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  1. Lovely job. Always take a Hurricane though. In the words of one BoB veteran (maybe have been Tom Neil but I forget), "It was made of redundant parts. Every part got shot out from under me at least once but it always brought me home."
  2. Not at home but Jet Provost heading slightly south of west over Chanonry point towards Inverness about 9.30pm last night, the 8th of August. Quite low but wasn't headed for Inverness Airport.
  3. I had a problem with Ryanair when they cancelled my flight home from Paris on a Sunday and offered me a replacement the following Wednesday morning. That was a long time ago, buts it an experience that leaves a bad taste.
  4. Nice work. You got a much better finish than my all black defiant last year.
  5. Very nice work. I do like the Japanese aircraft in that green paint weathered look.
  6. Off and running though not as quickly as I hoped. Interiors have had a few coats of green, I've picked out a few details in black and it's had a dry brush over the top of aluminium. The decals are on the instrument panels. Lost a control column to the carpet monster, the one at the new desk is voracious. Time to start properly building. Should have a couple of things what look like spitfires next time.
  7. No almost about it! Nice work and it seems to be going together quickly enough.
  8. The joy of older kits... Looks like a nice filling job.
  9. Here we go on this year's second project and my first WIP outside of a group build. Just to keep things easy for myself I'm going for two at once. I picked up the spitfire/messerschmit 110 dogfight double cheap in a sale a couple of years ago before I realised I already had the same spitfire in 1/48. However, just after the new year I saw the mk1/mk2a kit on sale and realised I could just do both using the decals and bits from both. Besides, when are there ever enough spitfires? Love that box art. Hate doing the split black/white underside though.
  10. Thanks guys. Not sure what's next. Either the p40 that's the other half of this box or a spitfire double build. But at least I'm looking forward to it.
  11. My first completion in months! Had a real dry spell for a while there, but I saw the wonderful movie The Wind Rises around the new year and decided a while later to dig the Zero out the stash for a bit of a tribute build. If you've not seen it, the film covers the life of Jiro Hirokoshi, the lead designer on the Zero and is an animation from the great Hayao Miyazaki. Just a quick out the box build to get the juices going again from the dogfight double pearl harbour kit. I say quick but it was over a month real time, I guess I just need to accept I'm never going to be a high output
  12. That's a great start. I do like the Airfix legless crew men. Not had one for a while.
  13. Great build, my favourite star wars fighter and you've more than done it justice.
  14. A Tucano heading into land at Dundee airport. Hope it was a routine stop and not a problem. Not seen one of those in years.
  15. 4 F-15s flying north-north-west over Dundee this morning. 3 tanks on each so transiting home I assume but flying quite low, about 2000 feet I'd say. Nice to see, we get nothing now Leuchars is closed.
  16. Welcome from doon the road in bonnie Dundee. Look forward to seeing your work.
  17. All those holidays to Greece hoping for a glimpse of one zooming overhead... The beaches of the Ionian hold a slightly lesser appeal now.
  18. Following a decal disaster and a Sunday that's been disrupted by surprise family visits, I'm not going to make this one. Annoying. Should pop up in RFI at some point soon.
  19. Is there a record for longest time between posts in a wip? Looking good though.
  20. Been chipping away at this for the last few weeks but not been able to update for a variety of reasons. Also, I've lost a load of photos I thought were uploaded to photobucket but turns out I forgot to. So painting is complete and decaling started tonight. Was trying to get this done for the end of the year to include it in my year book but I guess it'll just have to count as an early completion for this year. I will get this done for Sunday. I hope. Thankfully not to many decals as they're from a starter set (thanks again @Rob G). Could not for the life of me get the w
  21. Still love the Beetle, glad to see the spit finally made it through. Sorry for starting the whole thing off again.
  22. That F-16 is a thing of beauty. Great work.
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