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Head in the clouds.

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  1. Head in the clouds.

    Hawker Siddeley Nimrod MR1 - 1/72 Airfix

    Oh we do like our toys don't we, still big kids at heart we are....so my good lady says. Looks like you had a good day there CedB and it stayed dry, how did you manage that?
  2. Head in the clouds.

    Republic F-103A Thunderwarrior, 1/72 What-if

    No need to apologise , I missed it first time round but glad I caught it this time. That looks more Thunderbirds than Thunderwarrior, love it and very nicely built.
  3. Head in the clouds.

    Hawker Siddeley Nimrod MR1 - 1/72 Airfix

    Nice decal work CedB, most of the digital inkscape malarkey went over my head though. I have started cutting long gangly decals into smaller manageable strips and it does seem to work, I have to do this as I cannot do Inkscape.
  4. That looks like a quality drink, how it can be mentioned in the same thread as Colt 45 and Bud is scandalous...scandalous I tell thee. I need to find some. Pete in Lincs is the beer delivery man, I need to have a word
  5. Head in the clouds.

    Alclad Gloss Black

    I have had this bottle of ALC309 Gloss Black Micro Filler/Base Coat for four years and had no problems until now. I have not used it for a while but initially it was very gloss, now it is more Matt and no amount of shaking makes a difference. I am spraying at 15=18 psi about 1-2 inches from the surface and at a slight angle. It is also not particularly smooth whereas before it was like the proverbial babies bottom. I am using an Iwata gun. Does it degrade over time or am I missing something? Any ideas folks. Thanks in advance.
  6. Yes, here-here, wonderful. I cannot argue with the man, definitely better 2nd time around. Are there any constants in modelling? There does seem to be a very wavy line on the matter.
  7. Head in the clouds.

    Lightning P1A Options

    Yes, if you feel £40 is within your budget.
  8. Head in the clouds.

    Khormaksar EE Lightning XG331

    Hi everyone. I am trying to find the colour scheme worn by the above Lightning while doing AI23 trials in Khormaksar, Aden, November to December 1961. I have the S&M decal sheet and this shows an orange nose and tail, however, the only colour pic I can find of this plane in in 'Wings of Fame' which shows this plane at Farnborough alongside the T4 prototype, both having Grey instead of Orange. I know 2 other Lightnings went to Khormaksar for trials and these are standard NMF . Could anyone tell me if it was indeed Grey and not Orange that XG331 was painted or does Mel at S&M have it right? Confusion reigns! Thanks for any help. Gary
  9. Head in the clouds.

    Khormaksar EE Lightning XG331

    Thanks will2017, a nice pic but I am past that stage now having gone for a grey nose area, your pic has a tinge of blue which I believe , for whatever reason is incorrect. Maybe the camera can lie, if one thing causes more discussion on any forum it is colour. If I am correct XG311 retained the short tail for a considerable time but XG331 most certainly has the more definitive tail. Whether the pre production batch were officially called Lightning I am not sure but they look like a Lightning and I think it has stuck. If I was to stick my neck out I would say , yes.
  10. Head in the clouds.

    Sea King question.

    Hi folks A simple question, if one would like to build a Westland Sea King HAS1 which would be the best kit as a starting point? The newer Airfix HAR3 boxing probably offers the best detail and quality albeit needing some modification, does the Dragon AEW2 have any merit as a start point? Also we have the old Airfix SH3D kit, had a look at the one in my stash and it looks OK for it's age and in detail is probably nearer a HAS1. What of the Revell offerings? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers Gary.
  11. Head in the clouds.

    Sea King question.

    Wasn't the new kit done with LIDAR, if so then it may well be the correct shape?
  12. Head in the clouds.

    Air Cadets 1/72 T21 Sedbergh - Finally finished!

    What a wonderful little build, looking at it it is hard to believe something so small could swallow up a whole year, but that is down to your attention to detail. Nice work Terry.
  13. Head in the clouds.

    Sea King question.

    Thanks Space Ranger.
  14. Head in the clouds.

    Misfit 2 is finished

    She has come together really well Pete, there seems to be a plethora of bits that I missed on the build but it all makes for a very busy scene. Nice painting and weathering too, rounds it all off a treat.
  15. Head in the clouds.

    Lightning P1A Options

    Merlin Models did one, combination of Vacuform and white metal here; https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/merlin-models-english-electric-1-534815210 Never figured out how this site works but worth a look. Good luck
  16. Head in the clouds.

    Sea King question.

    Thanks Des, the folding rotors is worth consideration.
  17. Head in the clouds.

    Sea King question.

