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  1. My personal opinion is that Putin, while being an odious man is not stupid, the military build is there for us to see, whether he uses it may be academic because he knows NATO will not flood Ukraine with reinforcements. I think he is trying to destabilize the west by causing division, which, if you believe the press, has already started with events in Germany which is by association not surprising considering Putin has made Germany reliant on his gas supplies. This shows up the strategic value of having secure energy supplies. There are so many nuances to his tactics that to simply focus on the military build up would be foolish. To use a political pun(sorry mods) ' lessons will be learned' the first of which is; choose your friends carefully.
  2. I have only ever used one of your items, the Prototype Spitfire conversion, and I can say without reservation it was the best resin set I have had pass through my hands and considering it is an OOP item it still stands tall IMHO. With regard to the topic title I have often wondered how these silly pound sterling numbers are arrived at, they are numbers I would never part with so I employ other tactics. Point in case; I was recently floating around Evil Bay which I often do looking for kits and items I am unaware of when I stumbled on a seller whom had lots of the old Mainstream Project X items and others. Amongst them was a Project X 1/72 Jet Provost Mk1 and a 1/72 JACH Baynes Bat. The asking prices are approx £132 and £64 respectively which was representative of prices for other items they had for sale, well this got my hackles up so I set off on a mission. I eventually found the Baynes Bat for £16 from HJL in Japan with approx £7 for postage for a grand total of £24.....so I ordered one. The JP is still a work in progress. I found another item I was after in Turkey but even with Google Translate I could not figure out the process to buy, some you win, some you loose. And what is this 'Rare' description all about. Who says it is rare? Christies or Bonhams? Doubt it. Also, contact the initial producer, they may be thinking of another production run but just need more inquiries to make it viable, I did so only this month and I received a very positive response. As the yellow pages once said 'let your fingers do the walking' be patient and much of what you want will become available. AND IT ISN'T RARE........!
  3. Thank you Gentlemen, it was a fun kit to build with many options and aftermarket to help it along.
  4. Thank you Paul, it is a nice kit and there are some colourful alternatives too. I did get your email, thank you, Julie and I will have a day out in your neck of the woods so I will call you to arrange a meet up but it wont be for a little while, I need all my central heating pipework replaced and as you know that means digging up floors. Thank you @Maginot it certainly tests ones taste buds... Appreciate that @MRMRL it is an eyecatching scheme but does involve a lot of time to do all the masking which then has to come off, another nerve racking moment. I would love to live next to an operational base but I count my luck for living in Lincolnshire and being surrounded by airbases North, East, South and West.
  5. That is one very nice Voodoo Martin and a little bit left of centre.
  6. Great info Peter, those 2 paragraphs have just double my knowledge on this airframe, in particular the brown/yellow sheath on the leading edges of the flying surfaces. I will have to get a copy of the book you mentioned. That's what my research told me Keith although having such items open and visible adds interest even if not technically correct. There will be more but like you I am running out of space under my bed and this build has just relegated me to the spare room so I need to have a change around in the cave and purchase a display cabinet.
  7. Thank you David, I have always found AlleyCat to be good quality products that make life a little easier. Thank you CJP, I wish I could have written more about this airframe but as yet I have found little on it but I live in hope. Cheers @SAT69 the paint scheme is probably the hardest part of the build, trying to keep everything evenly spaced around all those curves and to the painting guide took many attempts . Give it another go @Antti_K it really is a great kit to build, with regard to the voertex generators I had a practice run on an old wing with some of the spares just to get a feel but they are small critters so a good set of tweezers is a must. The red and white Javelin is on my 'to do' list too but I see more masking in my future. Another less than glamorous name for the Javelin, thanks for you kind words,
  8. The Airfix Gloster Javelin is a jewel of a kit that slips together pretty well and the largest model I have built to date, when fully assembled it is a good size piece of plastic and as such you feel you have your money's worth. The kit was recently re-issued so I purchased another 2, each of which is earmarked for conversion and being such a lovely kit to build now holds no fear for me. As is well know the Gloster Javelin is a large delta design that joined the ranks of the RAF in the mid Fifties and served on the front line until the late Sixties, with one or two examples still flying with experimental establishments until the early/mid Seventies, not the longest of service lives for a combat aircraft! It was superseded in service by the EE Lightning which was a more advanced aircraft and once this change started the Javelin squadrons soon exchanged their mounts for the new kid on the block. It is one of those experimental aircraft that I have built, XH754 during it's time with A&AEE at Boscombe Down, a very colourful aircraft and one which seems very camera shy, I have only seen two photographs of XH754 and none in the scheme I have done, the two photographs being when it was in the Far East doing rain trials for the TSR2 programme where it wore a partial scheme of what you will see. As well as being camera