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  1. Thanks Mates, @Toryu i think i will get one of these the other option i researched is from the polish series Wydawnictwo Militaria which unfortunately is OOP...
  2. Hi Fellow Modellers, does someone know if there are any books which includes Riveting plans 1:48 for the Aichi D3A1 Val? Thanks & Cheers Hans
  3. What a great looking MIG, real striking camo! Cheers Hans
  4. Excellent paint job, like it very much!
  5. Whenever i see such a fine replica of a ''Red Devils'' Sherman i'm motivated to start mine which is luring since month' in the pile....
  6. Wonderful Friedrich Andy, lovely paint job, i do like the faded & weathered appearance you've achieved! Cheers Hans
  7. It was a dirty job...but someone had to do it.....superb looking Phantom! Cheers Hans
  8. @Wulfman & @russ c Thanks Mates, appreciate that you like it!
  9. @Sky Keg & @loloskymaster Thank you Lolo & Mike for your great compliments, Appreciate!
  10. You did some serious & superb modelling, Congrats!!
  11. Beautiful, Top Notch Paint Work! Cheers Hans
  12. @Andy Dyck Thanks Andy for your splendid comment, the only Decals i've used here were the fuselage numbers which came from a Tally Ho sheet, everything else is painted Cheers Hans
  13. @Shorty84 Hallo Markus, thanks for your compliments, these markings were indeed exclusively part of the ''Acrobatic Team'' which took part in the 2nd Cultural and sport Celebration in Cottbus Germany ( DDR) in 1957 Cheers Hans
  14. @28ZComeback Thanks Mate, for the wings & fuselage i've mostly used Alclad Aluminium & Dark Aluminium and as an underlying coat at some spots Airframe Aluminium For the fuselage engine area behind the canopy i used Alclad Dull Aluminium which is more a greyish tone and for the hatches & accents Magnesium
  15. @Rod bettencourt &. @GiampieroSilvestri & @Vultures1 Thank you Mates for your compliments, highly appreciated Cheers Hans
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