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  1. Excellent finish & very convincing result which i really like!
  2. Great finish & beautiful displayed! Hans
  3. Beautiful build, excellent paint&finish! Hans
  4. Both are beautiful, classy paint job, dio is lovely too! Hans
  5. Superb build & finish with great attention for detail Cheers Hans
  6. You created a little Beauty, well done! Cheers Hans
  7. Beautiful, the Tarp and all the little details are gorgeous! Hans
  8. Cracking effort, superb result! Hans
  9. Gorgeous Paint & Weathering, well done Mate!
  10. Attractive Gustav, well done Mate! Hans
  11. Thanks for your words, and yes the kit has some tricky areas.....
  12. @loloskymaster Several Alclads, Aluminium, Dull Alu, Magnesium, Polished Alu
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