shy there also seems to be little information that I could find about this airframe so a truly elusive aircraft, which does not bode well when trying to do research, this is the first time I have built a kit with no pictorial information to guide me, have to look at previous builds and the conversion kits instructions. For this build I used AlleyCats superb Mk7 XH754 conversion set which gives you a new resin nose radome, new resin rear fuselage, fillets to remove the four Aden gun ports, a blade antenna, 96 vortex generators(more of which later) and decals. The nose radome is a simple one for replacement however the rear fuselage does throw up a small issue. If you follow the instructions and cut on the panel line you end up with a small step where the replacement joins so it is better to cut a couple of millimeteres further back and this will solve the issue, the resin is a solid lump so no worries about any further blending in. This is an area you need to watch when building Javelins as the rear exhaust area changed across the various marks so do your research. The fillets to blank the gun ports are a simple cut and replace with some blending needed. Now those vortex generators. AlleyCat kindly give you 48 more than you need, these being for any that the carpet monster may digest or those that ping off into low Earth orbit never to be seen again. The kit items are clunky and two thick and these will look much more realistic but it comes at a price, that being 48 holes of 0.8mm dia to be drilled in the upper wing surfaces to receive said PE generators. And to rub salt into the wound they have to be set at the correct angle but fear not, AlleyCat supply a very handy jig to aid in this job. Not a quick job and one that is best done in shifts of about 4 hours..... Eduard also supply a set of generators of a slightly different design being more like the real items but I went with the supplied PE. You makes your choice, you takes your chance! As it turned out it went well with only a small number needing removal and replacement. Obviously the kit items have to be chiseled off first. The only other item that I replaced were the two prominent pitot tubes on the wings, the kit items being discarded for new Master items which are far superior. These do need some careful blending in to the wing and are best left till near the end save for them being knocked off in oblivion. With the building work done I was then faced with the daunting task of painting this rather large 'Dragmaster' as the Javelin was nicknamed. Tamiya and Xtracolour paints were used and lots of it. The whole airframe was sprayed in a white undercoat, several coats being applied with Tamiya white sprayed on the upper surfaces and xtracolour yellow on the undersides, none of which presented any issues. The radome and rear fuselage were then given another coat of white undercoat and then light yellow, then sprayed with xtracolour International Orange. Once dry the dayglo was given a light abrasive rub to reveal the yellow underneath to represent wear and fade. Now came the fun bit the black strips underneath as seen on target towing airframes. The amount of masking used here was immense and I had to adjust the layout several times and again this took many hours of bench time, as ever, removing the masking tape was a nervous moment but only a little touch up was needed. The only other painting was the buff colour on the leading edges of the flying surfaces. Only a little weathering was applied around the vortex generators but again having no pics to work from this is purely from my imagination. Both the kit decals and the AlleyCat items were used and went down well but some of them are big and care is needed as are the black walkway decals, these are very long and flimsy and they did put up a fight. This is a lovely kit to build and the conversion too is of good quality but if you are going to build XH754 be prepared for some hard miles at the bench but the reward is worth it. To finish it I will get a mirrored base and use the kit crew ladder to add interest. Thanks for looking.
  9. Looks like my wallet is going to hemorrhage again...this can't continue..
  10. Ahh, old Fords, I think I spent more time trying to start my Orion than driving it, I became very familiar with the distributor cap and rotor arm. It was a nightmare so why do we look back on those days with fondness?
  11. You like your filling and sanding Pete, did you once own a Austin Allegro or Vauxhall Viva by chance?
  12. The man said he would be back and hey presto, here he is back in the shed. That nose section looks a tad complicated in its shape so it will be interesting to see it come together.
  13. New super kit announced by Airfix, now up on their site. Available for pre-order.
  14. Welsh Models made a resin kit in 1/144 with a Raspberry Ripple scheme, not my preferred scale but the only one I could lay my hands on so it now sits in the stash.
  15. Welcome to the forum Doc Watson. It sounds like you have been a very busy chappy and hopefully that will continue as we see your builds on the forum. Your 1:1 Ford sounds interesting but not sure they will let you display it at model shows...., tables not big enough you see! Gary
  16. Thank you Chris, I appreciate your kind words. The detail is what takes the time, both in planning and execution and even then I have to do it over but in a slightly different way sometimes when it does not turn out right. I also do not spend too much time on the basic build as this has no doubt been covered many times over on these forums and it would seem a waste of yours and my time to do so. It is hard on the old MK1 eyeballs though... Gary
  17. Superb in every sense, I had to keep looking because it looked like the real thing with the back drop and that is the point really.
  18. Love that scheme and it really suites the F16, I like the way the wash in the rivet detail goes from dark to white with the opposing colours adding another level of detail.
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