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  1. Beardie

    Model kit box art

    Ah well, y'see I never actually count them. I guess you could say that I have a shelving unit and a big box full although I can't give you exact dimensions of either the shelving unit or the box......let's just say I have 'some'
  2. Beardie

    Model kit box art

    Box art definitely has an influence. I didn't like those early eighties Airfix ones with the photo of a built model on them they didn't let the imagination take hold. Even now I can't deny that I am influenced by the artwork on the Wingnut Wings boxes.
  3. Beardie

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    about the wrong dates (I refer of course to the fruit)
  4. Beardie

    Domestic plumbing noises

    Not a plumber myself but I am with Pete on this one and I reckon that you have answered your own question, including the leaking of your shower head. If the local water supply was leaking prior to it's failure it will have been supplying a lower pressure and so, when it was repaired the pressure of the supply will have increased. There should be a valve that can be adjusted to reduce the pressure entering the hot water system from the main supply. If you can identify the cold water feed into the boiler you should be able to locate the valve on the pipe that needs backed off a little.
  5. Beardie

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    due to alternating currants
  6. Beardie

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    and the average ones
  7. Beardie

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    and resistance is futile
  8. Beardie

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    below the bread basket
  9. Beardie

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    speaking with her butcher (Of course, by butcher, I mean her surgeon)
  10. Beardie

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    a little Belgian fellow
  11. Beardie

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    strapped to the rudder (He wanted to take a new direction in life)
  12. Beardie

    Grump Britain.

    I think they know what caused the original fire. Cause is given as an exploding projector in the basement and gas escaping from a can of 'expanding foam' although I guess those ingredients could well have been brought together deliberately by an expert in arson. The last fire, earlier this year, was at a nightclub a little farther along the street and, apparently started in the attic of the building though I can't find anything about the cause. It will be interesting to see what conclusion they reach this time. If it was arson I would be inclined to wonder if, perhaps, the Art School would be 'collateral damage' and that the Nightclubs are the actual targets. Certain ruthless 'gangsters' in Glasgow would not mind burning down a local treasure in order to nail a competing nightclub/venue. I do get the sense, from reported murders and attacks over the last couple of years, that the gangs in Glasgow are in a bit of a turf war.
  13. Beardie

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    those missing their marbles
  14. Beardie

    Grump Britain.

    Sorry Richard but I think the whole thing is now nothing but a shell, totally destroyed and a complete disaster. Lord knows how many millions of pounds of restoration have been destroyed never mind the surviving remnants left by the last fire. Looks like the O2 ABC is a write off too from the aerial photos. I can't help but think there have been rather a lot of fires in that small area of Glasgow city centre in recent times.
  15. Beardie

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    the worst in people