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  1. Looking good Mark, I have no doubt you will make a better job than those resin blobs! I think if those were my best, I'd hide my head! Colin
  2. Well done Bill, you carried on and ground it out! I like the window rubber decals, great idea. Congratulations. Colin
  3. Wow Bill, droop stops in 72nd scale, you are a wizard, masterful. They were fiddly enough in 48th on my H-34 build. Then before Crisp mentions it, tell him you have the micro springs for them on order. A point of not and probably too late to do anything about it now. The spider from the main gearbox has only three legs, so not even half an arachnid! Colin
  4. Yes, Bill twenty-five Phantoms on the ramp plus more in the flying display was awesome. I think I had slides somewhere but emigration and successive house moves!!! Then Modeldecals produced a couple of sheets with attending subjects. The Vaak interested me when the US Navy had a n interest as that was my modelling interest at the time. All I have left of that time is twenty plus A-7's of all the kits produced for a large wall hanging and all the Navy units represented. However, Micro-Scale never produced all the unit markings. But I digress! Colin
  5. Hi Bill, I've come late to the party, shame on me! Nice choice of scheme, I remember seeing it at Greenham Common for the Phantom anniversary gathering. It's nice kit but showing it's age now. I have the FAA anniversary scheme version under way, which I believe was the original Brit version release. It didn't have the extras. I do like the am cockpit and exhausts. Great work so far. Colin
  6. Anthony, eggs and bacon on the barbie, how on earth do you get eggs to stay one the gridle bars? I can set fire to myself too, so you aren't alone! We are off to Kgalagadi Trans Frontier Park again next month. Loading up our Jurgens Adventure trailer for the 1000k journey up there. Twelve days of sun, sand and wild animals. I'll be using wild hardwood for the fire. Sorry to digress. Colin
  7. Hi Alan, thanks yes not easy. No the BIM blades as far as I'm aware only came into being in in the late sixties. I still have to remove the tit. These early types were quite spartan. I'm compiling a very long list of parts that could be made for the Wessex family. Ha! Colin
  8. OK, time for an update. On Monday, I travelled home after spending Christmas and New Year with my lady. Well a month away from home, some shore needed doing, the lawn to be mowed, the edges to be strimmed and some laundry. I lost a day after trying to re-load the strimmer with cord. I thought I had lost the spring out of the cord head but not! Operator error, again! Then before I could proceed, a hanus(?) crime, before I left home I had used my airbrush and had forgotten to clean it! Luckily or not, the paint hadn't quite dried in it. So a full clean later, I was back in business. On Sunday last, I spent the day detailing the main rotorblade root. Lots going on here which just isn't represented in the kit. Blade taper pin nut heads, the wrist pin nut, droop stops etc. I used Plasrtuct hex rod for the nut heads. One down, three to go... I then moved onto the fuselage externals, plenty to add here, plus some misplaced panel lines. These were filled using Typex, a second application was sometime necessary. The excess was removed with a sharp blade followed by a light sand. I then turned my attention to the cabin interior. The rib and longeron detail is incorrect, so this was removed and then Evergreen styrene strip was used along with a reference photo to replace this detail. The early H-34's were quite spartan inside, compared with later builds. The starboard inside wasn't re-detailed at all. The gun pintles were added but I'm unsure whether they are accurate or not. I couldn't find any reference. I've altered the gun swivel/elevation brackets, so the guns will point downwards. I've also, ordered replacement gun barrels which will only arrive later this month but can and will be added after painting and decaling. Until later... Colin
  9. An interesting build, I'll tag along if I may? Colin
  10. That looks rather neat and an interesting subject. Good luck tot he company producing these kits. Colin
  11. Looking good Anthony, I do like all the added strengthening patches, they must play havoc with the airflow but then when all the armament is also added then it's a flying brick! I'm doing something similar with my H-34 elsewhere on BM (A Frog in the desert). Colin
  12. Great work, I doo like the exhaust staining and the weathering. The instruction sheet for the Berna decals, look suspiciously like the Model Art artwork! Incidentally, I'm building a Sikorsky H-34 'Pirate' that served in Algeria, elsewhere in this forum. Colin
  13. Coming along nicely. Thanks for the heads up re the birds. Colin
  14. Excellent work, the Skyraider looks great. The Italeri (nee ESCI kit is not a good one). It's a big beast, it's going to need lots of shelf space! Colin
  15. Got it. Just that after I have built all the other versions, that will be the only one missing. The old Revell kit had decals for it., along with the Green Parrot. Thanks to those who have looked in, gym, local artists gathering today, so I may only get back to the build tomorrow afternoon. Y'all have a great weekend. Colin
  16. Interesting. I have a hankering to build a Queens Flight cab for my Wessex family theme builds. Did you see there is a Falklands 40th anniversary GB in a couple of months you might want to build a Wessex for that? Colin
  17. Looking good, that's pretty swift building! The gloss red has gone on very well. Colin
