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  1. I personally don't think that's quite fair. I think the reality of it is that 1:24 kits are pretty niche purchases, even in a model industry propped up by stash hoarding and FOMO behaviour (I suspect a large proportion of the kits produced never get made). Old or new tool, it's a large time and frankly cost investment to consider buying one, and neither is it a particularly appealing size of box to find a place for to sit indefinitely. Neither is it a size that probably sells very well online, given the prohibitive cost to post, even locally. I'm sure Airfix, or any other kit manufacturer not interesting in going out of business, would sell as many copies of a kit as they possibly could, there's just not the demand to make large numbers of these. It would be stupid to artificially create significantly fewer than they suspected they could sell, just as it would be stupid to churn out tens of thousands when there just isn't the demand for them. Gearing up for a re-release no doubt carries with it significant costs, so trickling these out in small batches makes little sense either. The truth is, I've seen a good number of hellcats and typhoons on shelves gathering dust, often at a significant discount, which suggests to me that Airfix certainly didn't make too few.
  2. Took you long enough! The model's been out for a whole week already! Seriously though, I'm sure you know, really impressive detailing and wear. Looks like Eduard have done a great job on the detail and panel work, but your painting has really created a great overlapping panel look; am I correct in thinking those panels alongside the cockpit are just normal panel lines with raised rivet detail? Fantastic overall, I really like the effect of the small 'splatter' dots.
  3. Always in awe of how flawless and sharp you get those finishes; and that after many layers to give depth.
  4. Yeah that I can see, I've had to thin mine a lot, although being relatively new, thought that might just be a reality at this scale.
  5. It's really well written. Just spend the afternoon procrastinating from work down a wikipedia hole after reading your dieppe raid spitfire V article!
  6. I guess that (relatively) more recent boxing of 'Naval Destroyers' is perfect for you? Those are still popping up on ebay over here it seems.
  7. Lovely clean job, you've kept it all nice and sharp for the scale. I'm just poking at this kit as well in moments of boredom; pretty impressed with how it's designed! Andy
  8. Looks fantastic, great job! It's no doubt a well worn path, converting a US F4U into a FAA corsair, but that doesn't mean it isn't still a bit hit and miss scratching around forum threads for all the various modifications necessary. So as someone who has vaguely been thinking about it for some speculative build in the distant future, I say thanks very much for summing it all up in those two pictures! Andy
  9. Quick thing that occurred to me Mark, wouldn't a late mark, particularly post war spit like this be using the square Gyro gunsight mark II? I know little about these things, but I have a feeling the 'diamond ring' deflection lag design was introduced mid war? I'm probably wrong, I just thought I'd flag it for comment by people who actually know what they're talking about, before you spent too much time 3d modelling!
  10. Wonderful job. So many techniques and ideas to learn from on this build, thank you so much for all your commentary on here and the WiP. Really inspirational! Andy
  11. Lovely stuff, the simple diorama adds a huge amount to the model. Cute little thing, I want one now!
  12. Thanks Mark. It's a bit gloopy, but since deciding just to enjoy it and not fuss too much about it being a bit rubbish, I've had a great time. I've long realised that I get a lot more out of just starting something roughly and badly, than obsessively planning to do perfect first time. Not that I actually ever do that in spite of this revelation. It is as you said on the Wren though, there's a different rhythm to making ships somehow, and quite a pleasant one. By the way, I only just noticed your website (despite it being clearly displayed on every post you've ever made!). It's fantastic! I have many enjoyable hours of reading ahead of me! Gidday Jeff, thanks for popping by. Yeah I'm really looking forward to your Ledbury build. I've been reading Roger Hill's book of late and also found lots of mentions of him, particularly regarding the Charybdis affair in the Grenville, amongst my Granddad's papers. The good thing about a scratch build, is it will properly match the ship; this one is really HMS Zetland with a new paint job (although she and the Bramham have generally seemed to have very similar installation specifics from what I can make out). What are you planning to use as a 'donor' kit? I would guess (without any real knowledge) that the Hunts are rather shorter (or much longer!) than most available subjects in 1/600?
  13. Yeesh, you're not making it easy on yourself Mark! Nice work on the cowling, I would've panicked if I'd seen a misfit like that. Those superposition shots you do are great, what program do you use?
