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  1. Ian! WOW! That is incredible! Not only the number of them but the quality. I assume they are all 1/72....anything bigger would require a second home. That is really awesome that you found your particular niche in the hobby. Truly amazing. Thank you for sharing it. How did you get so involved with the Phantom? You should get a bumper sticker Hello I am Ian and I am a Phantomaholic LOL All the Best! Don
  2. Thank you all for all the kind comments. I really appreciate them All the Best! Don
  3. That is the Vallejo Vietnam Colors...I thought they looked great too...and of course went on perfectly. Greg, Well a couple of things. The cockpit sits too low on the tabs in the fuselage and the spine needed some putty . Other than that it is a really good fitting for being from '79.
  4. Adam, Thank you! The Phantom is a big airplane and in 1/48 is a good chunk of my table. But it sure is impressive when done.
  5. Hello All, Thought I'd post some pictures of my completed 1/48 Monogram F-4C. This kit dates back I think to 1979, this is the most recent Revell boxing. It looks every bit the Phantom to me. I did not do much to it at all really...but being an older kit that brings it's own challenges. The paint I used is Tamiya acrylic as a primer as it adheres very well to washed plastic and the the colors are Vallejo Vietnam set. I really like this combination of paints. The gloss coat is Pledge (formerly Future) and the Matt is Vallejo. The exhaust area is Vallejo metallic which look r
  6. Hi, I would like to join this GB with either a Monogram 1/8 Delta Dagger or Delta Dart....or maybe both! Thank you! Don
  7. Thank you so much. The canopies and the turret were masked with a very thin .7MM Tamiya -like tape around the frame and use a single edge razor blade to trim. It's much sharper than a regular #11. Once that is done I use a liquid mask to fill in the middle. I spray the interior color, then the exterior and finally the matt coat. I wait a day until it is thoroughly dry then I carefully pull the tape off to avoid paint pulling off. I have been using Tamia acrylic as a primer, usually the actual primer color, in this case my mix of Interior Green. Once the mask is off any clean-up is done with a
  8. Hello All, Attached are some pictures of a nostalgia build I completed recently. It s vintage Monogram Avenger. I trimmed off all the working feature bumps and bits , split the bomb bay doors, drilled-out the exhaust, trimmed t, refined the pilots machine gun area, removed the turret gunner from the sat (one figure was enough to paint lol), reworked the torpedo a bit, replaced the kit wheels and tires with spare ones from a Accurate Miniatures Avenger and replaced as many rivets as I lost during sanding. Paint is Vallejo over a primer of Tamiya acrylic. Final matt is Vallejo. Marking
  9. Truly an epic build. Well done. All the Best! Don
  10. Wow this is really excellent! Thanks for sharing. All the Best! Don
  11. This is absolutely stunning..very well done! All the Best! Don
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