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  1. Great effort on a very attractive Markings version
  2. Thanks Don for the info's especially the Osprey title, checked the ebay item # search but didn't get an auction, maybe the auction has already ended.
  3. Hi Tony, thanks for the etsy link, though pretty pricey i'm tempted to hit the button..... Your build of that old Monogram bone is encouraging for my own build, your hand-painted nose looks great and captures the real nose better than any decal, which makes sense to me since i assume that the nose of the real aircraft had been hand-painted too. Cheers Hans
  4. Thank's a lot for the detailed info's, i will go with Monogram kit
  5. Hello Chaps, i wonder how much work would it be to convert Italeri's (Accurate Miniatures) B-25G into an H version. as far as i know the only OOB H version that exits in Quarter-scale is Monograms ancient kit from the '70s. Cheers Hans
  6. Hello Chaps, for one of my next builds i'm looking for a sheet that includes the ''Vikin Vicious Virgin'' Decal in 1:48, i know there were a Decal set from Albatros which is long OOP. Any hints are appreciated! Cheers Hans
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