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  1. That looks very good indeed Allan, what weathering techniques did you use- especially on the underside? Colin
  2. Fabulous finish on this and the Fortress- excellent modelling skills sir! Colin
  3. This is very good indeed. The differing metal panel colours is most effective. Nice !!! Colin
  4. I think that is great, superb finish. I have this kit in the stash but have not started it. If you don't mind, why the Allycat canopy? Colin
  5. An amazing piece of work in 1/72. Well done sir! I am sure your brother would have approved. Colin
  6. Nice one Julian- who doesn't like a chipmunk- beware these kits are addictive. Colin
  7. Very f/good photos indeed. Thank you for posting them. You are so lucky to have been there, Oshkosh is one thing that would be on my bucket list. Colin
  8. Interesting idea, really well executed. Photographed with a backdrop in black and white this could really send some amateur historians into a state of confusion. Colin
  9. Hi Martin, thanks for the link to Flikr. Great selection of photos. Loved all the Frecci Tricolori stuff. Colin
  10. Hi Lightning boy, great photos- thanks for posting, they are all good bit I particularly like the Swedish shots and the 3 F16s with the snake head in the background. The Hercules is excellent, do you have any more shots of it? Colin
  11. That is a great weathering job Ian- really well weathered as I imagine it would be on the Eastern front. I will have to try out your technique at some point. I missed out on the Airfix Do17 first time around and will get one when they reappear. Colin
  12. What a nice find to remind you of earlier times your Phantom looks good. It may have been superseded in terms of accuracy but nostalgia builds have their own attraction- I have an Airfix Hawker Hart in the queue. Colin
  13. What a great collection- amazing in 1/48 scale- the hardest part no doubt is displaying it. Colin
  14. Fantastic shots Shaun with masses of detail for models in the stash. Thank you for posting again. Colin
  15. Now that I really like. What a great representation of a Gulf War Jaguar- whiskey references! Buccaneer next? Colin
  16. Fantastic modelling and photography- how long before it appears in the Daily Mail as a scoop? Colin
  17. A great job on the Provost Dave, I agree with you this is a great little model from Airfix - I have built several- the work you have done on the actuator arms look so much better, I will have to go back and correct mine. Absolutely nothing wrong with the photography either. Colin
  18. Very nice photos, thank you for posting- it looks like a good day to go to the show. Colin
  19. That looks amazing. Rigging work is very impressive. Colin
  20. Wow, museum quality build, well done sir!! Colin
  21. That looks really good Rob, well done sir!! Many years ago I built a 1/72 Manchester using an Airfix fuselage and a Contrail vac form. It didn't look half as good as this. Colin
  22. Hi Mark, I have enjoyed following your build story, the Mitchell is looking good, thank you for posting it. I too brush paint my models - always have but I now have an airbrush- haven't used it yet. I hope your holiday went well, Duxford was always a special place for me, I used to glide from there before the Museum really got going. Colin
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