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  1. I'm glad to see my surplus stickers being put to good use and it looks like the Microsol is working.
  2. I'm pretty sure that a UK-based Vb would've had a VHF radio installed so don't think you'll need the wire from the mast to the tailplane. It still would have the IFF wires mind. http://spitfiresite.com/2010/04/spitfire-masts-and-aerials.html
  3. Lovely work on all four and thanks for reminding me that I really ought to get cracking on mine.
  4. I'm pretty sure Matchbox didn't do a Cromwell, they did do a Comet which Revell have re-released. Revell themselves did a Cromwell, which I understand, is pretty good.
  5. That's because the Revell is a MkV and didn't have them. The MkVI's engine had a bigger radiator so the carburetor intakes had to move to the wing roots (the ones immediately adjacent to the fuselage), the larger intake on the starboard wing is (I think) an air intake.
  6. Correct. They all have their faults, I can't remember them all but the Hasegawa (the youngest one) has issues with the fabric fuselage, the Airfix (which is over 40) has a too narrow nose and is lacking in detail, and the Revell is nearly 60 years old and, IIRC, has heavily riveted wings. I'm sure some-one more knowlegable (paging @Troy Smith) will be able to correct me.
  7. Off the top of my head, before the Arma Hobby came along the choices were Revell, Airfix, or Hasegawa.
  8. A Friday afternoon or Monday morning job, as my Grandad used to say (although he was referring to 1970s BMC cars). Good to hear they've sent you a gift, that's something.
  9. I think this will answer your questions. http://spitfiresite.com/2010/04/the-sutton-harness-on-the-spitfire.html
  10. They're looking most excellent. I've managed to get hold of a XVI and am looking forward to starting it (once I've finished the Spitfire 22, Tempest V, Fulmar, Meteor, Beaufort and Canberra that are currently cluttering up my dinning table). I won't make as good a job of it as you have mind.
  11. I guessing that the holes near the undercarriage bays are to do with attaching the oil cooler and radiator but what are the other two, near the flaps for?
  12. I'm glad to hear you got the replacement fuselage half and are making progress. I fancy a PR34 so I'll need to keep an eye on the Freightdog website.
  13. When I made this aircraft, Chris Thomas said: "Just to put 33 Sqn's markings in context - their Tempests were shipped out to Malaya as deck cargo and photos show most were still in the wartime Day Fighter Scheme but at least a couple were in the new all-Aluminium scheme. Soon after arrival the camouflaged Tempests were repainted in what the ORB describes as the 'new tropical scheme' but was in fact the Aluminium DFS. Just before conversion to Hornets the Tempests were repainted again in the Long Range DFS, DG/DSG/PRUB, but photos indicate that this task was not completed. Some Tempests appear in camouflage but with silver nose cowlings, either swapped from other aircraft or not yet painted. Unfortunately no serials/codes are visible."
  14. It's an error by AZ, RN135 appears to have been a e-wing so no .303s in the outboard position. There are a few thread on the subject on BM. Here:
  15. Blimey, that gives a whole new meaning to short-shot. Looking forward to your progress on this as I've got the H2S and the XVI improvement set waiting for a XVI and some stickers to arrive.
  16. Looks like you get the Watts propeller on the sprue with the machine-gun wings, judging by the sprue shots here (Scoll down to post 5):
  17. Seeing your progress isn't helping with my resolution not to inflict any Special Hobby kits on myself for a while.
  18. I have a soft spot for the Matchbox Tempest (I'm about to do a II with some 'upgrades' from a scrapped KP V) so I'll be following.
  19. There's a micrometer amongst my late father's tool collection but that's at my mother's house and a certain virus prevents me from getting there easily. I'll have to chore it next time I visit her. That is a pertinent question, I'll see what I can do.
  20. Right, just got back from the loft and the results are in. These are the measurements from rudder hinge line to the endow the engine(if that makes sense): Airfix 1970s MkI = 111mm Airfix latest MkI = 111.5mm KP MkVb = 110.5mm My measurements may not be exact, I used a ruler. I also compared the left to right fuselages, the KP is shorter than both of the Airfix.
  21. The KP kits look pretty good to me but I haven't compared them to plans. This thread has a photo showing the chord of the KP VB is slightly less than the latest Airfix I. I don't know if the fuselage is accurate or not. I think I have some 1/72 plans somewhere and have plenty of Spitfires to measure, certainly a 1970s Spitfire I which I seem to remember is considered accurate. I might do some comparisons.
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