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  1. Think I found it ? https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=Kits&fkCOMPNAME[]="Heller"&q=* Dennis
  2. Is there a definitive, comprehensive list of everything heller made that is eligible for this build ? I have the Bf-109 B/C kit but was thinking I may add a couple more heller kits to the pile next swap meet I attend. Dennis
  3. Whether you opt to build something else is entirely your choice, and only if you think it's worth it. My comments were just pointing out that your Patton looked very good and I was sorry it didn't survive the fall. If there is anything I can do to help please ask. I did have an idea ? The Austrians used M47 turrets mounted to bunkers as defensive positions. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/emplaced-m-47-turret-questions-t135905.html Maybe you could salvage your turret and build one of them, it's an idea at least. Dennis
  4. Yes heres a link. https://www.lonestarmodels.com/ they're even planning on bringing back all of cobra's stuff that they own now. Dennis
  5. Im 6'7" and somewhere i have a photo of me standing underneath the one at the Air force Museum. I can testify its Big.
  6. Did you stand on a ladder ? Or maybe you were in a loft ?
  7. Speaking as an admitted Corsair fan may i just say WOW. Id stop here shes looking like she has the right bit of fade. Dennis
  8. Going to follow if you don't mind ? I always did like the 109. Dennis
  9. Paint will dry with a shell, the clean thinner then rides over/around dried paint spots. I always break my Iwata down after a session wether I've run one color or four. It pays in the end to check things by doing this. You'll also learn how your brush is built. It takes about 10 minutes once you know what you're doing. . This is my 4th brush since '88. Ive never done anything different.
  10. Fathers day prezzies, I received a gift card for a local food establishment. I also ordered these, With a generic set of roundels and flashes for late war RAF Aircraft. This will go towards a few builds in the stash with questionable decals. Dennis
  11. Definitely agree with this. I always paint the white, mask then black. Cover it all and spray camouflage.
  12. Sorry to hear of ailments. I fully understand the issue, and would rather you finish your work at a pace that suits the quality of the work. You can flag the post and ask Enzo matrix to move it when the build time expires on the 30th. Even with my Partial mod control as host. I haven't figured out how to or if I'm even able to move threads ? Dennis
  13. Might give me a chance to build an MRAP or converted APC to a law enforcement vehicle. https://www.tactical-life.com/lifestyle/military-and-police/mrap-police/ Dennis
  14. Excellent Grumman and an impressive collection.
  15. Impressive work and impressive to see just how big this is even in 1/144th !
  16. What else do i have to say ... They're Draken's !
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