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  1. Love it! i find these Zeppelin models quite .. envigorating as they are so different! I have a postcard sent to my grand mother from her father in the trenches showing a little girl writing to her father .. i seem to recall part of the text mentions the "Zeppelin Baby Killer scourge" i''ll try and find the card and maybe post it in this thread .. Lovely unusual model! Well Done! Regards, Andy
  2. Thanks for the information. Perhaps I misremembered where they located them. I'll have to ask Chris next time I see him m.. its a fair few years ago that he related this story to me so I could be mistaken.. Cheers! kind Regards, Andy
  3. Thanks for the compliment John, How proud you must feel about your own father's exploits. It's a rare opportunity to have such a bounty of subjects to address , all with a very personal and documented backstory. I'll look forward to your next Jug and the rest of the planes your dad flew. My old boss was ground crew on Canberras. He was in Chile during the Falklands conflict. He told me that they weren't supposed to be there of course! Also that they came up with their own chaff dispensing solution for their Canberras. Tape bundles of chaff using gaffer tape in the airbrakes. When the air brakes were very briefly deployed the chaff fell off and separated. He said 2 a/c were saved using this over Port Stanley Airfield.. Have you heard of this before? Regards, Andy
  4. Most envigorating! love the paint job!
  5. Absoluteley agree Mark. I read this book last year too. It's rare these days to find a book on this subject that provokes thought, debate and presents new interpretations and embelishments . I like books which tell the story in the words of the participants within the broader framework of the 'history'. A superb book. I put it up there with Fighter Boys by Patrick Bishop, A Rumour of War by Phillip Caputo ( a classic Vietnam war memoir) , A New History of the Third Reich by Michael Burleigh . It's a superb Lancaster indeed! Love 1;48 for this .. superb weathering indeed! Thanks for showing this!
  6. Thanks for saying so Roger! I think Canberra Kid has seen my RFI of my uncles Tempest. in the year since i posted it have found some more infomation. my plan is to do another Tempest build based on his 1st Op where he shot down a FW190 D. Have been talking to a German researcher and have some information about the 5 German pilots who fell to his , 56 Squadron and 80 Squadron's guns that day. The intention is to tell the story from both sides. Regards, Andy
  7. My kind of build. It's so nice to se you've done another tribute build to your Dad. I have a weakness for Thunderbolts too! Any plans to do more planes your Dad actually flew? Regards, Andy
  8. PHAN-TASTIC! Really very nice indeed. i love the weapons load. thanks for showing Regards, Andy
  9. It's apparently a Sino-Pakistan collaboration... made in Pakistan.
  10. Looks lovely In my opinion. I think the paint you used and the undercoat worked in both cases. I think these aircraft emerged from the factory in mirror like shinky bare metal finish but soon oxidised in the ETO. Im really a fan of Jugs and yours looks great!
  11. Please you are making me go a little weak at the knees now! .... lol
  12. Love it! Looks like it's been in the South Atlantic.. sea salt spray weathering? Is this the A/c Sharky Ward flew? Think he shot down 3 Argentine aircraft .. Regards, Andy
  13. Outstanding. You nailed the weathering perfectly.. engine exhaust staining is spot on. Well done!
  14. Just wondered if the Axis , especially German, aircraft cockpit clocks were made by as many different manufacturers as german WW2 military wrist watches were?I understand that there were several 100s of German manufacturers and a few Swiss makers who made military wrist watches. Allied forces had probably less than 20 -25 manufacturers who made wrist watches. Bulova, Elgin, Timor, Reckord to name a few. I don't think i've seen any clocks apart from Smiths Industries.
  15. love the elegant Cathederal Hands on the Smiths MkIII.. Fiendishly Brilliant work! I'm a fan of WW2 Clocks and Field Style watches.. I can't afford the real things sadly... well i suppose if i ate from bins for 5 years i might be able to buy a genuine A-11 Elgin USAAF watch. SWMBO'd would kill me as well! I have a nice repro RAF Sector Clock on my wall at the moment. It's not as good as anything you've produced by a long way!
  16. Brilliant and astounding project! I'm gob smacked! Does the clock work? Any plans to 3-D print the rest of the aircraft? LOL. it's an amazing skill to 3-D print such a thing of beauty and quality. Very well done indeed! Regards, Andy
  17. Lovely Jug... I have to also agree it's nice to see a non 56th FG bird depicted. Great work, love the restrained weathering as well Regards, Andy
  18. You'll get to the level you want to be at in time Panther! i'm sure. just takes practice and patience. we all have our favoured methods which work for us .. Regards, Andy
  19. Wow. Love it. I really liked the belly Tanks on both wings. Most unusual configuration. That you have a photo of this is fantastic. I'm impressed you included the pipework for these drop tanks as well. Great detail and superb weathering. I love Jugs! My favourite is always the Bubble Top but I do like the Razorback also. 1:32 scale does this plane justice. A great model. Thanks for showing it! Regards, Andy
  20. Hello again Notty! Thank you for your compliments on my Diorama and the Tempest. it's Boys Own stuff... his story for sure.. I think it is the Rebecca aerial. Though that might also be the short 'pole' that sticks out of the bottom of the fuselage! i did find information somewhere that stated Tempest Vs had Rebecca fitted and used as a RDF tool. Having done a quick search online i can't find any pictures / articles to support my naming explicitly.. maybe it's a VHF radio 'whip' then? ... but for sure the guitar string method worked an absolute treat for me. It was an absolute pleasure to build this model for the personal story behind it. I'm humbled by people's reactions to my modest efforts. Cheers, Andy
  21. Excellent Mossie Sir! i loved this kit when i did it myself sometime in the last year or so. It's a Tamiya kit that says it all about just how good a kit can be moulded and fits together. Tamiya 'quality' in my opinion. Mine needed no filler between wings and fuselage. I think i painted the wings off then glued them on as a final part of assembly.. You example looks fabulous with a nicelight touch of weathering. Well done! Regards, Andy
  22. Tom,I like these kind of 'blast from the past' posts on the forum... reminds me of my ill spent youth! The model still looks pretty good in your pics i must say. It looks a nicely finished model, then and now. Thanks for showing it! Regards, Andy
  23. WOW... you sly old fox! what an stonking Jug you have there! the pictures are exceptional! Very well done Sir! 11/10! Regards, Andy
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