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  1. Thanks for the kind words, SAT69. Like you, I was surprised at the size of the Vulcan cockpit, which seemed much smaller than a narrow-body airliner cockpit. At least the pilots had ejection seats, compared to the three cew below who would need to jump out of the access door in an emergency. Thanks very much Jonny. I'm pleased that you enjoyed them. I am an IWM member, so get member newsletters, but I think that non-members can sign up for email updates.
  2. I'm delighted to be the inspiration for such a wonderful set! Thanks for sharing, Mark.
  3. Thanks guys. I really enjoyed the day and was prepared to support IWM by paying to sit in the cockpit which was preceded by a 30-minute talk, charting the history of the Vulcan which my wife was also permitted to listen to. The guide also permitted my wife to climb the access ladder to have a peek inside. I'm really looking forward to air show next weekend!
  4. Hello When I saw that IWM Duxford were offering the opportunity to sit in their Vulcan's cockpit, I jumped at the chance! The flood-lighting was harsh in the cockpit, so I apologise for the image quality! I was delighted to see that there was so much activity on the airfield and that the beautiful BBMF Lancaster was still in temporary residence. Pictures were taken on a combination of smart phone and Panasonic Lumix bridge camera. Looking up towards the flight deck The Captain and Co-Pilot were on the flight deck...... ....with from L-R, the Navigator (Radar), Navigator (Plotter), and Air Electronics Officer (AEO) on the lower deck, facing rearwards. Moving on to other Duxford residents and visitors.... Thanks for looking.
  5. Great set, Des. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to the next instalments.
  6. The Aerosupabtics Wing walkers always climb back onto the cockpit before landing. However, not being present in Dorset, I have no knowledge as to whether she was in the cockpit or in the wing at the time of the incident.
  7. Lovely set from one of my favourite venues. The Spitfire looks great! I've bought tickets for the Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show and look forward to seeing the Russian Spitfire there.
  8. Beautiful rendition of a truly beautiful car AND a happy wife - that's what I cal a real result!
  9. I agree with you. I love the slick showmanship of the US teams that extends to the start up and shut down in front of the crowd, whereas the European teams are often hidden on the operational side of the airfield far away from the public. Being British on a British forum, I will probably be lynched for what I am about to say! My favourite team is il Frecce Tricolori. I'm pleased to hear that all's well in your world and you have been able to see family during these difficult times. I'm well, thanks and have been trying to visit as many aviation events as possible to try and return to a feeling of normality!
  10. A shame that you couldn't accompany your friend because it is always a wonderful show with a great atmosphere. Considering that it is a charity show, they seem to attract some great participation. I'm really pleased that you enjoyed the pictures. I took a few pictures of the classic cars, but I'm away at the moment, so can't upload them.
  11. Hey Houston, I hope you're keeping well? Thank you very much for your generous comments! I'm really pleased that I can share my pictures with such an appreciative audience! Thanks very much, SAT69. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the pictures. The European display teams put on a very different show to the US demonstration squadrons, don't they?
  12. It sure is and I only wish that I could have seen one fly!
  13. Hi Colin. Thanks for the kind words. The Chipmunks were from the Red Sparrows display team. The Gemini put on a very impressive display with lots of top-side passes and the Magister didn't display, it just headed straight back to Old Warden.
  14. You've created a real beauty there! Looks great with the King Air.
  15. Thanks very much, Pete. The Gemini display was fantastic, I'm sure that you would have loved it!
  16. Thanks very much for the kind words, Mark. Little Gransden has definitely taken over from Old Warden as THE venue for close displays and plenty of top-side passes. Thanks John. Two Mustangs, two Hurricanes and three Spitfires at a small charity show, which is pretty impressive! The Miles Gemini was flown very enthusiastically, putting some other, more agile types to shame! I love the hat on the back seat visible in the cropped top-side shot! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miles_Gemini
  17. Hi John. I was in the (ahem!) VIP Enclosure as a birthday treat, which was at the base of the control tower. I found it frustrating in some ways because we were set well back from the fence which meant that I struggled to get many of my beloved taxy/pilot shots. However, for most of the displays that used the bend, we had a great view. I saw Little and Large twice at Old Buckenham and once at Duxford this year, so didn't take many pictures and just enjoyed the spectacle! I took a few of the RC Red Arrows as well, but didn't post any here. I love Little Gransden for the atmosphere, variety of participants, top-side passes and proximity of the display line. In contrast to the air shows and "Flying Days" at Duxford where the aircraft seem to be displaying to the good people of Essex, not Cambridgeshire!
  18. Here is the second batch form a very enjoyable Little Gransden. Thanks for looking.
  19. My ornithologist Mother was with us and she wanted some feathered flyers in some of the pictures!! I was a bit concerned for the camera on Thursday, because I did get splashed in my relentless pursuit, but all seems well.
  20. Really nice set from another great Little Gransden show.
  21. Thanks Latinbear, I'm pleased that you liked them. There were a few people wearing shorts, but the less hardy southerners were wearing coats!
  22. Another incredible model from the tiking production line!
  23. Thanks Paul. It was a bit "flat" compared to previous years without a commentary etc, but still good to get out and about with a feeling of normality. I took a flight in the two-seat Hurricane at Biggin Hill last September and although the Heritage Hangar was closed for tours due to Covid, I took some pictures through the open hangar doors. My escort was quite relaxed until I pointed my camera at the '109 which he asked me not to photograph. I thought this a strange request when that aircraft had featured in several TV programmes about the Heritage Hangar!
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