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  1. My guess from my days in the RAF a screen was an instructor flying with students. Probably hopelessly wrong....
  2. Well done. Some hints and observations. Machine guns tend to be a blackish metallic colour. I mix either dark grey or black with a minimum of silver to try to achieve the effect. Exhaust stubs probably start out silvery but once the engines are run quickly oxidise. I add a bit of brown to silver then dry brush the tips with a blue / black mix (with a very dry brush from back to front) to try to get that hot and burnt look. Your modelling is good, and I don't believe you are new to this lark! Enjoy it.
  3. I see you decided not to paint the canopy frames on the 109. I don't blame you, it's a daunting task. I still put it off until the last possible moment (but before attaching it to the airframe). There are a hundred ways of tackling it, have a look n here for advice, but have a go, it makes a big impact. As a newbie, Bravo.
  4. Now that's good. I love the old BEA red square livery, it was simple, stylish and classy. Pity we have to see the awful stuff that BA plaster all over their aircraft these days.
  5. Nice modelling ! I find it amazing how designers made such different decisions on how to encase the Avon engine in the fuselage of their aircraft. FFH
  6. Bravo. And a good idea to mark the day. Not a bad result for such a speedy build. Which reminds me of this brilliant bit of upside-down thinking ... “Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws. The Hingefreel people of Arkintoofle Minor did try to build spaceships that were powered by bad news but they didn't work particularly well and were so extremely unwelcome whenever they arrived anywhere that there wasn't really any point in being there.” Quote from: Douglas Adams, H2G2
  7. Golly ! Someone did climb in it and drove it away !
  8. Heck! You could almost climb in it and drive it away !
  9. Now that is different. And interesting. I wonder if the poor bloody paratrooper who would have got launched in such a device would have had extra wings added to his paratroopers brevet ? He would have deserved them. FFH
  10. I'm working on a similar model now. For me the pilot seat fitted okay but I struggled to get the wheel well inserts to sit properly. It is the second time i've fought an Eduard Fw190 in 1/72 on this one horrid problem. Maybe it's me? Probably is. And you have come up with a really great bit of modelling Da iawn Ralph. FFH
  11. Strange and interesting.
  12. Hello, I had a nightmare problem with one of the exhaust 'flash' decals on this model. Result- buy another kit to obtain the replacement. Here is the end-product of my first ever build of an Eduard kit. It's nicely moulded with exceptionally tight tolerances. Too tight for a ham-fisted bodger like me. I had the devil of a job to get the wheel bays to fit inside the fuselage / wing join. They just would not sit properly. Bodged it with some heavy filing and a small amount of filler. The decal problem was of my own making. It rolled up on me as it was being ap
  13. You cannot have build an Me Bf109E-3 or 4 in Battle of Britain colours. RLM02 was widely used then as one of the topside camouflage colours. FFH
  14. I am a brush painter and work in 1/72. I find using an unloaded short-bristled brush and a gentle stipple almost but not quite along the edges of the greys (usuallly grey on smaller aircraft) the effect is achievable without looking too blurred. It just softens the edges a little. I cannot help you spray painters other than to suggest the same thing should work on newly sprayed paint, but as I have not tried it I really do not know if it would work. I'm guessing. FFH
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