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    Gidday and welcome aboard. I'm into ships myself, mainly 1/600 scale. What ships do you have in your stash? Regards, Jeff.
  2. Gidday Richie, so you want to raid some village somewhere and carry off some young maiden. I'm not sure that's legal anymore but don't worry, your secret's safe with me. Welcome aboard. Regards, Jeff.
  3. Gidday @IJNfan, and thanks. Which Seydlitz are you referring to regarding being announced, WW1 or this version. There was a battlecruiser SMS Seydlitz in the German Navy in WW1 that I'd like to do sometime too. She took an absolute hammering at Jutland and just kept on going. Regarding triple turrets I rather like them in cruisers too. I think that's why I believe the Mogami class with their original armament were the best looking of all Japanese cruisers, and a serious contender for the best looking of any cruiser ever. Personal taste of course. Gidday Steve, actually the 44 degrees on Friday 21st was a guess but the day before wasn't, the brigade captain measured it as she was leaving home to join the crew. And I agree with you regarding the Pilbara. I've been up there when I worked for Telstra and I'm not in any hurry to go back there. Installing the DC power supplies in the telephone huts up there in the middle of nowhere - yeah well at 65 I'm too old for that sh#t (to quote Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon). Besides, they made me redundant and gave me the boot. Then I became a school cleaner - more time at home. Thanks for the comments on the model. I'm doing fiddly stuff now which can be a bit time-consuming. I hope to have another post soon. Stay safe, and regards, Jeff.
  4. Gidday Mark, welcome aboard. Don't you sleep in your part of the country or are you a night-owl? I'm into 1/600 scale ships mainly but I like other genres in models. You mentioned Japanese twins. Although I've never made one (my brother did as a kid) I like the Japanese Dinah. And yeah, stashes can breed as fast as rabbits do. Regards from the other side of the country, Jeff.
  5. Gidday Marcello, I got to agree with Beefy above. That mast structure looks very good, and quite intricate. Regards, Jeff.
  6. Gidday General, that's a very good model - for a soldier! Actually, I think it's very good all round. Extremely well done. For battlewagons I think they were quite graceful ships. Regards, Jeff.
  7. Gidday, I'd have been happy with the kit type 89 guns but once painted I think the resin upgrade mounts are definitely better. That whole model is extremely well done. Regards, Jeff.
  8. Gidday Beefy, that's a great model of the ship. She has a Vice-Admiral on board I see? You've rekindled my desire to build one of the class too. Very well done. Regards, Jeff.
  9. Gidday, and agreed. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that, I rather like the looks of the Nagato and later versions of the Kongo classes. But that's just me. About 4 decades ago I made a IJN Hyuga model for a nephew, about 1/1200 scale I think. I'm interested in seeing how yours turns out. Regards, Jeff.
  10. Gidday, I think he's worried the bird is going to take off with his spectacles, or decorate the back of his shirt. Regards, Jeff.
  11. Gidday Guys, thanks for the comments, much appreciated. And Gary, it can get quite hot here for a spell but usually temperatures like that are for a few days only. It's a pleasant 26*C right now but next weekend is forecast back to high 30s. It's a dry heat here, my shirt doesn't become drenched the moment I step outside, like it can in the tropics. The hottest day I've known was 46*C about 30 years ago. I guess it comes down to what each of us is used to - I personally don't like cold and frosts. Regards, Jeff.
  12. Gidday Pascal, I've seen most of those photos before but not the narrative, thanks for sharing. For those that are interested in the difference in size between the ships:- All these are Airfix 1/600 scale models. In the foreground is the Hotspur kit, almost identical to Glowworm I think, except that Glowworm had ten torpedo tubes, not eight. Behind her is Prinz Eugen, a sistership of the Hipper. Behind Prinz Eugen is a German Narvik class destroyer. The two destroyers that Glowworm fought were just slightly smaller than this, larger than Glowworm and armed with five 5-inch guns each. Rather stiff odds for HMS Glowworm. Pascal, as this is your thread and not mine please feel free to delete this if you wish. Regards, Jeff.
  13. Gidday All, I've been working on the required boats for DKM Seydlitz. The kit come with two, I've scrounged some from spares and I've been making four motor launches. Two are 30-foot and two are 38-foot boats. I don't know how accurate these are but they seem about right to me, and if not then I can always invoke the whiff clause. The squares on the cutting mat are 10mm square and as usual close up photos show warts and all. From front to back:- 1. (A 38-footer inverted) The hull made from evergreen styrene strip, 4.8mm wide and 1.5mm thick (I didn't have any thicker in stock). I kept the strip long to have something to hold onto. On top of this is another strip, 4mm wide 1mm thick and 18mm long. I cut the bows shape before joining them together. Then another piece glued for the foc'sle, 4.8mm wide x 0.5mm thick and 6mm long, this last piece still to be trimmed to shape. When the glue was dry I sanded the bow to shape. 2. (A 38-footer inverted) The hull cut to length (19mm long) and the rear half sanded to shape. There was a bit of a gap, almost a chine amidships hence the filler. It still has to be sanded. 3. (A 30-foot launch) The hull has been sanded to shape and the cockpit added. The hulls of these 30 foot boats were made from 4.0mm x 1.5mm x 15mm long and 3.2mm x 0.75mmx 12mm long pieces of styrene strip. The foc'sle was 4mm wide x 0.5mm deep and 5mm long. The cockpit base is 2.5mm wide x 0.5mm deep and 5mm long. (I plan on 3.2mm x 0.5mm x 6mm for the 38-foot boats). The cockpit itself is from 2.5mm wide x 1mm deep styrene. I shaped the front faces first before cutting it 2.5mm long from the strip. When glued to the boat it protrudes about 1mm onto the foc'sle. Again I'll use 3.2mm x1mm for the 38-foot boats. 4. And a bit of proctology - I cut with a blade then sawed with a razor saw a shallow groove for the keel/rudder. This is from 0.25mm x 1.5mm styrene, 6mm long and cut diagonally before gluing to the hull. These smaller boats look a little chunky but they're difficult to hold while I shaped them. Plus being the first boats I was still working out how I was going to make them. Comparing them to Airfix's offerings I think they'll pass muster. Well that's it for now. Thank you for your interest. Stay safe and regards to all, Jeff.
