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  1. Looking grest Jamie. I think it is worth all the efforts Jan Remco
  2. Hi Bosse, Looking good your Hunter and SMB. You have quite some PE to go through. Looking forward to the result. Jan Remco
  3. Great lookking cockmpit alewady. Jan Eemco
  4. I would be pleased if mine turned out as good as yours. Keep up your good work and don't let this piece of plastic beat you. Jan Remco
  5. Hi Bosse, I got the same family, nice sunny warm weather and an other hobby so playing around with plastic is reduced time wise. Personally I don't see it as a race and the builds wil come up when the time is better for this hobby. Enjoy it. Jan Remco
  6. I love the contrast of the red and the SEA camouflage. Jan Remco
  7. Looking very nive Sid. Lots of work on the brassin engines I guess. Jan Remco
  8. Great one. I do like the gulf war c/s. You have created it with some nice wear and tear. Jan Remco
  9. After reading this I want one for myself. Looking very promissing. I like a high viz Tomcat. Jan Remco
  10. Great looking scooter. The weathering is on thecspot. Jan Remco
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