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  1. Getting nearly at endgame. A ladder, a step and a few exhaust pipes fitted. Horn, foremast, cowl vent and a couple of exhausts fitted. Wheelhouse ladder and aerials fitted. I THINK, all that now needs to be made, painted and fitted, are the athwartships rails that protect the engine room and aft. Oh, the figs. Oh, and the base. Stuart
  2. Stunning. Question if I may. How do you clean up the 'stepping' on your 3D prints before painting? Stuart
  3. I couldn't wait... The shear of the cabin structure didn't quite match that of the deck, so a bead of PVA was run down the centre of the deck to contact the bulkheads of the structure. Stuart
  4. Don't get too excited Rob. More tinkering... Fitted the anchor and its chain. Another view of the chain. Had completely forgotten about the port holes until I consulted my book . Port hole metalwork were painted with a 50/50 mixture of a medium brown and gold. Windows painted MRP Insignia Blue and dab of gloss in the middle. And last thing to be done before the cabin structure is fitted, is the fitting of 'must haves'...tyres from the spares box. Stuart
  5. That's done it. As to weathering, my way of thinking is, if it's going on pedestals, keep it clean and if it's destined for a sea base... Your build, your choice. Stuart
  6. The green looks good, stacks look good and the helo looks fabulous. Stuart
  7. Looks very nice within its environment. I take it that your isn't using BM for his build thread? Stuart
  8. Thanks Will @Killingholme, I try. Well Rob @robgizlu, I took a look at pictures, scaled them and looked at my build...nah , they'd be 0.25mm and with the work I done last night, I couldn't get to 2 of the rings. Better luck next time. Last night I fitted the funnel in its place and this morning, the mushroom and cowl vent. A little later it was time to fit the remaining cowl vents, mast and engine room davit. This assembly is nearly ready to be fitted until I realised that I still need to make another smaller cowl vent, a number of exhaust pipes, a horn... Stuart
  9. Cheers guys for your support. For you Rob, I'll see what I can do. Stuart
  10. That really looks nice Martin, can't understand why it's been on 'that' shelf for so long. Stuart
  11. I wondered where you'd been, glad you're all fixed and back at the bench. Looking forward to this, quite like the '84' with your usual little twist. Stuart
  12. Nice work Patrik, underside is looking sharp. Stuart
  13. Stunning that is. Getting quite the expert at those anchored builds. Stuart
  14. I have no life rings, so I need to make some. I was hoping that I could knock these out using RP's tap & die set but unfortunately, the biggest hole I could make is 4.5mm, good enough for the centres but not the outers. So, I scribed a 6mm circle using a template. With a bit of cutting and sanding, we get these. Good enough for government work. All painted up. Starboard side was fitted out with its life raft canister and cradle, starboard nav light and a life ring. Port nav light and life ring. And 2 more life rings at the back of the wheelhouse. Stuart
  15. Everything looking neat and purposeful. Stuart
  16. If it's any consolation John, I say that to myself every time I get to my Maru build. As for your boarding ladder(?), it looks as per photo, so that's a result in my book even if you're not sure what it is or how it works. Stuart
  17. Looks very interesting, never seen a 3D printed aircraft. I'll tag along. Stuart
  18. Thanks John. I can't take credit for the windlass except painting it, it's Pascal's @Iceman 29 work. Stuart
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