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  1. OK interesting fact for today :- When your hippy types say 'we are all beings of light' they aren't actually wrong. We shooman beans and all other warm blooded animals actually 'glow' all the time as we lose energy ( radiate body heat). It's just that our eyes aren't able to see it. A thermal camera will show you how we are all constantly radiating light in the infra red spectrum. Another interesting thought :- All matter, as proved by Einstein's theory of relativity, is simply energy in a different form. An atomic bomb is simply a rather 'lossy' and inefficient way of converting matter into energy. On another note @spaddad you asked me a while back what the blast radius of a massive super nova would likely be. I have since done a little research and the generally accepted estimate for a superluminous super nova is a 'kill radius' of around a thousand light years (The distance travelled by light in a thousand years at 300,000 kilometres per second) based on the brightest one yet observed which is aptly named ASASSN(assassin)-15LH. These things can wipe out any planetary atmosphere/life present in an entire galaxy using nothing but pure light energy.
  2. bouncing off the walls
  3. of tranquillity it's lunacy
  4. and rundown shell station
  5. Makes you realise that there must be an awful lot of oil in them thar wells!
  6. Another interesting fact here - Almost all, if not all, the gold that is available on Earth or which has been so far mined is thought to have been delivered to the planet via asteroid and meteor strikes. Although there are thought to be millions of tonnes of gold present in the mass of the Earth, being dense and heavy, it is believed that most, if not all, of it gravitated to the core of the planet when the Earth was in it's molten state and so is completely inaccessible to us.
  7. Here is an interesting and humbling fact - Of all the matter in the solar system, the sun makes up around 99.8% of it with all the planets, moons, comets, asteroids and assorted gases and debris accounting for a tiny 0.2%! Ever thought about what the sun is? Hard to believe that big glowing ball in the sky is nothing but a giant dense ball of gas with nothing 'solid' about it and when it revolves around it's axis it doesn't all move at the same speed.
  8. It's one thing to home in on a steadily broadcast radio signal using triangulation but the concept behind the Beeb one was supposedly that the German radio operators in the bombers would listen to the 'bongs' to see if they could hear their own engines in the live broadcast which would tell them that they were over London. Let's face it, the chances of them being in just the right place at just the right time were very, very, very slim.
  9. That may well be, I wish I could remember where I first heard it- it wasn't that long ago. I can see how it would work but you would have to time your bombing runs in line with the radio broadcasts. I suspect that, if there is any truth in it, it is just that it occurred to someone at the beeb or in government that the Germans could possibly use it rather than that the Germans had any intention of using it.
  10. I heard this recently on TV, can't remember what the programme was. I don't think it was about weather but, rather, the sound of the bombers. If the Germans could hear their own engines in the broadcast of Big Ben they would know they were over London. Just found this article from the Daily Fail that may or may not be accurate https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7420981/BBCs-wartime-gambit-Big-Ben-bonging-Nazis-scored-direct-bomb-hit.html
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