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  1. Brilliant job on the Wapiti, Adrian! Wasn't someone going to come out with one in IM plastic? Or did I dream it? Regards, Jason
  2. That is indeed the very film! Thank you, Dmitriy! Best Regards, Jason
  3. I used to have it downloaded, but I'm having trouble finding the file now. If I find it, I'll let you know! Best Regards, Jason
  4. Looking very nice, indeed! I built the Frog version a hog's age ago, but I still have it. I've always rather liked the look of the Barracuda, but then I also like the look of the Blackburn Blackburn, the aeroplane so beautiful they named it twice! Regards, Jason
  5. That does indeed look like the light grey I've seen on Il-2 instrument panels. As you can see, it is lighter than A-14 Steel Grey. Best Regards, Jason
  6. I'm sorry to hear about your loss! However, the Mig-3 looks very nice! If I can remember my Kyrillic, that says something like 'For Vanyu Babaka' (Vanyu being from the diminutive for 'Ivan'). So, the slogan probably commemorates a fallen comrade. Regards, Jason
  7. Yes, it is, and in my humble opinion the best arrow in 1/72nd scale. I've built it, and it's very accurate and a good build. The 1/48th scale version is the best arrow in that scale also, at least until, someday, Zvezda come out with one (they've already come out with the single-seater, and straight-winged two-seater in that scale). Best Regards, Jasone
  8. I think I know who're you're talking about, and that chap was wrong - the Tamiya Il-2, both in 1/72nd and 1/48th scales are excellent representations of a late-war Il-2. Best Regards, Jason
  9. Good - the Vector part is much better. Strangely enough, even though it's not as good as some other Il-2 kits, the Toko Il-2s have a very good spinner and propellers. Best Regards, Jason
  10. I'd say that grey looks usable. Best Regards, Jason
  11. A-14 Steel Grey is similar to the American Neutral Gray [sic] to my eyes. It is a dead-grey (no green nor blue) medium colour. However, it appears from photographs that the instrument panel was painted in a lighter grey. I've used Model Master Light Gray for it, and it looks good to my eyes. Too bad Model Master is pretty much dead, as least as far as enamels. Best Regards, Jason
  12. It's been a while since I've seen that - thank you for posting! That has some nice footage of the Il-2s. You can see the huge flash from those 23-mm cannons. Best Regards, Jason
  13. Massimo's site is the best English-language site for all GPW aircraft. I'm sure he goes into more detail on the very early Il-2s with the metal rear fuselages than I do, even in my book. Best of luck on your Il-2, and please post pictures! Best Regards, Jason
  14. Thank you for buying the book! I'm attempting that conversion myself with the Academy kit. I want to build it as a semi-derelict Barbarossa 'victim' with the spinner missing. Your best bet for exactly how the guns differed (20-mm inboard, 7.62-mm outboard) would be to consult Massimo's site. I wonder if he's still having trouble with it. If you can't access the site, I believe there is a three-view profile of the metal-fuselaged single-seater in my book.* This should help with the placement of the guns and the different panels. Best Regards, Jason *I just checked. There is such a profile.
  15. Yes, the pilot's cockpit was essentially unchanged throughout production. I know there were some minor changes, but nothing major. I don't know if the Eduard instrument panel is pre-coloured, but the colour should be a light grey. Best Regards, Jason
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