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  1. Thanks Mark, don't worry, we'll soon put an end to that! Andy
  2. Whoops missed the start as usual. Lovely work so far, the blue looks great! Andy
  3. Just finished with this one too. Lovely kit to build. The only thing I might flag up (other than the trailing edges being the major one), is maybe little care may be needed with the radiator assembly to ensure the radiator inner surface on the wing is able to reach over and snap into place. Good luck with it, wing scraping aside, I thoroughly enjoyed mine start to finish.
  4. Thanks for the pointers Chris. Yeah the original plan was to pose it open for this very reason, but like all things with this kit, it becomes a bit more faff if you stray from the intended build. In this case, the canopy locates with stubs and holes which would need removing and filling. No major one but given I was going to do landing configuration, I opted to leave closed, which led to some knock on corner cutting when detailing the cockpit. I think I'll just grin and bear this one. Thanks also for the heads up on the conversion, another lovely build from your back catalogue that I'd missed. I see how you've done it, I'll have a look tonight and decide whether I have the willpower! Cheers, Andy
  5. Yep true to form, I've left the requisite month before getting around to doing any serious work on this one again. In the intervening time, I've only had a few feeble pokes at it, so in the spirit KUTA, I resolved to really sit down and work through what was holding it back. A couple of evenings work without much obvious to show for it, other than finally cleaning a multitude of extra bits and bobs, another hack the filling jobs that I've been putting off, and generally getting everything ready and in order for paint. Was almost ready to start that today, but had a final-boss vacillation over the canopy. The canopy of course, is one of the things that's a fair way off about this kit. Starting from the aft end, the Sea Vixen's rear canopy reaches a peak and then gently curves down before meeting the windshield almost flush. The CH tooling has both rising to reach a sharp, discontinuous peak at the join, and while I'm generally not that fussy about kit inaccuracy, it is a rather obvious and characteristic part of the Sea Vixen's overall look. I do happen to have a Squadron vacform (made for the frog kit, I think), which looks great except for the fact that it has none of the lower and rear framing; so using it would require me to butcher up the kit version and then try and pull off some unholy union of the rather substantial lower framing, and the vacform clear bits. In the end I bailed out, feeling the chances of success were vanishingly small. I also (re-) considered whether to do some relatively major surgery on the long 'strake' or 'slide' to the port side of the canopy. The kit has this feature included (as it should for the FAW2), but most pictures of FAW1 have none, rather just a smooth fuselage that mirrors the starboard side. Removing it, however would also mean some significant work on the windshield, since it corresponds to the much larger windshield base. Seeing as I found a fair few pictures of FAW1s with this later windshield and 'strake' (what is it anyone?) I decided to wuss out of this too. Incidentally I noticed that new windshield and also refuelling boom from the port wing to be present on a fair few FAW1s in photos. Does anyone know about these intermediate 'upgraded' FAW1s? The starboard wing fuel dump pipe is another that I think I've both seen and not seen on FAW1s. In this case, I opted to fill the hole to accept this part with styrene. So finally we're on to real forward progress. I had at the thing with some black Mr finishing surfacer 1500 thinned about 50/50 with MLT, to show up any joins. Why black given the next layer is white? Erm.. I dunno. I suspect I might have had plans to black base this one, but it might also have been to save a paint step since I needed black for the canopy interior colour. Frankly I have very little idea what I was thinking 30 seconds ago, I blame the wee ragemonsters for not sleeping all week. Anyway black shows up seams better. A little remedial work still necessary, then shamelessly ignoring some rather egregious dodgyness on the scratch boom joins, I pressed straight on to paint. I'm experimenting with Gunze lacquers this time, hoping it might let me get away both without priming and then (since they're gloss or semigloss), maybe also save on a gloss cote pre-decals; hopefully sharpening up the final result. I've never done this post-war EDSG/ white scheme, or frankly anything with large portions of white, so we're into experimental territory here. I opted to do a basecoat of off-white, which is to say Mr Colour C1 with about 4% C333 (EDSG), my thinking being that my options for post shading would be very limited if I started from pure white. It turned out actually rather darker