  18. Hi Craig, I've lived with the Italeri Wessex/H-34 family for twenty years. I've finished three Wessex, with others underway but as yet not an H-34. It won't be as detailed as my Wessex builds but there will be input to help others along the way. The Aeronaval used the HSS-1's in Indochina. I think Model Art produce a couple of decal sheets for that period but in 72nd scale. Maybe Italeri might get around to that option one day? There are still plenty of options they haven't covered and the AM decal producers seem not to be interested! By the way, I haven't looked at the Italian Navy kit version yet. Thanks very much for the two links. Colin
  19. Tony, I like your approach to modelling with the research and the themes you build to. The confines under which you build, I admire your tenacity. Colin
  20. After some pic snapping, here is the reference I'm using... Squadron Signal H-34 Choctaw in action, Which contains a few useful images, some of the armed test aircraft. Probably the definitive work on the type by Lennart Lundh. It covers the history and all the various world wide operators. ISBN No.0-7643-0522-0 The IPMS France article... Here is the work so far, removal of the cabin jetisonable window and rubber detail. The post window openings were cut back the the limit of the airframe structure. The cabin floor, front and rear bulkheads , the floor bracing plate had been added, as has an unconvincing curtain! Until later... Colin
  21. Madness might be the cause of this build. I already have four other build in the Wessex/HU-34 family. However the kit fell off the shelf in my local craft/hobby shop. I only went for paint but, you know how it goes. I can't remember an H-34 build here but I could be wrong. The H-34/UH-34D is the latest in a line of Sikorsky S-58 fuselage based kits from Italeri. The first being the Wessex HU(UH sic) Mk5 back in 1982. That to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Falklands war. Back then, there ere a few/some/many oddities about the kit. Two plugs in the fuselage sides to accommodate the lager cabin windows of the HAS MK3 and the HU Mk5. When the first H-34 kit was released a couple of years ago, the moulds had been 'cleaned up', the insert panels are all but noticeable. This kit also saw the insertion of parts for the 'wide track' triangular A frame undercarriage, which was introduced on US machines to overcome ground resonance, which was a problem on rotor engagement. So, why a Frog in the desert? The Arm'ee De L'Air operated the type in Vietnam and latterly in Algeria a French protectorate. To the kit. What extra do we get for the gunship version. Well, an extra sprue with the three .5 machine guns and a 20mm Mauser cannon plus a .762 carbine(?). I'm not a munitions/weapons expert! The earlier H-34 release was moulded in a light grey plastic, the quality of which is softish but good. There is little or no flash but there is some mould misalignment. Having said that the original moulds are about twenty years old, they have stood up well. However, don't expect the crispness of a modern kit. So, lets, have a look at the box art and the contents.... The subject of my build a "Pirate" belonging to 22'eme Escadre d'H'elicopt'eres, Algeria 1959. Colour, is overall Olive Drab with lots of armament and armour plate. I'm not into lots of weathering but I think I may have to indulge on this one along with a suitably sandy base. And the contents... Sprue A. Sprue B. Sprues C (clear) and E, along with the PE fret. Sprue D x2. The comprehensive decal sheet. There are seven options on the decal sheet, five French , one US Marines and one Luftwaffe. They are very crisply printed with good register and colour. A search on the intergoogle, didn't throw up too many images, maybe I didn't look too deeply, though there were a few sites relating to the types history and service in North Africa. If anyone has anything else, it would be appreciated. I found two images of the cabin interior, which I couldn't download, so they are on my phone! The cabin floor at the door opening has some local strengthening, which I fashioned form plasti-card. The trunnion/mounting for the 20mm cannon is incorrect (according to the images I captured) It needs to be replaced. Also the cabin has lots of clutter in it. Presumably ammo boxes etc. The cabin seats are poorly moulded, in that they are overly thick. I'll chop and rework one portion to add ahead of the cabin door. As there are thee gun positions in each of the three cabin windows for the .5 machine guns, so I'm presuming the seating in that area would for freedom of movement and weight saving, would have been removed. Whilst on the interior, the two fuselage mouldings have some basic framework is evident but by no means complete. No fishplates or piping or wiring harnesses. This is going to be a quick build, so I shan't be going to town here, however the cabin door is absent so a lot is on view! The remainder of the parts that make up the cabin are more than adequate. As for the exterior, the port side jetisonable cabin windows need to removed as does the window glazing rubber from the rear starboard side. There is an article in an old copy from the 1970's in Volume 13 of IPMS France journal, which contains history and some images , which show the rivet pattern to great effect. The kit falls woefully short in this area but I don't know at this stage whether I want to correct it! (images later). Please enjoy this build and as always, comments and input are always welcome. Colin
  22. Looking good Bill. I don't know if you have noticed, on the later marques of Whirlwind's the circular plate below the MRH disappeared, it was a three legged spider. Colin
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