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  1. Echo the comment on the cockpit framing - immaculate! Beautiful model, great job Brad Dave
  2. I guess we are all waiting with baited breath to see how the scary struttery on the X-wing fighter is resolved. I hope the force is with you!
  3. Staggering….. and that’s just the number of bullet points. The model’s pretty decent too. Well a bit more than that, outstanding!! Amazing work Bill, quite brilliant! Dave
  4. The way we were…. Indeed, I was a lot different in 1975. Full head of hair for one thing. Older and maybe a tad wiser now
  5. Not something I did earlier, but the Airfix catalogue from 1975 which I've held on to all these years. Big tanker - brown. Small tanker - RAF blue, yellow roof. Simples. Life seemed more straightforward back then.... Looking forward to see what you make of the kit Adrian! Dave
  6. Big thumbs up from me - love the choice of scheme, great finish, all boxes ticked! Dave
  7. Looks magnificent Mark, a superb result. Could spend hours studying all the details - credit to you and the kit Dave
  8. Magnificent! Looked superb even before it was painted. I’d really love to try a scratch build, but not until I’m retired and have more time. Builds like this are truly inspiring. Outstanding work Roger! Dave
  9. Simply beautiful - stunning build Chris! Great scheme too, love it Dave
  10. That’s a great looking sabre Djordje, I would never have guessed you had paint problems. Fine work! Sorry to hear of your recent poor health, hope all good now Dave
  11. Troy, there’s what looks like a semi-circular hoop at the very top of the fin (from the shape of its shadow). Any idea what it might be fitted for? Regards Dave
  12. Thanks Djordje! I know that feeling, like banging my head against a brick wall. That’s why I make models, to get over it!
  13. Love the concept, and superbly executed. A triumph! Dave
  14. Great looking combo you’ve put together. Made for each other! I’m really tempted to put planes on hold for a Scammell or two. Mix things up a bit on the display shelves… Thanks for the WIP Heather, another fine job!
  15. And why not, lots of colourful schemes to choose from. Good luck with your latest! Airfix deserve a round of applause for this one Thanks for the comments! Thanks! I’m in no hurry, I think I’ll wait for the Eduard T5…. They will kit it sometime surely?! Thanks Pete. It falls together which helps! Thank you! One small step etc. The second might be a way off, I’m “time poor” as they say these days I wasn’t aware of that, thanks. I think the T5 will be a long term project, the stash is already too big! Thanks Wulfman! Many thanks to everyone for the positive comments Dave
  16. Thanks Heather. Sometimes a little goes a long way! I need to work on my photos though to get anywhere near your standard. Thank you! It goes together very well, good job by Airfix Cheers Tony, from a detail master like yourself that’s very kind It really is James. The JP wasn’t really on my radar - I only bought the kit for the scheme - but I rather fell in love with it. I need to do T5 now to go with it!
  17. Brilliant work Tony. You clearly love your subject and you’ve really done it justice. Resets the bar for 1/72! Epic
  18. This is my first RFI post, so it might all go horribly wrong as I'm a bit of an IT numpty.... anyway, press on. This is the kit, Airfix's 2019 re-release of the Jet Provost T4, with markings for an aircraft of No 79(R) Squadron at RAF Chivenor in 1989. The unusual but attractive scheme drew me in... I had intended to suppress my instincts to faff-about and build it straight out-of-the-box, and just enjoy the process. This was going swimmingly, a nice easy build, just a few sink marks around the tail are the only issues I can remember. The thing was primed, the yellow fuselage stripe painted, almost done, but then..... one evening I started googling for photos of the aircraft, and finished-up looking at the walk-arounds right here on BM. I realised there were a few missing features that were quite prominent and I couldn't stop myself from trying to get them onto the model. I added 3 air scoops to the top of the fuselage, and one on the starboard side just below the canopy, from laminations of microstrip filed to shape. A red (anti-collision?) lamp to the top surface from painted sprue, and a new tail lamp from clear sprue. The trim tab actuators were simple solid wedge shapes, whereas the real things sit noticeably proud from the surface, so these were carved away and new ones fitted from bits of strip and sprue. (Curiously the actuator on the underside of the starboard tailplane was in totally the wrong position.) There are a number of aerials on the undersides, but I couldn't establish where they all attached so I opted to stay away from that. The model is finished in Xtracrylix paints, airbrushed, with detail painting in various Vallejo and Citadel colours. A thin coat of satin varnish to finish off. Medium Sea Grey uppers, Barley Grey below. The kit supplies a single piece decal for the yellow and black fuselage stripes, but I couldn't see that working out very well as it would have to wrap around the tapered body and the fin fillet, so I painted the whole thing. I nearly overlooked the medium sea grey outline to the roundel and squadron bar – I realised this very late in the day and had to resort to some fiddly masking to get that done. The additions I made were not difficult, but to me they made the world of difference to the look of the finished model, and to the fun of building it, so I'm glad I went to the extra trouble. I'd recommend the kit to anyone, straightforward to build and an attractive scheme. Thanks for looking! Dave
  19. Sounds like you are really enjoying this one, after the trials and tribulations with the Bofors!
  20. Not Pfalz news then, they’re both finished! Beautiful results Adrian, really impressive. Much enjoyed following the WIP too. Dave
  21. I guess it did, thanks! Beginner’s luck most likely…. I’ll be trying a proper RFI post later, let’s see how that goes! Dave
  22. Lovely build - very sharp, neat, really impressive! I like the figure too, we forget the scale of the machine without a reference. Dave
  23. Impressive kit and start, my interest is well and truly piqued! Looking forward to see how it all pans out, IBG have a good looking range of WW2 vehicles.
  24. If you'll forgive, just a test post as I'm an IT-numpty and all this image sharing mullarkey is all new to me. So here goes:-
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