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  1. It is a wonder absolutely .One of the best books i've read on the BoB is "Fighter Boys" by Patrick Bishop. True Heroes these men ,( though many modestly deny this description.) I do have respect for the German participants too. They realised the reality of their situation fear, KanalKrankheit! Channel Sickness ! the long victorious road they had previously travelled ... ran out, just like their fighters petrol frequently did over southern England
  2. Yes Chris. that's correct. Maybe 16 ? odd squadrons of Spits and 39? odd squadrons of Hurricanes. also Flying in the almost suicidal 'Vic' 3s against the Rotte or Schwarm formations as used by the Germans. (Only the leader could scan the sky effectively- the other two pilots having to concentration on formation ). Inexperienced pilots some with 7 hours on type against some very experienced fighter 'aces' with more ammunition (40 secs v 13 seconds) and punchier guns. It's quite amazing an outcome all considered! Also the first effective 'defeat' suffered by Germany.
  3. Keep doing that Voodoo you do so well! Excellent work! Well Done!
  4. No problem Pete. It's a great model. Thanks for the additional information. Interesting. Cheers! Andy
  5. Excellent work! I'm very much in to P47s! These are a really great finish , more so in the 72nd scale It's a nice tribute to the two Polish pilots you've chosen to commemorate. I like this approach to the hobby. I'm planning to do a representation of my uncles plane from 56 Squadron RAF,who flew Tempest Vs in 1945 Northern Germany. Really very impressive. Thanks for showing them and ill read up a little more on the pilots! Cheers Regards,Andy
  6. Is that a Gannet, Sea Vixen and Phantom also in the pic Tony? It's a really nice picture. Thank you for sharing this.. i thought it was another snap of the model !
  7. or turn it in to a narwal tusk..(twisted in to a corkscrew) today's vandals are a bit more creative!
  8. Thank you Head. Me no expert either. A quick image search on 'Tinternet' throws up pics with Javelins sporting 1..2 and 3 Pitot tubes! I don't want to open a can of worms here, just my curiosity gets the better of me sometimes. I thought it likely as it was a Boscombe Test airframe to have as many test data points available - hence additional pitot tubes. 3 is a good number for comparison if you wanted to accurately record your true airspeed. It's a superb model indeed!
  9. Second that! It's a remarkable scheme and looks exactingly difficult to do. A masking and painting Tour De Force indeed. I did Revell's 1:72 "Little Miss Mischief", a B17 which was almost as challenging ( 6 different colours on the tail area alone) Some colours i did twice as i was not happy with them. it takes skill and patience to attempt your scheme you picked. I'm very impressed . Well done Sir!
  10. Not really knowing that much about the Javelin.. does it have 3 Pitot tubes because it's a Test /evaluation aircraft of did they all have 3 x pitot tube as standard? I'm just curious ..
  11. I love it when someone picks an off the beaten track and unusual paint scheme.. This is just quality ! Love the raspberry ripple flavoured Javelin.. Thanks for showing it! Regards Andy
  12. Thanks for sharing this lovely A4. Smartly done and I love those leading edge slats extended!
  13. Love your 'vic' of Victors Adam! They look really cool! Thanks for sharing. The victor is one of my favourite planes of all time I think. Even today it looks futuristic and must be 70 years old ! As youths we would take our cars over to the old Radlett Aerodrome where Handley Page was based, careering up and down the runways, usually at night, it was how I learned to drive. Lol
  14. Thanks for your appreciation Davey. Yes it's the right attitude - enjoy making the model And not worry too much! It's a really nice kit and I did think I'd maybe do the Night fighter version. I wanted to do a 'test' RAF scheme for some models I'm planning. But all in all it turned out as a quite pleasing result. Back to the atamiya 1:48 Mosquito I'm doing at the moment! Cheers, Andy
  15. Happy New Year Kenny! 

    1. TheyJammedKenny!


      Likewise, sir!  May you exit the Heart of Darkness safely!  Alex

    2. Col Walter E Kurtz

      Col Walter E Kurtz

      Hehehe... Thanks Alex!.. well they won't let us do anything here. Getting serious over here. Staying inside as much as possible.. get that 'Stash' built! lol

    3. TheyJammedKenny!


      Stay safe/sane, however you can! That's the most important thing.  Best regards, Alex

  16. Maybe you're right ! your suggestion sounds like a classic "Ill get me coat" I was thinking more of DB et all would actually give them some pointers about being 'real' people and doing something that's not about their own selfishness, image and how many 'likes' on social media they can get ...
  17. Love it Noel.. most candid! As children we all get the wrong end of the stick. Your story made me smile. Thank you! DB was a hero.. who are we encouraged to see as 'heroes' these days? ...people from Strictly Come Dancing , Love Island and other reality TV programmes? Imagine putting DB , Roger Bushell, Leonard Cheshire and others in Love Island lol..
  18. Excellent. Thanks Steve. I wondered about the DE.. too dark when dried? and sort of pinky when applied! Seems like their set gets a General seal of approval. Good call on the pictures. Thanks.. I won't rush them next time. Cheers! kind Regards Andy
  19. You were lucky to meet a real life hero! There's a lot written about him of course. He was difficult as a person, like Guy Gibson was said to be, but a man of supreme leadership qualities. He actually became good friends with his great adversary Adolf Galland post war and was often invited to Lufwaffe reunions. Whatever you think of the man he did so much for people with disability , selflessly and without expectation of reward. This is perhaps his enduring legacy, his wartime services aside. A great man indeed.
  20. There you go Steve.. new pics in natural light Enjoy, About the best light I can get on an English Winters day and its freezing cold lol
  21. Great Thank you for your reply. I've not used any Testors acrylics before so will follow this up. Cheers, Andy
  22. Thanks Steve. Yes I agree .. the photos are a bit dark..I should redo them in natural light outside thIs week. I sort of rushed them as was juggling boring work. 72nd is your preferred scale I think? I'll redo the pics for you no problem. I think the paint is a little too thick at this scale.. see what you think when I post new pics? Thanks Andy
  23. CMSHOLM... may I ask which specific colours you used ? Your build has inspired me to perhaps do a Tamiya SkyRaider in SEAC. I think it looks pretty accurate! also How did you make the pilots map? Thanks Andy
  24. Cats ... Slippers... Carpet Monsters.. Sprue 'Flash' Ogres.. making models seems fraught There be sea monsters! Lol. Thinking BM should start a Carpet Monstor Temple Activity thread? We can make sacrifices there and appease these monsters digitally of course ! Are your Slippers like the Tardis? Maybe there is the whole Masters and Eduard Range of PE parts lurking there! I have a a Trumpeter kit with some PE parts .. never used these before so must trawl the forums for the method!
  25. Thanks Chris.. it's growing on my more and I did enjoy making it! SWMBO saw me putting it on display in the dining room and asked.. Is THAT Landing or Taking off? LOL?.. No comment! I'm not saying anything without my lawyer lol
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