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  1. Loss of mojo, other interests and jobs but I'm back now, so much that those 'big boys' have pressed the 'Buy Now' button for a 1/700 Renown & 2 1/700 Repulse kits plus PE kits plus barrels! That amidships armourment looks a bit of a faff but a man of your calibre will sort it. Stuart
  2. Great job Rob and your best seascape to date in my book. Better go and take a look at your WiP now. Stuart
  3. After a brief interlude, it was time to return to the fold. Glad to see that you haven't lost your touch Pascal, exceptional skill indeed. Stuart
  4. Another one on the go Beefy, she's looking good. Stuart
  5. Yo Beefy, I'm back and catching up with the maritime section. It's always nice to see what can be done with these older kits and it's looking good so far. Can I take it that replacement barrels are not available in this scale and are you not tempted to drill out those port holes like our @robgizlu does...just asking. Stuart
  6. Hi Ben, just caught up on this epic thread. Love what you're doing and they will look great when all together. Keep up the good work, gives me a little kick to get me back to my AFV's Stuart
  7. Some nice corrective work on the Sukhoi Martin and with the paint and decals going on, she is looking very nice. Not too far off now before end game. Keep up the good work. Stuart
  8. Excellent work my man, an absolute beaut! Time for a little rest before starting your next masterpiece. Well done. Stuart
  9. Nice work Beefy, looking very realistic. You have obviously learnt something from Kev's @longshanks dio work. Stuart
  10. Making great progress since my last visit Pascal, great work as always. How the heck did you manage to scan that drawing?! Stuart
  11. Lovely mast work John, keep the quality coming. Stuart
  12. Nice to see you back Greggles and with beautiful set of exhausts too, must have used a few blades cutting that tubing. Stuart
  13. A fantastic intro there Steve. Lovely work on the hull and looking forward to the rest Stuart
  14. A man of your calibre will whip up that mast with no problem. Stuart
  15. I have no room to talk Terry. I have been trying to clear builds but it's looking almost like a gap year. Stuart
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