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  1. If you have an axe to grind then you should take it up with the relevant people rather than just dropping one line sentences. Gary Madgewick has been trading as Air Graphics for a few years now and I have had no issues with either his service or products and I am aware of his past if indeed this is the same man. What I am not in possession of is his side of the story and all I have from you is a sentence of 14 words which is nothing at all and sounds vindictive to me. I will continue to buy from Air Graphics until such time as I have cause to do otherwise.
  2. Add me to this too please, these builds are my bread and butter at the moment, not sure what just yet but something will fall from the wall that I call 'my stash' and land on my head.
  3. Correct. To quote the literature that came with the decals, "Air Graphics are planning a new kit of this shortly"
  4. Thanks for the clarification. I have had several items off Alex and his products are superb and of great interest to me so him deciding to still design and build new items is great news for us all. As said previously, he has had personal issues for a long time now and you can only applaud someone who grinds on against such daily problems and I for one hope for a turn around of his fortunes soon.
  5. I have just purchased their set of 'Testing Times' decals and one of the sets is for Avro Anson T.21, VS582. A&AEE Boscombe Down 1962 but the devil is in the detail. A small paragraph states that they are going to bring out an Avro Anson T/C21 Kit in 1/72. I have have not contacted them to clarify or confirm as it is in print on the new decal sheet but if this comes off it will be most welcome. I await patiently...
  6. I will keep an eye on this thread, the M52 looks good.
  7. I too was there but a couple of weeks ago, well worth a visit, XL360 and the MilMi24D were both open.
  8. Yep, sorry, Windows 10, 64bit(whatever that is) and a complete beginner to such programes. Thanks for the advice, I shall do a little reasearch on your suggestions.
  9. Hi all. As is typical with myself when it comes to anything 'computer' it all falls apart. I want to be able to design my own stuff, mainly decals but with an eye on the future, maybe 3D printing. I have downloaded the latest version of Inkscape, purchased a book to teach me but I think the book covers an older build of this programme and the walkthrough instructions seem a little at odds with what I see and happens on screen. Add to this that if I generate a square and then make a mistake and undo it the method of making the same square again seems different and this leads to frustration as I cannot get the same square generated again. Even if I start a new document it seems to carry these settings over. I am lost and that does not bode well when I am sat at a computer as my frustrations go from zero to full on frustration. So is CoralDRAW any easier and will it serve my needs better. Also, are there books out there that can walk you through it on the latest version. Am I being thick? Give me something with moving parts any day of the week. Thanks folks. Gary
  10. What a result, from old hag to top dog. If you were alive in medieval times you would be drowned as a sorcerer for making something from nothing but luckily for us here you are in the 21st century.
  11. That is superb and looks hard to build, I especially like the way the wing warps up in the middle.
  12. Amazing work on an amazing plane, I was aware of it's existence but never tire of looking at it.
  13. I am no expert but I also have this and the Daco range, Daco say a shelf life of 3(ish) years so there is a precedent for these chemicals to weaken over time. I have had my Daco set for about five years and it seems to me that I have to use the strong one to do the job, the other two just do not seem to cut it now, but like you I thought the same. At the end of the day these solutions are a mix of elements/chemicals and like any such fluid I suspect they do break down with time, the big question is how much time. Hope this is of help.
  14. I think that would be a very useful resource that could also be sub sectioned into WW2/postwar and modern, also including helicopters. It was also add to the interest level of builds as I have a Merlin in the pipeline which is festooned with sticky out bits of which I have a complete lack of knowledge but which I would love to learn about.
  15. Sunday be the day of rest but not for hendie, god created the world in six days and on the seventh he rested, I will not pull you up for taking a tad longer to create something so fine and godly .
  16. Hi Timmas. It is very kind of you to offer your services in the way that you have and your conditions are understandable, decals are one thing that often bring a build to a grinding halt so your offer will be a life line for many. I build prototypes and research aircraft which often have unique markings, some are very simple while others are little more elaborate but not complicated so I may ask for your help in the future if that is OK ? Cheers Gary
  17. That has turned out rather splendidly Pete, was not sure where it was going when you started but it sure ended up in the right place, although I do see a problem in my glass ball.....a much bigger shed/cave, that trench takes up some serious shelf space.
  18. I will sit next to Colin and we can sup Abbot Ale together, sounds like a good evening in the offing.. Got this in the stash so will follow like a hawk, including two of the sets of decals you mention, kit and Big H's finest......or not as the case may be!
  19. I like unsung types and I like your model, a fine looking model of a fine plane.
  20. Don't see many P3's so this is very welcome and a good model too. Well done.
  21. Great modelling skills on show here, well done for sticking with it, just because it's old and cantankerous doesn't mean it can't be loved....
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