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  1. Good luck with the build! It does look like what the Gladiator would have been had it grown up to be a monoplane. And yes, Planet Models make one also, available from the Special Hobby website - I am tempted to buy one. I normally stay away from all-resin kits, but this is so small and simple. Regards, Jason
  2. Perhaps she had too much to drink on the short hop from Blighty? Nice Islander and diorama in general. It never struck me before, but the Islander is rather like a piston-engined Twin Otter, although smaller. Regards, Jason
  3. Whatever problem you had with the kit, it certainly turned out splendidly! Regards, Jason
  4. I have to admit a 1/48th scale Yak-9 (it would have to be an early version) would look good next to my Zvezda Il-2 (whenever I get around to this), but I too would love to see someone do the entire Yak-9 range in 1/72nd scale, the gentleman's scale. Regards, Jason
  5. Wow! That is quite a gap. I don't remember having a gap like that on the Ventura Sea/Spitfires I built. Maybe I just got lucky, or more probably I did a lot of adjusting. Regards, Jason
  6. Unfortunately, I built all those models long before I was a member of BM, so I don't have any photographs to show you. I do suspect the cockpit on the Mk.XVIII was very similar to that on the Mk.XIV. Rough as they may be, the Ventura Sea/Spitfires get the shapes right, the canopies are nice and clear, and the decals are good. All it takes is a little modelling to get a good result. Best of luck with your build! Regards, Jason
  7. The Ventura Spitfires/Seafires do take a bit of work, but I was pleased with the results of the ones I built (Spitfire HF.VII, PR.XI, PR.19, Seafire Mk.17, and Seafire FR.47), so stay with it. Regards, Jason
  8. Blimey, he's going to need another 'ouse for this one! More great work, Tom! Best Regards, Jason
  9. For what it's worth, the paints I used were Interior Green for the AMT-4 Green, Gunship Gray for the AMT-12 Dark Grey, and Israeli Armour Sand for the AMT-1 Light Brown (really a tan with just a touch of grey). For the underside colour, AMT-7 Blue, I used Russian Topside Blue. Unfortunately, these were all Testors Model Master flat enamels, which are now difficult to find, even if you wished to use them. Which Vallejo paints they correspond to, I have no idea, as I airbrush my paints and avoid all acrylics (like the plague!) for airbrushing. I know there are tables out there that try to correl
  10. If Mr. Lomitzki just came out with those two, I would be thrilled, and a bit poorer! Regards, Jason
  11. I've thought the same, J-W! And I'm hopeful they'll bring out a post-war British transport such as the Hastings, in 1/72nd scale. Who knows - they did the SARO Cloud, maybe they'll tackle some more pre-war British flying boats. Regards, Jason
  12. Ah, but to see the Virginia, Victoria, and Valentia in injection-moulded plastic! I would pay good money for that! Regards, Jason
  13. Gimme, Gimme, GIMME! Regards, Jason
  14. You used my response, Chris! Yes, that is a beauty of a Beau - great job on it! Regards, Jason
  15. Great work on the cockpit, Tom! Best Regards, Jason
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