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  1. Listening to the Virkelig song I posted on the previous page made me want to listen to some old Cure stuff. I originally had this on VHS but heaven knows where it is now. Nice to know some kind soul posted it on Youtube. Fantastic concert (the version of A Forest is one of the best live versions I think). Part one:
  2. Love the Sisters, Joy Division, etc, all parts from my dyed black haired youth in the 80s which I still have a soft spot for. And Leftfield's Original with the heavenly Toni Halliday from Curve, still one of my favourites. Toni prowling the stage snarling out Fait Accompli is unbeatable. Been listening to this over the last couple of days and it's growing on me. A little known Norwegian band and this one sounds like The Cure from the early 80s mixed with classic mid 80s New Order. The bit from 2:44 sounds uncannily like if the two bands decided to have a jam in 1985.
  3. Thanks Dervish. Sadly the PRO/NA prised mucho moollah away from yours truly back in the day on all the squadrons I have an interest in. If I hadn't I would be in like Flynn right now downloading as fast as my bandwith would allow!
  4. Mark, I have P3150 as Z as well but don't have the source right now, although I think it might come from Dilip Sarkar (possibly a photo) but I'll have to dig around in the man cave and find where it came from. It makes sense though, Patrick was B flight and 85 followed the most common letter breakdown so Z was a B flight machine. Annoyingly with 85 A flight listed operational flights by aircraft code letter but B flight listed them by serial. In terms of Paul Lucas, what I found particularly interesting with his "The Battle for Britain" booklet was the photographs of surviving pieces of undersides from the period which plainly showed that there was a range of underside colours used from grey to various light greenish-blues of wide variance. I don't know enough about paint nor paint suppliers in 1940 to say that Lucas gets it right with his assertions of what the various colours are. But he does show that there were different underside colours being used.
  5. Very good point. The Spitfire was designed specifically to be a short range interceptor, and it was this that constrained its development and how it was utilised later in the war. The US wanted US aircrew flying US aircraft as well. Early in the US involvement in the war this was almost certainly a morale thing for people back in the States and also to increase mobilisation of the aircraft manufacturing industry. The Yanks in Yank planes things was the reason why the AAF was so terribly keen on getting the 4th FG out of Spitfires and on P-47Cs. It was a PR thing and was the reason why people like Blakeslee were not entirely initially happy with the idea.
  6. The 23rd July conference at the AM is well documented and was an all day affair that took the entire Tuesday with smaller sub committee meetings regarding details pertaining to certain aspects of the day's activities. The overall purpose of it was aircraft markings and colourings. As I mentioned above a small upshot of this was the signal that 92's adjutant, Mac McGowan received on the 26th July stating that 92 were to have their codes changed from GR to QJ as soon as possible. 616 were also sent a cable advising them to change theirs, although they did not until mid 1941.
  7. This is something which has confused a lot of people over the years and led to erroneously attributing photos to 92 when it should be 616 and vice versa. The changing of codes was taken as a security measure with a view to confusing German intelligence regarding Fighter Command and came from a conference held at the Air Ministry on the 23rd July 1940. 92 received the communique to change their codes from GR to QJ on the Friday, the 26th July, and the repainting was carried out over the weekend. And yet 616 for some reason (most likely the communique was mislaid and forgotten before being acted upon) and they continued to use QJ right into the middle of 1941.
  8. I don't think this is a true statement at all and cannot be used as a rule of thumb because it's not borne out by the photographic evidence. If you look at period colour photos in books on the 4th by for example: Fry and Ethell; White; Speer; Davis; etc they clearly show that reds were used on later 4th mounts such as P-51Ds which were certainly as bright as the reds used on earlier Bs and Cs. There are numerous examples of this.
  9. It's a shame that we don't know how many low back, bubble canopy IXs there were. So next question do we have a rough figure of how many it could have been? One dozen? Two?
  10. Purely asking out of curiosity, how many bubble canopy IXs were made, does anyone know the actual number?
  11. I found an error on the first page that I looked at. It has Al Deere's Spitfire "Kiwi" as N3183 when it should be N3180. Admittedly this is one which has been bounced around for over half a century but I would say, it's probably best to double check any information on there before taking it as gospel. A lot of work has obviously gone into creating the site though.
  12. Smithy

    Painting by hand

    Hi Tiger, As Troy mentioned above I'm a dedicated brush modeller. Didn't like air brushes at all so back to brushes. Everybody has their own little techniques, paints they favour and what works for them, and a lot of that comes from practicing yourself and finding out what works for you. Saying that though I think there are two things which are universally important if you want to get good results brush painting: 1) thinning the paint; and 2) using the right brushes for the job. I posted about this here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235067235-best-makes-of-enamel-paint/page/4/&tab=comments#comment-3576160 Hopefully that helps get you started. Best, Tim
  13. Thanks! For something this old I'm really enjoying making this. It doesn't have the finesse of the more modern engineered kits and I found with my one it needed a little tidying up in places (nothing taxing or difficult though just a little flash on some of the smaller pieces), but it's a fun kit and the shape is very nice. And cheap as chips to boot. Really enjoying your build Lord Riot and yours is looking a treat.
  14. I'm working on the same kit at the moment and thoroughly enjoying it. Started it back in February and should do an update in my thread. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235068527-airfix-148-hurricane-i-old-mould/ I'll be watching your build.
  15. A Russian friend of mine has ridden in the back seat of an IL-2. His words: "I want to tell you that it is very (VERY) noisy, and in horizontal flight the exhaust gases falls heavily into the partly open gunner cockpit. Yes, the main problem is not even noise - I constantly felt this smell of burning from the exhaust, I don't know how WW2 crews flew for a long time, but then there was a war and no one thought about it...in any case, they had no choice. Back cockpit is very cramped there and I’m very uncomfortable with my height of 180 cm, because there is also a radio station (the tail gunner was also a radio operator on this plane" He also said the sling seat was uncomfortable. Here's one of his photos of the sling.
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