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  1. Crossed wires I think Colin. I was referring to the jig and I didn't see one of them either. Stuart
  2. You don't need anymore distractions Terry and although this 3D malarkey is very interesting but do I really want to go down that rabbit hole... At the moment, I am happy doing the odd draw and ask a mate to print, that way I can still build models as opposed to A model. I was impressed with the Mk.1 print, the striations were minimal and a quick sand/prime produced a nice spinner, pity it was wrong. Anyway, a little bit about 'Mr Awesome' here. Stuart
  3. Cheers Bertie and yes it is but it's bigger than a Vickers Mk.VI though. Have been faffing about with the tiny DIY serial decal. As Pete @PeterB had suggested, I had bit of plasticard painted with the KG3 paint I used, scanned it, added the serial, blah-blah-blah and done a sample print. Although the serial was well defined, the background colour of KG3 was way off. I didn't know what went wrong and I don't know how to correct it, needs some investigation. But I have a fall-back position. Part of the DIY decal route was finding out how big the serials were and that is 3 1/2 inches. I have an Xtradecal sheet containing 4, 6, 8 &10 inch white letters and numbers, so you can guess what I used? Yes the 4" decals, size does matter but you're not going to see a scale 1/2" (0.16mm) here. I would've liked the spacing to be closer but I couldn't cut the decals out close enough. Decals have been sealed in, so I'll do a little weathering next. Stuart
  4. It's that time of the year where are to many things getting the attention and the mojo drops but things have been done. I had confused myself with what I thought were cockpit doors, they were in fact undercarriage doors. Anyway, as time allowed, the vacform canopy was cut to shape, the door recesses on the fuselage were deepened and eventually I got to the point where the risk of damage was getting to high and stopped. The glazing was secured with CA, no fogging. In front of the windscreen was an odd recess that I can't see on any pics, so the was masked and some filler applied. Undercarriage and their doors, wheels and blades were primed. Work has continued with the spinner, just can't get it right and have tried another but to no avail. So, I've jumped into Fusion360... and a club member printed it for me Not bad for a first attempt but offering it up to 'Awesome' I found that the diameter was to big and the profile was to round. So a Mk.2 was done. Diameter was reduced and profile changed to produce a more 'pointy' variant. I await the 3D print and filler to dry. Need to experiment with the orange paint and see how close I can gt to the orange in the decal without going OTT. Stuart
  5. Many of us have palette cleansers to give us a break from the norm or in my case 'stash reduction', nice to see you back on the Beagle. An interesting update where you mention the oxidation of copper, something I may have to look into for when I get round to building Bounty...it's plastic. Lovely work on the rudder hinges with the soldering iron, another art that I'll have to relearn when I start using PE. Stuart
  6. You are building three, so we'll let you off . As others have said, fantastic work and as for those AA guns...must've tested the eyeballs. Good work. Stuart
  7. Nice detailed work Rob, bling and all. I need to take more notice about what you 'lumps' you keep together before priming & painting. Stuart
  8. Nice to see the detail going on, looking nice and shipshape. Stuart
  9. An interesting subject and looks nicely built so far. Carry on the good work. Stuart
  10. An interesting thread by the looks of it, a mixture of old and new techniques, what's not to like. Stuart
  11. I've said it many times before, fantastic work and skill. You may have already answered this but are the supports internal & external, added automatically by the problem or... And do you decide the best angle(?) to print? Stuart
  12. Just caught up with this thread and is looking interesting. I have quite a few float planes in the stash and wouldn't think about robbing a kit for its floats, I know very little about float designs...wish I did. The insignia is most probably there, we just can't see it. If you look at the underside pic of starboard wing, the insignia doesn't spread onto the aileron/flap(?). Nice work on the canopy framing, I'll try and remember that. Stuart
  13. She /they look fantastic. Love the little touch with the barrels. I have ask...what's next? Stuart
  14. Fantastic work on those wings P. Love the proper wood 'wood effect', wouldn't know where to start with that, got to be careful about woodgrain size wouldn't you? Stuart
  15. The only thing I have found is this: https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/gb/Guy-Armoured-Car.php but you may already seen it. If we use this as a basis; 6 to France with Mission No.11, 8 to Coats Mission (UK), majority went to Belgium, Dutch and Danish units and the few remaining were used for training. So, I think I'll be sticking a serial on it and that'll be it...thanks for the decal offer. Stuart
  16. Sprinting along there, looking great, especially those cage doors. Stuart
  17. What they said. Good stuff, should look the biz when painted. Stuart
  18. Great stuff Wayne (& Peter), will be using this thread for when I get round to doing my 1/72 versions. Stuart
  19. Like you Graham, I can't help but tinker with these 1/72 kits. Handles, lifting eyes, etc are a must. Rad looks lovely and is a relatively easy thing to do. Good job. Stuart
  20. What Ed said. Should look fantastic when the paint goes on. Stuart
  21. Such a detailed engine, pity it's going to be hidden. I build in 1/72 and would love to have the odd engine on show. Stuart
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