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  1. Sword kits do put up bit of a fight but you won this easily, she looks good. I too have this waiting in the wings to be built, 3 in fact if memory serves.
  2. Hi John You need a second avatar pic, may I be so bold as to suggest 'Father Christmas' That info will be invaluable for many, me included, thank you.
  3. Bloody marvellous Steve, marvellous I tell thee. When lightning strikes it sure strikes, I think that will look superb when painted and shadowed with a filter or wash. Remind me not to set you a challenge in the future
  4. Very nice indeed Pat, I shall use the pics as inspiration for my first truck build, it will look like a truck but not like your truck
  5. That last pic of the two hull half's really emphasises why brass etch is worthwhile having, it lifts the soft plastic to a much sharper level. Nice patient work.
  6. I don't how organisers stand if planes that are booked do a no show, assuming they cannot charge a full fee you would think it reasonable that the gate price could fall accordingly but as they say it is all in the 'small print'.
  7. Nice pics, it must be 2 decades since my last visit. I know how you feel on the no show of some items due to weather, I went all the way to Middle Wallop for the 80th Auster Birthday meet, expecting 80 plus only about 20 turned up. Still had a good day though.
  8. I think next time Andy I shall build one at a time Indeed, the other two are missing that very obvious item, strange indeed. I have just looked at the hull and I can see it, engraved into the plastic. A little hollowing of the plastic and I shall use one of the spares from the XV651 ( yipee!) build to better represent it. I know it is a long way for you but are you going to SMW?
  9. Still not sure what is going on there Andy,, I shall have to see if I can edit it. Yep...bang on the money, a slip of the editorial finger. Strangely neither the Airwaves external for Revell PE set or the Eduard for Airfix PE set seem to have this grille on them so I need to get creative. phew, the door will be shut now so I would assume they need to stay to locate the two part door as they ae part of the kit mold. Was not aware of a third undernose spotlight, there are not many underside views of ZB506, the only one I can find is this, is it the white spot in the centre between the two dielectric panels? I was not thinking of four misdemeanours Andy, I am now standing at the back of the classroom with my head hanging in shame.
  10. Superb build that shows the Bucc in all her glory. It has surprised me since joining the forum that models of the Buccaneer only occasionally come along so hopefully this delightful kit will remedy that shortfall. Gary
  11. Granted, however, I know of a vegan that now has no teeth and a broken jaw. A wet lettuce could not do that to anyone. I just want to know why non of these people visit the restaurants that I frequent.
  12. Bit of a beefy update today, I have been doing bits and bobs and before you know it there is a pile in front of you, just like the ironing but far more pleasurable. I am starting to pick up work on XV651 so before I could progress any further a new rear bulkhead had to be made from plasticard, the cabin and cockpit floor could then be glued to the inside of one half of the airframe and the new bulkhead fitted, as will be known early Sea Kings had the bulkhead just after the left hand side of the side slide door, this being moved back on later versions; It can be seen to good effect here; After looking at the pic above I have just noticed that I have missed the two angled bars in the top corners of the cargo door on both XV651 and ZB506. Note to self....wakey wakey Woty! No drama as this is an easy fix for later but if I am having the doors shut it will make no difference if they are not there anyway. All glazing was fitted to the other fuselage half but one of the window panes had a manufacturing fault the was inside the clear plastic so I had to make a new pane from food packaging; The nose of XV651, like the rest of the airframe was clean so I set to removing anything that was not relevant; As with the front of the airframe the rear was also much cleaner, the vane that runs the length of the fuselage and the strengthening strip were fitted to later marks. I beleive the vane was fitted to reduce stress on the tail boom due to the increasing weight and power of the Sea King and the strengthening plate for similar reasons, did this have anything to do with going from 5 to 6 bladed tail rotor? The other item to come off is the moulded on tie down point, however,this will be replaced with a PE item. After much blade work and sanding we have this. As can be seen, smooth as a babies bot bot; Another item that needs attention is the u/c, as is usual everything is moulded in one piece but this makes everything look clunky and soft but in fairness to Airfix they are 100% better than it's 50 year old brethren. As I have a PE set much of this will be removed; Some of the PE has been fitted, the torque links are yet to be removed and tie downs fitted. This Airfix plastic is nice and soft and while not to everyone's taste it does allow removal of material from delicate items such as these without too many terrors. Leaving the glue to set I moved on to the hull. Again, the HAS1 had a clean hull compared to later versions as can be seen here, all items needing removal are marked in red, and there are many; I did remove this lot but failed to take a pic. The last job on XV651 was the simple task of fitting the cover under the rotor head and filling the holes for the grilles as they are too deep; Moving on to ZB506 the nose panel was fitted and no dramas here, a little blending of parts will be needed but nothing major; Next item to be fitted was the engine section, again, nothing much to report here, just posting pic for completeness. Did anyone spot the error? No? We will move on then. Now things are getting to this stage with the front end coming together it was time to think about the cockpit glazing. When I opened the bag containing the clear parts I was a bit baffled why this section came in 3 parts, surely this will open it up to mere chance of misfit or errors, time will tell. First off was to paint the overhead console black and fix to the underside of the canopy and then fix the decal. A pleasant half hour was spent masking when that wet fish once again slapped me in the face....I forgot to spray the overhead glazing in the blue/green mix so now it will be a bit more awkward to do. Bugger! Next up, but not today is this item under the nose of XV371, I am not sure if it is a mounting for Hele Tele, a sensor or something other, either way it has to be made so that is my next job. Thanks for looking. Ta taa.
