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  1. Peter, An absolute work of the modeler's art. No doubt about that. Also congrats on your lovely grandchild.....Grandpa. All the Best! Don
  2. Thank you Col and I will.....it seems we have possibly found the new home and it has a very nice space for me and my hobby...fingers crossed that it all works out. Thank you for the kind words. Don
  3. Thanks Graham ...glad you had a good experience with the kit.
  4. Thanks Pete....moving after 30 years in the same house...quite an event.
  5. All, Unfortunately I am suspending this build due to the fact we are packing up our house to move. I was hoping to get this done prior to this but the kit fought me until I had to stop to get the house ready and pack up my hobby room. Hopefully the completion of this life event will not take too long but definitely past the end of the group build date. Thanks for all the kind words and hopefully we will be a participant again in the next couple of months. All the Best! Don
  6. Thank you so much Col....we're putting top to bottom today...big event...made sure I had some weight in front...just in case.
  7. Hello All, Made some more progress after finishing my Super Hornet. It truly is a patience tester this one. Much dry fitting, blending and filling on the air refueling receptacle . The tail pipe is also a rather ambiguous fit. It reminds me very much of the F-101 as far as fit goes. Panel lines are very light in most case on this....not as heavy as the 101. The fit of the top and bottom will be challenging as I have already done a dry fit. Oh well we will keep chugging along. Hope you enjoy the pictures. All the Best! Don
  8. Unfortunately that is the case Col. What can you do but work your way through it.
  9. As promised here are a few in progress pictures...this kit is a bear. You have to be careful cementing the fuselage halves. did it a section at a time as they are very flimsy. But if you're careful there will be minimal seam filling. You can't avoid seams at the vertical stabilizer as the fit is not good. The refueling receptacle does not fit well at all. So you have to cement it in the best position possible then fill and sand . I use CA for most of the filling but a little Tamiya putty also. The cockpit and instrument panel are very nice as well as the ejection seat. Just some very car
  10. Hi JR, Well I have been through several recent Monogram builds of that era so I know what you mean. But so far so good...the cockpit is super. I will have it done this week..pictures will be then. The most tricky fit is the fuselage halves...very flimsy so it's a very tricky joint...but I got it sorted with minimal filler. The rest pieced together really well....so fingers crossed. All the Best! Don
  11. One of the vintage Century Series from Monogram.
  12. Ian! WOW! That is incredible! Not only the number of them but the quality. I assume they are all 1/72....anything bigger would require a second home. That is really awesome that you found your particular niche in the hobby. Truly amazing. Thank you for sharing it. How did you get so involved with the Phantom? You should get a bumper sticker Hello I am Ian and I am a Phantomaholic LOL All the Best! Don
  13. Thank you all for all the kind comments. I really appreciate them All the Best! Don
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