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Wingnut Wings Sopwith F.1 Camel "Le Rhone"

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Hello Haris and all. I love the work you've done. Im slowly getting into WW1 aircraft. I only have a lonely 1/72nd Sopwith Camel as of right now. Planning on several more and i've just added another camel to my list of "to do's." If you dont mind i think i will have to duplicate this scheme as i find it particularly interesting.



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Totally agree with others, Haris -


A very nicely weathered and finished Camel.  Are you going to try another WNW kit?





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Wonderful build and finish.

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This is a really great model.

I am planning to build the same aircraft from the WNW kit, and have a question for you, regarding the windshield.

You used the single piece windshield. In the instructions it says to use the split one, where the image also shows the aldis sight in place. (According to the instructions, this aircraft didn't have the aldis sight, however)

Do you have more information on this issue, or did you just reason that it wouldn't make any sense to have the split windshield when no aldis sight is installed?


Thank you for your help,


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