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  1. Exactly this, sand the primer coat back to 2500/3000 before applying paint, then micromesh your paint back to 8000/12000 before gloss coat. It makes a big difference.
  2. Yes I very much appreciate that clause in the GB rules, it needs saying!
  3. Wow this came around quickly! Hoping I can actually finish a model for a groupbuild this time, my current score is 0/3 this year Will be ready to roll on 25th!
  4. I got what you were trying to say, everyone's so touchy nowadays
  5. Hi Andy, great project two of the superb Italeri kits will be a treat! For your BC weapons fit, there would be no centre fuselage pylon fitted...TIALD on the forward left fuselage pylon and 1000lb RAF enhanced Paveway II on the forward right pylon. Or you could have LGBs on both sides. On the underwings the standard fit: left side Sky Shadow, 2250 tank, BOL shoulder pylon; right side standard or BOL shoulder pylon, 2250, BOZ CM pod. I see you've got ASRAAM there, would have been very unlikely to see on a GR4 early Telic, they were reserved for the F3...GRs would have had one or two AIM-9 on the shoulders, if fitted at all. Best saved for your later, more modern version, along with the Red Fox cockpit which has the TARDIS back seat fit, unsuitable for the early Telic aircraft. Will be following your progress Alan
  6. Very nice work, the nose shape does look so much better on your version
  7. Super build Jeff the flush deck and thoughtful placement of the upgrades is first rate. Looking forward to your Glamorgan. Alan
  8. Masterful, for both your modelling and storytelling. RAdm Teach would be proud! Thanks for the tag as well, I think we rewrote history enough for maximum satisfaction, Jeff All we need now is a modernised HMS Victorious in the mix and the Falklands story will be complete!
  9. Finally, a camouflaged F-35! I believe they only did this because of all the moaning modellers
  10. That's very nice work so far, realistic painting adds so much to the overall look
  11. Such a lot of work to complete the conversion, really well done. The paintwork is spectacular as well, beautifully done
  12. Love what you've achieved from the old Revell kit. Great details and 'modern'isation from scratch. Superbly done paintjob as well And c'mon be kind to yourself, it's at least a 3-footer Alan
  13. Superb cockpit Angelo, really well done
  14. Good luck with this one! Not to cast any doubt on your skills, but if you need some help with this kit, I got pretty far with it as part of my Mach 3 project here: [edit: skip this link, @Space Ranger's link to @Whirly's thread is way better!] It's certainly not a walk in the park but a really impressive kit in 1/72! Good luck with the build
  15. In WW2 the US Navy used a specific set of colours and instructions called Measures. The basic patterns and explanations can be found here: https://www.shipcamouflage.com/camouflage_database.htm The deck colours varied according to which measure was applied, but it would be extremely unusual for a ship not to have a fully painted camouflage deck (usually 20-B Deck Blue, a very dark shade of blue). At Guadalcanal, most USN ships were either painted: Measure 12 (Modified), a blotchy camouflage pattern of 5-O Ocean Gray, 5-N Navy Blue and 5-H Haze Gray on all vertical surfaces and 20-B Deck Blue on all horizontal surfaces, with some deck areas painted with Ocean Gray; Measure 22, Navy Blue from the waterline to the lowest horizontal of the weather deck, and Haze Gray above that line with Deck Blue horizontals; Measure 21, all over Navy blue with Deck Blue horizontals. (USS Helena was painted in this measure when sunk at Guadalcanal) As for Humbrol and Revell colours, I'm afraid the only enamel paint worth using is Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats. These are meticulously matched to actual naval paint chips and are perfectly mixed to provide excellent results whether brushed or thinned for airbrushing. https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/colourcoats Glad to see you back at the ships, but you'll find it's just as confusing as WW2 aircraft!
  16. I think what makes the decals effective is that they are matched to the raised details, giving a nice 3D effect.
  17. Excellent attention to detail and a fantastic, realistic finish, really well done. The photographic wizardry is just the icing on the cake. I echo @tomprobert 's comment regarding the interior, your build log reflects the research and careful consideration to get the details right
  18. Thanks a lot James I just saw the new Top Gun on IMAX and suddenly I want to make another Super Hornet
  19. Good painting skills, the details are very tiny in the kit I remember thinking at the time I built it, the decals were probably the best cockpit panel representation I'd ever seen in a kit. It looks excellent now assembled, all your hard work is showing a great result
  20. Tom, this is a brilliant model for all kinds of reasons: the scratchbuilding, the flawless construction, the amazing, consistent finish...but the big thing is that you finished it! Lots of people start these grand projects with much fanfare but the enthusiasm peters out after a few months and they languish unfinished in a dark corner thereafter Congratulations on a superb Sunderland, exceptional even by your standards
  21. Thanks very much Steve, you know it! One for the 'never again' list!
  22. It's definitely not that: The parts breakdown (engine/stabilizers/fins) seems much more user-friendly. Is it worth double the IT F-35A? Can't really say that from those sprue shots
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