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  1. Wow, that is outstanding! Great build so far and an interesting colour scheme. Cheers, Markus
  2. Thanks. I thought about painting the number boards, but in the end I applied the decals, after painting the white and blue. I then clearcoated everything with a thin layer and made careful touch ups with paint, where the decals had cracked or where the underyling colour shone through. It was delicate work, bot it paid off. Here is a picture after the decaling, before the touch ups: Cheers, Markus
  3. Hi! I want to show my latest bike build. It is the Honda NSR 500 in the Rothmans livery, as ridden by Wayne Gardner in 1986. The kit is from Tamiya, with aftermarket decals by Studio27 and muffler springs by Top Studio. It was also a nostalgia build, since this was my first bike model back as teenager in 1988. The WIP is here: And here are a few pictures without the cowling: Cheers, Markus
  4. Impressive detail work and scratchbuilding. Cheers, Markus
  5. Thanks! Here is a picture of the fuel tank hose: Cheers, Markus
  6. The handlebar was assembled, using clear tubing painted green to connect the brake fluid reservoir to the brake lever. Also, attachment points for the throttle cables were added, using soldering lead and vinyl tubing painted silver. Although the front fork has to be attached to the bike after the cowling is attached, I couldn't resist to assemble it without glue for some naked shots of the bike: After making these shots, I made the final assembly, shoehorning the cowling on and attaching the hose from the fuel tank. According to the reference pictures, the hose from the fuel tank goes to the left inner side of the front cowling. I attached two rings of thick vinyl tubing, which hold the hose in place. It cannot be seen in this firt picture of the completed bike, but I will add a picture where this detail can be seen. More pictures soon in the RFI section. Cheers, Markus
  7. In the meanwhile, I made the front fork parts, using bare metal foil to depict the inner fork tubes. The most difficult part of the build are the exhaust. They are not molded perfectly, and it is very hard to get the exactly symmetrical on both sides. I filled the gaps of the straighter tubes with milliput. I didn't bother to fill the gaps of the warped exhausts, since these gaps won't be visible even without the cowling. To get the position of the endtubes right, I carefully heated the parts, and bend them into the correct position. It required a lot of dry fitting, and finetuning. Once I was satisfied with the result, I added weld seams made out of streched sprue. To anchor the muffler springs, I attached lops out of thin wire. The mufflers were wrappen in bare metal foil. The muffler springs are from Top Studio. Cheers, Markus
  8. Motor and rear wheel attached to the frame. I had to shorten the "pins" on the chain part and the rear brake to insert the wheel after the swing arm was assembled. Cheers, Markus
  9. Your attention to detail is amazing! I am looking forward to the end result! Cheers, Markus
  10. Hi! I decided to add the missing weld lines to the frame. I used streched sprue and glued it on with Tamiya extra thin cement. after the glue had softened the sprue, I used the modelling knife to represent the weld beads. I used black sprue for better contrast. With a coat of Alclad Aluminium: And the weld lines on the rear swing arm: With brake lines and damper added: I also started with the engine: The hose clips are made from 0.25mm wire. I have yet to add the hose clips to the cylinder cooling pipes. Cheers, Markus
  11. Decals are on. The yellow parts need some touch ups before I can add the number. decals are clearcoated with acrylics to protect them from the more aggressive 2K PU clearcoat. The Studio27 decals were wery brittle, but conformed well in the end. Cheers, Markus
  12. Wow that looks fantastic. And in this case, the ckliché that you cannot tell if these are pictures of the model or the real thing apply. Cheers, Markus
  13. Hi! I finally got around to start my long planned build of this motorbike. It is also a nostalgia build, since this bike was my first motorcycle build back in 1988. I had the original Tamiya kit with the Rothmans decals in my stash, but I didn't exactly trust the old decals. Furthermore, the original boxing included only transparent cowling parts. Therefore I sold the kit and got myself the newer "factory color" boxing and Studio27 aftermarket decals. I will build this bike as Wayne Gardners ride in the Rothmans livery. I started with the bodywork. I opened the air vents on top of the seat cowling with a metal saw before glueing together the halfes. The molds show their age. There is quite some flash for a tamiya kit, and the cowlings showed a little distortion, which required some tape during gluing up. It also needed a lot of filler: After some sanding, the body parts are ready to be painted: I started by painting the interior flat black. Then I masked the inside and started with the white basecoat. The new kit still features the fine lines on the body parts showing the paint demarcation lines for the Rothmans livery. I masked the white parts and mixed the blue to match the blue decal colour. Not all paint demercations ended up being clean, but decals will cover these areas anyhow. The parts were clearcoated with Tamiya clear. When the paint is cured, the decals will go on. In the meantime I will start the frame. I have yet to decide, if I add the missing weld lines. Cheers, Markus
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