paint job (fingers crossed) will be most impressive. Just my opinion. Tom
  3. Excellent choice Alistair. I'm getting towards the end of my Airfix 1/72 Phantom FGR.2 build which has a similar number of stencils, most of which were white. I gave up on putting all the stencils on and worked on the principle that if I can't them on the decal sheet, then they're not going on the model... Looking forward to seeing your progress. Cheers, Tom
  4. Revell.dr website now pits the release date as mid December... https://www.revell.de/en/produkte/modellbau/flugzeuge/militaer-modern-revell/lockheed-sr-71-a-blackbird.html?listtype=search&searchparam=Sr-71
  5. Looking good. I always like the Flightpath sets. Far better than Eduard. Cheers, Tom
  6. The cockpit looks incredible. Really enjoying following your progress. Cheers, Tom
  7. That'll be an adventure in plastic for you. I've ordered the Yak-28 and from the reviews I've read, it's quite a handful. Good luck To.
  8. Looks fantastic Andy. The finish line is in sight. Cheers, Tom
  9. Thanks Laurie. Yes, the Hasegawa kit prices are ridiculous now. But as an aftermarket junkie myself, your build will keep me enthralled. Cheers, Tom
  10. This is very intricate work. Most impressive. Mind if I pull up a chair? Cheers, Tom
  11. A Trumpy 1/32 Flanker B. It's mahoosive Cheers, Tom
  12. Thanks Steve. I've never thought of using builders caulk as a filler. That's genius. I'm going to have to give that a try as I've got tonnes of the stuff. Keep up the good work. Tom
  13. I think your build is superb. I love how this is progressing. Cheers, Tom
  14. Looking good Steve. Mind if I tag along? Cheers, Tom
  15. Welcome back Andy. And great progress with a tricky camo paint job
  16. Oh wow, quite a collection. I'm building the Zero at the moment. The detail in the cockpit is most impressive... Enjoy.
  17. A Trumpeter 1/32 F-8J Crusader and aftermarket for that, and for a couple of my soviet bombers. I just can't seem to stop. Is there a modelling equivalent to Alcoholics Anonymous? I think I might need that!!!
  18. That's quite different... Cheers, Tom
  19. Thanks for the tips Martin. I do envisage painting mine over a few weeks, as you suggest. Might need a while to pluck up the courage before tackling though. Cheers, Tom
  20. An amazing build. Beautifully weathered. Thanks for sharing. Tom
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