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Doug Rogers

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  1. Count me in, still got some of those 1:1 bird kits to be made.
  2. That is a decent price, where is it available from?
  3. Sweet! May have to co-opt a pilot from my Bulldog.
  4. Nice job there John. That RLM 70/71 scheme can be tricksy can't it, the two colours don't contrast very well. You've done a cracking job on painting the canopy too!
  5. Wow! really nice. Good job you didn't overdo the detail...
  6. Really nice build of a great old kit. Got the Mk1 in the stash to do myself, hope it turns out half as good as yours.
  7. Cheers Patrice, got several to choose from, probably a Seafire 17 or Spitfire FR XIVe lowback.
  8. Hi there Chooka, welcome to Britmodeller.
  9. Andy, if you go to Wingnut Wings site (wingnutwings.com), you can see their very comprehensive colour guide they have in their instructions for the Bristol Fighter.
  10. Doug Rogers

    New member

    Hi there Mario, welcome to Britmodeller.
  11. Hi there Ian, Welcome to Britmodeller.
  12. Hi there Zagor, welcome to Britmodeller.
  13. Was fortunate to be working for Tickford Aston Martin at the 88 Le Mans, the atmosphere was amazing. The noise the big Jags made coming onto the Mulsanne straight was truly awesome.
  14. Hi Mário, welcome to Britmodeller.
  15. Doug Rogers


    Hi there BlueNoser, welcome to Britmodeller.
  16. Hi Juergen, welcome to Britmodeller.
  17. Hi there Crane, welcome to Britmodeller, The Tamiya Spitfire is still a great kit, a few issues but fits together great. Look forward to seeing you around the forums.
  18. Doug Rogers


    Hi there Michel, welcome to Britmodeller.
  19. Made some progress over yesterday and today, through to step 17 on the instructions. Cockpit done; Painted Helmut up and installed him into his seat; Got the fuselage buttoned up and the prop together; Should get some more done next week.
  20. She's looking lovely Reconciler , tempting me to have a go at a Macchi floatplane, fairly simple shape, but easy to get wrong.
  21. Just got a 1/48 Hasegawa 109K-4 and an F-2 from eBay, hoping to do the K later in the GB.
  22. I don't get why people are having to write HTML codes etc, whatever happened to copy and paste. I use Photobucket too, no problem on desktop or mobile, just copy the 'img' link and paste the pic onto your thread.
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