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  1. Brilliant work on that Mitchell! She looks beautiful! One of these days, I must do a USAAF aeroplane with the red-surround on the insignia. Regards, Jason
  2. Nice work so far on this Firefly! I agree with Dave; it can be very rewarding to make a more basic or rough kit come out nicely. In my case, I'm more inclined to put my work into a limited-run kit, but working on one of these older kits does the trick, also. Regards, Jason
  3. Nice work! I have the long-fuselage version. I hope mine comes out as nicely as yours! Regards, Jason
  4. Looks nice to me! To be honest, mottling scares the living Bejeebers out of me! I avoid it like the plague - I've built a few Luftwaffe subjects, but I've always done examples without mottling. Someday I suppose I'll force myself to do one with the mottling. Regards, Jason
  5. An excellent job on my favourite helicopter! Best Regards, Jason
  6. That looks like a good job on one of the fiendishly difficult Luftwaffe schemes. Regards, Jason
  7. Great to see the BUFF coming along Tom! Best Regards, Jason
  8. Very nice job on that kit-bash, Linescriber! I've been contemplating doing something like this, as I'm doing East African Campaign aircraft, and evidently one Wapiti was used as a communications aircraft. However, if Dora have one in the works (in 1/72nd scale), I'll wait for that. Regards, Jason
  9. I won't be the first to buy this kit, but it won't be for lack of trying. I can now cross this off my list of aircraft to be kitted (in new-mould form). Regards, Jason
  10. Impressive! Most impressive! I've always loved the little I-16. I have three or four of this very kit, so I can build various versions of the I-16. I suppose I need to get cracking on mine. Regards, Jason
  11. Excellent job on the Liberator - she really does look good in the Coastal Command scheme! Okay, I'll be the first to ask. Does your amp go up 11?* Best Regards, Jason *With apologies to Spinal Tap, the greatest fictional British rock band ever! The Tap Rules!
  12. Looking very nice indeed, Chris! Inspiration for me to start on mine, perhaps? Regards, jason
  13. Excellent work on that interesting little fighter! Regards, Jason
  14. Great work so far! A very interesting-looking little aeroplane, sort of a distant relative of the Caproni Stipa. Remember that if you do this as it appeared before its first flight (when it didn't have the race number), it was unrigged. It was meant to be cantilever, the wires were added to stop wing flutter or some such. I built one of these many years ago, in 1/72nd scale vacuform - it came out rather well, as I recall (my first vacuform). Regards, Jason
  15. Beautiful job on that rather charming-looking aeroplane, Claudio! Best Regards, Jason
  16. Beautiful job, Claudio! Best Regards, Jason
  17. Lovely Gauntlet! I did the same thing in 1/72nd scale with the Heller Gladiator - I was quite please with how it came out. Not quite as nice as yours, though. Regards, Jason
  18. Nice work on the Attacker! You seem to have the right attitude towards limited-run kits. Too many people pick one up because it's an interesting subject matter, then get discouraged because everything doesn't just fall into place and they have to do too much fettling and filling (aka 'modelling'). I've done so many limited-run kits that I'm surprised when a kit fits together without some 'help'. Good luck on your model - one of these may be in my future. Whatever your travails, this kit must be so much better than the ancient Frog moulding. Regards, Jason
  19. Excellent job on this Marauder! I'd love to get the Hasegawa B-26G if I could find one at a reasonable price. I've always thought the Marauder was a very handsome aeroplane with great lines. Regards, Jason
  20. Splendid-looking Dakota! Well-done, that! At the risk of repeating myself for the umpteenth time, American aircraft always look a treat in British markings. Regards, Jason
  21. You know, old bean, I didn't realise that the Coanda Effect sounded so, well, naughty! All this about fluids emanating from orifices and flat and curved surfaces is a bit too much for me. But then I'm a simple chap with a mind to match. By the by, 2148 Anno Domini or thereabouts would be fine in terms of the return of my missing model parts. That should be just about the time I finish the last of the models I'm currently working on. Bestest As Always, Jason
  22. Excellent job on the Shack - I do like the look of those Viper engines! Not to rub it in, but this model makes me even more eager for the new Revell MR.3. Regards, Jason
  23. I would say that's a beautiful Gannet, but I believe that's a bit of an oxymoron. Still, brilliant job on the old girl, and I have to admit to having always liked the Gannet, not despite its rather 'interesting' looks, but because of it. The scary thing is, of the two aircraft the Gannet beat out for the job, the Gannet was the most normal-looking! Regards, Jason
  24. Coanda Effect indeed, General! I believe you're mistaking it for the Bernoulli Principle, which interestingly enough, has absolutely nothing to do with pasta (unless it's laminar-flow pasta). As for the good lady who disappeared into the Event Horizon, would you be so kind as to ask her if she could look for some of my missing model parts, as I'm almost certain they were sucked into a nearby Black Hole. As for that S&M 79, at this rate young Martian, I might actually finish a model before you finish this beast! Still, lovely job on the interior and all that! Best and Kindest Regards to All Concerned, I Remain as Always (per advice from my barrister until we resolve that nasty extradition business), Jason
  25. Brilliant job on the Neptune! I have an AP-2H I converted using the old (ancient?) In Country set that I've never completed. Looking at these pictures might get me going on that one again. I look forward to Blackbird's OP-2E conversion set - that's one I'm going to buy (I also have their P2V-5 set - I'm a bit of a Neptune nut). Regards, Jason
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