    Thanks andyf117, a case of pick your poison then! I am not too fussed about interiors other than cockpit as I want to put my time and effort into other more visible modifications but the Dragon option is now gone after your suggestion. I will spend this week while working away to read the posts you have linked to as Travelodge is not exactly the entertainment capitals of the UK. Cheers Gary
  18. The winch work and frame are bang on the money Hendie, superb, as for the poetry, well, they BM collective arn't Pam Ayres but they are arf funny.....
  19. Head in the clouds.

    Westland Wessex, Rugrats 1/72 resin

    Oh the challenges of limited run kits, to quote; modelling " is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get" bless old Forrest. I agree on the superglue solution, very hard to level with the softer surrounding material, I did see somewhere that talcum powder is added but not sure whether that is to aid visibility of glue or aid sanding. Gary
  20. Head in the clouds.

    Misfit 2 Now finished and in RFI

    Nice grottyness Pete, starting to look the part.
  21. Head in the clouds.

    Fifty shades .. ZH847, the Merlin Tiger...

    Slow , slow , steady and slow, you WILL get there. A wise gentleman once opened my mind to scale creep, the instrument dials in my MA4 build are the size of dinner plates, it is always there waiting to pounce. All these little things you are building are tiny and delicate, so bravo for setting up a production line for all scales Lovely work Bill.
  22. Head in the clouds.

    Hawker Siddeley Nimrod MR1 - 1/72 Airfix

    Nice work Ced and a tenacious approach to the problems being presented to you, superb recovery on those 62's. 2 things jumped out at me, never heard of using cellotape to remove decals, I would be worried about pulling chunks of paint off but it obviously works. The second is Inkscape, I followed a tutorial and it took me two hours to make a Swedish flag which put me off a little, is there any publications on how to use this programme as i think it took so long because I was in and out of the tutorial window for guidance?
  23. Head in the clouds.

    Fifty shades .. ZH847, the Merlin Tiger...

    My Lord, I thought Hendie's Wessex had lots of knobbly sticky out bits but this Merlin is giving it a run for it's money and you, poor Bill have it all to do in a smaller scale. I have booked the Hubble for a week to give you a fighting chance. Great work.
  24. Hello fellow Britmodellers. I have been chewing my own teeth for a few weeks now as to whether I should do this build as a WIP, having never done this before in the spotlight of everyone and being relatively new to the modern modelling scene but in my final thoughts I felt I had nothing to fear but everything to gain, both personally and build wise...are you feeling the love yet . We are all aware of that very special brand of aviator; the test pilot, Roland Beaumont, Geoffrey de Havilland, Eric' Winkle' Brown and Chuck Yeager being the well known, some survive to tell us of their extraordinary tales but sadly, some do not, yet their contribution in no less. I would like to do this build in remembrance of one of those lesser known pilots and his very unique plane, a plane with 200.000 hole in the wing and just enough room to carry a lunch box and a drink yet this pilot and his observer crammed into this plane along with a gas turbine engine and all the associated test equipment. It crashed on the 9th March, 1966 killing both the pilot and observer near Fulbourn, Cambs before the programme had finished. The plane was a humble Auster T7, the prototype T7 in fact but heavily modified through 1960-1966 by Marshall of Cambridge. The pilot was Brian Wass, the plane is the Marshall MA4 My start point is the very basic 1/72 Airfix Auster Antarctic, in my search for material for this build it soon became apparent that information on this individual airframe and model kit options are very limited indeed, the aircraft VF655 had a busy but shaded life after conversion so pictures are rare indeed but the first, obvious step was to find a donor kit which are about as rare as the actual plane, the only options being the above mentioned Airfix kit and the AZ and Airfix AOP6 kits,the T7 being a trainer version of the AOP6 on which the Auster Antarctic is based and having this in my stash it was begging to be used. So this is my start point; As can be seen the kit is a typical 70's kit, basic, with raised detail and some flash, although there are a few recessed panel lines, the door and engine panels being notable. Probably 50-60% of what is in this picture may not be used, the wings, floats, vertical stabiliser, tailplane and wing struts all going to the spares box if they cannot be modified for use. This is the Marshall MA4 in it's early configuration yet it can be seen that it is an Auster but modified considerably for it's new task and this is what I am hoping to achieve. I am still gathering material for this build and another I would like to do long term, this being my first WIP it may be slow, have I bitten of more than I can chew; maybe, will I finish it; yes; by hook or by crook but my reaearch material is far from complete and may never be so for it was a one off airframe which had a short life and as such this build will not be a rivet counting exercise but I do want it to be as detailed as is possible within my abilities. I hope you will join me to keep me company and I have no doubt I will be tapping into the vast amount of experience that is Britmodeller. Thanks for looking and here we go.......