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  1. Lovely rendition Chris! The overall weather g and tone of paints is very well done! Cheers, Andy
  2. Phenomenally good! I've always loved this aircraft type and I'm very tempted to buy the kit! Decals apart yours is brilliant! I doff my hat to you Sir!
  3. Wasn't it the case that any dirt inhabited the special coating applied which absorbed Radar transmissions and degraded the aircrafts 'Stealth' capabilities? i seem to remember President George Bush touching one on a morale boosting tour , maybe First Gulf War ? and the USAF guys having a fit as it then had to be cleaned again by a team of overworked ground crew! Your model looks lovely ! Menacing and stealthy! I do like the greyish panel lines. Excellent work indeed! Wish I was allowed to have a pair of display cases lol SWMBOd would have a fit if I did this lol reagrds, Andy
  4. well rendered! The cammo scheme yu chose is very cool as you suggested! I'm always amazed at how well these German cammo schemes are executed by other BM members. They are , to my mind, very complex and difficult to do convincingly. I don't feel my airbrush skills are good enough to produce your excellent results! Maybe with a bit more practice... lol thanks for showing this . Love the wheel well detail too. Regards, Andy
  5. Lovely! Welcome back to the hobby! It looks very nice indeed.
  6. Amazing brush strokes! Impressed no end. Well done Sir.. thanks for show casing your excellent skills!
  7. Hi Tony. Very nice Wimpey indeed!. Do like the RAF Azure Blue used in that theatre. Makes for an unusual combination. Im interested in how this aircraft was used in an ASR role too? Was it just used as a search platform or did it hold life saving equipment In its bomb bay to drop to aircrew? Like a wooden launch with food water and other life saving stuff? My last boss. his grandfather was an Engineer on Wimpeys and flew in the Mediterranean Theatre. He ended up in a raft after one sortie and was the only crew member to survive. I would love to find out a little more about his grandfathers escapades. Will ask him.. Regards, Andy
  8. Love it! An excellent diorama indeed. The Aircraft and other items look great together and the scene has a continuity to it. Pilots relaxing between sorties while the 'Erks do their bit to get the a/c ready for the next sortie! Well done indeed Sir! i might suggest one improvement? maybe tone the Mae West lifejackets yellow down a bit? In contrast to the general colourisation it looks a little bright on both the pilot figures?.. to my eye anyhow.. Thanks for showing this.. it's a real cracking diorama! Regards, Andy
  9. LOL, missed that one! True That! My last model was very emotional as was a tribute build to a family member and has taken it out of me a bit .. maybe I'll start that 1:32 Jug! Get me back in the groove again!
  10. Lovely. Cammo pattern was freehand? That's pretty amazing. i love the exhaust stub colouring yu did and the exhaust staining looks great! Do the swastika decals not come with the kit? Regards, Andy
  11. What an ungainly looking bird this Wyvern is. That aside I rather like it having seen your model. I do tHunk Trumpeter have some great kits... PE parts and rubber tyres seem to be always included! I'm always interested in the unusual as a subject and love paint schemes that are a bit different. it looks fabulous. Love the RN colour scheme you've portrayed. That prop looks powerful! Those double tiered rockets look pretty cool too. It does remind me of the Gannet with the contra rotating prop fit also! I don't know much about The Suez Crisis apart from it being Anthony Eden's nemesis! Were all our aircraft that were at Suez given the Bee Sting treatment? Think I saw a Hawker Hunter during the Suez Crisis with similar bee sting stripes recently here! A lovely model indeed. thank you for sharing it with us. Note to self..Must read up about Suez! Regards, Andy
  12. I love the lightning and your example looks fantastic! I love the air intake blank and the overall finish looks very realistic.well done sir!
  13. Agree totally. I got this kit a few weeks back but not started it. I tcan hunk I'll follow the same colour scheme you chose. It is a striking contrast with the black I like it very much! Thanks for showing this. Inspired me to try to do as good a job and you have!Regards, Andy
  14. Being a little too bulky..Had he been on double rations then ? Lol
  15. Lovely Tempest V! Nicely modelled. I like the weathering you did and it's a nice touch to have PC getting in to the cockpit too. I love the weathered cammo pattern . Really well executed. I have a personal connection in a way to Pierre Clostermann. My late uncle flew in 56 Squadron with Pierre Clostermann briefly in March/April 1945 from Vokel in Holland. Pierre C mentions My uncle by name a fair few times in his book.. Sgt P C Brown as " Brown" . He's used as a vignette of the young ,frightened and relatively inexperienced pilots arriving at squadrons in the 2nd TAF. When I first read the book I was a little upset by this but i realise it wasn't a personal slander on my uncle's courage , just a way of telling things how they were. My uncle shot down a FW190 on his first sortie and flew with PC protecting the Rhine crossing and doing Train busting and MET attacks. Uncle was shot down and crashed in flames, surviving with awful burns ,to become a POW for a short while on his 11th sortie. He crashed in NV728 coded US-X which PC had flown himself on a sortie a few days before when he was with 56 Squadron. I did a Tribute build of this aircraft in 1:32 scale this year. I read the ORB for 56 Squadron in detail This details exactly which aircraft he flew on which sorties. It's interesting to compare his memoir and the official records side by side. Your model is a great tribute to an exceptional man. I thnk he flew approx 430 odd sorties and that he survived is breathtaking and amazing. He is one of the great WW2 fighter pilots. An intelligent and brave man. Thanks you for sharing it with us! Regards, Andy
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