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  1. Hello Cliff, They’re supposed to be late -4’s with 6 x .50’s in the wings. https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:F4U-4_Corsairs_of_VMF-312_on_USS_Bataan_(CVL-29)_in_the_spring_of_1952.jpg#mw-jump-to-license 3rd and 5th plane have nothing on the lower wing so you should be ok with that as well. http://www.justinmuseum.com/jkjustin/osmith35.html Dennis
  2. This is a good thread I hope it helps you. Dennis
  3. Yes thank you for responding, I've been doing a deep search into the WW2 chat section. And just found a post from February from you in fact. The first link is my exact plane. So I can go ahead with my build.
  4. Thanks Ive found a setting inside my iPhone that allows me to downsize and have been testing it. Ive flagged mike to see if its improved the situation.
  5. While searching for something else entirely I came upon this photo. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205187019 Wonders never cease its my exact plane from Operation Tungsten. Well looks like the scheme is legit. Just looked up HMS Victorious and for the year of 1944 her Air-wing compliment was. “February 1944 – October 1945 = 1834 Corsair II/IV March–April 1944 = 827 Barracuda II March–July 1944 = 829 Barracuda II March–August 1944 = 831 Barracuda II March 1944 – October 1945 = 1836 Corsair II/IV July–Sept 1944 = 1837 Corsair II July 1944= 1838 Corsair II” So that answers the question of which squadron mine came from. That info was taken from here. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Victorious_(R38)
  6. Morning everyone... Well other than satin coat on this its pretty much done. And yes Ive already checked the prop turns quite freely in the engine. It will need to wait for a few days. We have company over and I cant gas them out by spraying right now. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments, and or add thoughts. Dennis
  7. Morning everyone... Well everything is on that needs to be on. Next up is to mask the canopy and then onto paint. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments, and or add thoughts. Dennis
  8. Ok im so tech illiterate that made no sense to me. Maybe if you explained it to a me as if Im a computer tech noob. I will take a look at this.
  9. Thanks @Troy Smith if that helps me all the better, otherwise I will go for a delivery scheme like these. Hopefully one of your suggested Members can help me out. Dennis
  10. Ok so I've decided to search and found these photo’s. These are what Im going for as any of these would work. Dennis
  11. I wonder if this Corsair could be from 1843 Sq. ? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1843_Naval_Air_Squadron Dennis
  12. Ok doing a bit of a search could the plane be from 1843 Sq. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1843_Naval_Air_Squadron ”No.1843 Squadron Fleet Air Arm formed at Brunswick on 1. May 1944 as a single seater fighter squadron. Equipped with 18 Corsair IIIs, these were replaced by Mk.IIs before embarking in HMS Trouncer for the UK in August 1944. Joining the 10th Naval Fighter Wing, ” Dennis A corsair IV is a 1D isn't it ? So all i would have to do is fix the canopy and spray it GSB to get a Mk.IV ?
  13. Oooh Happy to see your build John, I'm trying to solve my FAA Squadron issue in my build.
  14. Theres a couple of R.S.Tuck builds on that sheet. Those would be my first choices.
  15. Hello everyone I need some help here. I was going to build this Corsair. I was under the impression it was possibly 1836 Squadron. However @Graham Boak was kind enough to correct my mistake. “The 8 normally means the third fighter squadron on the carrier, which suggests one of the armoured deck Fleet carriers. However the only other unit to carry an 8 in this period was (apparently) 1831, which was in Northern waters in early 1945, being carried from the US on HMS Pursuer and joining the new Light Fleet carrier HMS Glory. Not likely to have had three fighter squadrons, to say the least. The unit code was actually Y8 so the first letter may not have been carried. I can't see a serial on the transfer sheet, but 1831 had Mk.IVs not Mk.IIs.” Does anyone know if this plane ever existed ? If it did and is a Mk.IV it should be in GSB. Im looking for a T.S.S. Corsair with Roundels like this for a North Atlantic unit or one doing workups in the Atlantic, so if anyone can recommend one please help. Dennis
  16. Go ahead press the button on the mouse, you know you want to Steve.
  17. Very nice choice, Ive built the straight kit without the tug.
  18. Can I do this from a cellular ? I don't have a real camera or computer. If i can i will just dont know how to change sizes if possible in iPhone10 ?
  19. I have these decals that I can switch too. However I was hoping to use the standard roundel version, is there anything I can do to save that option ? Failing that I can switch to Kiwi or U.S.
  20. Hello everybody ... Build # three of Three. Im sticking with an ancient kit theme here. Im going with Monogram’s venerable F4U-4B kit that was first released in the late 1960’s. The kits major failings are to movable toy like features of the landing gear and gear doors. The landing gear will be fixed and modernized as best I can. The really bad wing folds that leave horrible gaps. I will replace the cheesy wing folds with Tamiya bits. And the poor cockpit and horrible canopy. I will attempt to remove the canopy with a spare sliding section from another kit. The engine may or may not get drilled out of the cowling and replaced with an A/M engine ? I have a resin cockpit which will hopefully replace or at worst enhance the poor cockpit Monogram used. Now if you know your Corsairs Monogram got the weapons fit incorrect all over for this plane. The cannons are good, the Rocket stubs and rails are representative for a late 1D or very early -4. So i need to fill and replace the stubs in the correct positions. Two the centerline armament is wrong for a -4/4b, it is correct for a -7 or AU-1. So I will need to fill in the centerline drop tank mount. Kit canopy in the lower right. Aftermarket cockpit I am recycling from a 25 year old build. And bag o spare parts. In case i need some bits. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments, and or add thoughts. Dennis
  21. Id go for the box-top as well unless I had A/M decals.
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