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  1. Ah I see. However it's usually better to go to the owner or holder of the original (in this case the IWM) to get the correct information regarding an image.
  2. Don't know where you got that information from. The image is in the IWM's collection and with the caption: "Spitfire Mk Is of 'A' Flight, No. 602 Squadron running up their engines at Drem in Scotland, March 1940. The foreground aircraft has the name 'Bogus' painted beneath the cockpit." It's been reproduced in quite a number of books too and comes from a series of images which were made during a press visit to 602 when they were stationed at Drem. Very possibly!
  3. Spot on Peter. One could also be "a Bogus" so a person/thing who had been caught out as a sham or a dodgy fellow or thing.
  4. Bogus was common RAF slang used at the time and the reason for naming the aircraft such is most likely typical RAF self-deprecation. Sorry can't help with the pilot, although it was an A Flight machine and the flight commander at this time at Drem was Marcus Robinson so there's a reasonable chance he flew this machine at some point.
  5. Me too, although I can't promise when that will be. I have several that have been on the go for an interminably long time that I really should finish first, although knowing me I can't promise that either!
  6. His memoir of his wartime experiences, "The Flying Greek" is excellent and if you haven't read it I'd recommend getting hold of a copy.
  7. The one I'll do is a very "standard" late Battle of Britain period one of his from 64 Sqn. No real oddities at all. Sounds like it will be making the codes and serial masks myself and in truth this is probably better as I can hopefully make them more accurate than using one of the generic decal squadron code fonts. The more I think about this, the more I really am looking forward to getting this kit, it'll make a nice diversion from the usual 1/72 and 1/48 I tend to play around with. Thanks for the suggestions and advice.
  8. Hi Troy, If you haven't got Paul Lucas' "Battle for Britain" booklet, one of the most fascinating things about it is how he demonstrated from surviving aircraft parts that there were various shades of Sky used. I don't entirely agree with all his ideas that these were other specific paints obtained by the RAF. The period we are talking about was very hectic, the AM even sent a missive out on the introduction of Sky that White and Night undersides could be used by squadrons without access to the the new Sky. However necessity breeds innovation, and there had already been attempts to
  9. I've decided to splash out on one as well. It's a kit I've thought about making for years (I've actually never made a 1/24 anything) and I'm looking forward to the change of scale. One of my family was one of the Few and I had planned to do one of his aircraft with the Tamiya 1/48 kit but I suppose it might be worth going to town with this big kit and doing it as his. Does anybody do decent squadron codes and serials in 1/24 or am I going to have to try and make masks of the bally things?
  10. Sorry Troy, I'd completely forgotten to scan those photos for you - thanks for reminding me! I'm been very busy with work and it totally slipped my mind. BTW I think you might very well be onto something with the mixing stock paint to make Sky "approximations". Paul Lucas in his Battle for Britain booklet (which is excellent) does show that there were differing shades of Sky but Paul seems to approach it from the angle that they'd try and obtain another existing colour which was close to Sky in the correct spec, when you make an excellent and compelling point that mixing stock colo
  11. It could be very dark. For example the Hurricanes IIbs of 331 Sqn in service from August to November were a particularly dark version of Mixed Grey.
  12. I agree with the others, almost certainly the Mixed Grey which was probably more common during the first several months of the change over than has possibly been thought.
  13. Might be a bit late here but if that's the 1/48 kit don't use part K15, it's the bomb fusing switches which wouldn't be carried on a BoB Mk.I. Probably not a biggie if the canopy is going to be buttoned up but thought I'd mention it just in case. One thing to watch the underside fuselage to wing join. Someone at Hasegawa must have had a brain fart moment because low and behold the join is right in the middle on the fabric. It's not difficult to tidy up with filler but is a bit of a faff because of the "corrugations". Tim
  14. Great work Troy! I think it's not silly to interpret the spinner as a dull red. A friend of mine Søren wrote a self published book on Zulu Lewis and he managed to obtain high quality copies of the photos of R when Lewis was tasked to use the aircraft for the benefit of the press visit. I'll check with Søren and if he doesn't mind I'll scan the photos from his book and send them to you. I think it's almost certainly a section leader thing. 85 had started playing around flight designation colours and whatnot on spinners towards the end of the Sitzkrieg and this carried ov
  15. I think one could even get away with applying the normal late German cross decals, the Croatian wing insignia and some light pastel weathering. They don't appear to be significantly overpainted as just weathered. Not saying your method isn't good but just pointing out for those who perhaps don't feel or want to try overspraying or even those who are brush painters , the pastels method is another option. It's a very attractive scheme and I'd be tempted to do it for a Gustav project.
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