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  1. Learstang

    1/72 Italeri Macchi 205

    Beautiful job on that model, Roman! Regards, Jason
  2. Learstang

    Anyone built a 1/72 Ventura Spitfire?

    I agree with Steve, here. The kits are a bit rough, but they are accurate. I've built several of their Spitfire/Seafire kits and I was pleased how they all turned out. Nice surface detail, clear vacuform canopies, and good decals - just take your time with them. Regards, Jason
  3. Brilliant job on this Spitfire! Regards, Jason
  4. Learstang

    Another Airfix Bomber Command Wimpy Mk.1C

    Well done indeed, old fruit! Dreadfully splendid job on the old Wimpy! I say but that pink colour would have me looking for a new interior decorator, though. Very gauche! Yours in Perpetuity, Jason P.S. If Mr. Airfix doesn't come out with a Manchester and/or Lincoln post-haste (in the Lord's true scale, of course), I shall have to march into his office forthwith and give him a right talking-to that he will never forget!
  5. You're welcome, and she's coming together, mate! Although priming can reveal some unpleasant surprises, it can also allay some fears. Especially with heavy conversions where you have different materials of different colours, the priming brings it all together. And it eliminates those nasty 'ghost' lines, rivets, etc. They just magically disappear. Regards, Jason
  6. Learstang

    Back to the Mountains of Madness

    I think you mean he has to return to the eldritch dimension from whence he came, like the Mi-Go. Or perhaps he helps with the flute-playing for the blind idiot god Azathoth. Regards, Jason (H.P. Lovecraft aficionado)
  7. Beautiful job, Roman! I have the old Heller kit, which I'm going to build as a Spanish Civil War aircraft; it will not come out as well as yours. Regards, Jason
  8. Lovely job on the Victor! I have one on its way to me. I look forward greatly to receiving it. Regards, Jason
  9. Learstang

    Revell 1/32 He111

    You don't, as far as I know. Although it is the sort of lunacy HPH might try at some point (they do have a 1/48th scale B-36, after all). Regards, Jason
  10. Learstang

    Revell 1/32 He111

    That's not the bad part - just think about building a 1/32nd scale Me-321 Gigant to go with it. Regards, Jason
  11. Learstang

    It's a Hurricane, but not as we know it...

    Brilliant job on the Hurricane! Regards, Jason
  12. Learstang

    Back to the Mountains of Madness

    To each his own, mate, but it sounds like you just might be on the wrong thread. Jason
  13. Learstang

    Back to the Mountains of Madness

    Great work on the Tri-motor! So that's what a Shoggoth looks like! It looks like those chaps have light sabres, though. Regards, Jason
  14. Learstang

    Spitfire PRXI

    Brilliant job on the Spitfire! My favourite Merlin version - the XI. Regards, Jason
  15. I've found that when completely sanding panel lines out, as I've done with a few Shturmovik kits (many kits have metal panel lines on the rear fuselage, few real world Shturmoviks did), the lines still show up. The surface, however, is perfectly smooth and these are just 'ghosts', as I call them. They're an artefact of the plastic being compressed along that panel line or having some sort of different quality from the surrounding plastic that makes it look different. Once I apply some primer, these ghost lines disappear. Regards, Jason