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  1. to various random numbers (Do people, and I use the term loosely, still make 'dirty' phonecalls? You never here about it these days)
  2. other than eating children? (Late to the party but I'll have a bash at Marmite - It's equally as horrible as Vegemite, disgusting brewers fungal waste that should be disposed of in the bin. Bleurch!!! )
  3. treated with extreme contempt (Yeuch! Amazing that brewers came up with a 'con' to sell the waste byproducts of brewing and people lap it up, fungal waste on toast!)
  4. even when spread thickly (I worked in the print house of a tabloid once and, during a shift I had a bad dose of the trots. Just my luck that it got plastered all over the News of the World!)
  5. where fools rush in (I've never actually set foot in a casino. Gambling doesn't agree with me or my finances and Fate would have me stripped of even the shirt on my back in the blink of an eye)
  6. that forests are constructed (Hey you can easily build a forest out of wood but you can't see it because it's hidden by the trees)
  7. might be colour full (Just because the can is matt black don't mean the contents are I reckon)
  8. spears at the ready (Flashbacks to when I was a gunner on the train through Paisley!)
  9. past present and future (If the past is another country the present and future must be countries too. All of a sudden I realise I am well travelled because I've been in or will be in all those countries at some point)
  10. a sample was required (That's solves the puzzle of why Vegemite is sticky, brown, tastes orrible and smells like 'dunny' Can you tell I'm not a fan?)
  11. bet he wasn't amused (now Himascreaming Yeti in a high pitched voice)
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