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  1. As Ive inherited approximately 25-30 spit/seafires it would be downright rude not to build something here.
  2. Hello Wolf… from the city by the lake Chicago USA, Im mostly an aircraft builder myself. Dennis
  3. Too bad its 1:144 I need the Montana ANG decals in 1/72, they would be a good match for my F-15.
  4. Well done sir, she looks great. I hope someday that Airfix do a 1/24 scale Corsair. If so I will be first in line for buying one.
  5. Yes I have the PZL.P23 from them. That will get built soon I hope, its been patiently waiting for 3 years now.
  6. Well done sir, my apologies as I haven't been able to get to the various RFI’s for a few days.
  7. Well if you do let me know maybe we can meet at the museum and see it together. I haven't been there in 20+ years. Oh I forgot, the man that got me onboard is in town right now. If you have any questions concerning the carriers I can ask.
  8. Hmmm Mine glued together alright with tube and Tamiya E.Thin, however it wasn't the best of fits. I'm currently letting all my Tamiya filler harden up so I can sand it to within a few inches of its existence.
  9. Count me in with a Wildcat and Buffalo.
  10. Looks good to me, I know its a pain but keep going it will look great once its finished.
  11. Hasegawa does supply alternatives, in this case some early P-38’s up to the “D” carried 37mm guns I believe. These were replaced with the 20mm from the “E” version forward.
  12. Thanks @CT7567 I will look for it, the two good color photo’s of my bird. Show full color badges on each intake splitter plate along with the TAC badge’s on the tail. Everything else is low-viz but those four. Thats my hang-up currently as I have most if not all of the ones I need in low-viz. Sadly I cannot change planes because Im doing a before & after build of the same airframe.
  13. Thanks guys, RAY what color did you use for the interior ? I was planning on studying your build but since you’ve stopped by I thought I would ask. I have a nice Khaki color for the upper camouflage. But I am a big fan of Hataka paints.
  14. Ive seen both late war and post war usage of these lines. I’ll see if I can track down photos. The sight lines are on the leading edge Chris @dogsbody Ok 361st Fg. and 359th Fg. Dennis
  15. Hello Cousin hoping you and your family are all well ? Still crazy like you though … I have something like 16-17 builds going right now. Beats my previous record of 9 by almost double.
  16. Just picked these up, All I need now are the correct serials and unit insignia. There was an F-105 weasel (Microscale 72-370) sheet with the needed decals but seriously doubt any exist. I will go place an add in wants just in case ? Dennis
  17. Im thinking thats where the protective spraylat was at instead of repainted. These get cocooned by a plastic that reflects sunlight and dust away from certain areas. well done @Hewy you definitely nailed the look of an AMARC bird. Someday I want to try my hand at an old cocooned bird at AMARC. Find a cheap kit and use it so I don't need any A/m for the cockpit or similar.
  18. I could go for this one as well. Maybe a P-26, Gloster Gladiator, or a Hawker Fury ?
  19. Hello everyone … Seeing as my Cessna build is now in a holding pattern (decals). I thought I would throw my next two high wing builds into the mix. If you’ve listened to me chat over the four years I have talked about a Polish Air Force collection. Not quite the oldest planes in my collection that honor goes to a Nieuport and Albatros D.V In 1920’s Polish A.F. markings. For the P.7a I will be using the Arma kit. And the P.11c is the Azur kit. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments or add thoughts. Dennis
  20. No it doesn't some of my favorites are Israeli, Greek, and the Japanese planes. I am partial to the U.S. schemes as well and all of them look good.
  21. Ok JR … not much on the net and my books are stored away so cant get to anything from them. The first two are from an F-4B/N book online, and the website has multiple drawings and some photo’s so hopefully they will help ? http://aviation.watergeek.eu/f4b-panel.html Ok This is from a USAF “C” but I dont think there is much difference between the two planes in the Left wall panel ? Dennis
  22. Do you need photo’s of the back seaters left wall ? If so its a wall of fuse boxes and relays. I can get you a photo in a few minutes.
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