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  1. I'm a volunteer at the Shuttleworth Collection, cleaning the planes. It can get very messy.
  2. From what I can tell by watching rotary engines work and by cleaning the planes afterward, the exhaust comes out of the engine valves directly into the air rather than through an exhaust pipe, so staining from the exhaust doesn't occur that often. The used castor oil, on the other hand, will often cake the underside of the fuselage and the undercarriage, (many a clean rag have ended black with oil once I've finished cleaning one plane). My advice would be paint on oil stains, streaks and splatters underneath the fuselage concentrating heavily behind the cowling. Hope this helps.
  3. Such beautiful model of my favorite warship of all time! I'd love to visit her in Yokosuka someday.
  4. Is the box art depicting the Old Warden Aerodrome? I recognize the buildings and hedge rows, and the M.1C on the box is the same one as in the Shuttleworth Collection.
  5. That's one of the cutest tanks I've ever seen! Great work!
  6. Somewhat more manageable than the Zvezda 1/2700 kit. I'd love to see a Super Star Destroyer in the same scale (1.6 metres, mind).
  7. Citadel do a wide range of metallics, mostly in the brasses and golds. Hope this helps.
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