  13. Can I see a pic of you in your leather chaps holding the rotorhead or is that just plain wrong?
  14. A good approach Hoops, keep it simple but effective. I like your subject matter, I love A10's even if the US Air Force does not and that little splash of colour on the instrumentation probe draws the eye. As for the weapons load, it makes the A10 look aggressive and purposeful and they too add a little colour I will keep an eye on this build.
  15. Procrastinating over, the jury have returned their verdict and they have ruled; off with it's head, so to speak. So I did; After this plastic butchery a hole was drilled in each u/c leg; Ditto the wheel axle; And a length of brass rod for the telescopic leg glued in place and awaiting cutting to length; It took no more than half an hour to do this so why I did not do it in the instance is beyond me. A good result and looking much better already than the kit offering. The only other work done on this Friday night was to fix the control column, collective and control console to the cockpit of XV651; And a little etch on ZB506 on the engine cowl; That's it for now, until next time.
  16. Well, I said I was not going to do other countries prototypes or experimental types but the rate at which firms are releasing these subjects is making it harder for me to resist.....God damn it!
  17. The magic of Micro-Mir strikes again, well done lads and lasses, this is one kit I have been begging for. To those that may moan, all will come to those who wait and this is no exception. Now for those missing kits to come but with the current state of model output we may not be waiting that long, more and more obscure types are being covered in plastic so happy days me says. And yes, I will be purchasing, just a pity it will not be at Telford.
  18. I will be there with Belvior IPMS ( The Grantham Mafia). After meeting many of you last year I am looking forward to refreshing acquaintances and meeting some new BM'ers. Tally ho!
  19. Kudos to you sir, good luck with finding drawings and hope you post pics of your build.
  20. I know your pain and your elation at beating it into submission, superb work and craftsmanship. Why do we do it? I know I will buy another, just like yourself, if they( Unicraft) up their game I feel they could sell double what what they do.
  21. A quick update, nothing much has happened other than me procrastinating over something I want to do but feel I may not need to do. Remember this; Those Torsion Links looked too small and just wrong so I used those that came with my latest PE Seatbelt set and w now have this; Bigger, better, but still not floating my boat and I think I have figured it out, the Torsion Link is doing nothing, for it to work the top part is fixed to the u/c leg and the lower to the axle assembly, as weight is relieved from the u/c the link extends. As it is it does nothing and looks wrong but it will not be that visible. My builds are slow enough as is, at this rate it will drop to one a year So, what to do. Chop off the current axle housing, drill hole in u/c leg and insert brass rod. Then drill recieving hole in the small axle attached to wheel and fix to rod and finally Torsion link to u/c leg and axle as seen in the real world........ I need more sleep. One thing I have done is to nail the two fuselage halves together on ZB506, uneventful and no dramas. Thanks for dropping by.
  22. Ah...found you, up to your old tricks again Pete! Good. I do like the way your builds are very fluid and can change at the slightest intervention of a larger piece of scrap plastic . have to be honest, you sometimes loose me as I am not familiar with all these wonderful machines but there in lies the fascination As your were..
  23. Don't know what they are but have half an idea what they do, it will be interesting to see these being made in this scale. Just had a catch up Bill, lovely jubbly old bean, she is coming along nicely.
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