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  1. Very nice, just the right amount of weathering in my book. Stuart
  2. Now't wrong with that Adrian, looks a beaut. Stuart
  3. Agree with Jeff great stuff indeed. All I can add is Xantho! Stuart.
  4. Thanks @Bertie McBoatface, useful stuff but remember such details at 1/350 would hardly be noticeable. I have deliberately chosen the scale to show relative as we move from 1651 to submarine Renown. I have been looking a certain 'Age of Sail' book but I'm afraid I'm not paying silly money for it. Cheers mate, more useful stuff. I have enough kits of HMS Renown/Repulse to cover key periods from when she was laid and I also have a kit for the battleship. I will start with the 1651 and learn from there. Stuart
  5. Thanks for popping by Bertie and I agree about a lack of a drawing. If I could tie down the data to say if it was Dutch or French it would be start as I think differed quite a lot in look. With so few guns it would most probably be a single deck 'frigate' and I could use something generic to 'represent' the fireship. As for the 1747 Renommee (Renown), any help would be very welcome. Stuart
  6. I doubt I'll have much of a response but I'll give it a go. There is a long term quest to build(?) as many ships Renown as I can in 1/350 and although the 20th century is covered, the age of sail is a different story. According to Wiki, the earliest Renown was a captured French 24(?) 'Renommee' that was converted to fireship in c.1651. Threedecks.org list the same details but there is a little bit conflict as to whether the ship was Dutch or French? My limited research finds that in 1651, England wasn't having any conflict with France but was with Holland, so to me, the likelihood is that it was Dutch but where did the other source get 'Renommee' from as that's not Dutch? If nothing comes from this query, I may just build both small ships, remove some guns and call that it but I'd sooner only do the one. If someone like @Bertie McBoatface can maybe use his contacts at MSW or elsewhere to help, that would be great. TIA Stuart
  7. Cheers Steve. It is funny how some model types are not seen built, especially when they are kit of a well known aircraft. As for the capable hands, time will tell. Stuart
  8. Another warm day... Wings are on. Still battling with the gaps on the undercarriage doors. Seams look good now but the primer coat will reveal all. Stuart
  9. I personally can't help but I know a man who can...Bertie, @Bertie McBoatface !! Stuart
  10. A little bit done... I formed a coaming using 5 thou plasticard and painted it black. I test fitted the glazing, I think the I/P is too high as the pilots are going to see very little, also the seats sit a little high and prevent the canopy sitting properly. The top of the seats were very carefully sanded until everything was good. As this another 'wheels-up' scenario, I had to fit the undercarriage doors that were a little eehh but fitted they did and gloop applied to reduce the gaps. Fuselage seams all need attention but hey, it's 30+ years old. Stuart
  11. I have been doing stuff... Two Sabres and their kit has now been primed, some parts have even has AS-12 applied too. Stuart
  12. Looks like YOU are the guru unless that other Martin @Lightningboy2000 can help. Stuart
  13. And off we go... Step 1 is the cockpit, very basic. Belts made from tape were added and a small addition added to the central forward console. No interior paint details, so the 'net is your source. Cockpit bits added tub and tub glued into fuselage half. The fuselage halves are joined, tub is 'as snug...'. So good so far. When all is dry, I'll look into making a coaming for that area behind the i/p, not sure why Hobbycraft left a gaping hole . Stuart
  14. Sorry, can't be much help here, I display my subs on a sea base so I don't have to worry about it. FWIW, my interpretation of it is the outer curves cut into the water, so they need to be bent forward and the rotation would be CCW when viewed from the rear looking forward. I hope that makes sense and I know a picture would make things much clearer but pics of propellers on warships/subs are a sensitive thing. Maybe someone else can help. Stuart
  15. With my entry in the F-5 STGB done and the two F.4 Sabres being titivated before priming, thought I'd smack this Hobbycraft kit of the CT 114 into the GB before starting another Sabre. As far as I'm aware, this is the only injection kit of a Tutor and 30+ years old. The plastic doesn't look too bad although the interior is a little sparse considering the size of the canopy that is a little thick but not overly so. Will let you know about the decals. Stuart
  16. F-5E Tiger II - Patrouille Suisse using the Italeri kit.
  17. Decals fought me all the way, just not wanting to come off the backing paper easily. Last remaining bits added. A final blast of Gloss and removed canopy masking. Job done. Stuart
  18. That is a lovely looking vessel Chewy. Well You're right about few maritime modellers venture into the GB world but it does happen. Generally, I think it's because ships take longer than a GB allow, so it doesn't happen. Stuart
  19. Good bit of woodworking homework with the 3 into 2...nice. Keep up the good work. Stuart
  20. I have to agree. Looks nice and interesting and if his previous thread are anything to go by, it'll be fantastic. Stuart
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