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  1. Beautiful Ju-188! That's a great paint scheme. Regards, Jason
  2. Learstang

    PZL P.24A, Azur 1/72

    Brilliant job on the P.24! Regards, Jason
  3. Beautiful job on a beautiful aeroplane! Regards, Jason
  4. Beautiful work on the He-60, Fuad (as usual!). This is a kit I've thought about buying and building. Regards, Jason
  5. You've definitely got one request here! It's true that you can buy most of the Hart variants in 1/72nd scale, but you have to go to many sources (I know this from doing it) - ancient Airfix kits, long OOP Aeroclub kits, (fairly) recent limited run kits (some now OOP and almost impossible to obtain), and resin kits. It would be great if one manufacturer would come out with a comprehensive set of Hart variant kits in good, modern quality new injection-moulded plastic. I would be the first in line for what would hopefully be a long line of modellers. Best Regards, Jason
  6. Very interesting information indeed, John! Whenever I get round to building the score of so of Hart variants I have (all in 1/72nd scale), this interior colour information will come in very handy. Now I have to say this; I hope AMG do very well with this kit, so well in fact that they downscale it to 1/72nd scale and do every single Hart variant. There, I said it and I'm glad! Regards, Jason
  7. So I take it there are none. Not surprising consider the semi-secret nature of the 'Igloo White' missions, known only to top American military brass, Sir Douglas Haig, his wife, his pet tortoise Alan, and the rest of the English-speaking world. Best Regards, Jason
  8. PC, does he or your friend have any photographs? Sorry for the mini-hijack, hsr; back to your build! Best Regards, Jason
  9. They are the kit radomes and I've just about repaired the scars where I knocked them off. And I do mean knocked them off. I've found that a short, sharp blow to a projecting piece of plastic can actually get it to break off more cleanly than trying to pry it off. I'll probably leave them off and go with the RC-121 Batcat. Pray for me regarding the camouflage scheme on that one, though! I agree with your going with the all-grey scheme on your Willie Victor - if I had gone with the WV-2, I probably would have opted for that. A one-colour scheme is so much easier when doing a large model like the Connie, and can still be a very striking scheme. Regards, Jason P.S. I just noticed that you have the decal sheet I have from Caracal - that's the only sheet I've ever seen that had the decals for the camouflaged Batcat.
  10. Nice work on the Willie Victor! I have one that I've gone back and forth over whether to finish it with the radomes (it's mainly built), or leave the radomes off and finish it as an RC-121 Batcat. Right now I'm going with the Batcat, especially since I've removed (knocked off) the already glued-on radomes. Who knows, the radomes may go back on at some point. Regards, Jason
  11. Excellent work on the Stranraer! I have two of these kits in my stash. Regards, Jason
  12. PC, I ordered directly from the site on 3/1, and still have not received an e-mail confirmation (it's only been a couple of business days, of course). However, I'm not certain I received confirmations for my orders of the Ju 87 landing gear, and the Neptune MR.1 conversion either (nice conversion set, by the way), and I received both items. I ordered by PayPal, and received confirmation from them that the payment was received. To be honest I'm not overly concerned about receiving the Lincoln set. How long has it been for your Manchester conversion? Best Regards, Jason
  13. I rather suspect it was the poor chap who wasn't in on the changing allegiances thing who did the actual defecating when he learned of the plan... Oh, and excellent work on the Lanc, PC! You can never have too many Lancasters - I know, as my ever-growing stash will attest. Indeed, I have a Lincoln conversion winging its way from Blighty to the States to combine with my Airfix B.II I have stashed away in my storeroom (all right, it's a Lincoln, not a Lancaster, and it's not a full kit just a conversion, but close enough). Best Regards, Jason
  14. Very impressive work on that Gigant! I have one out in my garage (the kit, not the actual aircraft - I'd need a garage the size of small town for that!). I have no idea where I'll put it if I ever build it, but looking how great yours looks makes me glad I have one to build someday. Regards, Jason
  15. Excellent job on the Marlin! I have an old model I did as the Aeronavale version sitting in my garage. Regarding photographing my models, I believe the best distance is about 50 feet away, far enough to where the imperfections are invisible, as well as the model itself. Regards, Jason
  16. Brilliant work on the Rama*! Regards, Jason *Rama - Russian for 'Frame', because of its odd arrangement. The Soviets hated them as their appearance in any number usually proceeded some large-scale German action.
  17. I believe the Shoggoths are always a bit angry, foul-tempered beasts... Regards, Jason
  18. Learstang

    New User, Hello!

    Nice work on the armour and welcome to the site! Best Regards, Jason
  19. Beautiful Kurfurst! Regards, Jason
  20. Learstang

    AVRO Lancaster B Mk.1 (01E010) 1:32

    Excellent review, Mike! This is a dream kit for me, but I suppose I should finish at least one of my 1/72nd scale Lancs before attempting this beast (and scraping together the quid for it). Regards, Jason
  21. More excellent work! I like the dancing penguins at the bottom of your post - I suppose you couldn't find any dancing Shoggoths. Now let's see about a slogan for that Innsmouth Pale Ale - 'For an out-of-this world experience!'. Regards, Jason
  22. A beautiful model of what may be my favourite version of the Spitfire! Regards, Jason
  23. Beautiful work! It's all really come together! I look forward to the finished product. Regards, Jason
  24. Very nice job on the Bolo! Regards, Jason
  25. Well, with a Shoggoth only a few yards away, I suspect I'd be getting pretty toasted also. Continued great work on the diorama! Regards, Jason