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  1. Not my usual scale (1/32) or subject matter (Luftwaffe), but I really enjoyed this kit. Everything fit where it should and it was nicely detailed, although I added Eduard instrument panels and seat harnesses, and the resin shrouds on the rigging cables. ICM included a full engine but no way off showing it off unfortunately, short of cutting up the engine cowling. I really hope they release a Bü 133 Jungmeister – I'd love to do a yellow Swiss one.
  2. Thanks for all the kind comments, guys. Holger, yes, the wipers were added from stretched sprue.
  3. Hard to believe there isn't a newer 1/72 tooling of the S-3 than the 70s Hasegawa kit. It's still really nice though, and the fit was amazing. I added a little bit of cockpit detail, mainly replacing the kit seats with resin items, and re-scribed the model. The engine intakes looked a bit narrow compared to photos so I widened them a touch. Markings are a combination of masking/painting, kit, and home-made decals.
  4. Just finished this, the 1/72 Attack Squadron resin kit of the autonomous Fire Scout helicopter. It's small in this scale but really well cast with PE for some of the smaller parts. The kit is now sold under the Brengun label.
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