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  1. On my recent trip to Scotland I saw these beauties just south of Lybster on the A99. If you are familiar with the frozen far north, there is old machinery everywhere, rusting in fields or gardens. These look nicely restored and are displayed outside a construction company, so I don't know if they are old company vehicles, or have been salvaged elsewhere. PS. The sky wasn't photo-shopped in afterwards, it was actually sunny! I hope you like them.
  2. Brengun Yokasuka MXY7 OHKA model 22 1/48 This is about as simple a 1/48 kit as you are likely to find, and could be done relatively easily in a weekend, but it took me ten days (I'm captain slows more cautious cousin). I'm in a 'back to basics' mood at the moment, but the kit detail in the cockpit is a little too basic, so a little scratch was required to make it look less stark. There isn't much in the way of reference material for this model, so I won't post a photo in case someone is foolish enough to think I know what I'm doing and follows suit. Although a tiny photo etch sheet is included (if something the size of a small stamp can be called a sheet) there' isn't a seat belt, so mine is from Eduard. Other improvements are brass tube for the pitot and I cut the canopy to enable it to be posed open. It such a basic aircraft, the only other thing that could be added is an American aircraft carrier directly in front of it. It does make you stop and think what would it have been like to be strapped into what is really a missile? Bravery, brain washed, or peer-presure? I kept weathering to an absolute minimum, if one of these were to last long enough for it to get weathered, doubts would have been cast over the pilots suitability for the position. I tried @stevehnz 's 'Future/Pledge' method for applying decals, and it worked very well, so thanks Steve. I'll be playing around with this method on many more builds to come. I don't normally post WIP pics on RFI posts (although it annoys Ratch apparently, so I might have to start doing it more often ), but as I didn't do a WIP, I just want to point a couple of things out if you are intending to do this kit. From looking online, the wings should have quite a pronounced dihedral (from root to tip approx. 5mm) which isn't mentioned in the instructions and the parts aren't moulded to make it obvious. I cut some guides out of card so they would dry in the correct position as the wing-root fit is a bit loose. Be prepared to use plenty of putty. Also, I would advise you to fit the photo etch in front of the cockpit, AFTER the centre-line decal is applied. The red centre-line decals are hell to get completely straight (I failed). In hindsight I should have painted instead. Thanks for taking the time too look and comments are, as always welcome. Gorby
  3. Only the truck has their company name on it. It is an odd area, there are many bits of machinery that have just been abandoned in fields and gardens, old JCB's, tractors and plenty more besides, so they could have acquired them anywhere. Having said that, with the salt air things deteriorate quite quickly, and these look to be in too good a condition for them to have been left in the open commensurate with their age.
  4. Gorby

    Am I late? RIAT 2018

    Nice photos - the second one is stunning, a real WOW!
  5. Yes I thought the same. I had a look at their web site - they are quite a big company that has been going since 1912, but there must be someone there who is willing to put quite a bit of time, money and effort into keeping these in good condition. They are located quite near the coast in the far north of Scotland (about 30 miles from John o'Groats) so not the friendliest of conditions to keep something outdoors in such good state. I had a look on Google street view and the digger and bulldozer appeared between 2008 & 2011 and the truck joined them sometime after 2011.
  6. Yes I've heard that as well. It's amazing what peer-pressure or sense of duty will make a person do.
  7. Thanks @Corsairfoxfouruncle @Unfinished project @stevehnz @Andy Robbins @celt and to everyone who has 'liked'. I can well understand the feelings about this aircraft – but it holds a sort of morbid fascination for me. I think a lot of people are intrigued about many of these last ditch weapons like the Natter and the V1/V2. While I was researching and building it I certainly gave a lot of thought to what it must have been like to have been its pilot or its victim. @stevehnz I gave you credit Steve because I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise, so thanks again. I agree. I did give it a reasonably heavy panel wash because it looked a bit featureless without it, and I have seen photos of these being stored outside, so it is possible for some grubbyness to have gathered. Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to look and comment (or 'Like')
  8. Gorby

    What have you purchased / been given

    That is tremendously generous of you, but there are shape and accuracy issues with all of them I'm afraid – and not one of them has rivet or panel line detailing! I'm convinced that Scapa is 2mm is too short. And to add insult to injury, they all came in end opening boxes! So I wouldn’t be impolite enough to offload my burden. When I've completed them I'll be sure to post photos in the RFI section, but as you have shown some interest, here is a photo from the work in progress...
  9. Gorby

    Grump Britain replacement

    Referring to my dealings with Npower, just before he died my dad said, “What's the difference with a pit-bull and my son? You might stand a chance with the pit-bull”. Npower have got me riled, AGAIN! After some consideration and advice from some excellent bods not a million miles away, I've decided to go down the letter to the CEO route. I've been working on it for hours and I believe it's ready. Only to find that the black ink cartridge that I fitted last month is faulty and I can't print it! After four months Npower discover the reason for the over charging and it is exactly what I suggested in my first phone call to them. Because he had storage heaters, Dad was on an unusual tariff called 'Economy 10' and the meter had been set up incorrectly so that it thought his storage heaters were an electric oven – charged at the full daytime rate. They only 'discovered' this, because I finally managed to find an employee who was human enough to show a little concern for an elderly, disabled man who was wearing a heavy winter coat indoors because he was afraid of the next Npower bill. Did I mention that I HATE Npower?
  10. Gorby

