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  1. @Keith T Confirmed, did a bit research and talked to someone who had all 3 in hand and his conclusion is Reskit is the finest.... @dnl42 It's for the Zoukei Mura 1:48
  2. Hello Mates, i will add some resin exhausts to my next F-4J build and wonder if someone had the opportunity to compare Eduard/ResKit and/or Aires exhausts and can give infos which one is the best in terms of refinement & details, I know that all 3 are pretty good but would like to know if there are one of them which piques the others? Thanks & Cheers Hans
  3. This Variant looks very attractive, got one in the stash myself and your build brings it a bit higher in my pile, top paint job! Cheers Hans
  4. Striking scheme & superbly executed! Cheers Hans
  5. As always excellent work Frank, from an aesthetic point of view these Quadruplanes look equally absurd and impressing.
  6. That's a damn fine looking Skyhawk, Top Notch paint job! Did you use paint masks or how did you achieve that pattern?
  7. Superb looking ''Witwenmacher'' , infamous german Nickname for Starfighters
  8. Great looking W├╝rger & Fine paint job! Since you mentioned it, Ingeborg was the name of Martin Ullmann's ( Pilot) Girlfriend. BTW it's the name of my mother too, she's norwegian
  9. Fine looking Spit, like that scheme with the ext. wingtips
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