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  1. Hi! I finished the F-5E from AFV Club in the Livery of the Patrouille Suisse aerobatics team. It is depicted in taxi configuration. It was abit of a hassle, since the parts of the forward fuselage had quite some distortion (I didn't encounter this problem with my other two F-5E builds.) Furthermore, the original decals were absolutely crap (the tended to crack), so I had to source some aftermarket decals. Luckily, I found a sheet from OH Models. This sheet, however, was missing the stencils. I therefore used declas from IPMS Austria. The pilot is taken from a Ta
  2. Hi! I recently finished a F/A-18E of the VFA-31 in the AnniversaryLivery from 2010. Kit is the Hasegawa kit in 1/48. Aftermarket items used: Decals are from Afterburner Decals. Quickboost Seat Quickboost ECS vents Phase Hangar seamless intakes Eduard GBU-38 Wolfpack ATFLIR pod Tamiya AIM-9X, AIM-120 and GBU-12 (from the F-16 kit) I had an accident in the final stages of the build. Something hit the canopy from above and left a crack. Furthermore, the HUD was dislodged. It did get lost in the airframe, and I only found it and
  3. I finally finished my Super Hornet. After the gloss coat, I made an oil wash, flat coated the TPS area and made the final assembly. I had a bummer nearing the end (meaning after the oil wash, right before the flat coat. The model was in an unsafe place, because I planned to flat coat it in the next hour or so. As I was looking for something in the cupboard above it, an object fell on the modell. As the canopy was still masked, I didn't find out about the degree of the damage. The nose antenna broke of, and I heard a rattling inside the aircraft. so I assumed that the HUD was dislodge
  4. Wow, time flies. It's been a long time since the last update. Anyhow, I wasn't idle during lockdown. After painting and fading the TPS, I painted the skunk stripe. I didn't weather it very much, since on the reference pictures, the bird is relatively clean. Further detail painting and a gloss coat: And so the decaling bagan. The Afterburner decals went on really smooth. Sadly, the stripes for the black/red tank were not inlcuded on the decal sheet, so I had to make my own:
  5. Painting continues. Here, the underside is already painted with MRP Light Ghost Grey, upper surfaces with MRP Dark Ghost Grey First stages of a light weathering: On pictures, the original aircraft has barely any signs of waethering. The bottom has yet to receive some more weathering. The tails are peinted and decaled. Som light touch ups are necessary. Cheers, Markus
  6. Yes, it will have two tanks, an ATFLIR pod and two GBU-38. They are not yet ready, however. Cheers, Markus
  7. Hi Folks, I finally found time to continue this build. I applied a base coat and did the preshading: I also started with the ordnance: The items are not yet flat coated. All are from a Tamiya F-16 kit. Cheers, Markus
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