    Lots of new arrivals this week

    Wouldn't it save time and effort just to have them sent direct to @Sgt.Squarehead's address?
  11. Gorby

    Grump Britain replacement

    That's a good idea!
  12. Gorby

    Workshop Project

    'Modelling Tips' is a rarely visited deep dark corner of Britmodeller, if in doubt I usually put it in 'Chat'. If you don't get any other replies you could appeal to a higher power (@Mike) to get it moved. I have often thought there should be a 'General Modelling Chat' section. As to your modelling room. I know that several members have garage/shed/shack areas, but personally I don't. If you have to opportunity to insulate the space it would be preferable, partly to make it more pleasant to work in and partly because some paints/glues/varnishes may react oddly to extremes of temperatures. This may give some ideas of layouts etc… And when it's done, we would love to have a nose at the photos. Gorby
  13. Gorby

    Grump Britain replacement

    Just because you live in a country they don't do business, doesn't mean that the aren't going to get you in the end. They have superhuman powers of incompetence.
  14. Gorby

    Spains New Submarine Woes

    The $125-million 'Mars Climate Orbiter' becoming the 'Mars Plummeter' because spacecraft engineers failed to convert from imperial to metric measurements when exchanging data before the craft was launched. Oops!
  15. Gorby

    Grump Britain replacement

    It has been considered… I've also considered this as well. But each time you think, 'It's finally over, I will never have to deal with Npower again'. I've been at that point about half a dozen times before. I don't want the hassle and expense of lawyers, I don't want to have to waste hours writing letters, and I don't want financial recompense, I just want them to leave me alone. It looks like I'll have to go down the CEO letter route to achieve this, although I have absolutely no faith in anyone connected with these to have the ability to wipe their own rear end let alone solve anything. Thanks for the advice.
  16. Gorby

    Grump Britain replacement

    Today Npower has sent a bill demanding £726.34 on dad's electricity account. Four months ago they send a solicitors letter issuing a thinly veiled threat about an unpaid bill of £169.92. My dad died ten months ago, and his account was closed after I paid the final bill in February. Dealing with this bunch of totally incompetent morons is a Kafkaesque nightmare that I never seem to be able to wake up from. The woman I spoke to today agrees that the account is closed and I own nothing, but can't send me a letter stating that fact because the system shows a debit! I have been in dispute with these crooks since February 2017 when my dad told me he was concerned about his electric bill. After five months of writing angry letters and dozens of incredibly frustrating phones calls, they finally accepted that they had been ripping off my ageing dad for years, and Ofgem instructed them to repaid him £3,233.60. It still took nearly a month for Npower to comply and by the time they did, my dad had died two days before. Npower are the most incompetent company I have ever had the misfortune of encountering and their staff are so used to angry complaints that you are just one of many, many thousands they have dealt with, so they just don't care. Please, never switch to Npower.
  17. Gorby

    "Here's Johnny"

    Wow that's good!
  18. Gorby

    Horsefly bites?

    Not the real deal. Marmite rules! Accept no (inferior) alternatives.
  19. Gorby

    Horsefly bites?

    Damn I thought I bought all those copies of the local paper. I seem to recall that Marmite is a by product of beer production, so perhaps there is a connection.
  20. Gorby

    Horsefly bites?

    From experiments on Mrs Gorby (that sounds bad doesn't it) vitamin B supplements have almost completely stopped her being and insect pin cushion. The few bites that she has had this year, haven't been as bad as in every year previously. It's worth a try, but it may take a few weeks/months before there is enough in your system to deter the little gits. It seems that insects hate Marmite as well.
  21. Gorby

    Horsefly bites?

    Out of interest, do you hate marmite?
  22. Gorby

    Horsefly bites?

    Not specifically about Horse flies, but earlier in the year I asked for advice about avoiding midge bites as Mrs Gorby is frequently feasted upon by anything from the insect world. Following advice, she has been taking vitamin B for several months and it is very noticeable that she has had a drastic reduction in the number of bites this year – only two or three. Incidentally, we didn't encounter any midges in Scotland for the entire too weeks (apparently either too warm or too windy for the little buggers).
  23. Gorby

    Horsefly bites?

    It certainly is...
  24. Gorby

    Thinking of changing paint, need some advice please.

    Very odd. I use Tamiya acrylic and don't have this problem. I don't rub the plastic down with alcohol and sometimes I don't even prime and I haven't experienced the problems you have mentioned. You haven't said if you seal the paint with varnish. If you don't, it may help and you could stick with Tamiya. Also, make sure the paint is well stirred before using it.
  25. Gorby

    It’s too hot!

    That's because you abandoned the country of your birth and now you are burning in the fires of hell. Karma doesn't mess around you know.