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  1. Only seen PE nozzles in 1/32, produced by Flightpath in the UK. Due to their complex structure, as advised above you're certainly better off with the resin versions in smaller scales.
  2. I mean, look at it. You couldn't fit an overnight bag in there, could you Anyway...is it represented in the BPK model?
  3. Nicely done, cool climbout angle too Excellent clickbait, you made me look
  4. Flawless build and finish, you should be very proud of that result, really well done
  5. What John said, exactly right. Beautifully done James, and a very sharp build.
  6. Superb model, and very unusual subject. Great work
  7. You make a good point Had the Japanese continued to fight, the next available bomb was months away. The delay would have given ample time to reveal and document the wider and longer term effects of the bomb, and might possibly have swayed public opinion against future usage at a critical time in its development. One of the great what-ifs of the postwar period.
  8. These are brilliant Sven, perfect lighting for all that grey!
  9. That's a superb finish. About as close as I've seen anyone get to the authentic look of the aircraft. Very well done
  10. Very cool details and I'm also shocked this is only 72 scale, very well done I have just one concern...2007 is old now? Alan
  11. Beautifully done Tom. All the way through your write up I was gritting my teeth thinking...'yep, I remember that bit...' But full marks for finishing and succeeding where so many others have failed. Alan
  12. Yes I'm going to try it with Gauzy again, that stuff is like magic.
  13. Possibly, but near enough is good enough in this case! Yeah frosty mornings maybe, but sticky mornings probably not so much!
  14. Just to add, I successfully built this when it came out, I don't remember any fit problems with the wings though I made several modifications (including adding the hump). Don't know regarding the Aires additions, but would definitely recommend the rear fuselage brace or take one of the low cost recommendations above. Can't imagine how the thing would survive without some beefing up of the structure. FWIW here's a link to my build here:
  15. Great enhancements Danny. It's a big old beast, isn't it!
  16. Still working on this! I feel like one of those Japanese soldiers who refused to believe the surrender order in 1945 and were still fighting the war into the 1960s and 70s Well, I had something of a nightmare with the canopy...I applied vinyl self-adhesive masks in mid-July and then had to abandon my shed for about two weeks due to the unbearable temperatures. When I came back - disaster! The easy-peel glue melted in the heat to form this horrible sticky mush! I tried to peel off the masking but it left this sticky residue when I took it off This was pretty upsetting. I risked using nail polish remover and it worked. I followed up with polishing compound but it never got its shine back. Better than it was, but quite annoying. Another modelling lesson learnt the hard way! I've ordered some proper masks now so it should be ready for paint very soon. Alan
  17. It's been so long since I posted any photos I'd almost forgotten how to do it! Pretty sure you don't need reminding what this well-known kit contains and I've left you waiting long enough, so let's just crack on! I'm using the Big Ed set for this. so lots of PE will be involved. There are some great enhancements for the old kit. Should look very interesting as there's enough glazing to see some detail throughout the aircraft. The seats are mighty fiddly! I will be posing this in flight to avoid the shenanigans with the nose weight so I also need to make space for the pilot/crew. I hope to be able to provide a pilot, bombardier and a couple of gunners from the kit figures and plenty of old Monogram spares, so it will meet the requirements of the GB! Really enjoyed this start, the kit is classic old Monogram, very well presented and engineered. All the best, Alan
  18. Excellent work, you're very very good at these renditions of bare wood and metal, they look so convincing. Really well done again
  19. Another fascinating build, delivered as only you can the laughs are good, but don't distract from the excellent modelling and remodelling skills on show great work so far, especially bringing the B-29 up to standard.
  20. This is a brilliant build Craig, very informative and certainly a reference for others to draw upon. I hope your customer is pleased with the progress so far!
  21. Sorry to have neglected both the GB and my own build...my new job has been incredibly hectic for well over a month and modelling opportunities extremely scarce Hope to get this started over the weekend!
  22. Obviously Tamiya would NEVER release such a kit, but I'd be optimistic for Trumpeter to do it one day. Would make a great kit!
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