  14. Nice! I didn't quite comprehend the size of the operation until that last picture (although taking these kinds of pictures has about a 70% success rate for trashing models if you're me). Dunno about the cockpit though, I have a sneaking suspicion that Frog have missed out a large grey blob from somewhere. Andy
  15. Wee it is! Hunts are barely destroyers, but even so I was pretty surprised when I opened the box. I like it, it's about all that fits into my house actually. So I had intended to have this finished by today, it being 80 years today that the Ohio finally entered Valletta Harbour alongside the Bramham to draw a line under Operation Pedestal. Sadly life and modelling incompetence intervened, so I'm not quite there yet, despite this first attempt being a mostly OOB build. Nonetheless I've had a lovely time clumsily poking little bits of plastic and PE into the general vicinity of where they're actually supposed to be. We're here: Always uncanny how the camera shows up modelling shonkyness and the effect seems multiplied at this scale! Ahh well, its been great fun so far, but still a fair amount of detail painting, all the depthcharge gear; railings; a flat cote; the decals; weathering; rigging. But we're getting there. I'm really coming around to this ship modelling milarky! Cheers, Andy
  16. Aha! In before it gets completed! Great to see this little GB. When I saw the intimidating scale in the title, I thought 'yknow, there's a chance that if I start a swordfish myself, I might have the cockpit painted before at least one of them still isn't finished'. Then I realised it was Alistair building it and that idea went out the window; I doubt I'll even finish making my morning coffee in time! Clear fuselage was a bit of a whack idea from Trumpeter for this subject! Andy
  17. Always love these 'raw material' builds of yours! Can't wait to see it progress. Cheers, Andy
  18. Lovely Hurricane, Alistair. Another one you've finished in the time it takes me to comment! Andy
  19. Okay so the WA scheme is on now; thanks to @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies for the colourcoats: I'm thinking the Bramham might have had a slightly over-enthusiastic blue pigment mixer, but it looks nice to me; I might have gone a little over on the 'dirtying' which doesn't help the contrast. The splinter geometry is a shade off too. Maybe for the 'deluxe' build, I'll darken the blue a little and tidy the geometry, but I'm resolving not to fuss and redo on this one. That's all for now! Andy
  20. Thanks very much for this, Ewan. Sorry I never got around to saying so! It's nice to see a picture at this time, most of the ones I can find are in much later paint and configurations. There seems to be a gap in the market for the Ca class I believe, so no doubt I'll nab one if ever it gets made. It's speculation, but I suspect my grandfather was not quite so attached to that ship as the ones he saw the most action in. Where do you get all this amazing information by the way? Collected over years of research? Back to the build, which has be put aside because of lack of available time recently; this tends to happen when I get to a stage that requires airbrushing since it's enough of a faff for me to get all the gubbins out, I rarely have a long enough session. Anyway some tiny bits of PE that I continue to totally fail at, then some black primer, and finally some off-white. I've shamelessly been copying this build of HMS Harvester by LPG models, so in similar fashion, the white has been 'browned' with some Tamiya XF78 (wooden deck tan). It's black and white of course, but the Malta images of the Bramham definitely suggest a browned tone to me. The paint was then applied in a mottle over the black. I'm still getting my bearings with this close in airbrush work, and in this case, the thinning ratio of 3parts x20a to 1 part paint was too thin; making the process take an inordinate amount of time in many layers. But basically I copied his technique of mottle; fill in with vertical streaks; and finally hit back with a light overspray. The effect is a little stronger than the photos suggest: Next up, mask the WA splinter scheme, then some grey decking. Incidentally I finally found that other picture of the Bramham offloading survivors in Valletta (copied in the 2nd post of this thread). I'd been obsessively re-searching and checking back on the various internet histories on all my devices trying to find it, and it turned out it had been in a you tube video. Aiyee. Not a particularly useful picture in the end, but it'll stop me wasting inordinate amounts of time looking for it at least! I've really got to work on that obsessive behaviour! Also been going through my grandfathers papers and found lots of interesting stuff and correspondance, particularly about Les Sept Iles in the Talybont, but I'll write more on that if ever I get around to that ship! Anyway hopefully I'll get a chance to make progress a little more regularly! Cheers, Andy
  21. Always a satisfying moment when the full camo scheme goes down. It's looking up to your usual impeccable standards, Alistair, Cheers, Andy
  22. If you really feel like you've fallen off the wagon, my outside suggestion would be to build none of them! I'd go grab something small, cheap and quick, like your lovely 72nd scale Zero build. Something you really don't care about. Each to their own, but speaking for myself, the more attached I am to the subject matter, the more I end up stalling, overthinking choices, looking at references, and constantly going backwards to fix things that aren't 'just right'. Add to that, a lot of those choices will require a decent amount of care and work, where you might find joy in mindlessly glueing nicely fitting bits of plastic together for a little bit. Of course I can well imagine the opposite effect where the model is so uninteresting that there's no drive to build it! But just one additional idea for you to consider. KB Models? That place is awesome!
  23. Looking very nice as ever Chris. I have about 20 kits on the 'definitely build this one next' list but very tempted to have a go at this one In light of your build. Seems I suffer from kit envy just as much as food envy!
  24. Quick question, I'm sure this has been answered somewhere here before, but can't seem to find any obvious discussions: Basically I'm (sort-of-)building the revell re-release of the cyber hobby Sea Vixen FAW2, and noticed the later mark shoulder booms are just new parts overlaying the FAW1 shape (for obvious reasons given the CH kit history), so the obvious question is what would it take to build a FAW1 out of the Revell kit? At first glance I would guess: -omit the FAW2 shoulder boom extensions -sand back the observer cockpit flush But what else might be needed (not knowing much about this aircraft)? I suspect I'll just build it with wing tanks and empty pylons, but what other armament would be approriate for this mark? I understand the limitations of the kit, I do have the quickboost replacement nose and some barracuda replacement seats, and I suspect that is enough for me to not really notice or care about other 'departures' from reality; nose aside, it looks plenty Sea Vixeny to my unobservant eye, and the nice buildability of the CH tooling is a big selling point for me. Since I also have the airfix 1:48 kit, it seems like a nice idea to build both marks, (I actually prefer the lines of the FAW1), and this seems by far the easier conversion given the 'converted' design of the kit. Thanks for any help! Andy
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