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  1. Thanks Army. That was one of the pics i referenced in fact. You are correct. That's a well used and dirty B17! shows the staining patterns very well
  2. Thank you Alan. hope to complete this build soon. Thank you for posting the additional pictures of Operation Jericho too.! The RAF Museum at Hendon has a flight simulator you can ride in which takes you on the Op Jericho bomb run.. think this still maybe from that combat footage. I did ride this last time i was there and it was a great experience!
  3. Yes Chris... my 'stock' is high at the moment with SHMBO'd due to this 'task' being completed! TBH i don't mind DIY painting etc. it's the prep i find mind numbing! The next task is ... tiling ..at which i'm an expert having done it professionally at one time!
  4. absolutely correct Sir! i did Revell's "Little Miss Mischief" back in December and spent a lot of time viewing getty images and other photographic sources to get this effect. The dividing metal between the 4 vents has a small exhaust marking. Air from the vents seems to disapate the exhaust stains on the wing.. This is what i did to mine. If i may be so bold as to post my RFI picture to illustrate and another view.. hope it's clear from the pics.. I looked at so many original reference pics i started seeing B17s when i closed my eyes! lol
  5. Cool. It's actually a nice location don't you think Graham? You can sit on the benches provided next to the monument by the microlight club.. watch the aircraft and in between listen to the many skylarks rising. There are some interesting base defence bunkers around the site too. It's a lovely location. The only downside in winter is the very sticky clay around the site. If you cycle there like i do it sticks to your wheels like glue!
  6. Thanks. I always look for an interesting angle.. maybe it's something to convince SHMBO'd that i should do more stash -slackers rather than painting kitchen cabinets! LOL Actually the kitchen cabinets ARE now finished! ( as of Sunday night).. perhaps i should do a RFI posting?.. but don't want to antagonise anyone.. though it might bring a smile to many users faces? Andy
  7. Thanks Chris. Corsaircorp - he's blissfully unaware of this build !.. True, i have kept it under my hat until now! I was 'tickling' this build along with my recent Defiant RFI. Both these are in preparation for my Uncle Peter's Tribute 1:32 Tempest V build. I needed to up my game to do the RAF Temperate Fighter schemes cammo with an airbrush proper justice. Learning new skills is great! Yes i like the local connection. Have cycled over to and round RAF Hunsdon quite a bit. When this moves to RFI I'd consider taking some pics of this completed over at the ai
  8. Might try that again in near future! quite into the bluetack spraying method at the moment though!
  9. I'm using the Red Line. But might try the Blue. Thought they were optimised for brush? Are you brushing them or using in an airbrush? Andy
  10. Yes indeed.. maybe an authenticity too far! but hey why not? Indeed Mossies are graceful and beautiful !it's a superb kit!
  11. Thanks! And credit where credit is due. Your build was excellent! Those Hataka paints are spot on in my opinion! Especially the top side Ocean Grey.. to my eye the right grey /blue combination. Yes i noted that the aerial mast was not present on this aircraft. The radio was internal i think so the mast no longer necessary.. think your build posting had something about this in it if i recall? and the IWM pic of it shows it sans Mast too!
  12. I bought this 1:48 Tamiya Kit some time ago. I was inspired by another users essay with this kit. I acknowledge their inspiration and for providing some details about the model. Thank You Wellsprop! I am indebted to Wellsprop for the following aircraft 'Bio' also ! "MM417 served with 487 New Zealeand Squadron, the squadron famous for raids such as Jericho as well as low level attacks on Gestapo headquarters in Aarhus and Copenhagen. I decided to build this kit with the bomb bays open and a full weapon payload. Painted with Hataka paints and lightly weathered to r
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