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  1. Here is the first picture of the finished aircraft: More to follow... Cheers, Markus
  2. Thanks. The top wing went on smooth as well, I have not yet taken a picture. I will also make a sketch how I attached the bullet. Cheers, Markus
  3. Of course you may follow Anyway, after some more cleaning up, I started to paint some parts. I began by painting the engine block with Alclad duralminium. The oil filter should be changed, as in 1990 it was mounted to the frame. However, I will skip this conversion, since it is only a minor change. I am sure there are other things as well, but I am not aware of them I got a set of replacement silk-screened decals, which are finely printed. I decided to strip the plating of the wheels as well. I will paint the rougher parts with Duralminium and the polished parts with Alclad Polished Aluminium. Cheers, Markus
  4. OK, yesterday I took some time and started with the rigging. I used EZ-line for the control wires and Prym knitting elastic for the aerodynamic wire: I also attached the undercarriage. I am also quite satisfied how the bullet above the guns turned out: Cheers, Markus
  5. I forgot to post the progress during the last weeks, and I am goning slow anyhow. However, after the cockpit was completed, I painted the fuselage parts. I used Uschi's wood grain decals on the wooden side panels and the decking. The fuselage was assembled. Decals and decking added: Contrary to the instructions, I used the full windsceen. As the aircraft has no aldis sight, the split windscreen makes no sense. Unfortunately, during the removal of the windscreen part from the parts tree, some fissures happende, resulting in some inperfections on the clear part. After some more decaling and weathering, the engine went on: That is where it stands now. Next up is the rigging, which scares me a little bit. Cheers, Markus
  6. Hi! I recently decided to rebuild my Tamiya Harley Davidson Fat Boy. It is the kit from 1996, and I built it around 2000. It wasn't the cleanest build to begin with (my skill wasn't sufficient). It was sitting in an open cabinet for some time and even fell to the floor during cleaning, so it was dusty and had some not so clean repairs. It doesn't look so bad on the pictures However, I decided to try to tear it appart and rebuild it. The plan is to rebuild it in the paint scheme of the first year, which is an all-silver paint scheme, even the frame is painted silver. Some yellow trims add a tittle colour. The engine covers will have to be altered. As it wasn't built very thoroughly, it came appart quite well: Many of the parts are already stripped of their old paint. The oil tank and the rear fender brakets will be painted in the body colour, therefore I striped the chrome. The exhaust pipes will be chromed with alclad to get rid of the seams. Maybe I will 3D print the heat covers of the exhaust, which are missing in the kit. I didn't manage to sparate the front brake disc from the wheels without damage, but the brake discs are not very beautiful anyhow. I plan to create replacement parts with a laser cutter. I will also make the engine covers with a laser cutter. That's it so far. Cheers, Markus
  7. Thank you for the information! Cheers, Markus
  8. So you would suggest just using silver? From the Tamiya spray range, mica silver (TS-76) looks promising. For the yellow I would use signal yellow (FS 13538). Thank you, Markus
  9. Hi! I am planning to rebuild my Tamiya 1/6 Harley Fat Baoy (the kit from 1996) in the first Fat Boy paint scheme from 1990, known as Gray Ghost: http://www.harley-fatboys.com/1990_Fat_Boys/1990_Harley_Fat_Boy_FLSTF_by_Lee_Custom_Cycles.php Has anybody attemted something similar and has a suggestion, which paint to use for the silver grey? Thanks, Markus
  10. Hi! I bent the rod myself. This can be done easily with a heat gun. However, you have to heat it up slowly, turn it round and round, until you can bend it. If you heat it too much, you will get bubbles in the perspex. Cheers, Markus
  11. Hi again, The first attempts at rigging (done with EZ line): Wood grain decals are also applied. Now it was time to rig the control lines and assemble the cokpit: The gun barrels are only dry fitted. A pity most of this will be hard to be seen once all is assembled. Cheers, Markus
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