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  1. Wow! Love it! Beautiful weathering and top draw photos. I've taken note of what you did here for my next RFI posting! Thanks for showing this.. Jugs are one of my favourite WW2 aircraft. I must confess I slightly prefer the Bubble Top variety but this is still outstanding! Regards, Andy
  2. Manage to spend a couple of hours today . Glued the main Fuselage halves together and made the large external tank and 500lb bombs up. The supercharger gases exit cupola needs a bit of filling along the very thin rear edge.. I might just square it off. I know it will be a bit too short but this is going to be a compromise.not sure I can get any filler to stay in place . There are some deep ejector pin marks on the bombs fins to fill in. Sanding them out will possibly make the fins too thin. The tail fin assembly also fills in the top half of the rear fuselage. The instructions suggest glueing these together but I think I'll elect to glue each half separately to the fuselage to enable a tighter fit. Pics below. Andy
  3. Lovely Harrier! Well done indeed! I have this very kit in the stash to make at some point. I got it for a very good price. I attempted the Tamiya 1:48 kit and it ended up on the shelf of doom.. was my 2nd serious attempt at making a model but the Tamiya is such a poorly fitting kit and I didn't have the modelling skills at the time to make it reasonable. I'll take note of yours and others canopy problems too! I broke a canopy for my Revell Tempest V and they sent me a new one free of charge. I very much liked the stand. It's unusual and makes the model stand out from the crowd. Thanks for showing this! Regards, Andy
  4. Thanks for your compliments Paramedic. I have a 1:48'Razorback Tamiya kit also. Must say I do prefer the Bubbletop. Yes I hope to get interested again lol!
  5. Thought I'd do a quick update to this WIP. Not done much since my last photos... lost my modelling mojo for some reason at least over the past few weeks. I've got the fuselage halves to dry fit nicely enough. So.. I should glue them and get this model back on track again!
  6. Love Tempests! This is a very good model indeed! Thanks for showing it. RB was an exceptional pilot and leader. A fine tribute to a fine man. Regards, Andy
  7. A very good rendition of this kit. Thanks for showing it. I did this same kit last year but in the desert colour scheme. I found the kit to be excellent and i enjoyed it ! I like your weathering, especially on the undersides.. Well Done! Andy
  8. well it was a lovely day at Duxford.plenty of flying aircraft and yes they do have a P-47 there. Took a few pics. always cautious about 'restored' aircraft details. what struct me was how may dings and ripples the underside had.. as modellers we strive for a perfect finish along seams etc. nothing wrong with this of course. The guide in attendance was quite informative and told me this a/c was made from salvaged parts of 3 aircraft .. will get back in the modelling groove soon and post my progress!
  9. I think so too Alan! Might forgo some of the innards if I can't get them all to fit to my satisfaction! Off to Duxford IWM today! Heading for the American Airforce Museum part wearing my replica A11 USAAF hacking watch. It's a replica of those types issued to USAAF aircrew in WW2. Also just fancied a bit of inspiration seeing the real things . I don't think they have a Thunderbolt there but it's the other planes I'd like to see again, the Liberator and the B17. Will do some more work on the Jug this weekend and hopefully post some pics! Kind Regards, Andy
  10. Hola Josep! Thank you for the compliment on my progress so far. im finding the cowling a problem to fit also. I've been doing a lot of dry fitting but like you I will need to do a lot of sanding before I finally glue the engine and cowling together. A better design might have been to have an extended lip that the cowling could have slipped on to. I might make up some plastic tabs myself so it can glue to those , which will be hidden from view inside the rear of the engine. Its also hard to see what's going on with the cowling as it's clear plastic! These minor criticisms apart, I love this kit so far. I'd be interested in seeking my yours when completed in your RFI posting too! Kind Regards, Andy
  11. Thanks Marcus. Maybe I'll have a go at a barrier method between wheel and tyres. A very clear explanation on your part. I am much obliged! Cheers, Andy
  12. Thanks Chris. I also have a 1:32 Trumpeter Stuka in the stash! I'd love to do a swordfish but the rigging frightens me! Lol A question for this Jug is - should I attempt invasion markings sprayed on? Not done this before so a little research is needed how wide the stories should be in scale,and should I lay the black down then mask for the white? The decal sheet unlike the excellent 1:48 Tamiya Jug doesn't have the stripes... I'm going to put the big 500lb bombs on the racks for this one too! Should look quite the piece when finished.. hopefully! Regards, Andy
