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  1. Not at all bad but one glaring error in the rake of the undercarriage. The Spitfire undercarriage legs raked forward. You may have fitted port and starboard legs on the wrong sides. An easy error to make when you are new to modelling aircraft.
  2. Good answer. The challenge, and I admire the way you have risen to it. Have fun. Hwyl fawr. FFH
  3. I am amazed at the level of modelling skill and determination shown. But the first question that came to mind was - why ? So much effort in restoring / rebuilding / resurrecting a poor lump of plastic. There must be a reason. Or, like Mallory when asked a similar question, is the answer 'because it's there' enough ?
  4. A very tidy project. Just one thought, shouldn't the wheel wells be silver ?
  5. In this image it seems that there were no gun ports to cover up with red tape. https://www.worldwarphotos.info/wp-content/gallery/uk/raf/spitfire2/Spitfire_PR_M_VII.jpg Nice modelling.
  6. I counted them all. I think you missed one. Rivets I mean.
  7. I'd just like the availability of existing kits to be evened out. Where are the Whitleys and Wellingtons ?
  8. Artfully photographed. But the dark background certainly reduces what's visible - on my PC at least.
  9. Looks good but could do with a finishing coat of varnish to get rid of the shine on the decals. I use the Winsor and Newton acrylic varnish. Its easy to get hold of in art shops and is easy to apply. Try it, you will be amazed how effective a soft sheen or matt finish is on a small model.
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