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  1. Indeed. The Devil is in the details and there details a plenty on AFV's. The challenge is finding that delicate balance between too much and too few and I think you have done a fine job finding that balance in your half tracked vally prototype. cheers, Graham
  2. That is a very interesting and creative way to sort out your short track issue, nicely done. cheers, Graham
  3. What a good idea. Up till now I have been putting a spot of the paint that is in the bottle on the lid so that I could see what was in each without having to lift it up to have a look. But I think that from now on I will put a white sticky label on the bottle tops and follow your example and label each one appropriately. I will one step further and put a spot of actual paint on the label as well. cheers, Graham
  4. yes, you hold your bottle with your fingers and push it down onto the top of the mixer. it really doesn't vibrate but rather "spins". In some videos you will see users holding a their paint bottle on it's edge and pushed into the indent on the top of the mixer. This is not the correct way and doesn't work as well. If you want to see how the mixer works, use a clear bottle with some water ( a drop of two of food colouring might help ) and push it down on the top of the mixer and you should see the fluid move and "spin". If you have a small mixing ball you could add that too and you should hear it and see it spin around the bottle. Remember, it is not the vibration that you feel that does the mixing, it is the "spin" that the mixer imparts to the contents of the bottle that does the mixing. I have one like this: https://www.amazon.ca/JOANLAB-3000rpm-Adhesives-Permanent-pigments/dp/B08DFFV76P/ and quite like it. cheers, Graham
  5. Can't find anything using 5251+ but I can using FFA1P2 which leads me to the 3m Series 4000 half masks and model number 4251+ Must be a European part or model number as I don't any retailers for that model in Canada and the 4000 series masks isn't common either. In any case, I needed a new cartridges for my old mask. My old one never really fit very well, was big and bulky. Turns out it was a M and I need L. Instead of new cartridge's a new mask is in order and I found on very similar to the one you have. 3m makes good stuff and I found lots of choice on Amazon but you need to buy the half mask and the filter cartridges separately. The straps and buckles look like a weak spot but I did find a low profile with better looking straps; made in the UK and sold under the name GVS Elipse and comes with filter cartridges for that price. Only a wee bit more than a 3m half mask plus filters. And to shift back onto topic, your tracks are really looking the part. I have always found that it best to break this sort of assembly into short sessions as you have done otherwise I start to rush and when I rush mistakes get made. cheers, Graham
  6. ColonelKrypton


    That is so the broadcaster has a place to push on screen advertising at the bottom during the show. cheers,
  7. They are certainly starting to look the part. I must go back re-read and review the pictures of your TP/LTS/UTS adventure. I have a set of Bronco WE210 ( double I ) track links that I will have to assembly before too long. Thankfully a little bigger but still five pieces ( 1x TP, 1x LTS, 1x UTS, and 2x TP end retainers) for each link and 84 in total for each side. Every little trick and idea will help. Also, I recall you posting something a while back about a mask / respirator that you had recently purchased and were quite pleased with. I looked but couldn't find the post - somewhere within the many pages of your Mk IV build I think. What was the brand and model? cheers, Graham
  8. ColonelKrypton


    Being #2 makes you keep trying a little bit harder... cheers, Graham
  9. Odd indeed. My initial thought when I first saw a photo of this aeroplane was that it looked somewhat like a cable car gondola with wings. cheers, Graham
  10. This is starting to look like another interesting topic to follow along. The Valentine is another of my many favourites in part as it was license built in Canada. A total of just of 1400 most of which were sent to the Soviet Union. cheers, Graham
  11. I couldn't agree more and all the better for the great build log for all to read, see, enjoy, and learn from. cheers, Graham
  12. Progressing nicely. And as Adrian noted, yet another characteristically odd ball early aeroplane. cheers, Graham
  13. Indeed, getting there. Really starting to look like a Flagon. For all of these kit's nuances they do build up into pretty decent models. cheers, Graham
  14. In this case a broad subject are may just have some appeal. There have been numerous WWI era group builds proposed but rarely to they gain much traction. I will add you to the list. cheers, Graham
  15. Not quite four days since I first posted and already at 10. I am pleasantly surprised. And for a group build that if it is lucky enough to get voted in favour of would not take place for well over a year no less. cheers, Graham
  16. Welcome aboard Pat. I quite like the Felixstowe and the Gotha but if I had to choose it would be a Felixstowe. However, there is an A.E.G G.IV in the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum which is not too far from where I live. It is big and dark and for reason it just captures my gaze. Whenever I visit the museum I have to just sit and take it all in and think about what those brave boys and young men endured. cheers, Graham
  17. Really starting to look like a Flagon. Incidentally, those slats or grates of whatever you would like to call them on the flat surface on the leading portion of the intakes closest to the fuselage are incorrectly modeled in these kits. They are really just painted on the original aircraft. I think they may have been as a form of "Danger - Jet intake" kind of warning. I have pictures where they are painted yellow/black and red/black. cheers, Graham
  18. Indeed, the fight for 2022 group builds was barely over and we were already proposing many new ones and thinking ahead for 2023 meanwhile there are several unfinished builds already in progress on our work benches. I will add Jb65rams and ArnoldAmbrose. cheers, Graham
  19. Off to a good start, I will add Ray S and Marklo as interested. I will have to figure out how to update the original post with interested users. I think I know how but won't know for certain till I try. cheers, Graham
  20. Over on the 2022 GB Bunfight Poll thread there was a comment noting that there were so many modern and jet subjects in 2022 with a comment suggesting something like a SE5a STGB. To which I suggested that rather than a STGB how about something like a Anything Pre 1919 GB? Which brings us round to this proposal. How about it? Anyone up for Anything Pre 1919 Group Build? I chose Pre 1919 as the Armistice that ended the fighting of WWI was signed on November 11, 1918 and I didn't want to leave much if any room for post WW1 subject and anything being just that, aeroplanes, AFVs, trucks, cars, artillery, ships, figures, or ? And don't just think 20th century either - 1800's, 1700's, etc. All of which makes for a wide range of subject choice. Anyone? cheers, Graham ColonelKrypton Ray S Marklo Jb65rams ArnoldAmbrose Tim R-T-C CliffB JOCKNEY MarkSH CorsairFoxForUncle Torbjorn ...
  21. Alclad black micro primer with a mist of Tamiya Fine white surface sprayed downwards from overhead to show the highlights. The figures are a couple of WWII German armour types. cheers, Graham
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