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  1. Gidday David, you mean there's another way? That's how I started decades ago. I'm still doing it that way. Mind you, my painting results can be a bit rough sometimes, particularly when my camera takes close-ups. Anyway, welcome aboard and I hope the hobby helps you. Regards, Jeff.
  2. Gidday Mick, I think the pompom is very good. Regards, Jeff.
  3. Gidday Chewy, nice photos and model. I've found that when taking close-ups of models I stand off a bit and zoom in, rather than bring the camera in. I think it gives a greater depth of field, that area that remains in focus, plus more even light. More knowledgeable photographers could give you more advice here I think. HTH. Regards, Jeff.
  4. Gidday Ratch, I've always thought the B17 to be one of the more streamlined and graceful of the WWII heavy four-engined bombers, the B29 and Condor other contenders. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that. I like your model of the old girl. Regards, Jeff.
  5. Gidday Mick, and thanks. That was first guess as I've seen them around sponsons supporting directors and such on cruisers and battlewagons also. Regards, Jeff.
  6. Gidday Mick, never too many photos. The one you decide to skip will probably be the one that shows a little tip other modelers could have used. And I repeat, I like the additions you do to the superstructures, funnel etc. A question if I may? The railing (or whatever it is) around the bridge I've noticed on many British ships but I am not sure what it does or what it is for. Any Idea? Two ideas that I was wondering - either it creates an updraft to reduce wind across the bridge or it is armour plate, but it doesn't appear deep enough for that. If anyone can enlighten me. Regards, Jeff.
  7. Gidday Mick, it looks very good to me. I also like the additions you've done to the upperworks. Regards, Jeff.
  8. Gidday Kev, this is a superbly detailed little model, and I know others have said it before me but it looks like the real thing. Please excuse my ignorance but what is the reason for the two "legs" holding the boat upright? My apologies if you have already answered this question earlier. Regards, Jeff.
  9. Ooooh, let's not go there, the mind boggles! Regards, Jeff.
  10. Gidday All, I made one of these many years ago (make that decades ago) as a kid, straight OOB. My brother received an Airfix HMS Suffolk at the same time. Naturally, when we played wars against each other I was heavily outgunned. I mounted a spare third turret at the rear of the flight deck (my first ever whiff?) to increase my fire-power and even the odds a little. I have another in the Falklands set which I plan to do one day and referring to build sites such as these will help me considerably to get things right. Many thanks. Regards, Jeff.
  11. Gidday Mr Schmidt, Have you considered making your own post of your model in "Ready for Inspection - Maritime"? I'd like to see more views of it. Regards, Jeff.
  12. Gidday Mr Schmidt, I'm relatively new here myself, but I have noticed that from time to time other modelers post photos in another's thread (I've actually done so). Provided it isn't to upstage the original modeler it appears to me to be acceptable if the reason is to answer a question, explain a technique etc because ultimately it is to the benefit of us all in expanding our knowledge. And speaking of expanding our knowledge, I thought the Martian only had fourteen tentacles, not sixteen as I've learnt eight hours ago from Mr Bandsaw. Regards, Jeff.
  13. Gidday Exkiwi, I'm enjoying following the build, plus it is very educational. I didn't know that HMS Aurora was the trial ship for the new twin 4.5-inch turret. Regards, Jeff.
  14. Gidday again Exkiwi, I am no photographic expert but I think I agree with Bandsaw here. A plain background will not detract from the views of the model, allowing us to appreciate more the work you've done. And it is certainly worth appreciating. For a model this size I've sometimes used a sheet of A3 white paper, flat at the front with the ship on it, and curved upwards behind (leaning against a stack of books etc) as a backdrop. A couple of light sources if possible to avoid camera flash shadow on the backdrop. Others with more photographic experience may be able to make other/better suggestions. HTH. Regards, Jeff.
  15. Gidday Exkiwi, They were certainly good looking ships, and I like your model of her. Regards, Jeff.
  16. Gidday Tim, you've done a very neat build here. What scale is it please? Regards, Jeff.
  17. Gidday again, I reckon always have models planned for the future - it keeps the Grey Matter ticking over. Regards, Jeff.
  18. Gidday Steve, Yeah I think the colours of Carpathia work well together also. The funnel looks really good -it would have too I think, as it is a rather prominent fixture. As for warships, agreed, the same one or two shades of grey (initially Hu27 and Hu64 in my case) can get a bit monotonous, which is one of the reasons I like a few ships in dazzle camouflage, for the variety. Regards, Jeff.
  19. Gidday Mick, what's wrong with it? I'd be very happy if I could do a seascape like this. Regards, Jeff.
  20. Gidday, I thought that was the name of a car manufacturer, named after the company founder, first name Henry . On a serious note, the actual places in the competition are 1st, 2nd and 3rd only. Size doesn't always matter, what does is the quality and quantity of work going into a model. Naturally the larger models have more scope for this so in many cases you could well be correct. But not always. Regards, Jeff
  21. Gidday Parrahs, I don't know anything about these ships but this one looks very business-like. All heavy guns in turrets and no casemate guns in the hull to get flooded in heavy weather. I think you have done a superb model of it. Regards, Jeff.
  22. Gidday Geoff, Exkiwi, I am not as dedicated or pedantic (authentic) regarding exact shades of colour in my models, I tend to use what I think is the closest colour of what I have in stock, and that is generally Humbrol enamels because that is what I grew up with. Plus I've only been involved with modelling forums such as this for less than twelve months so I've been on my own and working in the dark, so-to-speak. I think what you have used above looks good. For the decks of cruisers and battlewagons I use Hu94 (which appears similar to what you've used on Aurora) or Hu71 which is quite a bit lighter. How authentic or accurate they are I don't know - they simply look good I think. There are others much more knowledgeable than me, but I hope this helps. Regards, Jeff (a different Jeff/Geoff )
  23. Gidday Exkiwi, would it be HMAS Vendetta? And HMS Aurora, now that she has her main teeth, it's a milestone I think. Regards, Jeff
  24. Gidday, thank you both for your kind comments. I actually quite enjoy the hacking away bit, making alterations for either increasing accuracy or for modifying a kit into an alternative ship. I had also planned to try rigging on this build but chickened out at the last leg. I was running out of time to complete this build for WASMEx 2019, plus I hadn't planned the rigging hence hadn't pre-drilled holes for the thread and didn't want to risk the model at the end of the build. I'll save my debut in rigging for another (simpler) build. Funnel grills also, maybe. Regards, Jeff.
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