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  1. Hello everyone … bit more work done this evening. Have I said Im not a fan of this kit recently ? It may look like everything is good in the photo’s. However you’ll see when I show you the belly photo whats wrong. If you look at this you can see where it just is completely mismatched ? Each side of the fuselage is wider by almost a full 1mm behind the intake splitter plates. Surprise Surprise there was also a gap between the rocket tray and rear fuselage, a little investment tip for anyone. Buy some stock in plastic strip manufacturers if Revell ever re-pop this. By the way this is an original mold from the early 90’s, not a newer release. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-4456-f-101b-voodoo--137190 So its not a case of the molds wearing out. Its a case of bad engineering from the start. Now you can see Ive done a little extra work. Ive opened up the vents at the rear underneath the engines. Here is the brass rod added to strengthen the nose gear. Not super visible especially after a coat of paint. Last but not least a quick shot showing the size difference. Mind you its missing the intake and exhaust but those will only add about 1 inch. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments or add thoughts. Dennis
  2. Who do you use for ADC Grey ? Can I get your opinion on colors if I send you a couple of photo’s of bare metal Voodoo’s via D/M ?
  3. Give the decals a coat of decal fix like microscale, that should help them.
  4. One things for sure, when this is finished it’ll weigh quite a bit more than expected with all the resin and etch.
  5. Revell and Monogram were great for putting their info on the outside of the kits. Most its on the underside of the tailplanes but sometimes the lower wing. Fun is trying to erase it so you don't get the ghost image after painting.
  6. If I was going to do one now Id use gold leaf myself. Its available at most craft stores and actually is quite inexpensive considering it is gold. If not gold leaf then gold foil of some sort. Painting would work if you could realistically capture the wrinkles ?
  7. Well this is different and unexpected ? Should be quite a good looker when done. Im sure you know you will need to remove all the stiffeners and other stuff Monogram molded in.
  8. Nicely done Voodoo sir, hopefully mine will look halfway decent when its done. Im trying to figure out wether I will do an early “B” in NMF. Or a later one in ADC grey ? My decals can work both ways as I have photos of the Squadron wearing both schemes.
  9. Was it an Artillery tractor for towing cannons, It looks to have a caisson wagon behind it ?
  10. Great movie and that would be an excellent way to do this.
  11. Shall I add you to the list of interested members in the off chance you find a kit ?
  12. No no limit on the same kits. Its all different in the end as to markings and colors so no two builds would be the exact same. Please start a thread and join in. Everything is allowed as far as aftermarket and your imagination.
  13. Oooooh Welcome I was truly hoping one of these would make an appearance.
  14. Looking for anyone interested so Im going to give this one a bump. Pretty good size of subject matter ranging from static targets to drones to Naval vessels set for torpedo or ASM testing. @Terry1954 would anything used at the Bikini or Nevada test ranges be options ? Say a building or vehicle set near a Atomic test site, or Prinz Eugen at Bikini ?
  15. So are mine (iPhone) sent through an image resizing app to get under the forum guideline's.
  16. Oh @Sabrejet I think Enzo needs your expertise.
  17. Nice will this be one of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry aircraft, or will it just be a standard French recon aircraft ?
  18. Same idea but going the other way. The Navy decided to finally build the Hornet the way it should have been from the start. Well at least in my opinion.
  19. Hello Penguin … from across the pond in the city of Chicago. Im mostly a military aviation builder myself, cant quite count how many Ive built over the years but its all fun in the end. I recommend you go with your plan for the Hunter. Though may want a bit more practice before jumping into the Lancaster just due to its cost and size. If you start the Lanc. and feel pressured set it aside. Plastic never expires and you have the luxury of waiting to go back to it when the time is right. Id be sad to see you start it and force the build just because you think you need to. Whatever else happens ask if you need advice or help everyone here is quite ready to offer tips, ideas, or info. Dennis
  20. Looking good so far, I built one of these in the Mid-80’s and really need to revisit the type.
  21. Are you talking the sight lines used for strafing and rocket attacks ? These are the ones Im referring too. https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:506thfgP-51.jpg Basically the pilot would use those to determine when to roll into his attack from an oblique angle. Its from a video game but its a decent explanation as to how they work. https://youtu.be/qKqe0HNYqmU
  22. Well at least this is the good kind of Space egg, not the alien kind !
  23. I hope you get better soon Adrian, please let us know if we can do anything ?
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