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  1. Gidday Mario, more than decent, I think it's very good. And you're encouraging the next generation of modeler in your family I see. Also very good. Regards, Jeff.
  2. Gidday Bianfuxia, the 'Attack' class was the boat used in the original series, followed by the 'Fremantle' class. We had HMAS Acute, followed by HMAS Barricade and finally HMAS Adroit. Very uncomfortable in heavy weather but I had some good times. I was only the Buffer once, usually I was one of the dudes. Our mess down aft accommodated twelve sailors, the forward mess accommodated the four senior sailors, plus two cabins - CO and the two officers. The accommodation was, shall we say, cosy. And blokes only, the ladies didn't sail with us back then. Believe it or not, the Attack class had something in common with the USS New Jersey - 108 feet - our length and their beam. Seriously. Regards, Jeff.
  3. Gidday All, here's my final model for this group build, the destroyer escort USS England DE-635. Her history and claim to fame I've covered in the build thread so I won't repeat them here. As a model kit I thought it was reasonably good, but I must acknowledge I have little experience with this scale and none with this brand. I thought the fit was good, plus the detail. My main issues were with the lack of locating pins and holes for small parts, and the oversized chunky 20mm Oerlikons. Anyway, here she is, USS England DE-635 Thank you for your interest. Stay safe and regards to all, Jeff.
  4. Gidday All, here's another update on USS England. I've added the mast and radar, plus the ensign staff and jack staff - the flag poles at the sharp end and blunt end of the ship. I made my own from stretched sprue as the kit parts were a bit heavy duty. I wish I did the same with the 20mm Oerlikons. So now I'm calling this build completed, and with a whole week before the deadline. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present USS England DE-635 Thank you all for your comments and interest during the build. I'll post a few more photos in the gallery. Stay safe and regards to all, Jeff.
  5. Gidday Guy(s), that's what the majority of viewers who see the model in the flesh (so to speak) will be using, the mark 1 eyeball, plus spectacles in some cases. That Seafox is terrific. Regards, Jeff.
  6. Gidday, my neighbor has that gadget for slides and I borrowed it once, and I've also in the past taken a digital photo of the original photo, which was OK. But in this case it is not worth it because it is such a lousy photo I don't think anyone would learn from it. But thank you for the suggestion. Regards, Jeff.
  7. Gidday All, USS England now has her forward guns shipped. The 20mm Oerlikons on the upper level gave me a bit of bother. I think they're over scale and definitely too chunky, particularly at the rear. To leave enough space for them to clear the bridge structure I drilled the mounting holes too close to the balustrading, so then they wouldn't fit. I tried to trim the base to remedy this and while doing the last one it made like a tuning fork and went 'ping', disappearing into the ether. It's still out there somewhere in the twilight zone (or the carpet monster). Fortunately I had two spares, as the kit caters for those ships with ten of these mountings, while this vessel appears to have shipped only eight. Actually I have twelve spares because if I do the other kit in the future I think I'll make my own 20s. I decided to make my own bases for the 3-inch guns. Those supplied look good but I think are too large, particularly towards the rear, they wouldn't be able to rotate without fouling the ready-use ammo boxes at the rear of the gun tubs. Mine are much simpler but are more accurate in size I think, after researching the net. The detail on the guns themselves is very good, better than anything I could do. Below is a photo of them all. I've included a 3-inch gun with the supplied base to show what I mean. Next will be the mast, plus the jack staff and ensign staff, then she'll be done I think. I might even make the deadline. So, stay safe and regards to all, Jeff.
  8. Gidday Bianfuxia, one of those ships (could be USS New Jersey) anchored in Gage Roads off Fremantle in the late 80's and some of us reservists (I was a seaman gunner) went out to see her. As it was a private visit we saw parts of the ship the general public did not, including going right through the 16-inch 'B' turret. Very impressive. We were talking to some of the American gunners just after and one asked me what guns we had on board our vessel (an 'Attack' class patrol boat). I said we had a Bofor 40mm. I'll never forget his reply - "Hell man, we use them for chipping paint!" Sorry, got a bit off-topic here. I've found some photos I took of the Knox class, she was USS Lockwood FF-1064, and it was November 1978. The photo showed the turret, more domed shape than I remembered. The kit's turret is not perfect but not as bad as I first thought. These are old photos taken with my 35mm, not digital so I can't post them here I'm afraid. HTH. Regards, Jeff.
  9. Gidday, I think it is where the gunners set up the coffee machine and toasted sandwich maker. Don't worry, with your skill the job should be a breeze! Seriously, it continues to look good. And sorry about the comments above, but I couldn't help myself. Regards, Jeff.
  10. Gidday, that was the whole point of it I think, to give a false impression of the ship, her course and speed. And for a model as good looking as this it is natural to want to show it off at its best. My builds however are nowhere near to this standard of perfection and detail, but I have built quite a few, so I like to do some in either different shades of grey/blue and some in dazzle camo (disruptive camo) for a bit of variety in the model display cabinet. I find that dazzle camo can extend the duration of a build though. Ultimately, of course, the decision of camo or not is up to the individual modeler. And Guy, you may be running out of superlatives for Flyhawk kits but I'm doing the same for comments on your standard of build. Plus I've learned something from this build - although I researched this ship rather extensively (so I thought) for my own model of it I never realized that she originally carried aircraft. I thought she was too small. Regards, Jeff.
  11. Ditto. Gidday Scargsy, I did the Airfix kit about twelve months ago, the "Lady in the Dark" you mentioned above. Although I'm mainly a ship builder I have a penchant for the big twin-engined fighters of WW2. I'm looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. Regards, Jeff.
  12. Gidday Mick, add this ship to those in post #1 and you'll have quite a respectable battle squadron. And all impressively done, too. Regards, Jeff.
