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  1. That's coming along nicely, and welcome back to the wonderful world of modelling! Best Regards, Jason
  2. I've paid money for less well-done vacuforms than yours, Adrian, so great work there! Regards, Jason (still in awe of how you turned the Airfix 'Il-2' into a real Il-2 model)
  3. Ced, glad to hear you survived Cookie and PC's Excellent Adventure! Back to the Sunderland it is, then. (May the Good Lord Ganesha help me but I'm using your build as something of a guide for my (very humble) build, so get it right, man!). Best Regards, Jason
  4. Nice job on the Hawk! Always good to see some Eastern Front aircraft here. Regards, Jason
  5. As always, Claudio, a beautiful build of a beautiful little aeroplane! Best Regards, Jason
  6. An excellent job on my favourite Spitfire variant! Regards, Jason
  7. Brilliant job on the Heinkel! I love those Eastern Front Nachtschlactgruppen aircraft. Regards, Jason
  8. Excellent work! The F-14 looks good in those colours. Regards, Jason
  9. I agree with Troy, if you don't know for certain, A-14 Steel Grey is a good guess for a Great Patriotic War aircraft's interior. I use Testors Model Master Neutral Gray for my models. I've actually seen some examples of A-14, and it appears to be a dead neutral colour - just black and white. Sometimes you'll see people paint the interiors of their Soviet models in a bluish-grey or greenish-grey; this is incorrect. Go with a medium, neutral grey for the interior. Regards, Jason
  10. Welcome to the site! I think you're correct about the 3-D printing. One thing I'm noticing is that a lot of injection-moulded kits show signs of at some point being printed out with a 3-D printer - the thin lines are a giveaway. You don't see these on the outsides of parts, but on the inner, hidden areas. Best Regards, Jason
  11. General, old horse, I knew you had your hands in this somehow! Of course if one of the vortex generators is a fraction of a mm off, we're going to be blaming you. By the by, now that you well and truly have Airfix's ear(s), could you, would you please gently whisper into it that we need a Lincoln in the One True Scale! Tell them I will personally buy a full squadron's worth. So let it be written, so let it be done... I Remain, As Always (because no one else will take the job), Jason P.S. To Wm Blecky, who left a sad face for this post, please accept my sincerest apologies for giving you a 'sad'! I shall try my upmost from here on to avoid doing that again. If you would please provide me with a list of things which make you sad, I will endeavour not to include them in any future posts. Would you please enlighten me as to what gave you a 'sad' about this post - do Avro Lincolns make you sad? Or was it vortex generators?
  12. I'm still here Claudio. I'm always here, like the Phantom of the Opera, lurking about. Lovely work on the racer! Regards, Jason
  13. Excellent job on this model, especially the camouflage! Regards, Jason
  14. A Firebrand TF.5 - now there's a kit I've been waiting for forever in IM plastic. One of these will find its way into my exponentially growing stash. Regards, Jason
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