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  1. dear Liza was disappointed
  2. and finely ground tobacco
  3. But to have meaningful discussion you have to have people who are willing to be mentally flexible and adaptive where it seems that certain sections of our society have become more and more certain that their view is absolutely and incontrovertably the correct view and everyone else who tries to challenge that view is plain wrong or worse, pure evil. They stick their fingers in their ears and sing 'nah nah nah nah' when challenged to a logical debate or just shout names at you and tell you how bad and evil you are.
  4. Indeed that will be the one. Someone apparently put the lyric on Facebook and the PC Brigade went 'mental'. I have occasionally had the puff candy/cinder toffee you refer to but it just ain't really the same to me. I seem to remember the Lees stuff was 5p a bar and came in Plain, chocolate coated and mint varieties. For some reason I seem to remember Jimmie Crankie (the real one) or someone who resembled her on the wrapper but that could have been a sugar induced hallucination.
  5. Amazing the things you learn! I love a spot of Macaroon now and then although I tend to prefer brands other than Lees who I find make their bars with too little 'bite' these days and they are quite 'gooey' but I didn't know that it was Mr Lees who invented Macaroon. Wish they would bring back Lees Puff Candy! Oddly enough my old mother was visiting today and she was talking about there being a bit of a 'stooshie' at the moment in connection with the jingle that Lees used to use in the 60's/70's for their macaroon which used a word which was quite unremarkable at the time which, although originally a word for all children became a word used for children of African origin and, of course is now seen as a racist slur. I suspect that Lees Macaroon will now be banned for 'historical racism'. Surprisingly Coca Cola seems to have escaped attention despite being invented by a Confederate Army Colonel who peddled Cocaine disguised as a health drink/pick-me-up.
  6. said Freddie grinning enormously
  7. unless it's William Wordsworthy
  8. Beardie

    Grumping into the 20s

    Just a wee note on the phishing garbage we all often see. I was chatting with a fella who is very involved in IT security and I was talking about how stupid the phishing emails usually are with their poor English, undisguised dodgy email address (claiming to be from Paypal etc. but the email address is in Timbuktoo etc.) and he told me something that had never occurred to me. He said that the emails are deliberately constructed to be bad and obvious because they only want gullible and exceptionally easily fooled people to apply as they are the people who they can rob blind and anyone else will quickly realise that they are being conned and that wastes their time. They work on greed and stupidity to put it bluntly. In recent times, while looking for spares etc. for my Triumph bike I have come across hundreds and hundreds of listings for bikes, cars etc. that are all the same but appear to come from different ebay users. What they all have in common is that, when you click on the listing for that particularly cheap classic bike or car the second image is of a piece of text telling you not to bid but rather to contact a particular email address to arrange to buy the vehicle at a 'steal' of a price. Of course the gullible person transfers the money which will never be seen again and ebay don't care because they will just say that you broke their rules and guidelines by dealing directly with the con merchant outwith the protection of the ebay framework. All it takes is one sucker a week to part with a few grand in the hopes of a bargain and the scam is worthwhile,
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