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  1. It does look nice. A Yak-9T would do very nicely, I think. Regards, Jason
  2. That MMP book was done by Viktor Povinsky, who is also a member of this site. That is a very good book and can be recommended as Viktor is a conscientious researcher and goes into great detail on the differences between different Il-2 versions. I have the book myself. Best Regards, Jason
  3. I've only dealt with them via eBay, but never had any problems that way. That's my tuppence. Regards, Jason
  4. Nice job on the Caudron, J-W! That's one I've been thinking about buying for my SCW collection. I hope the Republican machine has a simpler camouflage! Best Regards, Jason
  5. Regarding the flaps, unless you wish to do a preserved example, have them up. I've looked at hundreds of Shackleton photographs (I'm finishing up a book on the Growler), and with service aircraft they always seem to be up. The bomb bay doors on the other hand were very often open on the ground. Nice work on the interior, whether you can ever see it or not (I left the aft door open on mine, so if you use a flashlight...). Regards, Jason
  6. Beautiful job on a kit I have seriously thought about buying! Regards, Jason
  7. I'm sorry to hear about Mike. I've met him a few times at IPMS events around Houston, Texas (I used to live there). Regards, Jason
  8. I have this kit, and all the add-on corrections, and will no doubt buy this new correction (in for a penny, in for a pound). I just wish now that someone would come out with the correct canopy, then I would be (mostly) happy. Regards, Jason
  9. Brilliant job on the Thunderbolt! Regards, Jason
  10. I pray that anyone who outbids me be thrown to the tender mercies of Great Cthulhu, blessings be to his name! Best Regards, Jason P.S. It wasn't me who outbid you, although I did think about bidding on it, but as I already have this kit, that seemed a bit selfish.
  11. I just checked, and there is a Skybirds '86 MB.5 for sale on eBay right now. But you better hurry as the bidding stops in a little over 2 hours! Regards, Jason
  12. PC, I'm afraid you forgot 'The (engine, cockpit, etc.) is a kit by itself'. I never tire of that one. By the way, excellent introduction. Would you ghost-write my books? Best Regards, Jason
  13. Crikey, Tony, those engines are the veritable bee's knees! To be honest, I'm not sure if looking at your masterpiece makes me want to get back to my 'accurised' Sea Vixen, or to bin it! No worries, I'll get back to it (some day). Regards, Jason
  14. I thought yours was black, but I can see it is RLM 71. It's definitely not white in the photograph so I think I'll go with the RLM 71 - I know I have some of that laying around. Best Regards, Jason
  15. Brilliant job on that Bf 109D! I'll probably do a very similar scheme on my Avis Bf 109D in 1/72nd scale. Regards, Jason P.S. I just had a butcher's at my AM decals and I have the very markings for this aircraft. However, they have the spinner being white.
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