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  1. Lovely build with great attention to detail Hans
  2. Great work with good attention for Details, like especially the weathering.
  3. Lovely paint work, this little Beauty deserves better pics....
  4. Many Thanks for your kind words Darryl & Francis. @FrancisGL in the beginning i wasn't quite sure how intense i wanted the balance between faded and rusted areas, especially on the upper hull decks sometimes it's a thin line between too less and too much...but in the end i found a good balance.
  5. G'Day all, tanks are rarely seen subjects on my bench, it's my second at all and the first in 5 years. I normally build planes but now and then i want to do something different. Starting point here was a picture depicting a deserted Mk.V in the last war days in Berlin of '45. I researched a bit and found out that there was a Mk.V which had been captured by the Germans in the Battle of Smolensk in 1941 which had been brought to Berlin and displayed since in Berlins ''Lustgarten'' a famous Square in Berlin, sitting there for 4 years caused a complete discolored & rusted state.
  6. Great effort on a small subject, the Result is wonderful!
  7. That's some serious modeling here, like the way of painting & weathering.
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