than I intended, I'd say it's fully a light grey. We'll see how it turns out. I'm telling myself that it's not the final colour, the whole point is to give some room to lighten it. The next stage will be some shading, starting white, and then gradually adding in various different tones and darkeners. I will say that I'm pretty happy with how the Gunze is behaving. I do use it a fair amount, but usually for lazy interior basecoats (since it doesn't need primer and is glossy enough to wash without varnish), so it's the first time I'm doing an exterior using them. The styrene had cursory wipedown with IPA beforehand, and I'm pretty happy with how smoothly they go on, and the satin finish. I'm tempted to plough on, but it's late and I should probably try and get at least one night's sleep this week. Hopefully reconvene tomorrow! Cheers, Andy
  6. Behold! A gapless spit wingroot join with the right dihedral! Time to buy a lottery ticket I think. Andy
  7. Thanks Steve. Yeah with my butterfingers, any further work, particularly post aerials, wheels and canopy, is a very low probability endeavour! Sticking all that on was a bit of a subconscious burning ships moment I suspect. Hehe yeah it stands out a bit, but I'm happy enough with it and in any case it's not a real scheme with any historical interest, being a mishmash of what I liked the look of and what is in the box. Massive thanks for all your help with various techniques and gently prodding me to have a go with the shading on this one. I really learned a lot, so from being in a place with this model of having absolutely no idea what to do, it's given me a lot of direction on what kinds of things work and what doesn't so much. In this case the little bits of shading are a bit glaring and make the un- and under- shaded bits more noticeable, but I certainly am in a much better place than I would've been if I hadn't tried. Thanks guys. It's been a fun one, it's very enjoyable just bosching together a nice easy kit without getting too bothered about the final result! I feel I somehow need to make some horrific 1960 limited run white metal monstrosity in penance. Thanks. There are a few little tweaks here and there but overall I've been really impressed with this kit. The design and fit, particularly around the wing roots and potentially awful Tempest landing gear was really pleasing. Andy
  8. You're very kind Chris. I definitely can see a lot of things I should do to it, but want to push on, and I'd never intended to really spend much time getting this one 'just right'. Thanks for the help throughout! I'm glad I did have a hack at post shading in the end. It's clearly too piecemeal and stands out, but the bits that I did do at least gave me a lot of ideas and experience on how to do it properly next time. Andy Thanks very much, Matt. Thanks for reminding me: @Steve Coombs not much help to you, but since you asked, my undercarriage was fine, and actually went together really well. The only issue was the locating stub for innermost main undercarriage doors (triangular wheel covers) was clearly too large for the the hole and needed trimming down.
  9. Nice work on the insides, that scratch rear section has come out very nicely. Good luck closing up! Andy
  10. Thanks Roger. Yeah I want to open some new shiny stuff! Thanks, Alistair. The satin went a bit far for me to be honest, but I'm not over fussed with this one as evidenced by the final product! It's about done, or at least as far as I my interest will take it. Just light pass with some satin is needed when I next have it out to hide a few dodgy bits. Lovely kit actually. Highly recommended! Cheers, Andy
  11. There's something about a flawlessly applied coat of EDSG that is so satisfying to look at. Really enjoying seeing this one take shape. Andy
  12. Lovely tidy work on this little kit. The sharp finish is really impressive, helped a lot by those additions. I have one in the stash too, looking forward to it Cheers, Andy
  13. Ahh yes the lesser spotted sword spitfire. I will follow with much interest! Lovely start, it's looking plenty spitfirish. Speaking of IVs I'm always reminded of this, which I believe was in a PR IV (sorry for the sidetrack), on the photographs revealing the Wurzburg and Wurzburg Riese radar. Shameless excuse to watch this series again basically. Not a subject I know much about, but wiki seems to think the IVs didn't have an oblique camera though? cheers, Andy
  14. Welcome! Yes that story has more than a whiff of familiarity about it. The only thing that doesn't exactly mirror mine is the fact that you've taken 5 whole years to build up to an embarrassing stash size! Please do post some of your builds in the ready for inspection sections, we'd love to see what you've been getting up to; and show us your current projects in work in progress threads. We've also just finish voting for next year's group builds so check those out if you're game, quite a broad range of subjects this year. Cheers, Andy
