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  1. Ouch ... Last time I built one (built three total) the kit was $29.00. Of course that was in 1988. Good at least it wasn't just me that had some issues.
  2. SWMBO = She Who Must Be Obeyed, or better known as my wife.
  3. For some reason I cant open the link, all I get is the little spinning thingy that looks like a typhoon ?
  4. Yep it is Bob Hoover, best airshow i ever saw was Oshkosh 92 when he did the no engine routine in the Aero commander. Blew my mind so much that it never truly recovered.
  5. If its an engine on a stand yes thats fine in my opinion. If its small components or items not visible or below say 66% in a larger aircraft then its not truly a Bristol product ?
  6. Ok count me in Adam... If not a Victor then a WW2 heavy.
  7. Oooh Oooh me me Pick me please .... Ooooh ooh please please pick me. Maybe I can finally find my Unicorn CF.100 clunk. If not it’ll be an F-86, F-101, or F-104. To many Hornets built already and with next years F-18 stgb that will add another.
  8. Hello Rob... from the city by the lake Chicago. Forty one years and I still goof up stuff, true they goof-ups get fewer and farther apart but they still happen. Im an Aircraft mostly builder here. Dennis
  9. Hello Vasilij... from a fellow Cigar lover and modeler from the windy city of Chicago. I prefer Hoya de Monterrey’s Churchills when I can get them (when SWMBO allows it). Im mostly WW2 & Coldwar aircraft. Dennis
  10. Pretty much the same reason the B-58 Hustler was retired. Sad that the IV’s didn't have a longer service life in their intended roles but still decent at Recon.
  11. Welcome aboard.. Ive never seen a Mauve kit up close myself. But have been told they're fairly good kits as far as accuracy. Looking forward to seeing this one.
  12. Thank You and Welcome aboard with some very nice options. Ive alerted Enzo to the crossing of thirty so should hopefully hear from him soon.
  13. Welcome aboard, does anyone do a Razorback D ? If so it couldn't be to hard to back date that to a P-43 ? It’s very similar shapes just a wee bit smaller in all dimensions.
  14. Hello everyone... Well I hope to pick up some weights tomorrow so I painted the cockpit on this tonight. The I.Panel is glued in and the fuselage still fits around it. Thank the modeling gods for small miracles. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments, or add thoughts. Dennis
  15. Morning everybody... Well Im a bit hit & miss with this kit. Got to the landing gear inserts and no way the were going to fit. This was on top of trimming lugs internally when I made up the wings. Heres what it looked like during the trial and error stage of fitting them. You can see on the right hand side how I've had to cut and chop away at the wings. Here it is from above. Now after chopping, grinding, sanding and working the pieces Ive gotten them about 95% fitting. Nothing a little PPP wont take care of. Ive also started the filing process
  16. I think I can handle co-hosting two builds, Im looking forward to this one. I’ve a DeWoitine 520 but hoping to double down with a jet as well from Dassault.
  17. Would you like to be added to the list ? I think so too, executive decision its in. Hello V-P I’ll be glad to add you to the list.
  18. Hello Wez... Ive got co-hosting duties starting a month after this over in High-wing. However if you need an extra co-host let me know ?
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