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  1. Wow. Love it. I really liked the belly Tanks on both wings. Most unusual configuration. That you have a photo of this is fantastic. I'm impressed you included the pipework for these drop tanks as well. Great detail and superb weathering. I love Jugs! My favourite is always the Bubble Top but I do like the Razorback also. 1:32 scale does this plane justice. A great model. Thanks for showing it! Regards, Andy
  2. Hello again Notty! Thank you for your compliments on my Diorama and the Tempest. it's Boys Own stuff... his story for sure.. I think it is the Rebecca aerial. Though that might also be the short 'pole' that sticks out of the bottom of the fuselage! i did find information somewhere that stated Tempest Vs had Rebecca fitted and used as a RDF tool. Having done a quick search online i can't find any pictures / articles to support my naming explicitly.. maybe it's a VHF radio 'whip' then? ... but for sure the guitar string method worked an absolute treat for me. It was an absolute pleasure to build this model for the personal story behind it. I'm humbled by people's reactions to my modest efforts. Cheers, Andy
  3. Excellent Mossie Sir! i loved this kit when i did it myself sometime in the last year or so. It's a Tamiya kit that says it all about just how good a kit can be moulded and fits together. Tamiya 'quality' in my opinion. Mine needed no filler between wings and fuselage. I think i painted the wings off then glued them on as a final part of assembly.. You example looks fabulous with a nicelight touch of weathering. Well done! Regards, Andy
  4. Tom,I like these kind of 'blast from the past' posts on the forum... reminds me of my ill spent youth! The model still looks pretty good in your pics i must say. It looks a nicely finished model, then and now. Thanks for showing it! Regards, Andy
  5. WOW... you sly old fox! what an stonking Jug you have there! the pictures are exceptional! Very well done Sir! 11/10! Regards, Andy
  6. Thank you so much Colin. I'll have to investigate this further I seem to recall PC describes taking off for a sweep in snow and ice and describes having little confidence in one new , young and inexperienced pilot's ability to take off in formation safely.. think he refers to this pilot as 'Brown'. There were no other pilots on the squadron named Brown at that time . seems likely it's my uncle. It's a great regret that i never got to talk to uncle as an adult about his service. Wish i could time travel back to 1980 and sit down with him. Regards, Andy
  7. A very warm welcome to BM Panther! I look forward to seeing some of your builds on here. Hope you'll find the people here to be friendly and always willing to help.. i certainly have! regards, Andy
  8. Thanks for the confirmation.. i'm sure you might see one if you drank enough pink gins! lol
  9. Lets hope you can track this very brave young man's final resting place down. I presume he's not in the War Graves Commission records? Good luck with German archives! I hope Volker can aid you. My german language at best are modest. You'll need a native speaker for sure. Have you also looked at the National Archives at Kew? The casualty forms submitted have a number of German archive documents taken in to Allied custody at the end of the war? Try WO 416/49 WO 416/49 is searchable by individual card in the catalogue - you can browse the descriptions for the individual cards here: https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/browse/r/h/C16588334 Maybe also have a look at AIR Ministry P4 Casualty forms in the AIR 81/ xxx catalogue? Apologies if you've already looked at these. The National Archives website has a Live Chat function. The people who man it are very helpful and might turn up something unexpected? Kind Regards Andy
  10. Love it Bertie! A great and amusingly whimsical narrative goes with each character in this scene...coupled with exceptional modelling skills and photography. A masterpiece indeed!
  11. Maginot.. i think i'm having a senior moment.. was it some PRU Spits that were pink' uns ? if so maybe my suggestion falls under a 'What If ?' category. Cheers Andy
  12. PRU Blue is good or even... PRU 'Pink'? now that would be a challenge and look .. extraordinary Maginot..
  13. Brilliant Notty! Beautifully rendered Mozzie. Andy
  14. Welcome back Ced! Sorry to her about your health issues. GWS.. Now that is a remarkable car you saw. Two Million quid? blimey..i'd be scared to take it out of it's garage. My beaten up Ford Mondeo is probably a classic car. Regards, Andy
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