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  1. Great work - I absolutely love it because I have never seen a model like it before!
  2. Like it? I absolutely love it! Excellent model, brought to life by skilful photography.
  3. Beautiful build of a stunning plane in a stylish, but simple scheme! I'm sure that your friend was delighted with it.
  4. I absolutely love it and agree with all of the above comments about the weathering. In my opinion, a pin wash would give your gorgeous scale model the appearance of a die-cast toy.
  5. The conditions certainly look "tricky" - much like most of the shows in the UK (especially Duxford!) Great catch on the Hornet popping flares and the first A400M shot is very dynamic. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thanks for sharing your shots of such a varied and interesting static display.
  7. That's on my bucket list too, after chasing the CWHM Lancaster "Vera" around the UK in 2014!
  8. Thanks very much, John. I am very grateful for such kind praise. It certainly seems that way!
  9. Looks like an excellent little museum. Thanks for sharing. (I don't suppose you made it to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Ontario, did you?)
  10. Hello John. I'm so pleased you like the images and am highly amused by the "dynamic" comment! I did a Classic Wings "Wing to Wing" flight with the Lizzie last year and as a result must confess that I have become mildly infatuated with the type!! It is difficult to come up with "different" shots at Duxford (or any other air show venue), but out of the series that I took of the Spitfire, that image stood out to me due to the wings and the cloud division. Thanks again for the kind words.
  11. Thanks very much, Latinbear! I must confess that your two favourites are also my two favourites! That's so kind of you to say, John. I'm delighted that you enjoyed them. The show on Saturday must rank as one of the best (non-Legends) Duxford shows of recent years with a couple of unusual mixed formations, the Czechs and of course the fabulous "Duxford Big Wing".
  12. Another lovely set with plenty of detail on each 'frame. You were certainly lucky with the weather!
  13. Welcome to the friendly forum, Kershys! Excellent model in an unusually muted colour scheme! I look forward to seeing more of your work.
  14. Very impressive! The white scheme can't have been easy to pull off!
  15. Simply stunning Warthog. I like all the little details and the cockpit looks incredible.
  16. Another masterpiece! Your attention to detail is masterful. (I agree with you about the wall!)
  17. Thanks very much, Mark. I agree that it was a cracking show and the pressure is on for future events! I really struggle with photography at Duxford, though! Thanks very much Parabat. Not a bad line-up and definitely worth taking a day's annual leave for!!
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