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  1. and my moth collection (It is very rarely that I'm holdin' foldin' these days, which means the beggars and charity muggers never get anything from me)
  2. and loaded with shot (Yes I said shot not.....)
  3. the back of beyond (I'm an expert on it, even live there myself - God I love being 'rural' and away from the general population of the nut house)
  4. from Englebert Humperdinck's songs
  5. hard to find victims (from what I can see in the world these days brains are in short supply)
  6. now available for download (I was interested to find out the origins of the word 'Heist' and, according to the internet it's a variation of the word Hoist and might have it's origins in 'hoisting' someone on your shoulders so that they could get in a window for the purposes of burgling the joiint, Every day is a School day)
  7. and really rather entertaining (Look! Here comes Weevil Knevel!)
  8. Everything in life is hazardous unfortunately and eventually someone will demand the outlawing of breathing oxygen because it's corrosive. It's funny that you can't use MEKO in paint (and the volumes I believe are tiny with about 1% to 6% of a 14ml tin of paint being MEKO and exposure to that MEKO being very low but, because they have drowned some rats in it and it seemed to cause them to develop a nasty rash before they died it must be outlawed because the general public are not capable of deciding for themselves what is and isn't safe to use in small amounts now and then although the same public are allowed to throw themselves out of aeroplanes, fly hang gliders and para gliders, climb mountains and consume large amounts of ethanol without a second thought.
  9. filled with deep-rooted sarcasm
  10. was it fun Guy? ( When they made Mushrooms they broke the mould)
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