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  1. Thank you very much for the tip, John! Very nice D.II also! Best Regards, Jason
  2. Yes, it sounds like we are keeping it simple this year, General. Good show! Overdoing things is so nouveau riche. I say, old beast, I wonder if poor Timmas realises what he's gotten himself into with the two of use now a part of this thread? Oh well, the man has to learn the grim realities of Britmodeller sometime. Best Regards, Your Most Humble (with a lot to be humble about) Servant, Four Times Hero of the Soviet Union Marshal Zhukov (A/K/A Jason)
  3. Great work on the Victor so far! I really shouldn't have read this thread as now I feel the need to buy me a Victor (the Airfix one - I had the Matchbox one aeons ago but I feel I need something a bit more up-to-date). And this just after purchasing the Airfix Valiant kit. Ah, V bomber mania, catch it on Britmodeller! Since you have the good General along for the ride, I'm sure everything will go swimmingly. The General is a veritable cornucopia of modellistic information, as well as knowing the best thing to wear to the local Earl's annual fancy dress party. Best Regards, Jason
  4. Always nice to see a Spitfire being done, and so quickly also! Nice work! I've been puttering about lately with several of my multitude of Spitfire kits. I have to say despite the bit of work needed, I rather like the AZ kits - I have several (PR Mk.IG, F.24, FR Mk.IXc, amongst others). Regards, Jason
  5. Nice work so far on this one, Ian! I've thought about buying an Albatros and using some wood decals (Freightdog and Uschi von der Rosten make some). I don't think I'd do very well with the wood painting, and I'm not up to using oils. Regards, Jason
  6. I agree with John; the more VVS GPW fighters, the better. Regards, Jason
  7. Learstang

    GB idea...Winter War/Continuation War @21

    I have quite a few Gran Chaco War aircraft I could choose for a Small Wars build. Regards, Jason
  8. Learstang

    Spanish Civil War GB II 33 and STILL growing!

    I am definitely still interested - I'll probably pick up a few more SCW books to go along with my ever-growing collection. I just recently bought a Bleriot Spad S-51 C1 kit - I might do that for the build. Something a bit out of the ordinary amidst the Heinkels and Polikarpovs. Best Regards, Jason
  9. Learstang

    White Hurricane, Red Stars !

    That's fine then! To restate a cliché, you only have to be pleased yourself with your models! Best Regards, Jason
  10. Learstang

    White Hurricane, Red Stars !

    Dennis, she looks good! The only thing I might do is sand down the white paint around the stars a bit, especially on the fuselage - it looks a bit too thick and rough to these old eyes. Regards, Jason
  11. Pre-decimalisation - we've got some blokes who have been modelling as long as I have! So can anyone figure out what the WNW Lancaster will be in shillings? Regards, Jason
  12. Learstang

    Hobbyboss 1/72: which are the "A Team" kits?

    That Bf 109G-10 sounds interesting, and would fit a gap in my Bf 109 collection. Regards, Jason
  13. Good luck with this one! I have to say that the Albatros (Albatross! Get your Albatross! - sorry, I couldn't resist) is a Great War aeroplane I'd like to do, given the attractive and sometimes downright bizarre schemes I've seen for the D.III and D.V. Regards, Jason
  14. Learstang

    Hobbyboss 1/72: which are the "A Team" kits?

    Thank you for buying my book! I do hope it's of some help to you if you build this kit. There are some attractive wartime and postwar schemes for the La-7. Best Regards, Jason
  15. Learstang

    Hobbyboss 1/72: which are the "A Team" kits?

    The La-7 cowling is a bit off - the front tapered part should be a bit longer in my opinion, but it is not in any way a 'show-stopper'. Overall, looking at the profiles I had done for my book on the Lavochkin fighters (the profiles were done by a very conscientious artist and researcher, Massimo Tessitori), the HB La-7 appears to be accurate, at least accurate enough for those who simply want to build models and not measure everything with calipers and a jeweller's loupe. I'm afraid when it comes to Soviet aircraft, at least, reviewers often base their complaints on drawings that are themselves suspect (Massimo always works from photographs). Regards, Jason