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  1. Nice build and something a little different, your weathering is superb and adds another level of detail.
  2. I know your pain Cliff and as you alluded it is a damage limitation exercise rather than a complete redesign. Onward and upwards old bean...
  3. I only said to one of our club members that I appreciate all the volunteers do at SMW and when I asked everyone else if they wanted to do it not one, including myself said we would want to do it, as seen on this and many other forums it can be a thankless task. Yet, we all flock there to take advantage of the wonderful show that is SMW sometimes forgetting that it is all volunteer based and those good folk give up their weekend so you can enjoy yours. No doubt there would be plenty of moaners if it ceased simply because these good folks did not volunteer so remember this before giving your fingers some keyboard exercise. As for paying for entry, if you want to keep enjoying SMW then we may be asked to pay but in the big scheme of things it is still a good value day out and in the current climate survival as an institution must be first and foremost, what is £5 or £10 after all.
  4. Good work there, most resin kits kick back at some point but you did what all good modellers do, win! Do we know how the experiments went?
  5. Now that is how to display a model and I like the way you lead us with the pics to see the gear retraction and the offset support pole. Very nicely done.
  6. Now there's one that came in under my radar, nice job on this experimental plane.
  7. Can't beat a bit of dayglo, it looks good on the U2 and that is a fine build Glenn.
  8. You can't beat a rust bucket, nice work.
  9. Love a P40 and yours is no exception, great work.
  10. A little goldmine for one our club members he purchased several even though he was told no decals within, much to his surprise decals in all of them.
  11. I agree with everything what Pete said, great to meet up again and have a catch up after so long and the IPMS club guys did a good job. It was also nice to meet @shortCummins and put another face on my BMer's wall of fame a good laugh was had by all 3 of us. It would have been nice to meet @general melchett but I have a sneaking feeling he was seated right behind our Belviour club table so we were literally back to back all day, and we still did not meet but if @Pete in Lincscould not find him and he knows what the General looks like then maybe I can be forgiven for not tapping him on the shoulder. A fine end to the day was had as I won the ' Ian Crawford Memorial Trophy' for best Spitfire, my entry being K5054 prototype as seen on this forum, it is an honour to win this trophy as I am the first recipient since Ian's passing. Looking forward to next years show. Good work Lads and Lasses.
  12. Cliff, if I may could I ask Adam a question? Adam, what do you call a decent printer with respect to printing decals? I have a Canon MP490 and have had mixed results, sometimes the subject can be pixelated and on very small items illegible. I would not mind buying a new printer if I new it would be an improvement on the Canon but committing for no gain is what I want to avoid. Looking forward to your next update Cliff, I have not touched mine for several weeks and really need to find time to push it on. Cheers, Gary
  13. I always feel you have hit a milestone when the decals go on and all seems good with the world....as long as they behave. Nice work Heather, Annie is looking suitably dressed and presented...
  14. Good work on 'Concordski', never did like that name. I must say it looks like most of my builds....tons of filler, I have my own quarry nearby for the raw materials...
  15. What is left to say other than..'amaaaaazing '... I have the upmost admiration for anyone who can knock out 1/144 kits of that quality but to then scratchbuild it moves it up another level. Whatever possessed you to choose that scale for your one of your favourite planes?