  13. Gidday, I have that on a 1/700 scale model, I wondered what it was. Thanks. I paste the photo onto 'Paint' on the computer, do the required cropping there, then 'save as'. It keeps the original photo intact plus gives you another cropped to your requirements. HTH. Exquisite detail there, Beefy. Regards, Jeff.
  14. Gidday Bianfuxia, I enjoy seeing scratchwork alterations to convert a generic kit int a specific vessel. I like doing it also. I actually went on board one of these ships when it came to Fremantle in Western Australia, back in late 1978 or early 1979 (I had just joined the Naval Reserve). If I recall it had the 5-inch gun turret (you are right about this kit's 'dome' shaped turret being wrong) and the ASROC on the foc'sle, but I don't think it had Phalanx or Harpoons. It definitely had an eight-box Sea Sparrow launcher right at the stern. This looked similar to the ASROC launcher. All the different radars the ship is fitted with are over my head, but I'm keen to see how this build will finally look like. Regards, Jeff.
  15. Gidday All, I think I've now completed the midships area of USS England. As you can see, I've recently fitted the boat davits and whaler, four 20mm Oerlikons (one hidden behind the stack/funnel), torpedo handling crane, and the quad 1.1-inch 'Chicago piano'. To all of these I added locating pins and it made fitting the parts a lot easier. Earlier I also did the same to the hawser reel you can see. As usual, close-up photos are not kind to me, my rough workmanship is plain for all to see. Those white rectangles either side of the torpedo tubes are to indicate the position of larger gun tubs for twin Bofor 40mm. This kit has a number of extra parts, to allow the building of other versions of the ship. Besides the three 3-inch guns and the quad 1.1-inch I'll be using the kit has two single 5-inch turrets and three twin Bofor 40mm mountings. So I think it would be possible to convert this kit into a vessel similar to Bianfuxia's awol USS Rudderow. It would take a bit of work doing the alterations but I think it would be doable. Well, that's it for tonight. Stay safe and regards to all, Jeff.
  16. Gidday BS and BBS, I am rather concerned about the state of the workbench in post #196, second photo, drilling. It looks too clean, neat and tidy. That's the sign of sick minds. Get some junk and clutter! Meanwhile, it's good to see some more done on the build, even if it is on hold for now. Regards, Jeff.
  17. Gidday Gisbod, of all the RN small cruisers of WW2 HMS Penelope is my favorite, I think. She suffered a tragic end. The detail of this kit looks superb to me, and you are building to the very best standard. Regards, Jeff.
  18. Gidday All, the bridge is now done on USS England. Behind it (a little blurred) is the funnel, and further aft is the set of triple torpedo tubes (very blurred). The paint job needs touching up still. I don't like Pit Road's method of attaching small parts, such as the mk-51 directors on the upper bridge wings and the searchlight below them. They have a flat base that simply glues the deck at the appropriate place, no locating pins or holes. Same with the raft seen here, although with the raft I drilled and fitted my own locating pin. The detail is quite good however, to me anyway, better than what I am used to. Notice the latches on the doors, and the non-slip deck tread. I'm planning to fit the ship's whaler and the 20mm Oerlikons next. Thank you for your interest. Stay safe, and regards to all, Jeff.
  19. Gidday Kev, you've done a very fitting tribute to these people and their vessels, and superbly done. Regards, Jeff.
  20. Gidday Dimiter, you've done a very neat build here. Does this depict the ship later in the war? I noticed it has an enclosed bridge, whereas most other models and images I can recall have an open bridge. I'd like to build one of these ships one day but will probably have to scratch-build it, as I would want it in 1/600. Models like yours would be a gold mine of info for me, if you don't mind. And again, well done. Regards, Jeff.
  21. Two weeks to go, at least another three builds! Gidday Ray, you're certainly surging ahead with this. I've got one of these, mine being a Tamiya kit. I think your scuttles look good, they don't look over-sized to me. And I agree, those DCs look very good. Regards, Jeff.
  22. Gidday Steve, actually I went by the labels, 250 gm and 225 gm. Part B must be heavier. I'd like to do some USN and IJN ships in the future, and this technique might come in useful. I'll have to pick your brains at the next WASMEx. Regards, Jeff.
  23. Gidday All, here's another minor update on USS England. I've fitted the depth charges, both the rails and the K-guns (throwers). The DC rails I quite like but not so much the K-guns. There are eight of them, four a side, with each having a rack of reloads alongside. Each thrower and reload rack come as a single piece and they are rather crude. Here is a photo of them. The rails are a little out of focus but they look OK I think. The thrower/reload sets each are glued straight to a square on the deck, and I found they could slide a little until the glue started to work. The rails were the same but in their case I drilled then glued a 0.5mm rod as a locating pin into each rail and into the deck, and this helped mount them to the fantail (extreme rear of the quarter-deck). I don't think I like this idea of not having locating pins and holes between parts. I've attached the upper bridge but it's not worth a photo just yet. I've also been painting and working on small parts for the build, soon to be fitted. That's it for now, time for my beauty sleep (which doesn't seem to work). Stay safe, and regards to all, Jeff.
  24. Gidday, I'll try to get USS England done in time. If it's numbers of completed builds you want, would paper boats and planes count? Maybe not. Regards, Jeff.
  25. Gidday Steve, you'd know what's best but I think I agree with you there. That way it still remains her project. I'd like to see progress also but not at the expense of enthusiasm, hence I believe you're correct in leaving it for BBS to finish in her own good time, and not push it. I had a model sitting half done in its box for thirty years (HMAS Perth II), but finish it I did. Eventually. Of course, there's nothing wrong with a bit of encouragement to help BBS's motivation, like taking away all her electronic and social media gizmos until she does! Regards, Jeff.
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