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  1. Excellent builds with sublime attention to detail!
  2. Superb Paintjob & subtle weathering as well!
  3. @Dennis, thanks, appreciate that you like it, concerning your question Dennis, make sure that you don't paint the matching edges & points in the cockpit otherwise you will run into problems like i did, the cockpit is a model in itself, highly detailed but Eduard engineered it so well that there are zero fitting tolerance... Another aspect which is a bit curious is the fact that if you want to build Version B like i did you have to scratchbuilt the adequate cowling version from the two versions that are included in the kit, the one for Version B is not part of the kit, hard to understand in a otherwise great kit. Cheers
  4. Hello Chaps, i took a break from my WNW Albatros build and decided to build Eduard's little SE.5a in the meantime, as for details & surface texture this kit is a gem at least on par with WNW. Since i decided to display the engine i add some details, not much just some pipes that it looks a bit more complete, no decals were used instead i brush painted it or used homemade masks. This special plane was flown by Lt. W.R Oulton as a Nightfighter version in May 1918 as a member of No.143 ( Home Defense ) Squadron. This build is far beyond being perfect, because of my inexperience i made several build mistakes, unfortunately some of them are visible... So i definitely will build another one, a four blade version and hopefully it turns out better than this first attempt..... Cheers Hans
  5. Beautiful work mate & superb finish and great photos too. Lures me to start with my 1:32 kit..... Cheers Hans
  6. Time for an update Gentlemen..... Some Undercarriage parts... For sure we have some wheels too Stress effects & Weathering came out nicely.... Since it was the first time for me to create a wooden structure it took several attempts & techniques on the fuselage before i liked the result..... That's it for now and as always hope you like it.... Cheers Hans
  7. Thanks for that feedback Jack matches with my impression when i saw examples from Engine & Things on different sites, doesn't look very convincing to say it moderate.... Regards Hans
  8. Hi Gents, i'm going to start my Revell Spitfire Mk.II (1:32) build and would like to add the engine i wonder if there is a company which makes a decent Merlin XII engine in 1:32? All i could find is the Engine & Things offer, someone knows of what quality their engines are? Are there any other options, maybe 1:32 kits with a Merlin XII engine which could be used for my project? Any idea is welcome! Cheers Hans
  9. Completely agree Marklo and don't get me wrong i'm not an advocat only for the overengineered &superdetailed kits. As much as i deeply appreciate the fact that we live in Modeller's heaven nowadays with all that diversity of brands and provided aftermarket quality i do have a deep sympathy for modeller's who work the best out of an old Airfix or Frog kit and achieving beautiful results! Looking at those it's like a trip down memory lane for me who grew up in ancient times of modelling in the early '70s.
  10. Thank you all very much for your kind comments mates! @Marklo, in my opinion the opposite, at least in my case, is the truth, with providing such superb kits WNW motivates the willing modeller to put maximum effort into all details & parts because the effort and attention to detail will get a splendid payback.
  11. Time for a little update Gentlemen.... Since the fuselage is right now in the dry dock i started to work on the wings, since my Albi should be an example that has been in use for some time it has severe stains of weathering...so a little preshading is necessary... On my search for a more convincing alternative to the original WNW Lozenge decals i've chosen Richard's (Aviattic) Faded Version and Ribtapes from HGW It's a bit time consuming to cut out the patterns from the full joined but the result is worth it..... Upper side Downside Some Metalwork... Radiator That's it for now.... Cheers Hans
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