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  1. Great pics, worth the effort and the wait. Although the Ospreys were the main event, the Spanish Navy Bravo is a real novelty! Alan
  2. I'm at the same stage with mine, lots of little ordnance, canopy and landing gear details, much effort for little perceived progress, but it all counts!
  3. Glad it worked out in the end with the canopy tint! Great effort already.
  4. Great start! Not sure about how much time you need vs the GB deadline, but at this rate it'll be done by the weekend
  5. Thanks for that. I can do wear and tear of required but this was worth keeping neat and tidy! Well, thank you very much Donating world be more realistic, but thank you very much Thank you very much Bernd, not seen you for a while since I stopped building ships You're all very kind, thanks very much for commenting Alan
  6. Hi Marc, I thought he expressed himself very clearly. This Revell kit probably isn't going to meet his preference for quality at the price point being offered. Aside from that it was a tongue in cheek comment intended for him, and I'm not sure why you're asking, following your very pointed comments above. I've no axe to grind here. My philosophy is pretty open regarding these repetitive discussions regarding new kits - if you want one, you'll buy one. If you don't want one, you won't. No need for either of those groups to tread on the other, it's an entirely subjective choice, however you try to frame it.
  7. I knew loads of these in service... Alitalia: 'Aircraft Lands in Tokyo, All Luggage in Amsterdam' Delta: 'Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport' or 'Delivers Everyone's Luggage To Atlanta' BOAC: 'Better On A Camel' TAP (Portugal): Take A Parachute Swiss: So What, It's Still Swissair Qantas and Lufthansa: (which unfortunately would get me banned ) We also had acronyms to reflect the different attitudes of our main bases - LGW was 'Let's Get Wasted' while LHR was 'Let's Have Roomservice' Sorry for the thread creep
  8. Very nice, what a monster! Great consistency of finish over such a large model, really well done. Whatever the 'known inaccuracies' of the Trumpeter kit might be, it certainly knocks spots off the dinosaur Tamiya version, this looks very good indeed.
  9. Jeez I can't put anything past you this week Eric
  10. It certainly wasn't mine then. Built and finished in two weeks, not the best kit but an impressive result. Sick of hearing how tewwibly awful it is, it's fine if you don't mind actual modelling.
  11. Not the same aircraft but the same era: https://www.airlineratings.com/wp-content/uploads/uploads/720-022-N7203U-Boe-K6409.jpg Shows the different colours up very well.
  12. Thanks Dennis, I used MRP lacquer paints for the camouflage: Sand FS 33531, Green 34227 and Tan 30219.I saw these on @Stephens Israeli C-130 and they looked spot on. The underside blue was mixed from Xtracrylix RLM 65 Hellblau, FS 34151 Interior Green and FS 36622 Light Gray. Thanks, still slowly working on this. Alan
  13. That's very much a horses for courses thing then, I like something impressive that's taken a bit of effort to build, otherwise I might as well stick to Lego. Look out for my build log, I've cleared a space in November and December to build this. But if it does turn out like the Super Hornet, I'll still have fun building it and it'll be a nice display model regardless.
  14. Thanks, high praise from you mate Thanks Julien... you're up late, insomnia or timezone Alan
  15. I'm ready Going to do a build log from the point of view of someone who really wants to build one, rather than to find out what's wrong with it
  16. Thank you very, very much, lovely comments and greatly appreciated Some great history and photos of loads of these NF.IIs in this thread: Thanks, I have approached the FAA Museum about donating it, if I could just get a proper case sorted for it! Thank you again everybody who liked/commented
  17. Very nice finish, the black underside is interesting
  18. Many, many thanks for commenting, especially nice to hear your thoughts @tonyot as your version of this was the original inspiration Thanks very much again, Alan
  19. That's very nicely done, lovely model. I didn't even know this kit was available, what was it like to build? Alan
  20. Hi all, Fresh from the Hellcat STGB is the superb Airfix 1/24 F6F-5 Hellcat, converted to an FAA NF.II using Aerocraft's conversion and decal set. This is the first 1/24 kit I've ever made and it's absolutely spectacular. A really impressive piece of engineering. This is built OOB apart from the conversion and beautiful wheels from Defmodel of Korea. The fit is damn near perfect, the assemblies are complex but everything slots into place very snugly (so snugly that even a thin coat of paint can throw off the placement). The surface detail has to be seen to be believed. It's so well-rendered I decided not to do any weathering as the surface textures provide all the visual interest on their own. The kit is also very accurate, and provides different options for the instrument panel and drop tank, as well as US and British rocket stub patterns. The engine and other internals are perfectly rendered and the massive 75-page, 310-step instruction manual gives excellent clear placement details. All the cockpit placards are provided as decals, though you could also consider the Airscale replacement for additional detail. This is all OOB. Anyway...if you fancy a 1/24 scale model, this is absolutely worth the £100-odd price tag and will build up into a really impressive (and HUGE) display model. I can't recommend it enough. The very nice radar and decals conversion from Aerocraft were just the icing on the cake, it looks very smart in its Glossy Sea Blue coat and FAA roundels Here's the Hellcat STGB build thread which may help if you have our want one of these to build: Thanks for looking, Alan
  21. Great OOB build, very well constructed. I really like how your finishing technique has improved with your recent builds to make a most realistic appearance. Excellent modelling
  22. Sounds like a brilliant project, will be very interested in this
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