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  1. I didn't mean to take over your thread for my shameless self-promotion, but the book is being finished up now, so hopefully sometime next year, maybe by summer, more likely by fall it should be available. I not only go over the Shackleton's development (including a fairly detailed look at the Phase modifications) and service, I review the various models out there, including the newish Airfix and Revell kits. Buy it! Sure to become a classic! Best Regards, Jason
  2. Yes Al. One thing I've learned whilst doing this book is that the Phase modifications were not quite as straightforward as it had seemed (and been presented in some books). Hopefully, after reading my book, people will understand the exact modifications, and sequence, and probably still be thoroughly confused! And I believe you're correct about the mislabelling of some Shackleton photographs. Best Regards, Jason
  3. Excellent job on the old 'Growler'! I'm finishing up a book on the Shackleton right now, doing drawings for the various 'Phase' modifications and it can be a bit tricky. This certainly looks like a Phase II to me! Regards, Jason
  4. Shouldn't the Carvair be a conversion kit? Patrik, regarding the order of the aeroplanes, I mean what difference does it make - one's prettier than another! Regards, Jason
  5. Yes - a Short Sturgeon! That gets my vote. And the Short Seamew. And the Avro Bison. Best Regards, Jason
  6. I will definitely take a look at your site, Mr. Akanikhin! We modellers are always interested in interesting camouflage and colours. Best Regards, Jason
  7. Bienvenue! Welcome to the site! Best Regards, Jason
  8. Добро пожаловать! Welcome to the site, Mr. Akanikhin! It's nice to have you here! It will be interesting to have your comments on Soviet colours and paints. Best Regards, Jason
  9. Not possible. Unless they have 500 old guitars they never play. 'And this is my '70 Stratocaster that I'll get around to restringing someday...'. Best Regards, Jason P.S. Welcome to the site!
  10. That's a good price; as I recall (I can't find the kit right at the moment, amongst the hundreds I have laying about!), I bought the replacement propeller as mine was the wrong orientation. Regards, Jason
  11. Well at least they've fixed the orientation. That's good - I like when a company actually corrects kit problems, even if it's mid-production. We all make mistakes, but when you find out, fix it! I just looked at eBay, and it was Quickboost who made a replacement propeller. It's not cheap - the cheapest one I've seen is 7.62USD. Maybe you can beef up the one you have, as long it's the correct orientation. Regards, Jason
  12. Brilliant job on this rather unique-looking aircraft! Regards, Jason
  13. Welcome to the site indeed! Enjoy your stay! Best Regards, Jason
  14. Yes, excellent job on the Demon, and a kit that I foretell is in my future! Regards, Jason
  15. I have this kit also, and it looks lovely in the box (it has few dozen Soviet kits ahead of it in the production line, however). One thing I remember, and I don't know if they corrected it, but originally they had the propeller spinning in the wrong direction so you might look out for that. At one time, there was an AM replacement for it, handed properly. Quickboost had it, perhaps? Regards, Jason
  16. Yes, Antti, here where I refer to Soviet Green, I mean the olive-tinted green that was the colour of AMT-4 (used on wooden and mixed aircraft) and A-24m (used on all-metal aircraft). I believe, and Massimo can correct me here, it corresponds to the 4BO Green used on ground vehicles and helmets. Regards, Jason
  17. Yes, very nice! A 'Kukuruznik', which means 'corn-cutter' or something to that effect. I think this is a tribute to its low-flying skills. Best of luck on the build! Regards, Jason
  18. I think you're correct about the grey-green colour on the Kobra, Massimo. I notice it looks more like the Soviet green exactly where it would have been handled, for example the screw holes. Regards, Jason
  19. Now that is odd. Could it be faded 'AMT-4' Green (I forget the number for metal enamels)? Regards, Jason
  20. Does this Kobra have any reinforcing plates added to the rear fuselage? As you probably know, some Kobras were reinforced here to avoid the fuselage deformation that occurred with some manoeuvres, such as getting out of a spin. When these plates were added, there was repainting. Regards, Jason
  21. I have one already finished, one built but not painted, and another I need to finish building. One I want to do as a Hungarian aircraft, like yours. Regards, Jason
  22. Brilliant Wurger! The F-8 is my favourite version. Regards, Jason
  23. Well if you can't fix it with duct tape, then it's not work fixing. Now I know how I'll do my A-10 - with 640 practice bombs duct-taped to the wing (what's a suitable 1/72nd scale replacement for duct tape? Why very thinly cut duct tape, of course!). Regards, Jason
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