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  1. Yeah I learned the hard way using a set of Pee-wit masks that came with a kit. After a week or so they were almost impossible to remove. With that and the residue was a nightmare to clean up.
  2. Shes going into dry dock soon to be given new hull plating. I hope to visit her when she comes out in a couple years.
  3. Just out of curiosity does this include cobras, as the originals used a lot of the same components. Engine, skids, tail boom, and rotor. I think they just designed the new fuselage and bolted the rest to it. From Wiki. “The AH-1 was developed using the engine, transmission and rotor system of the Bell UH-1 Iroquois”
  4. OH No … R.i.P. Meatball “Bat out of Hell” will always be a favorite along side the “Time warp”.
  5. Good morning everyone … Fuselage is together. My least favorite part of the Hasegawa hornets. For some Idiotic reason Hasegawa molds the intakes in multiple piece's and they usually turn into a nightmare on the 1/48th kits. This time the were ok except for the usually seam on the inside. Im hoping to buy FOD covers for this in February, if I cant I will use the paper & C/A trick to get smooth intakes. I did remove the mounting tabs for the kits burner cans so I could mount the Resin bits. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments or add thoughts. Dennis
  6. Good morning everyone … Time to mount the Curtiss Helldiver wings. Now being this is a very old Airfix kit with foldable wings, I knew that would be an issue when I bought the kit. However I formulated a plan and it worked as expected. First step was to build up the outer wings. Then I added a serious spar in each wing so the outer panels wouldn't droop. Once the had set I used C/A to set the spars and a combination of tube cement and Tamiya extra thin. I find in situations where there will be a serious amount of flexing the old fashioned tube type glues are still the best. The Tamiya and C/A can be too brittle. You will note in the port wing a wee tiny white square. Thats strip plastic cut and sandwiched to replace the original blue tab from the out wing panel. I think were good on wing straightness what do you think ? Added the stabs also at this time. Not quite as good as the Avenger but the bomb bay doors almost a drop in fit but with some minor gaps. Oh and no the spars aren't in the gear bays in case anyone was curious. Next up is the gaps and filling sanding stage. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments or add thoughts. Dennis
  7. Hmmmmmnow now I hadn't thought about going that route ? It would sit nicely next to my MB.5 racer.
  8. Hello Ekire … from across the pond in the city of Chicago. Im mostly an military aircraft builder myself. As for your question Im going to ask @Mike or @Julien as they're the moderators and can answer this for you. Dennis
  9. Yeah Whenever I get masks from someone else I use them to make Tamiya tape versions. I take the original and place it on Tamiya tape then cut out the new mask.
  10. Hello everybody … wings day today and Im impressed by Hasegawa’s wing build-up. I was thinking while working on this, this is the first Avenger I’ve built in a long time. I think the last one I did was the medium blue plastic 1/48th monogram kit in High-school circa 1988. This one is way better all around. Funny thing is I went to test fit the bomb bay doors, and they fit so well I couldn't pull the two apart again. So did the right thing and just glued it in place. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments or add thoughts. Dennis
  11. Good evening everyone … It was wings and stabs day today. I was able to get the stabs on and I think filling will be minimal Please feel free to ask questions, post comments or add thoughts. Dennis
  12. Good evening everyone … Today was wings day on all my builds. Im pretty impressed by the Matchbox stuff, it didn't require a lot of effort to get them lined up correctly. The Cowlings and main gear well thats another story. The wings mate up well enough to the fuselage. However you have to add the main gear struts early and that is usually a recipe for disaster. Again matchbox surprised, my gear struts free floated in the sockets. Well enough that I’ll be able to swing them up into the bays and tape them out of the way. The cowlings/engines are attached but the outer cowling is just compression fitted at the moment for alignment. Once they're set solid I can pull the outer’s off and paint the engines and interior of the cowlings. As you can see the dihedral is pretty steep on these. I do love the Douglas hotrod attack bombers, they just scream speed and power. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments or thoughts. Dennis PS - Oh quick question for those interested, the 410th BG operated from before, through D-Day, and beyond. Im trying to decide wether freshly applied D-Day stripes or the later lower fuselage only ? Maybe toning down or covering up the upper stripes ?
  13. Going to thank @RidgeRunner for posting this elsewhere. Hopefully someone will have decals out for this one soon. It would make a good addition to the build gallery.
  14. Entirely possible and very likely, though I know a bunch of Swedish Mustangs wound up in Israel. However I do know Sweden was quite a heavy user of the pony post war and if memory is correct had multiple squadrons.
  15. Yes the Tamiya Corsairs are Beautiful, Ive built a number of them in both scales. Too bad they stopped with the early marks. Hasegawas -5 and later are good, there -4 is older with raised panel lines but still decent.
  16. Hello dm3 … from the city of Chicago USA, I’m mostly an military aircraft builder. Sometimes I have a break and do a bit of Armor or sci-fi. Dennis
  17. Finally figured out the markings, going for a Asian equivalent to Luft ‘46. I found out that 152 Squadron converted to Tempest Mk.II’s and so Im going to carry over their lovely “Panther” markings to this bird. https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Air_Ministry_Second_World_War_Official_Collection_CI1283.jpg#mw-jump-to-license
  18. Good morning everyone … Well the Avenger is catching up. The fuselage is intact and looking good. The seams on this are pretty good. Nothing a little sanding, filing, and filling wont handle. Please feel free to ask questions, post comment's or add thoughts. Dennis
  19. Well good morning everybody … I was finally able to get a start on this tonight. While looking through a box stuffed with A/M resin bits tonight I found some nice stuff. Couple of things from Aires and Wolfpack for F-18’s. Also a couple sets of Burner turkey feathers for F-15’s all in 1/72, one of which just found a home on my Japanese aggressor. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments and or thoughts. Dennis
  20. Could it be the USAF light aircraft grey used in the South east asian schemes ? Which is a misnomer as it really looks line a creme white. The Green and Tan look to be the same. And Cavalier did these Mustangs to USAF Spec as they were under contract for military assistance to other South/Central American nations ?
  21. please explain as Ive an Amodel -5 in the stash. Do you mean offset or canted to one side counter the torque of the huge windmill out front ? Or is one side flat the other aerodynamic like a wing so it changes the airflow around the tail ?
  22. Hello Dave @Rabbit Leader I dont think you need worry about me. Ive got 3 Matchbox on the desk with a possible two additional in the stash. However as of right now I have 9 builds on the desk with 3-4 waiting to go in the next four weeks. Nothing is going to get done fast.
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