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  1. FatFlyHalf

    A pair of B-17:s

    Looks like a lifetime supply of oil leaked from each one of those engines. Nice modelling.
  2. FatFlyHalf

    Hurricanes (and other planes) in awesome in colour video footage

    Sorry, what video? I can see no link, no embedded video.
  3. Nice build of an impressive aeroplane.
  4. FatFlyHalf

    Frog/Airfix Bristol Beaufort

    That is a superb piece of craftsmanship.
  5. How do you get so much detail into such a small space? Excellent.
  6. The modelling is superb. The kit looks as if it is forgiving enough for even someone as ham-fisted as me to make it look like an aeroplane! What's it like to build?
  7. FatFlyHalf

    P-11c ARMA HOBBY 1/72

    That's something special. Brawo.
  8. FatFlyHalf

    Supermarine SWIFT FR5 Aifix 1/72

  9. FatFlyHalf

    Wooden Wonder (literally)

    Certainly a Mozzie, a hybrid maybe, but most assuredly a Mozzie!
  10. FatFlyHalf

    Airfix 1/48 Walrus

    It is a work of art.
  11. I think I ought to give this hobby up. Why? You put me to shame. Fabulous modelling and in 1/72 too!
  12. FatFlyHalf

    Vulcan B2 - 1/144 GWH+Shelf Oddity

    How did you do that? Superb.
  13. Great build of a lovely aeroplane.
  14. FatFlyHalf

    Lockheed Lightning 1:72

    Silly as ever. Love it!
  15. FatFlyHalf

    1/72 Flying Fokker

    1/72! Cor blimey! No. Double Cor Blimey!