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  1. I was living in Orchard road Royston 86 to 88! Saw a rather good sort of relic hunters programme too with Suggs from Madness where they did a dig at Fowlmere. Love Spits too!
  2. I lived for a period in Royston so I'm partial to a Bassingbourne 91st BG ship as well. May I suggest Meat Hound? Or 9-0-9 ? I think Memphis Belle has had enough attention. The William Wyler colour filmed documentary about the Belle has been digitally restored and is a History Channel documentary called Cold Blue.Theres some great footage of Bassingbourne and lots of identifiable ships for inspiration!
  3. Interesting point about the Vallejo Primer. I've used it on a couple of models recently . I did thin it down quite a bit but I managed to get a nice base. I did put a stupid finger print on a couple of areas! I removed them and blended the area around the repair isopropanol alcohol then resprayed. This worked for me. I did let the primer dry for over a week which seemed to make it hard enough. I don't recall sanding it though. I'm still learning of course. Taken a close interest in your supercharger exhaust colour! I have some Rail Match Light Rust enamel which is about 20 odd years old which
  4. Absolutely agree. I test streaming services as a job for NowTV and i've used this as a test programme! I must have watched it 20 times in past few weeks. I don't live too far from RAF Bassingbourn where it was filmed with the 91st Bomb Group. The colour was restored digitally during the making of this documentary but i'm prepared to accept that the colours are true to life in this film. The interviews with the remaining veterans were very emotional, forceful and ultimately humbling. None of them were anything other than modest and unassuming. They had a dignity and presence that is
  5. Outstanding! The weathering is no way too excessive. It's perfect. I have been watching a History Channel documentary called Cold Blue. It's restored colour film used in the making of the film 1944 Memphis Belle. You can see in many shots just how B17s weathered. Engine oil etc etc. Your model is spot on in my opinion.
  6. Thanks Nick for your additional information. It's a real beauty and worth all the hours you must have put in. I asked about the size as I have to have something bigger these days eyes and motor skills. Seems 1:350 might be the scale for me if I decided to do a ship! Good luck with the next project !
  7. WOW! this is top draw work indeed. I'm not really in to ship models per se (aircraft are my main interest) but this is an real inspiration, wonderful detail and some lovely touches.. i wonder if you could estimate how many hours you put in to this? What's the length of the model in cm? The last ship model i did was the Airfix Cutty Sark.. i was advised to put it in the shed out of the way by my mum! It was a winter's evening so dark and my Dad dumped a full sack of potatoes on to it by accident, he'd brought home on his way from work! oops.. one 3-D Cutty Sark became a 2-D Cutt
  8. An excellent job. The paint looks 'right' to me and the weathering is superb! Thanks for sharing this. It's a very unusual aircraft indeed!
  9. This thread has some amazing human stories and memories. My Dad decided to celebrate one of the Moon landings, not Apollo 11 but a later one. He bought and made the Airfix LM kit and made both a lunar diorama and display case. He gave it to my school and it was displayed in the Main corridor and was the first thing visitor would see when they came in through the Front Doors. Imagine the Qudos i and my twin brother got from this. Our 'stock' sky rocketed in value as we had such an Uber cool Dad who could make the stuff of every schoolboys dreams! Thanks Dad! I always wo
  10. Love the Memory Lane walk this thread is.. i think my first may have been an Aifrix Mk1 Spitfire from Woolworth's in a card and plastic bag .. probably around 1970. Think we had 'Old' money then still? so something like 2 Shillings and Sixpence! maybe 16 New Pence! .. Not bad as my pocket money i do remember at this time was 2 Old Pence ! Must have grizzled and cajoled my Dad to give me the extra to shut me up! Canopy was frosted with glue no doubt.. If we could do a THEN and NOW RFI first and latest comparison that would be quite amusing! All our first models must now be in la
  11. This kit , original box , is a shed load of money these days on Ebay! The actual pilot , Ken Wallis, who flew the aerial sequences for the Bond film was still flying in to his 90s i think! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Wallis
  12. Thanks for posting this doc. love stuff like this!
  13. Lovely build. The " Bottisham Four "is the famous pic which includes this aircraft and taken in colour! Some say it was painted a dark blue on the upper surfaces... but that's another story. I bought this kit recently and haven't started it yet. Loved your 'restrained' weathering on this. It looks great, just hope i can do it as much justice as you have when my time comes..
  14. I'm feeling very strongly drawn to making a diorama for the P-47s.. A USAAF 'Spectacle ' Loop perhaps? 50 foot width incorporating an RAF ' Lollypop' hard-standing.at the entrance. I recently read an academic paper on RAF Hethel - Station 114 in Norfolk which described how this was a development often done to existing facilities. It's where Lotus Cars have a test track now. It will be big in 1:48 scale as 1/4 inch is a foot .. https://bracon-ash-and-hethel-history.webnode.com/_files/200000527-1b4061c3c7/Discuss the Development of Hethel Air Field During the Se
  15. Thank you so much Woody. I try my best and always hope to give pleasure in what i do to others!
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