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  1. Good-looking little MiG-3 there! I was just thinking about mine, which is nearly finished, but not painted yet (unfortunately the fate of many of my models, I'm afraid). Regards, Jason
  2. Ugly nose or not, I would like to see some post-war night-fighter variants such as the NF.36 and NF.38. Whichever versions they do, I'm very pleased to see them come out with the two-stage Merlin Mossie - well-done Airfix! Regards, Jason
  3. Excellent job on the Scooter - definitely a kit I need to purchase! Regards, Jason
  4. Looking good! It's seems that I'm doing my Shack the reverse of yours - first I finished up the wings, nacelles, and the tail planes, leaving me with the fuselage to glue together and finish. Best Regards, Jason
  5. Beautiful Hun, and I couldn't agree more about the SEA camouflage. I need to get back to my F-100. I don't know how I'm going to tackle that tricky exhaust weathering - I may just do all the paint as being burned off in that area. I think you did a reasonable job representing the paint being partially burned off. Best Regards, Jason
  6. 'Rosie the Riveter'! I have to admit that when I sand down the seams on the fuselage halves of my AEW.2 (when I get around to glueing them together), I'll rescribe the panel lines, but the rivets will remain but a lost memory. Still, good luck with your riveting! Best Regards, Jason
  7. Very nice Double Uglies! The Phantom II is a big hole in my Vietnam War collection that will be taken care of this year, if I can figure out which kit/variant to go with! Regards, Jason
  8. Being a complete clot is our divine right as plastic modellers! And don't you forget it, lad! Onward and upward with your Shack!* Best Regards, Jason *Maybe watching this build will nudge me to getting back to my Shacks, all six or so of them. Where I'll display them if I get them all done is another matter. And then there's the Nimrod...
  9. Reading instructions - where's the fun in that? Best Regards, Jason
  10. I've built both the Airfix MR.2 and the Revell MR.3 and I don't think you'll have much problem with either kit. The only noteworthy fit problems I've had with my Shackletons (including my Revell AEW.2, where I've already built the wings) was with the inner nacelles, joining them to the wings. The fact that I've had these problems with three different kits makes me think there may be a bit of user error involved. Best Regards, Jason
  11. I've actually put together a fairly extensive review of the Zvezda Il-2 (which I haven't posted yet), but I'll give you the short version - it's a really nice, accurate kit of the Shturmovik (which I suppose you already know if you have it)! I forgot about those Quinta Decals - I need to order those also, to see how they work with the kit. I am beginning to think you got a bit of a dog with your Shack kit - mine didn't have that much flash, either. Maybe I'm just lucky with Shackletons - I ordered my Airfix MR.2 the moment it came out (it was actually pre-ordered), and I didn't get any of the
  12. Nice work on the interior! I have one of these, and I'm surprised at the amount of warping on your fuselage - I don't remember much warping (if any) on mine. It's just the luck of the draw sometimes on kits, unfortunately. Regards, Jason
  13. Beautiful Spitfire! And the very scheme I wish to do my Mk.VIII in. Nice to know the scheme looks this good on a completed model. What did you use for the colours? Regards, Jason
  14. Lovely looking Hurricanes, PC! You're not the only one who is not a big fan of stencils. I usually only stick on the really big, can't miss 'em on a photograph stencils, and forget the rest. Regards, Jason
  15. Brilliant job on this Canadian Fifi! I have this kit, and if I ever get around to it, I'd like to do it in the Canadian/British-type scheme, like yours. I've already done one in a Spanish Republican scheme. Regards, Jason
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