  13. Cheers Roger. It's nice to be back making something! Must be my age but I'm trying to remember all my little modelling short cuts lol! It's a nice kit and for the money think it was £53? It's going to be an enjoyable journey! Andy
  14. That's great piece of advice. Thank you. I wasn't aware of this at all! I wonder why this has ban the case? Cheers ,Andy
  15. It's been a fair few months since I started a kit. So as winter approaches I thought I'd have a go at one of my favourite aircraft The Thunderbolt. I bought this kit from Trumpeter back in early Summer and decided it was the next project to start. The last build I did was a Tempest V as a tribute build. I've not made a Trumpeter kit before but I'm quite impressed with the quality. Rubber tyres, fair to good mouldings, PE parts all included. I've never done any PE work before so this is going to be a nice learning process. The kit has a lot of internal supercharger parts which are totally hidden. I've made these up but I won't paint them. For this model I want to concentrate on the visible side. Photos to follow very soon! Regards, Andy Anyway here's some photos of my progress so far. Not sure why they decided to model all this hidden detail? Nice to know it's there I guess! The instructions for the engine were a little confusing. But I decided to paint it after a fashion anyway. my first attempt at PE seat belts. I think they look pretty ok and I enjoyed doing them! The front end will have to have a lot of fettling to sit nicely and allow the fuselage halves to come together within tolerance. Its not a Tamiya kit of course but I'm still impressed with the quality of the mouldings . Not that much flash. If I was designing the kit I think I'd have done some things differently. One thing is the clear plastic cowling. Nice to have I guess if you'd like to display the engine detail but I think it is going to be a bit brittle and difficult to paint. Might have to very gently key the glossy surface first. I do like the rubber tyres. It's always hard to get a really nice delineation between the metal of wheel rims Andre the rubber. Hopefully this approach with the tyres slipped on will look very precise!
  16. Hi Notty. Yes keeping well and have been busy. Not started any new models until now since my Tempest V build! Thanks for adding the pics in low light. It's absolutely amazing! Thank you! Maybe I'll have a go at one of these light and sound add ons in the near future. Will be a prop driven kit I think. Just started my Trumpeter Jug so look out for my WIP for this
  17. Notty. love this offering. Looks and sounds so realistic! I think such a high quality kit like this deserved the full 9 yards! Well done! I loved the cockpit illumination and the flashing lights especially. Would love to see some video of it activated in the dark? Cheers, Andy
  18. Choppers are not usually my main interest but i have to say.. this looks amazing Tony. superb weathering! a very convincing model ! Beautifully executed! Thanks for showing this!
  19. Thanks Alan. Nice to know my Tempest V build inspired you! I'm tempted to buy another one and build it as the first Tempest Uncle flew. I enjoyed your shelves too. I recall a couple of the finished aircraft from threads I think? 1:32 is a lovely scale to build in too. Kind Regards, Andy
  20. Love it Alan! Exceptional build. love the invasiòn stripes and your home made decals are a very inventive touch! I did this kit recently.. tribute build to my Uncle's plane from 56 Squadron. He flew some sweeps with 486 Squadron in 1945 I seem to recall. This kit was lovely to make I agree. Would love you to do a 56 Squadron bird for one of those you've acquired in your Stash! Regrds, Andy
  21. I agree. There is something almost ' whimsical' about these British designs that is very attractive. Maybe it's because we British love an underdog and sort of muddling through? Impracticality in design but well damn well make it fly! No offence to our American ' cousins' of course !
  22. Yes Henrick. I'm sure you might find something local that does the same job. It's always hard finding these things. I couldn't find Pledge Kleer anywhere in the U.K. Maybe a laminate flooring company local to you might help you? Regards, Andy
  23. They work very well. Give the sketch some story and animation! Figures are so hard to paint well I always think? Looks great!
  24. This is rather nice indeed! I liked the wires at the tail end. Looks very realistic! I don't know much about WW1 aircraft types personally, more in to WW2 stuff! Think you'd have to be pretty brave to fly them , especially without being allowed a parachute! They were refused to be issued as possession of one was thought to " impair a pilots nerve" ! Leading them to jump at the first sign of trouble! Blimey! Lovely model and an interesting subject! Cheers Andy
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