  14. Gidday All, here's another quick update on DKM Seydlitz. Most of the main structures are painted now. In the photo below the shelter deck is glued in plus the next level of the aft superstructure which contains the hangar. The torpedo tubes are also glued in now but just about everything else is dry fitted. In the foreground I've started painting fittings and also started on the ship's boats, some of which I'll scratch build. My first attempt is that white boat immediately in front of the wood block. I don't know how accurate it is but reasonably close I think. I'm going with it anyway. The white strip in the foreground is my second boat being built. They're rather simple, five pieces, six if I decide to add a rudder. I'll also be making another two a bit larger. I haven't included the turrets in this photo, you've already seen them and I don't want to risk breaking gun barrels by handling them too much. Once the boats are done I'll have a look at making the light AA guns - single 40mm Bofors and quad 20mm Vierlings. So that's it for now. Thank you for your interest. Stay safe and regards to all, Jeff.
  15. Gidday 'O', you used a material available to you to overcome a problem with the kit. What's the "cheating" bit? Others use card, filler etc. I've always liked the Tigercat although I've never built a kit of one - I'm mainly a ship modeler. I did however scratchbuild a very small one (1/600 scale) during the blitzenbuild GB on Boxing Day. It didn't have quite the detail of your model though. Yours is very good. Regards, Jeff.
  16. Gidday, I'm into 1/600 scale ships mainly, and wish to do some carriers in the future as to date I've only done Airfix's HMS Ark Royal. So I'd be interested in such a GB. It never occurred to me that airships would be included but of course they would. Regards, Jeff.
  17. Gidday, how about missiles? Launching rails weren't all that long. I'd consider a Bristol Bloodhound, which to me looks like an aircraft anyway. Regards, Jeff. PS - I know missiles don't often 'land' as such, they have a tendency to blow up instead. So if on that criteria they don't qualify I quite understand and will bow out gracefully. Regards, again.
  18. Gidday Dmitriy, with so many types of modeling available, whether it be a kit OOB, a kit enhanced with PE, or like yours scratchbuilt I guess it all comes down to personal interest and ability. Provided rule no1 is followed - enjoy yourself. You're doing a terrific job of this. That chine went on very well. Regards, Jeff.
  19. Gidday @Angus73, those photos show the beautiful lines of the ship. You've done a superb job of her. And the witch, I believe her name was Nannie? Regards, Jeff.
  20. Gidday Tom, hot-headed more like. And yeah, your 2* and our 44*, that makes an average of a nice comfortable 23*. I feel cooler just thinking about it. That sounds like a plan. All I have to do is convince SWMBO that my models take precedence over the food we eat. I don't like my chances there. Oh well . . . Anyway, it's not so bad today, a mere 40*C. I might leave any more painting until this evening. And the forecast for tomorrow is 38*C then low 30s for the rest of the week. I think I'll survive. Regards, Jeff.
  21. Gidday @IJNfan, you've done a beautiful job of this. I think this class of ship with the triple turrets were the best looking of all the IJN ships and you've excelled yourself with this. Regards, Jeff.
  22. Gidday Marcello, you're doing a terrific job of this. Those Seacat launchers are works of art IMHO, and the PE railings certainly add to the appearance of the model. The green decks look green to me in the first photo but admittedly are more grey in the second photo. I've found that colours can be tricky in photos. As an aside, the decision to convert two of these ships to helicopter carriers was probably based on sound tactical reasons, but I think the conversion did nothing for the ship's good looks and balanced appearance. Personal opinion of course. That doesn't alter the fact that you've got a very good model here. Regards, Jeff.
  23. Gidday All, still more painting going on. Not very exciting, in fact almost tedious and hardly worth a photo but I thought I'd better post anyway to show that DKM Seydlitz is still progressing. It's not the best weather for painting, too hot. Officially it's 41*C outside but I think closer to 44*C (at 4.00pm ), the temperature it was at 3.30pm yesterday when I got called to a bushfire, one of two I went to yesterday afternoon. A great way to spend my first day of LSL . Oh well, as they said in the navy, "If you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined!" Back to Seydlitz, I've put the turrets away so they don't get damaged, glued the platform to the funnel and generally painted (with a cement trowel) parts of the aft superstructure. As I said, the paint doesn't like this heat. I've also painted the AA directors, those domes on the toothpicks behind the model. Some of the masking tape is still attached around the superstructure. Well, that's it for now, more of the mundane this evening when it cools down a bit. I hope. So stay safe and regards to all, Jeff.
  24. Gidday Steve, how yo goin'? So you've got two kits of this ship? Are you going to build both, sell one or indulge in a bit of scratch conversion/whiffery? Ralph could probably advise you there. Regards, Jeff.
  25. Gidday, two great uncles of mine served as army stretcher-bearers in the Middle East including Lebanon during WW2. The one that survived and came home had a soft spot for this ship. I recall him saying once - "She was built for a stoush!" Regards, Jeff.
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