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5 hours ago, Putty Animal said:

Hang on.  I think some of these instructions are in French.


And if the instructions are correct, which I doubt, you're making the wrong kit.



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Thanks chaps.  It's good to have this one out of the way. :)



10 hours ago, Johnson said:

(Have you considered an Opitivisor? I couldn't manage without it these days)


Hi Johnson, I have several optivisors but I find them much too heavy and cumbersome, especially in the summertime.  I stopped using them and switched to lightweight non-prescription reading glasses like you get from chemist stores.  I have a bunch in various magnifications.  My current favourites are 4.5+ and 6+ which let me get things up close to my nose, while keeping one eye on whatever I'm watching on netflix ^_^

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