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  1. A super model of a super aircraft. Congratulations on producing a winner.
  2. You can almost hear those rivets rattling! Nice modelling.
  3. Simply amazing. And for a first go at an aircraft - bloody amazing!
  4. I think that is the most stunningly realistic weathering I've seen. Superb work, on a wonderful model.
  5. Nice to see a model made wheels up - with a driver! Good 'un.
  6. Probably a silly question to a tank modeller from an aeroplane modeller. Why do we see the white rings around tank gun barrels? What does it signify? Nice model by the way.
  7. Like this and the 'scruffy' stripes add to the feel of it. Nice one.
  8. I'm no expert but I think Troy is right. Later than the date of 1938 (by a mile) and the camo pattern on the wings doesn't look 'standard' in layout either.
  9. Nice model. One question. You spent a lot of time weathering the airframe yet the markings all look pristine. Was that an oversight or the result of adding the decals after the weathering? I know, I'm being picky. Apologies.
  10. I remember this beastie often flying overhead our school, which was also frequently overflown by any number of Gannets in different shapes and colours. I recall the Rotodyne as being very big and noisy with a funny whistling sound. But I do not recall seeing it in bare metal. My recollection is of a big, noisy, white and blue 'helicopter' aeroplane but memory plays tricks. Nice modelling and not a rivet to be seen. The ultimate mark of patience and skill.
  11. Looks like it had a heavy landing. A smart aeroplane. Still a bit of fettling it'll be okay!
  12. It's a lovely model to put together, but those fiddly little bits always seem to go missing on mine as the 'carpet monster' eats them up. Some suggestions that I hope will help. 1. Try using some simple masking tape once you have painted the lighter colour (usually the undersides) along the demarcation line between the darker upper surfaces. It makes for a nice sharp line. 2. I do the same along the leading edges of wings to get the same nice clean edge. A cheap roll of decorating tape works, if you don't leave it on too long, and brush away from the tape so you don't get a ridge of paint against the edge of it. 3. Try some glossy paint or at least some glossy varnish once you have painted the aeroplane. Then apply the decals. It helps cut out the 'silvering'. You can then finish the model with a flat (matt) varnish. I use the artists stuff by Winsor and Newton. It's a few quid a bottle but it lasts ages, and the brushes wash out easily in water. Each model built is a lesson learned. And it can be fun too - if the carpet monster allows and gives up its prey!
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