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  1. Thanks Steve. I personally don't like overdone and heavy looking panel lines so I'm planning on being super conservative with this considering the starting depth of the lines. Thanks for the tip Graham. I tend to dry fit everything several times to make sure I'm not going to have too much bother once the glue comes out. I'll keep an extra close eye on the bulkhead and fuselage fit. Crikey Dave, that would've caused a bit of a fright! Pleased to hear it was only the glorified typewriter that went up in smoke. Looking forward to watching your build as well. Cheers all! Tim
  2. Finally got around to taking a snap. I've been super busy this week so haven't made much progress. One fun thing with this build is the white spinner. There is a lot of anecdotal and photographic evidence to suggest that 485's Spit IIs and Vs had their spinners painted white so I have decided to paint Athol's Spit with a white schnozz. Some paint touch ups needed but it shows where I am at the mo.
  3. What a coincidence Zebra! Your build is coming along splendidly and I'm enjoying watching it.
  4. Hi Steve, Yes 485 operated the IIa and even the Ia for a time although it wasn't terribly long before they converted over to the Vb. As I mentioned above I'll post a couple of pics of my meagre progress, in the meantime here's a couple of snaps of Athol himself... And here he is third from the left posing for the press with some of the other 485 boys at Driffield just prior to the squadron being made operational:
  5. Bit late starting this thread as Easter got in the way but I'm now off and running. I am making a Spitfire IIa of 485(NZ) Sqn in spring/summer 1941, P7974 which was a regular mount of Athol Gordon McIntyre who was a Battle of Britain veteran from 111 Sqn. Athol was born in Auckland - my old hunting grounds - and attended New Plymouth Boys' High School where he was head boy in 1937. I'm using the Airfix new tool 1/72 Spitfire Ia kit for this and using the 3-D Kits Spit IIa conversion set. As it is late here and the light terrible I'll post some snaps tomorrow of progress, which amounts to some work on the cockpit and drilling out the hole for the Coffman starter. Really thrilled to be a part of this as this is my first GB here at BM and also looking forward to watching everyone's builds to celebrate this auspicious anniversary of the RAF. Cheers to all, Tim
  6. Smithy

    SE5a 1/48 Eduard

    They look excellent Sweaty, well done!
  7. Absolutely wonderful build and the best 72nd Fury I have ever seen - actually one of the nicest Furies I have seen full stop! And nice to see you kept the yellow flight colour instead of changing it to blue, etc. I've argued this before here at BM many moons ago I think
  8. Loving your TB2 build, my favourite by a long chalk and very happy memories of watching that on the telly after school (in NZ by the way). Those pics above of NZ actually made me a touch homesick as a matter of fact! Really lovely work. Tim
  9. Hi Val, MAM from November 2005 had an excellent article on Hurri camouflage and markings from November 1935 to August 1938 and had a full page devoted to L1584. PM me if you want more info. Cheers! Tim
  10. Put the Airfix 1/72 Spit Ia kit on the table along with the 3-D Kits Mk II conversion set and pulled out the relevant paint tins for the build. I've gone through the 485(NZ) Sqn ORB and my 485 Sqn books and have decided on an airframe. The SE5a I've been working on over the last few weeks will get a little work over the next few days before being put in a box to be resumed after the GB. So in other words I'm raring to go. Really looking forward to this and it will be my first GB here at BM.
  11. Wonderful model, well done. And being a Kiwi I especially liked the history and backstory. Ticks all the boxes for me!
  12. Smithy


    56 Squadron Jeff, never 56th
  13. Smithy

    Airfix 1.48 Hawker Fury

    Photos such as those in Alex Crawford's books show the wing checkerboards either as you've shown it with the Airfix decals or where the rear of the checkerboard almost lines up with the rear of the roundels (imagine flipping the Matchbox version around). Lovely work so far. Makes me want to finish mine (I have K1930 in the Hall of Shame)!
  14. Smithy

    SE5a 1/48 Eduard

    TBH although the WNW kits are incredible there's two things which have stopped me. Firstly the price, they're a small fortune, and secondly the scale. 1/32 really demands ultra detailing work - well it does to my mind. I personally think that 1/48 for WWI strikes a much happier medium, big enough that they're not hugely fiddly but not so big as to demand extensive amounts of detail work. Plus there's a big selection out there and they don't break the bank.