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  1. Dear BM Members.. Finally after some months of research and then modelling I present Ready For Inspection my uncle;s Hawker Tempest Mk V of 56 (Punjab) Squadron. Tempest reg number NV-728 Squadron code "US-X". I started this build as a tribute to my Uncle, Sgt P C Brown (later promoted to W/O 2 ) I only recently found out some detailed information about his wartime RAF service. in the National Archives and from distant family members. Born in St Pancras, London on 5th June 1923 .He joined the RAF sometime in September 1942. He went to Canada under the 'T
  2. Yes Indeed! Not surprising as at the time the film was made General Franco was still in power...
  3. Ha yes he did say that and it's represented in the film! Galland was a very complex character and became very good friends with both Douglas Bader and Robert Stanford Tuck post war. I even think I'm correct in saying that RST became godfather to Adolf Galland's son! Christopher Foxley-Norris had a different view of him he said " Galland was a shi* " lol. I'm prepared to accept he wasn't as I can't believe The uncompromising Bader would have been friends with him otherwise. Adolfo Galland appeared on This Is Your Life in 1974 when DB was the subject.
  4. Don't forget Aces High and Twelve A'clock High as contenders too... The Great Escape .. might have to have a film binge watching sessoin soon!
  5. Don't worry Chris I'll task 56 Squadron Tempests , The Firebirds, to patrol the combat area around said Noggin and deal with any rolling pin based threats!
  6. Mein Gott! This looks to be a very interesting build indeed.. and love the prospect of film references ! But " if I have to inspect one more bomber I won't put you forward for your promotion " "Shitehawk to Spring Chicken in one easy lesson. rattta tatta tattta tatta!" An absolute stonker of a film with memorable dialogue and amazing aerial shots! One wonders how much the aircraft used during filming would fetch these days? 2 mil a spitfire easily... welcome to BM and I will settle back at Red Section dispersal with the Polish Hurricane Pilots saying " Re
  7. NV728 "US-X" on 3rd APRIL 1945 has crossed the line! Finally. Canopy glued in open position... foot hold , Rebecca Transponder and wing pitot all glued in place.. What will I do with the rest of my life now? RFI post to be written up and new pics taken. I was planning to pose it in a diorama but I can do that later as have some more pressing tasks to undertake away from modelling. I have enjoyed this whole process, the historical research has been particularly rewarding. So I respectfully dedicate this build to My Uncle Peter And to my late father, also na
  8. Pretty much what happened to me l guess! Though I had the Liberator sitting there unbuilt. Once I saw what others were presenting on the internet I was spurred on to take much more care.
  9. Yes Tony! It is remiss of me to think mine would also wait that long too ! .. smothered at well before midnight the the previous day! There is always an upper limit I will pay for a kit personally. I'd love to buy a 1:32 scale Lanc from HKM but apart from displaying the finished kit I just couldn't pay nearly £400 for it. I can afford it I dare say but we have to maintain some sort of perspective. Airfix have in recent years begun to understand that serious model-makers demand a better quality product. I have been impressed by the quality of some recent kits. RAF 100 Group
  10. I managed to get an early 1980s vintage Airfix for £15 I think in 2004 from a shop closing down.. I eventually made the kit up in 2020 lol.. oh well last reasonably priced B24 I'll ever lay my hands on.. Come on Airfix! You are missing a trick here!
  11. SWMBOd wouldn't have me shot at dawn if I spent that amount on a B24
  12. Tony , I totally concur with your sentiments. It would be nice if a cairn could be created and perhaps a simple plaque added to it? Ive walked in that part of the Lakes a few times before. It's a lovely area.
  13. Yes Chris! Exactly that. I'm doing this at this very moment! It's very satisfying to ponder the finished article after so much effort. Reminds me of how I used to do models as a kid... throw them together and lots of glue everywhere! Frosted canopies.. lol
  14. Cheers.. wing pitot tube and glue the canopy in the open position and the whip aerial fir the 'Rebecca' transponder .l have made up some sort of harness from Tamiya tape too.. first model ive used ALL the correct decals on too.. ever I think! Should now think about posting the RFI very soon!
  15. I have high hopes for Model Supremacy! I had a new suit in 2017... same body mass as then.. doubt anyone else will notice it's not new if I wear it!
  16. Just came back to this RFI.. what happened with the decals may I ask? I do recall they were a little bit delicate when applying them. Regards, Andy
  17. Maybe just fainted! Or she has finished off the rest of the Duty Free drinks cabinet! really impressed Laurie. So much detail and action going on. A pleasure to look at the pics. Thanks for sharing this. Cheers! Andy
  18. Rich may I suggest you do a Tribute build with your personal connection of this aircraft? It would be fantastic to show some details here on BM of the said logbooks. And Welcome to the site too! Regards, Andy
  19. Most kind of you to say so Chris! Thanks. That list has shrunk Tonight! Lol but 3 items remaining ... have to wait a few days as other tasks have to take precedence! Quietly pleased with the results so far. I do like 1:32 scale for what it's worth. Now just seen a 1:32 Trumpeter Jug for around £50 ! Online... Do I or Don't I? SWMBOd Had a £200 dress delivered today but it is for a social function later on in the year. hmmmm I did ask the question "So can I buy another model then? " (as you have enacted dresses n+1 protocols) the answer was.... You need to think about buying a new suit
  20. Just pondering where the whip aerial should be placed. Aft of the max roll back of the rear canopy .. certainly . But how far back and is it on the centre line of the fuselage ? Or offset to the starboard side? ..
  21. I can see the finish line in sight now! Whats left to do?"............. whip aerial from guitar wire and glue in. fix and tidy canopy pitot tube glue in place rear wheel glue in place glue prop on- yes I did do the spinner in RAF night with a slightly blue tinge! Make another harness? Perhaps? But not too fussed about any harness.. Foot hold ladder glue on wing mounted pitot a little tweek with weathering details HG laminate gloss coat over decals.. Over 3 months of work ... I'm pleased with the result so fa
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