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  1. Really lovely model! My uncle flew with PC in 56 Squadron in March/April 1945 in fact he's referred to in The Big Show.. Sgt PC Brown.
  2. Not had much time over the last 10 days for modelling ! Also my shoulder issue has flared up again which affects my hand. Very painful! Oh well! Remember my old Mum's advice " Don't get old" lol . On advice I have managed to get some gloss parquet flooring acrylic protection fluid so hope to try this out on an old model and maybe use this on this project.
  3. Yes he did Chris! I was hoping he would make it to 100 just so he could receive a telegram from his wife! Sometimes a good dose of humorous openness and freedom of speech puts us back in to perspective! Seems that in some cases PC is oppressive rather than inclusive. He was also a champion for young people , inclusive in his outlook and actions before it even became a word on everyone's agenda. I'll be raising a glass to him tonight for sure!
  4. Now there's a thing! I did have that I'm mind when I started lol. Sad about Prince Phillip. War hero and then a lifetime of unstinting public service. Wonder if those who were critical of him and his privilege would step up to duty and give up their own lives and wants as he did? One doubts it. Respect to the man!
  5. Rejoice! The house painting had been finally completed! Now this should free me up to ondo some serious modelling!
  6. Love the way you did the cammo pattern! Really nice and looks realistic. Thanks for sharing! Andy
  7. Very impressed! This is lovely. I must say it's a relaxation when you get a kit that goes together so well. My 1st Tamiya kit I built gave me a similar experience! The Mosquito I did used just a touch of filler but I felt the dry fit was so good I fully painted the wings off and it went together like a dream. Sometimes is what we need to get a modelling mojo back rather than worrying too much. Thanks for showing your brilliant model and it's a nice and fitting back story too! Cheers Andy
  8. I think I would build it again.. it does have a great presence at this scale ..not tried their P39 offering. Do also have their mustang and me109 to do. Trouble is their kits are just such good value at this scale it's hard not to be tempted! Mind you I got hold of a stonker of a kit recently, a Trumpeter Stuka for £33 new in 1:32. Etched parts, real tyres.. looking forward to this at some point!
  9. Tomorrow is 76 years since Uncle Peter crashed in the aircraft im depicting. Raise a glass if you can and salute him .. Up The Firebirds! Humbled by his bravery and resilience! Regards Andy
  10. Looking good indeed Steve. I'm doing this kit ATM also. Your seams are much better than mine! It does take a lot of patience to get the nose to fit anywhere near accurately. I'm on the last legs now.. u/c and wheel wells being attended to. The instructions are difficult to follow in my opinion.. but getting there! Love the invasion stripes on yours!
  11. Week ago in the afternoon a Douglas Dakota flying about 2500 ft heading due West over my house. It was painted up in Invasion markings.. lovely thrumming engines!
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