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  1. Simon, check your emails when you get a chance I’ve just sent them to you in pdf and word. See if they work for you, seem to be ok on my iPad Rick
  2. Thank you Fernando. I know. I had repeated an error that appears on many photography sites. That error appeared to have been covered sufficiently in subsequent posts here so I did not amend my original one as the correct information was already there.
  3. Mark, Take a look here, it'll answer those questions https://www.scalemates.com/kits/special-hobby-sh48148-saab-aj-37-viggen--317206 HTH, Rick
  4. Looking great Massimo. I hope things at home continue to improve and your wife makes a full recovery, best wishes, Rick
  5. Yes. MJR have it up for pre-order but with min. 50% deposit (I think, might be higher)
  6. I don’t know the answer but I do know that John is very quick at replying, drop him a line at aimsmodels1@gmail.com I hope that helps Rick
  7. The initial tranche of F-4E destined for Iran were Block 46 and commenced with s/n 69-7711, given the IIAF serial 3-692. Blocks 47 (69-7727 (IIAF 3-708)), 51 (71-1094 (IIAF 3-723)), 52 (71-1102 (IIAF 3-731)), 53 (71-1116 (3-745)), 54 (71-1130 (3-759)),55 (71-1143 (3-772)), 56 (71-1153 (3-782)), 57 (73-1519 (3-796)), 58 (73-1535 (3-812)), 59 (73-1550 (3-827)) and 63 (75-0222) followed - additionally Iran received some Block 42 airframes on loan from Sept 1972, some returning to the US the following year, the remainder in 1974. All surviving F-4E airframes from the early Blocks were retrofitted with the slatted wing modifications (except the ones used by The Thunderbirds, I think). I hope that doesn’t confuse things for those interested in the IIAF/IRIAF airframes (although would only relate to those in IIAF times) Rick
  8. That cockpit is really starting to pop, lovely work on the IPs and coamings Watching with interest as I have one of these on my to-do list Rick
  9. Oops, didn't look away I'm still sticking to my previous answer The Kai designation just means the airframe has received an upgrade - just like the KWS (I think) or ICE upgrades the Luftwaffe F-4F received for example. The Japanese refer to them as F-4EJ and following upgrade F-4EJ Kai, RF-4E and following upgrade RF-4E Kai, the F-4EJ converted to recce role became RF-4EJ and following upgrade RF-4EJ Kai...if that's how the Japanese designate them then that's fine by me. Hasegawa also use those designations or at least the distinct F-4EJ, RF-4E (no J) and RF-4EJ (converted F-4EJ)...need to check if they include the Kai modifications. Back to the FM kit, it appears to be shaping up into a very nice kit
  10. Iain, The JASDF RF-4EJ variant is distinct from the RF-4E. The original RF-4E acquired by Japan around 1974 were indeed build by McAir and are the camera nosed reconnaissance version. The RF-4EJ evolved from the F-4EJ built by Mitsubishi - after the introduction of the F-15J into JASDF service 15 now surplus F-4EJ and F-4EJ Kai were converted for the reconnaissance role to supplement the original camera-nosed US built and supplied RF-4E. The RF-4EJ and RF-4EJ Kai retain the original gun nose of the fighter they had originally been built as, their reconnaissance capability coming from external pods and sensor suites etc I hope that clears up any confusion Rick
  11. Superb build, paintwork and weathering Antoine
  12. Wow! , great job Norm, had one in the stash but too much of a fraidy cat to give it a bash...perhaps when Airfix add one to their range I'll add the type to the heap once more Rick
  13. Looks great Paul and well done persevering with the stencilling, nothing quite like a Phantom for that
  14. Have got one of these lurking in the stash, if I can get anywhere near the standard of your finish I will be a very happy chap, great job
  15. Looks great Dan, I especially like the base Rick And just checked the WIP thread, great work, am 'borrowing' some of that for the 1/48 Hase kit
  16. A very nice selection of photos there, many thanks for sharing Sven
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