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  1. As for the kipper, I'm sure I flew in one of those a long time ago somewhere in Yorkshire.
  2. I'm sure an E-1 in March 1940 would not have head armour fitted. Can't be certain tho', but who can be ? I'd leave it off.
  3. Nicely done. An important lesson for any others building the Airfix He 111 is the fuselage windows show the colour of the bare plastic unless they have the cut-out round the 'frame' painted before inserting the clear parts. I had the same problem.
  4. Superb stuff. And in 1/72 too!
  5. One modelling question, follwed by another. Are the red / green port / straboard naviation lights reversed? Or did the Manchester fly backwards?
  6. Gosh. Do I remember saving up my 7/6d for one of these (or it may have been a Halifax) in my long lost youth. That seemed like a small fortune. Now we shell out £30+ for a similar model. The costs have climbed considerably. And the plastic has improved exponentially too. But the excitement? It is still there on opening the box and peering at the contents, for me at least. Nice to see some well thought through re-cycling of plastic. Bravo.
  7. Hi, have you changed the way you upload images? All I'm getting are bars of numbers (that if I click on and 'view image' I get to see each picture.) The modelling, as usual, is superb.
  8. I get the impression you had first hand experience of these machines and being in there! Super build and excellent presentation. One question though. Armed and in a hangar? Was that usual?
  9. You can almost hear the rivets rattling ...
  10. All I can see in your post is a series of grey bars, full of numbers, that keep flickering. I wonder why?
  11. Nice one Ced, but... Nit picking I know... Wouldn't Ida have had her hat whisked away in the rather strong breeze? Remarkable, in every respect. PS Maybe not only her hat?
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