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  1. I remember hearing that some East European manufacturer was planning some kits, but I had forgotten which manufacturer. I wonder what the timeline is on these (I hope they're in 1/72nd scale)? Their site has no mention of these. Regards, Jason
  2. I presume it's for the old (ancient) Frog Wallace kit (which I have somewhere in storage)? What's the conversion kit like and how may I obtain one? I despair of ever seeing a new-mould IM Wapiti/Wallace. Best Regards, Jason
  3. Great-looking 'George' there, Dennis - always one of my favourite Japanese aircraft! Regards, Jason
  4. Nice photographs! Now if only someone would do a new IM kit of the Wapiti/Wallace. That is very high up on my want list. Regards, Jason
  5. Excellent job on that Gannet! I too have this kit, and it's nice to see it builds up into such an impressive-looking model. Regards, Jason
  6. Excellent job on your Mojave! I have one of these somewhere - I need to retrieve it and see if I can't get the courage to get started on it. Regards, Jason
  7. Excellent job on the Spitfire! It really is a nice little kit - I've built two of them (one a very early Mk.I, the other as a Mk.II). Regards, Jason
  8. I know the AD-5 scheme you're talking about, Bill - that's one I have decals for (Caracal, I believe) and may just do someday. I've pretty much written off all-resin kits (blasphemy, I know!), but I wouldn't mind an IM kit of the Skyshark. I know Mach 2 make one and I'm tempted to buy one (yes, yes, I know all about Mach 2 - I've bought several of their kits, but as an old limited-run kit builder, the Mach 2 kits don't particularly scare me). I've seen photographs where someone built a Skyshark with the SEA camouflage - I have to say it looked good in the scheme, natural even. Now speaking of
  9. Bill, you should photograph your model next to a Skyraider (I'm assuming you have a Skyraider model somewhere! - If you don't, for shame!), so we can see the difference in size. I agree with your rationale for not doing 'what-ifs' and 'Luft '46'; I have so many 'actually dids' and 'Luft 1939-45' kits to build I don't have time for the hypothetical aircraft, interesting though many are. I have thought of doing a Gannet or even a Wyvern in SEA camouflage (I'd invent some back story or other about American shortages in AEW or attack aircraft during the Vietnam War - not very believable, I realise
  10. Great work, Bill! Now you need to do one in what-if SEA camouflage. Best Regards, Jason
  11. That's exactly what I use my acrylics for - small brush-painting, like cockpits or other fiddley bits. Then, I like using them, but not for airbrushing. Regards, Jason
  12. Yes, I did, Michael - I shall have to check those out. Thank you! I've known about this for some time also, which is why I've been stocking up on those MM paints I use and can find, but I suppose I will need to look for alternatives. Just now, I've loaded up another virtual 'checkout cart' to buy up some more MM paints, whilst I still can. However, I will try out the alternatives, to see which ones work best with my airbrush. Best Regards, Jason
  13. Well, that is lousy news indeed, in a year that's been chockfull of them. Model Master were my go-to enamel paints as they worked well with my Badger 150 airbrush, and I found the enamels dried quickly (especially the flat versions) and covered well. Knowing this was coming, I've been stocking up on my favourite colours for a year or so, but it looks like that may soon become impossible. Time to try other paints, I suppose, but I will not go to water-based acrylics - I've found that they are death to my airbrush, and I'm not going to spend the rest of my life breaking down my airbrush and comp
  14. Wow! Nice job on the paint scheme! What are the RLM colours used? Regards, Jason
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