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  1. Beardie

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    bitter tears of God (Hmmm, that is almost poetic) (Admiral, I seem to recall, from somewhere in the deepest recesses of my memory, seeing someone, Possibly the Fonz?, smoking on screen and thought - How cool does that look? so just had to give it a try while my inner scientist was gagged and bound in the cupboard under the stairs)
  2. Beardie

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    by the coffee machine (I once tried to smoke a cigarette while riding a BSA Goldstar because I thought it would look cool, from pulling away to reaching about forty mph, It lasted about ten seconds and I was blinded by the ash)
  3. Beardie

    Kit Collectors - Help is at Hand

    I have to agree JohnT. I recall a book I read many years ago about mental illness. One of the little tests in it was to, while in a quiet room/space, in your mind, ask yourself a question about something you are worried about or that concerns you and listen (within your mind) to hear if you get an answer. A lot of people will feel that they get a faint response ( that 'little voice in the back of my mind' that many people speak of), I know that I do, and that is fine, perfectly normal. Some believe it is God guiding them, others an errant leakage of the thought process others yet that it is your deeper conscious advising you or even your 'sixth sense' trying to guide you. Who knows what it really is. In a world where science theorises, and can prove the theoretical validity of that theory, that we could be living in one dimension of a greater machine or one of many universes or even a computer program , all bets are off but, if that voice becomes strident, you've got problems. Fact is that the brain is an immensely complex and peculiar device that is very finely balanced and can be thrown off it's correct operation in many directions and so we all exhibit the traits which, if the balance gets thrown, can become a serious mental illness. Whenever I hear of someone struggling with a serious mental health issue I remind myself that 'There but for the grace of God go I'. I doubt that we will ever fully understand the human brain or even consciousness but one hopes that we will continue to try to find ways (other than pumping people full of drugs) to help people regain their balance. I would honestly never have thought that it was a question of "Is hoarding a mental illness?" as it is obviously so, even from just a basic review of one or two cases. In a world where we don't feel secure in a supportive community it is all too easy to build a fortress of junk in the hopes of keeping the world out. The difference, as far as I see it between collecting and hoarding is, as I said before, mental balance. Acquiring rare and desirable objects (to us at least) is normal human behaviour but, when we have an all consuming desire to hoover up everything and lose the sense of discrimination between good and bad, the balance is gone and we have a problem.
  4. Beardie

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    out in the ashtray
  5. Beardie

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    or a good doctor
  6. Beardie

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    really can't be beat
  7. Beardie

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    not the ones funkily? @Max Headroom Didn't even know there were any. I wouldn't have thought grapes would grow in the Western Isles, least not the ones that don't respond to Preparation H)
  8. Beardie

    Grump Britain replacement

    @Artie The 'Parra' spirit you mention, are you sure there isn't an 'fin' missing off the end? Sounds like it is better suited to being used as a fuel!
  9. Beardie

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    used as floor cleaner (I don't see what anyone sees in wine, 'orrible stuff. When I was a young'un and we were begging the grown-ups for a sip of booze they always got rid of us by offering us a drink of wine.) (Beaten to the punch but I think it still kind of works )
  10. Beardie

    Seatbelts in WW1 aircraft: when did they come in?

    I will need to see if I can find some pics of those machines. I guess that the four point would have the disadvantage of preventing you from being able to move forward when trying to clear a jam etc. It must have been a difficult decision to make - Risk not being able to reach your guns properly in order to clear jams etc. which could cost your life in a dogfight or risk smashing your face in the event of a prang.
  11. Beardie

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    I just won't start
  12. Beardie

    Seatbelts in WW1 aircraft: when did they come in?

    That is interesting, I don't think I have ever noticed a photo of a German WWI machine with only lap belts, then again I am not the most observant of fellows. I know that the late Dan San Abbott referred to the 'Idflieg regulation harness' which is the design in the drawings above as the harness that - "I have seen in almost every German fighter, and parts catalogs." so I would guess any fitted with only a lap belt were more than likely to have been pilot specific alterations.
  13. Beardie

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    while on the mobile
  14. Beardie

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    and live life dangerously
  15. Beardie

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    things I'm wary of