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  1. Learstang

    At the Mountains of Madness

    Well, with a Shoggoth only a few yards away, I suspect I'd be getting pretty toasted also. Continued great work on the diorama! Regards, Jason
  2. Learstang

    At the Mountains of Madness

    Inspired madness, I must say. Regards, Jason
  3. Learstang

    The finally finished HKG B-17 1/32

    Brilliant work on that B-17! I think it's appropriate that you have the U.S. 'bucks' there for scale - I suspect you spent quite a bit on this beauty! Regards, Jason
  4. Learstang

    Revell 1/72 Halifax III

    Good job on the Halibag! Regards, Jason
  5. Learstang

    At the Mountains of Madness

    Watney's Red Barrel, I think, if the Unaussprechlichen Kulten is to be believed. Regards, Jason
  6. Learstang

    At the Mountains of Madness

    That is an amazing rendition of the Great Tentacled One! I can well imagine that terrifying survival of ages long gone, limned under a gibbous moon. I am overcome by sheer horror, and the walls and floor of my humble abode are changing and transmogrifying into inexplicable shapes, insane non-Euclidean geometries from a forbidden dimension... I have to say, I think I may have met my match in pseudo-Lovecraftian prose, bettered only by the Master himself, H.P. Lovecraft, or perhaps Abdul Alhazred, in his more opium-fueled musings. Best Regards, Jason
  7. Beautiful work as always, Fuad! That weathering is very impressive. Regards, Jason
  8. Learstang

    At the Mountains of Madness

    It is indeed an unimaginable terror torn from the unfathomable depths of space and time, of forgotten aeons and dimensions which should not exist... Actually, that's some nice Lovecraftian prose there Kallisti! Old Howard Phillips would be proud, or perhaps even driven insane from the foul hints contained in your mad mutterings. Regards, Jason
  9. Learstang

    At the Mountains of Madness

    Truly eldritch. Regards, Jason
  10. Learstang

    At the Mountains of Madness

    I believe my two favourites are two of his longest works - 'At the Mountains of Madness', and 'The Shadow Out of Time'. The ones PC mentions are all excellent. To be honest, I like/love all of Howard Phillips Lovecraft's work, purple prose and all. In a moment of madness (several actually, helped along by a truly heroic intake of bourbon), I wrote a sort of pastiche/homage short story in the style of Mr. Lovecraft. 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.', and all that. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programme... Regards, Jason
  11. Beautiful model, Tony! I do wish they had kept her in that scheme when she was displayed. It seems to be as with Lancasters - every single displayed example has to be painted in WWII colours, even though they both enjoyed (and the C-47 is still enjoying) long post-war careers. Regards, Jason
  12. Learstang

    Royal Australian Navy Wirraway

    Excellent work on the Wirraway! She looks quite nice in the silver and black. Regards, Jason
  13. Learstang

    At the Mountains of Madness

    Aww, the little Shoggoth looks so cute in his little hidey-hole! On a more serious note, very nice work on that structure. This is really shaping up into a unique diorama. Regards, Jason
  14. Learstang

    At the Mountains of Madness

    Those are some fine-looking giant albino penguins. And that's a beautiful(?) Shoggoth! I look forward to the pseudopodia! Regards, Jason
  15. Very nice! This very aeroplane is in my future, from the AZ kit of the PR MkIG. It will be interesting to see what I end up using for the light pink finish. Regards, Jason