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  1. I was a bit older, about 19 or so, but I had the same reaction, and still do! Best Regards, Jason
  2. I suspect you're both correct about the 'Naval' aspect of having ships, just in space. But is still seems to me that any space force would grow out of an air force, so should keep the same terminology. But let's not forget that naval terminology is still present with aircraft, such as port and starboard, amidship, bulkheads, galleys, fore and aft, etc. And I suppose if you went from flying aircraft carriers (not as looney as it sounds - Robert Bartini, the Italian-Soviet aircraft designer actually proposed something like this*), it's just a step up (way up!) to having interstellar 'aircraft carriers' or spaceships. Best Regards, Jason *And let's not forget the USS Akron and Macon.
  3. Excellent work on that Sea Otter! I have this very kit. I may just start working on it after seeing your work. Regards, Jason
  4. I've finished the wings, painted most parts, including the interior parts. Basically, I just need to glue the cockpit into the fuselage, join the fuselage, glue the wings on, glue the stabilisers on, etc. So far, I haven't run into any problems. Best Regards, Jason
  5. That grey looks pretty good to my eyes. For the AMT-12, you should use something like an EDSG, but without any hint of blue. Regards, Jason
  6. Davey, you'll like the Tamiya Il-2 - best kit of the Shturmovik in 1/72nd scale. I built mine with no problems. And John, nice work on the Il-10! I'm glad you're not running into any more problems than you might expect on most limited-run kits (sand, fettle, fit, and fill, then sand again). I may just drag mine out and get back to it. Regards, Jason
  7. Nice to see you working on the Su-2, J-W! Best Regards, Jason
  8. Mmmmm, ice cream! Now there's a proper subject for a thread! Not all this modelling rubbish that His Martianship is committing now. Modelling indeed. If I want to read a proper thread about modelling, I'll read a Tony O'Toole WIP thread, thank you very much! And just where has the General gone to these days? We need his pearls of wisdom to inject the proper amount of silliness back into this thread and stop all this seriousness about struts, and attaching things to other things, and glueing. Regards, Jason (purveyor of mediocre models since time immemorial)
  9. Nice work so far on the Il-10! I've gone about my kit differently - I've built the wings first (no problems that I recall), but I still need to put the fuselage together. Nice to see the fuselage come together, even if with a little work. I don't off hand remember seeing any profiles or photographs of Yemeni aircraft, although I'll take a look at my collection to see if I have any. Regards, Jason
  10. Good heavens! Do I take it that there is actually some modelling to take place here?! Not to be allowed! Why I thought this 'thread', if I may call it thus, was simply for the amusement of us mere Earthlings, littered as it is with bon mots (and some rather mal mots), and a good helping of the General's humour, such as it is. If this turns into a real modelling thread, I'm afraid I'll shall have to take my custom elsewhere! Best Regards, Jason (maker of fine partially built models)
  11. The wings shouldn't have any lines, other than for the fuel caps. The wings on the Yak-3 were wooden-covered, with the wood then covered with putty and fabric (it was the same with the fixed horizontal tail planes - the stabilisers). This was then sanded down for a very smooth panel-less finish. Those long straight panel lines on the Heller kit are a fiction. I would look at Massimo's site to see which of the lines, if any, you should keep. Obviously, the lines for the ailerons and flaps should stay. Regards, Jason
  12. I'm old enough to remember when the Tu-95 was still referred to as the 'Tu-20'. I still occasionally find myself thinking of the Bear as the 'Tu-20'. Best Regards, Jason
  13. Excellent choice of aeroplane, the 'Super-Shturmovik' as it were. I've often wondered if the Il-10 had been switched with its contemporary, the Skyraider, how its career would have gone. I believe with the same air superiority the Skyraider enjoyed, it would have proved a great success in the Korean War. As far as lasting until the Vietnam War? Who knows - the Chinese versions evidently lasted into the 1970s. At any rate, good luck with your build! Regards, Jason
  14. This now moribund site is not exactly the best for VVS colours. The best English-language site is this: index (massimotessitori.altervista.org). Graham is correct about the green/brown 'scheme' for Soviet-painted aircraft; that has been discounted and discarded by nearly all Soviet Great Patriotic War aviation researchers and historians (including yours truly, who has had five books published on Soviet WWII aircraft). Best Regards, Jason
  15. Brilliant job on the Marauder! Makes me want to dig out my old Hasegawa kit and get back to it. Regards, Jason
  16. Beautiful Mustang you've built there! Regards, Jason
  17. The harnesses should probably be some sort of linen colour (tan) with metal-coloured (silver or aluminium) buckles. The seat cushions should probably be either black or brown. I've done both colours in my VVS models. I don't think you can go too wrong using these colours. I hope this helps some. Best Regards, Jason
  18. That's the truth! We used to say they could easily do a post-Apocalypse movie in Waco - just do it on a Sunday morning (everyone would be in (Baptist) church), and there would be nobody on the streets. Regards, Jason
  19. Well, call me old-fashioned, but my car gets 20,000 furlongs to the hogshead.* Regards, Jason *With apologies to Abe Simpson.
  20. Parts of Texas used to be that way (some still are, no doubt). A joke from a long time ago was that in Waco, especially on a Sunday night, they rolled up the streets [like a carpet] at 8 P.M. Regards, Jason
  21. I hear that! Dang, you pert near talk proper like. I tell you what, that's a fact. Best Regards, Jason
  22. Yes, I consider myself to be a fairly erudite and educated Texan (seven years of post-high school (secondary school) education), but I still use 'y'all' and 'fixin' to' quite regularly. And just as any good Scotsman can really put on the 'Scots' when he wants to, I can talk Texan with the best of them, when I want to. Regards, Jason
  23. Are you saying there was much rejoicing? Best Regards, Jason P.S. I'll have to wait for a Mk.VII or Mk.VIII conversion set before I buy this one, but I suspect I will in the long run.
  24. Brilliant work as always, Tony! Speaking of Gothic, that wing does look positively Gothic straight out of the printer with all the flying buttresses! Regards, Jason
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