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  1. It is N2482, a B Flight machine which was the usual mount of F/O Connors, although obviously several other members of B Flight flew her operationally at this time as well.
  2. It's a wonderful little film. I remember it created quite a buzz in the historic aviation community when it came out. I absolutely love the look on the chap's face when he realises that the film is of himself.
  3. I'm right up the north. Thank you so very much for the tremendously kind offer Andre! I'd say yes but I was having a look in my paintbox and I realised that I actually have Humbrol 27 as well - goodness knows why I bought it or what for but it's there. And I have a lot of 64 which I use for RAF MSG so I'll either go for 64 with a smidge of black as Patrice suggested or the 27. My tin of 27 actually looks like it might be quite a nice match for that darker shade of NG but we'll see once I'm ready to paint the thing. Thanks once again though. After living for many years in very big cities where you could get exactly what you wanted when you wanted it, I have to work with what I have access to now. I'm actually fine with Humbrol as I've been using them ever since returning to the hobby. I have a lovely chap down in Oslo who has a large model shop who I can get more "esoteric" supplies from but paint-wise I'm pretty restricted to Humbrol, Vallejo and Tamiya which is in truth more than enough.
  4. That is the footage NoSG0 and you are also right Steve it had Bungay talking about it. I'm kicking myself that I've lost my copy as it was utterly unique. Fingers crossed some kind soul has it!
  5. That was one of the things Troy with my recent interest in Vallejo, the names were all over the place which added to the confusion.
  6. I'm not sure if there is a way to distinguish the bad tins from the good. Saying that you can use the "bad" stuff and it will turn out fine but it just takes a bit more effort. I have found that you just have to stir it a lot, at the very least 2 minutes, and until you can get it to the best consistency possible. Using whatever you used to stir it (I use bits of plastic sprue) put a few drops/dollops depending on how big a paint job it is into a bottle top or small dish, then add thinner (I find Humbrol's own enamel thinner to be very satisfactory). I use a plastic dropper so I can add the thinner by drops. As I said I probably normally use a 60:40 paint to thinner ratio but with the bad tins I find I need to add a little more thinner to counteract the thicker, gloppier consistency. Saying that I've been brush painting for so long that I'm looking for a particular consistency for the paint to have to be ready for painting rather than measuring anything exactly. For me, I want the paint to be roughly the consistency of skim milk, not too thin but thin enough that it wants to self level when brushed. Once you start thinning paint you'll pick up very quickly from experience what works for you. HTH, Tim
  7. Tamiya enamels are hideous to brush with, I don't even bother trying. Humbrol had some "quality control" issues 3 or so years back but I have found they are generally good now. Your local supplier probably still has stock from the dodgy period. Using their thinner and good quality brushes yields excellent result I find. I probably thin them at around a 60:40 ratio of paint to thinner and they go on absolutely beautifully. I wait the recommended 6 hours between coats. I've been using them since returning to the hobby in 2001 and apart from the odd bum tin from that dodgy period, I find they are superb for brush painting. I often don't bother to prime unless the colour will be exceptionally light such as white and then I just use Humbrol 64.
  8. Thanks J-W, looks good.
  9. I won't be using much black with the 60 but the 60 definitely needs toning down as it's a rich scarlet and it needs to come closer to the rather dark red of the decals. Matching paint to decals is never easy but so long as I can get it in the general ballpark I'll be happy. Saying that you could reasonably argue that the red of the Tamiya decals is most likely too dark but what can you do, you have to work with what you've got!
  10. Might be difficult to find depending on where you are but if you are in Scandinavia or have mates here who can pick it up for you (this is also possibly available in Germany), then Oceanlack from Panduro. They have three water based varnishes, a gloss (which is seriously properly glossy), a satin/semi gloss and a matt. They dry rock hard in 30 minutes and are not affected by decal solutions, over coating with enamel, etc. They even brush on perfectly, self levelling with no brush marks. After finding this stuff I have literally chucked all my other stuff out. The gloss for example is better than original Klear/Future. Available in 50ml and 250ml bottles.
  11. Humbrol seem to have gotten better over the last 3 or so years from my experience but they did go through a period where they were all over the shop. I've been thinking of giving Vallejo a go with my next RAF build. The problem is I still have a lot of Humbrol enamel paints left and I really feel I should probably get through the stocks I have before investing in another range of paint. I'm a brush painter as well and Humbrol enamels really do brush beautifully if you thin them correctly. I got my tin of 155 out yesterday and gave it a good stir and I'm quite happy with what's in there. I'll put some on a bit of scrap plastic and see what it looks like when it dries. Doing Shangri-La I'm thinking of the best way to match the red of the nose with the red in the chequerboard decals. Tamiya give some mix for their paints to do this but only having Humbrol I'm thinking of using 60 and toning it down with a little black.
  12. I think I'll take Patrice's advice and use 64 with a smidge of black to darken it ever so. With the OD, I'm liking the suggestion for 155 with some 30 added, although I haven't bought 30 for many years. Although I'm also considering if I can do something with Humbrol's 66 which I use as the starting point for a fairly new PC10 shade, seeing as US OD seems to have been a direct descendent of the colour. Shangri-La seems to have (unsurprisingly) not experienced very weathered paintwork and the colour looks darkish especially if you compare it with something like the colour photos of Beeson's P-51B in April 1944 where you can see the colour has lightened and weathered. I'm finding this enormously interesting as I've (boringly enough) restricted myself to RAF WWII and WWI RAF, RFC and Luftstreitkräfte since getting back into the hobby in 2001. I do have quite a big interest in the 4th FG so this build is very overdue. I just have to put the finishing touches on my Hurricane and then it'll be onto this. Thanks to all for the advice, suggestions and comments, it's all appreciated. Tim
  13. Thanks Graham. I'm thinking of making Gentile's Shangri-La - not terribly original but I have an interest in the 4th FG, and I've had the Tamiya kit lying around for some time. Your comment seems to suggest I might be on the wrong tack with Humbrol 155 and if it is completely wrong then please let me know of a better Humbrol match for the upper sides. I don't mind admitting that this will be my first USAAF build since returning to the hobby and as a result I am a complete novice with US colours and paint matches.
  14. I'm thinking of dragging a P-51B out for my next build which would be my first US aircraft build since the 1980s and TBH I know bugger all about US paint matches. Now I think I'm probably safe going with Humbrol 155 for the Olive Drab but I'm completely lost for a Humbrol match for the Neutral Grey undersides. One of the lovely chaps here has suggested to me via PM Humbrol 64 with a touch of black added (thanks Patrice!) but I'm wondering if there's an out of the tin match which I could go for. The problem is with a bit of searching I've seen Humbrol 27, 126, 127, 128, 156 and several others come up as matches and as a result I'm completely bamboozled. Can anyone help with an out of the tin match for Neutral Grey from the Humbrol range? Thanks, Tim
  15. Smithy

    Typhoon Tragedy?

    That must have been it Chris. Thanks for clarifying. Tim
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