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  1. Just your usual immaculate work, Neil - great job! Why if I could model that well, I might actually be doing some modelling myself now, instead of lobbing accolades other people's way. Regards, Jason
  2. Some interesting reading there. Two things to note: I'm surprised the Germans did not buy (wheedle, coerce, steal) the Hs 123s that were still in Spanish service for use in WWII, and I would not be surprised if some of the few Hs 123s still in service in 1945 weren't re-equipped with bombs and used in the final days of the European War, this going unrecorded in the chaos. It is nice to see you had a go at the spat on the SCW 'Angelito'! Those two do look nice and show off two very different versions of what is an almost identical airframe! Regards, Jason
  3. I didn't even know that Earnest had a model show. Right, I'll get me coat... On the serious side, beautiful work on the Halibag, Neil, although we wouldn't accept anything less than beautiful work from you. You've spoiled us, you see. Regards, Jason
  4. Very nice 'Angelitos' (its Spanish Civil War nickname - 'little angel' in Spanish - given to it by its pilots, certainly not those on the receiving end of its attacks!)! Always one of my favourite aeroplanes (I have about half a dozen kits of various makes still to build, having already built three of four of the little beasties). Hmmm - time to dig mine out and have a butchers... Regards, Jason
  5. Brilliant work on the Vulcan! If I could get this result from my old-mould kit, I wouldn't sell it when the new one comes out (I can't get that result and I will sell it, respectively). Regards, Jason
  6. Excellent job on that Hurricane! Now I know how I'm going to do mine. Regards, Jason
  7. Great work on that Fortress, Tony! Like many others here, I love the B-17s in the CC scheme. I have that very nice Airfix B-17G kit, I'm building as a Group 100 Fortress, but I'm determined to do at least one Fortress in a Coastal Command scheme. I do need to buy that DK decal sheet (if I haven't already and just forgot about it! It happens...). I shall follow especially how you get on with the paint scheme. Regards, Jason P.S. I also have an Academy B-17C and need to remember that relatively easy fix for the dihedral.
  8. Nice job on that Mercator! I did not realise there was a full kit of it in resin. I used to have the Esoteric kit in vacuform, but I'd love to see it in IM plastic. I suspect I'll be waiting for a long time. Regards, Jason
  9. Didn't Frog do a Bristol 138? I seem to remember owning one (perhaps I still do - who knows what treasures/dangers lurk in the dark recesses of the bottomless pit known as my 'storeroom', A/K/A 'The Black Hole of Calcutta'). Or did I dream it? Regards, Jason
  10. Nice, Tom - good to see you doing some work on her! Best Regards, Jason
  11. Starfix Spitfires - about as far from this brilliant work as you could possibly get! Regards, Jason
  12. Brilliant work as always, Thomas! We'll try and keep the banter reasonably intelligible, and not stray too far into Monty Python territory - no 'monkeys on the roof dropping tenpennies into the custard' and all that. Best Regards, Jason
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