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  1. Bill, I suspect you're correct about a connection with Sword. I immediately noticed that the plastic was the typical Sword plastic - shiny, bluish-grey plastic. As I've no doubt mentioned at least once on this thread, I am a battle-hardened limited-run kit modeller, so there's not much out there that can scare me away. I've looked at mine and test-fitted the parts and I didn't see anything that made me want to put it away in a dark place and then go have a lie-down. I've definitely seen much, much worse. And the yellow wings look brilliant on her - can't wait to see the blue bits! The chap who was pushing the cheaper package on your trip must have been a Canadian; no self-respecting 'Amurcan' would do such a thing. Bloody Canadians - nice, and honest! Not to be allowed! Best Regards, Jason P.S. I've just noticed the perforated edge of the wing cutout for the flaps - did that come with the kit as a PE part? That looks good. I'd go look for my kit, but it's buried somewhere in my shambles of a workroom.
  2. Beautiful job on that model! Looking at it, I just can't believe the USAF didn't go with it. It looks like a perfectly normal aeroplane to me. Not at all unusual... Regards, Jason
  3. She's looking right smart there Bill! It may not be a great kit, but it's obviously build-able, even (probably) by someone of my rather suspect talents. Best Regards, Jason
  4. Looking great, Giorgio! Regarding my (very) modest attempt, there is no WIP, as I have a very bad tendency to start models and never finish them. However, if and when I finish mine, if it comes out halfway decently, I might just post some pictures of it here. We shall see! Best Regards, Jason
  5. Not at all. It was merely an observation. Take it as you will, or don't take it at all. It matters me not. Now perhaps we can move on...
  6. No, it's huge all right. Not scabbed-on at all. Why you could fit four Grand Slams in there, like on the old B-36. Just huge... Roy Chadwick would be envious. Regards, Jason
  7. Do you work on one? You seem to take this personally. I'm sure the Poseidon is a fine aeroplane but compared to the Shackleton or Nimrod, it has a small 'weapons bay'.
  8. Bomb bay, weapons bay. Whatever mate. It still looks like a bloody little access panel to me. Best Regards, Jason
  9. Bomb bay? Have you seen the bomb bay on the P-8? It's more of an access panel than a real bomb bay. The Nimrod or Shackleton bomb bay it is not. However, whether this kit has the 'bomb bay' represented or not, I will be tempted to buy it, as I have a particular weakness for maritime reconnaissance aircraft. Where I would put it if I built it, is another matter. Now if only someone would do a P4M Mercator (bet you didn't see that one coming!). Best Regards, Jason
  10. You're telling me! I saw Adrian turn the Airfix 'Il-2' into a model that actually resembled an Il-2 - magic! Regards, Jason
  11. Beautiful Dart - excellent work! And this was the old Hasegawa kit and not the new Meng jobbie! Regards, Jason
  12. Interesting you should mention the canopy, Bill. Didn't this kit come with both an injection-moulded and a vacuform canopy (or did I dream it?)? If it did, I've lost the injection-moulded one. No big deal - I've dealt with plenty of vacuform canopies in my travels. And you are correct - this canopy is going to be a right b****r to paint with all the frames. I'd already starting painting parts silver/aluminium, but luckily nothing has been glued together yet, so I'll just go over those parts with my zinc chromate green. Stoicism or Epicureanism? Hmmm, interesting choice there - I think I'll stick with good, ol' Zeno and Marcus Aurelius as it seems to go with my personality, such as it is, better. However, I can assure you that when I plunge an X-Acto blade into my finger, I forget my Stoicism very quickly! At any rate, get better already so you can finish this so I can build mine! Do get better, mate, and be careful! Best Regards, Jason
  13. Excellent work on this Meteor! I feel my temptation to buy this kit (already pretty strong) increasing. Regards, Jason
  14. Yeesh, Bill, I'm afraid to go near my BT-1 now! I think I'll stick with my Fine Molds F-4E until I'm certain Northrop's curse doesn't apply to me. Interesting about the early use of the zinc chromate. Best Regards, Jason
  15. Blimey, you nicked my joke! 'How did the undersurfaces get in your pyjamas?' Oh, yes, and nice work on the Spitfire! Is that a common problem with this kit - the lack of dihedral on the wings? I have the Mk.I kit, but not this one. I remember the Mk.I to be a rather nice little kit. Regards, Jason
  16. Excellent job on that Blenheim! I think I like the short-nose version over the later Mk.IV. Regards, Jason
  17. I'm fairly certain it's already been mentioned on this thread, but I appreciate all the work you are doing as it will probably lead to a new-mould 1/72nd scale Airfix Javelin FAW9. If it doesn't, I will certainly be interested in the upgrade bits you're working on. Either way, thank you! Best Regards, Jason
  18. A speeder would be amazing in that scale - I think I'd let you off the hook for reproducing the grenade that Luke lobbed into the Walker, though. Regards, Jason
  19. Remarkable work, and in such a tiny scale! If you're going to do Star Wars, maybe the assault by the Imperial Walkers on Hoth. Regards, Jason
  20. So, there's nowt in 1/48th scale? That's strange, but then I suppose 1/72nd scale isn't exactly overflowing with them. I know the Sword kit isn't perfect, but I've seen it built-up, and it certainly looks good enough for the likes of me. Regards, Jason
  21. Very nice, Dennis! She looks great in the SEA camouflage! She certainly meets with my approval. I want to do an RF-84F in a similar scheme (although in the One True Scale). Regards, Jason
  22. Excellent job on the Jug! I've always liked the Brazilian markings and think they suit the P-47 well. Regards, Jason
  23. Nice-looking Clunk! Excellent job on her! Regards, Jason
  24. Very nice, Ed! I don't know, though. I'm not sure Lockheed put enough scoops on her! Regards, Jason
  25. Outstanding job on that MiG! So, it's on to the Il-2, then, is it? There's a good one for you - not only metal, wood, and linen, but two types of metal - aluminium alloy ('kolchug') and steel armour. Oh well, just a thought. Regards, Jason
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