  15. I'd aim a day sooner or you'll get the dreaded 'took him 10 years' for ever more.
  16. Looking forward very much to this one Mark. Fascinating story. Must've been a disturbing situation to be caught by a 190 while flying such a fast and powerful spit. Perhaps it was in Clostermann's autobiography that I read the higher gear of the IXs supercharger would kick in and leave 190s for dust above a certain height, I guess rather higher that 9000ft. I guess the two stage griffon was similar? I wonder if the 190 was a dora? (Sorry wild random questions coming from a place of no actual knowledge!) I'll see if I can get these last two builds squared away soon and then perhaps I'll join this GB if I may? Andy
  17. Lovely job Chris, glad Tony pulled this one from the archives else I would've missed it. Sounds like it was quite the journey. The weathering and pencil work is top notch. Andy
  18. Great start back, nice neat work on the camo. A few little points that might help: -Tony's suggestion of clearcoat is well made. Since you're brushing, 'klear' type floor polishes are a good and often relatively cheap option. Something to look into for your next build if you're feeling game? -it can sometimes be helpful, when applying filler, to use a toothpick or apply some masking tape just a mm or so either side of the seam. This prevents the filler going anywhere it isn't needed and gives you a much smaller and easier sanding job, while retaining more of the surface detail. If the gap isn't too large, actually CA (super) glue can be very effective. -airbrushes are pretty cool but do come with a lot of cost, faff, extra things to go wrong. It's a slippery slope once you consider compressors, masks, spray booths and all the extra variables to potentially go wrong. So do be aware of this. The reason I mention it is that it's easy to forget what fantastic results can be achieved with the humble old hairy stick. Check out any of Chris's @bigbadbadge builds for example, which way are better than most of us can achieve with all the expensive gubbins. I'm not one to talk because I can't do it (!) but the smooth quality of finish that can be achieved by thinning your paints and applying in many thinner coats always amazes me. Anyway feel free to ignore, just a few things to consider. Lovely looking spit so far, looking forward to seeing it really come alive with the decals. Looking forward to seeing your other models, please to do post them! Cheers, Andy
  19. As others have said, the weathering is fantastic. Not enough that your eyes pick up on anything but unquestionably, it just looks more real. Just some subtle, indefinable 'texture'. That clean but real look is so hard to achieve, I'll be referring back to this a lot! Andy
  20. Lovely kit, wish I'd grabbed it when I saw it frankly! The XI in PRU blue has got to be in the running for title of best looking spit. The top scheme I think looks particularly good. Which one are you aiming for? I had some interior green out yesterday, while tidying up some tempest undercarriage. At the last minute I remembered the PRXIX, so sprayed some randomly in the interior. Of course I didn't quite have enough to finish the job, but I'm going to call that started and so claim that I've finally managed to start a build in the timeframe that it takes you to complete one! Andy
  21. Another immaculate build Mark, which in regulation style, I've managed to completely miss the entirety of. In my defence, this one seems to have been built over about the same timescale as it takes me to choose what to make for lunch. It's an attractive scheme that these RAAF spits were painted in. Looking forward to your 19! Andy
  22. Quick update, the poor tempest has been waiting patiently for me to show interest and finally got a little bit of progress. A couple of applications of a rather lazy oil panel-ish-wash, a scrub back and then a coat of satin to seal it all in. This is my first go with VMS's HD varnish, and comes out pretty nicely I think, and with minimal effort. I'm trying @Mike's advice and added a thicker layer around the roundels, so might hit that back again to try and alleviate the carrier film bumps. Here was it post wash (note the colour matching on the roundel repair was way off, but I thought I'd see how it looked after evening it out with varnish, and then some sanding, before I tried further remdial action): And here's after the VMS: That poor 1/144 FW190D-9 has been sitting on my desk, trying to raise enough attention to get an oil wash, and fortunately I noticed it when I was doing the Tempest (about 6th time lucky!), so it's had some satin as well. Some other various landing gear and whatnot has also had a quick look, so I guess, since I'm not going to weather this one, that we're not a million miles away. I'll have a look at the decals when it's dried and decide whether hitting it sanding paper is worth the effort. That it, man. Andy.
  23. Oh yes I'm all about both of those kits. Really looking forward to the builds. They'll make a lovely 'evolution' pair as well. Do I detect some grade 1 bait and switch on the PR IV? That white coat looks flawless. Worth effort I think (not to mention the 3kg of paint it must've taken!) Andy
  24. Thanks Chris. I'd pull them back a bit if I wasn't so lazy but I've reached a bit of KUTA mentality, what with the new year and my wildly optimistic GB diary requiring me to complete stuff every few weeks! Ahh that's a nice detail. Martlets are firmly in the 'like but don't love' category so my 'research' hasn't extended beyond the decal sheet and a the odd Google image search. I'll look into it though. One of your masterpieces on a 48th martlet is something to look forward to though. New eduard tool? If they release a Martlet boxing I'll be hard pressed to say no I must say. Thanks Mark. It's a bit of a mule this one, fortunately it has got to the point that I've made a closeout list, which usually brings final bitter end up just a little faster. It's actually a bit too 'nails on a chalkboard' for me, I was aiming for a slight sheen if only to avoid the fuzzy '12 year old me sloshing on the neat humbrol' look. Actually I used a good 2/3 bottle of the stuff (gunze GX113), on an older model, each time infuriatingly making the subject glossier and glossier. Turns out I just didn't stir it first! The remainder is now a potent distillation of ULTRAMATTE that turns anything into a rusted old shipwreck at the merest glance. Looking forward to the next bottle to be honest but perhaps I should keep this one aside for a rainy day. Hehe thanks. This one stated off as light relief, to be competed quickly with the simplest nastiest paint job, hopefully to look vaguely serviceable at the back of the shelf. That last part has remained, but the circuitous path to it is a tad beyond brief! Ah well, I've been having fun! Cheers for comments all. Actually don't feel this one is that far away from being finally put out of its misery thankfully. Andy
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