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  1. They certainly are Ant! The Wessex looks amazing. Bit beyond my price range. But the effort involved in production is probably costly too. I think that's good advice, thanks. But I need to get my hand in on some 1:600 stuff first so I've decided to leave Broadsword for now and do something slightly simpler (although maybe not...). HMS Fearless, a kit I made a long, long time ago. I've bought the AM set and hope I can update her for Op Corporate.
  2. Many thanks Jeff @ArnoldAmbrose and Ant @AntPhillips. I didn't think there was one. I'm sure 1:350 is much better than 1:600 (a dying scale some say), but I'm quite attached to the smaller scale. I'm pretty sure my scratch building isn't good enough. Those Atlantic Models kits do look excellent however, I may have to widen my scope! Cheers,
  3. Does one exist? Tried Googling, checked BM, but nothing found. So I'm thinking possibly not. Any info much appreciated. Thanks,
  4. Hi Chewy, @Chewbacca Now look what you've done! (with your excellent HMS HECLA as inspiration). Airfix have re-released HMS Fearless and I've tracked down your build! Though whether I can match your superb model is highly doubtful. If you read this (my post here is a bit 'after the event'), can you recall which WEP kits you used? I think I need one PE 624 and one PE 625. A superb build, I love the gentle setting with the other small ships in attendance, and the craft on the back of the flight deck. Best regards,
  5. Hi Mark @Harry Lime, Thanks! The cockpit was a bit of a challenge but I'm happy with the result. Bit daft and obsessive really considering how much actually gets seen, I just can't help myself! Regarding the MB Mk.10 seat, I agree that the PJ seat isn't quite correct. I've been studying photos and I've modified the head box quite a lot. I think it will probably 'do'. Still got to add the straps and firing handle. It does look a bit rough, er... because it is a bit rough! Not the best resin moulding I've seen. I think may have been 3D printed? The lower side panels don't come up quite far enough but I don't think it will notice once installed. Cheers,
  6. Evening Folks, Well, even with the extension I'm nowhere near completion. As usual I've spent far too long in the cockpit, so my build will have to continue as a WIP. ESCI didn't give me much to start with. I don't think they could have had access to the cockpit judging by the what they included. The tub had to be widened, floor and consuls raised, rudder pedals added and the i/p modified. The coaming reshaped and a cut out for the HUD (still to be made). Internal ribs added and the raised cockpit sill added. Detail added behind the cockpit. Apart from that, it was fine. I toyed with using the Airfix i/p decal, which wasn't bad. But in the end went with the Kits-World 3D printed screen. Not the greatest quality, but gives a reasonable visual impression at 1/72. Thanks everyone who looked in, and ENZO for the GB. Cheers,
  7. You could continue here, but your audience may be limited. Or ask the mods to move your thread to a WIP. Having also not completed, that's what I will do. Cheers,
  8. Almost! Don't forget the weather vane Enzo. Very nice, and good to see some ground support ordnance.
  9. Welcome to BM @old man emu! Please stick around. It's easy to get enthusiastic and ask lots of questions, I've done it.
  10. Looks fantastic Chewey, a model to be proud of. Love the Wasp!
  11. What a great build Adrian. I'm sorry that this is a bit late (!) but I wasn't even on BM in 2016. A Wessex flew over around midday, not something you see every day - or any day recently. Flew directly over the house, I only got to see the underside and initially I wasn't quite sure what it was. XT761, the last HU.5 (or Mk.5) flying in the world. As a youngster, living in London, I would see them almost daily flying up the Thames. Naturally I rushed off to see what I could find, which was (1) your excellent build (bookmarked for future use) and (2) King Kit where they had only one FROG Mk.1, not quite as cheap as yours. But will be good for the forthcoming FROG Squad II. Best wishes,
  12. Always a tricky call CC. I've pondered over the decision myself and there's no right or wrong unless it's clear in a photo. All looking very good!
  13. That really does look great Chewy. Looking forward to seeing the Wasp on the pad.
  14. Thanks for the reminder Dennis! I've been looking forward to building my Hasagawa f-15C for yonks! Here's the obligatory opening shots... Nice box art A bag of plastic bits to mess with AM goodies - I've been collecting for a while! Weapons and Crew (seeing as there are none in the box ) Reading material Decals I fancy this plane; 11 February 1991, this F-15C, piloted by Captain "Gunga" Dingee, scored an aerial victory against an Iraqi AF helicopter during Operation Desert Storm. I'll be starting soon but at the moment I'm stuck in a Sea Harrier cockpit in the Falkland Islands (Falklands War 40th Anniversary GB). Cheers,
  15. Tried using the wayback site Jack, but all I got was calendar about updates, couldn't connect to an archived version. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  16. The tail measurements vary front to back; Front 9.86mm (71cm at 1/1) Mid 10.04mm (72.2cm 1/1) Back 10.20 (73.4cm 1/1) The bomb casing diameter is too large for the UK 1000lb 16" at 6.16mm (44.35cm or 17.46" at 1/1). 1.46" oversize, 0.5mm at 1/72.
  17. And, if anything to do with MOD Procurement Executive, very expensive.
  18. Great build Dermot and really nice to see something a bit different!
  19. Probably could Max. But this issue is probably already bagged, boxed and sealed. Maybe in the next issue?
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