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  1. Oooops, late to the part I do hope there is still a front row seat. If not, I'll stand. I doo like the large engine Spit and Seafires and PRU blue is a great choice. That paint mix looks spot on Mark. I'll go back and read the posts, see what I can learn. Colin
  2. Ooooops, late for take off! honestly, how could I miss the start of a rotary wing build? I now the subject, from building the 1/72nd scale kit, which was extremely fiddly. The SS PE kit remains in it's packet. I think the scale for such as subject is perfect. Neat start Martin, I follow, popcorn in hand. Colin
  3. Wouldn't this be wonderful in 1/48th scale... Colin
  4. I understand but as I may have said before . Being an old school modelmaker and used to making thing from scratch, plus not wanting to sit and draw everything before I can print it seems a drag! I'll continue to watch your wizardry... Colin
  5. Another wonderful and inspirational build Mark, to wrestle and old and not at all good kit into a jewel, you are the master! I enjoyed every page, even if I arrived late for a front row seat. Colin
  6. Coming along very nicely Bill, reined you in has it? I see a Viscount lurking on the shelf above. Lovely aircraft. I had a trip from Johannesburg to Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls in one back in the mid eighties. Don't remember too much about the flight. I recently picked up the Airwaves 1/72 vac-formed kit. Looks good but a lot of work! Colin
  7. That body moulding look excellent. Looking forward to progress, what livery will you be using? Colin
  8. I'll follow your build if I may, I like the Mozzie. As an aside, when I emigrated to SA, my boss was an ex SAAF Mozzie navigator up in Italy (the red and white fin stripped ones). Between us we built threeof the old Revell kits. His domestic knocked the first two off the sideboard! Anyway, he told me the groundcrew used to stow there beers in between the two crew access doors, for chilling. When the aircraft banked over, he heard the chink of the bottles rolling around. He opened the door, he and the pilot enjoyed the beers. He said d say it was a once off... Colin
  9. I never got to work on the Navy jets, after 849 NAS and the Gannets I was moved over to the rotary wing squadrons. I became a Junglie and hence my passion for the Wessex. I don't think I'll ever build a large scale Toom too much work and too many helo kits in the stash However, I have a Fujimi kit which needs serious repair work, plus I recently purchased the new Airfix kit, both in '72. They will fill a hole in my FAA collection. Forty-eighth is reserved for my helo builds. Colin
  10. Great work as usual Anthony, I didn't realise you were getting assistance/feed back from so many sources! Isn't this modelling fraternity great. Colin
  11. Our old friend Tony O'Toole left a comment at the beginning of this build. He is no longer amongst us on these pages, sadly. I think he would have had a lot of factual reference to add to the build! I'm not a great WWII fan but I do like to watch what other modellers dabble with. Colin
  12. A neat build, welcome back to the aviation side of modelling. Colin
  13. I do like the chunkiness of recovery vehicles, I'll pull up a seat and grab the popcorn... Colin
  14. Excellent work Mark, another masterstroke... Colin
  15. Excellent paint scheme, not sure about the pre-shading under the yellow! Colin
  16. Just found your build Mark. Been away from the laptop , trying to get my property shipshape for a quick sale! Modelling is on the back bench!!! Thanks for the background story, always good to know the history. My late father was on Crete and was shot by a sniper in the hand an medi-vaced to Cairo. My mother was RAF issuing flight clothing to aircrew. Like the speed of this build, the slipper tank looks especially interesting. Not my bag but always interested. Colin
  17. Neat build, I remember the kit from the early 1970's along with the Airfix kit. Colin
  18. Anthony, do you think a fine bore syringe would work for rivet dots? Colin
  19. Anthony, does the periscope deploy into the airstream? Beautiful work. Colin
  20. You have a Sea King to finish first Crisp!!! But then who am I to chirp? Colin
  21. Fantastic detail on the tyres and wheel hubs. What you can't achieve on a 3D printer!!! Colin
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