  16. I have just looked at the date on my last response to Pete dated Feb 17th, has it really been nearly 8 months since I last posted here? Apparently so! It has been an insanely busy year and it shows no sign of abating and time at the bench has been very sporadic to say the least so what follows is several months work. Way back on page 2 was a picture of our garden and this has taken much of my time and like my model building it doesn't happen overnight but apart from the poncing around with flower pots and garden trinkets it is done; So with that build project out of the way I suppose I had better pull my finger out and get Annie moving again, she has been sat on the bench, obediently awaiting my attentions, only getting a fettle on rare occasions. One of the known flaws in the old Airfix kit is the flat bottom profile to the underside of the fuselage between the wings and the general consensus on rectifying this is to build it up and this where each modellers artistic license comes in. For my Picasso moment I decided to get 3 different thicknesses of flat Evergreen plastic and fit the thickest in the middle, followed by the next size one either side of the centre bar and then the thinnest on the outside. I did this because it gave the filler more to key to and it gave an indicator as to how far I had sanded down, once the white plastic showed I knew I was thereabouts. A bonus of this was hiding the poor fuselage join; It looks crude but it works, the sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed I have missed out the bomb aimers window which I worked around by inserting another piece of clear plastic deeper in the opening and then resting the kit item on top. To fill the gaps I used my dwindling supply of Green filler; There is just no neat way of doing this as can be seen, luckily, after about what feels like a lifetime of sanding it will look much better. After the sanding marathon it becomes apparent my method of thinking was not too far off the mark but it is worth noting that that not only does it rise from the wing root to the centre but it also has to be blended towards the forward and rear fuselage sections too so in essence I am trying to achieve a shallow dome shape. This is where the plastic strip really came into its own to give me an indicator of shape. After all this sanding a large amount of dust was created of which about 3 bags of the stuff decided to take up residence on the inside of the side cabin windows and despite my best efforts to remove it some still remained so the long side glazing was removed. This was not a bad thing as the glazing over sailed the roof of the cabin by 1mm so it gave me an opportunity to make two new items with the 1mm removed, they have now been made but not fitted as I see more sanding in my future.. As I had the old pieces they were used as templates minus the 1mm, not going to fall into that trap! Next was to spin the fuselage around and look at the top which will need ....wait for it, more filling! As Cranfields Anson was an ex military machine I had to fill the gaping hole left by the omission of the turret but a simple solution presented itself pretty quickly simply by reversing the turret tub and sitting it in the hole upside down. Then fill. Also, the top cabin join was not very good and dipped in the middle so this too would need some filler; You can see the white filler which looks like soft cheese but on the left is more filler for the top of the rear fuselage which again, was not the best of fits but in sanding it down I lost the rib effect which would require reinstating. After another enjoyable session of sanding we have a result, this pic was taken before I removed the side glazing; As can be seen the rear fuselage detail has disappeared so will need some big thinking cap for this one. I have to make raised detail to represent the ribs covered by fabric So what to do? I did not fancy scribing as I felt any detail need to be raised to better represent the real aircraft. 0.2mm wire, that's the way forward, measured from where the turret was back to the point where the vertical stabilizer meets the fuselage. 9 lengths were cut and as you can imagine being so thin it was like handling a box of frogs, continually requiring straightening out with a steel rule. Trying to get it to stick to the kit was fun too, using thin CA I had to fix the end nearest the cabin and work my way along but it was here that the glue seemed to soak away into the filler and fight me. Got there in the end though. There was more to do though, as we all know when the fabric is pulled over the ribs and doped it goes taught and creates shallow channels. This shows it well; To hopefully replicate this I used Mr Hobby Self Levelling thinner and mixed with Mr Hobby 500 filler at about 50/50 ratio, this allows the filler to find its own level without running off but a little turning of the model for the first 5 minutes allows it to set to a point where it can be left. With the wire being 0.2mm it stood proud at the front and rear so more of the filler was used to build up these areas and a cotton bud soaked in the same thinner was used to blend it all together; I have referred to @TheBaron Avro Anson build many times for inspiration and I needed to find a way to fix my scratchbuilt Cheetah engines in the engine nacelle but I ruled out building all the frame work from brass rod as the Baron did, I just needed a simpler way to do it and I am not aiming for the same level of detail or accuracy, mind you, it was something to behold watching his Annie come together. No, my way is a bit more agricultural but hopefully it will work. My cunning plan is to build a plastic bulkhead (which does not exist on the real thing) just behind the engine cowling. An upside 'Y' shape will then be ground out leaving a round island in the middle, imagine the CND logo with a round centre island onto which the engine will be fixed, each leg of the Y will hopefully be hidden behind one of the corresponding cylinders. This should give some depth to the whole set up without being faced by a wall of plastic. A start was made; And that pretty much sums up 8 months of on/off work. There is still much going on but hopefully I will be able to post more regularly in future. Thanks for looking in.
  17. Superb work Pete, to use the the county of Rutlands motto, 'Multum in Parvo', and you most certainly have. I think you have captured the feel of the films and the look of menace from the AT-AT.
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