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  1. Nice model. Now to find the WiP thread.... Question: as I am no expert did the Spitfire IIa have bulges in the top wing? I thought that as due to the cannons being installed. In which case not a IIa. FFH
  2. FatFlyHalf

    Snarling Emil!

    Wow. I wish I could get my attempts at kit building to come out looking anything like that. And such good photographs too. I envy you your talent.
  3. FatFlyHalf

    AW Whitley MkV ready for ops

    Top notch modelling and photography. Bravo!
  4. FatFlyHalf

    BF 109 - Airfix 1:72

    Nice and skillful build. Good photos too. It's a great kit isn't it? It's missing the hakenkreuze, which you could source from many places, for completeness if not 'political correctness'. One minor point, a personal preference of mine, is that the panel lines are just too visible. The panel lines on the real thing are all but invisible at any above a few meters distance and I think that at 1/72nd scale it's just not 'right' to emphasise them. And yes, it is my personal preference, if you are happy, I'm happy.
  5. FatFlyHalf

    British aircraft in UK armed forces.

    Wrongly in my book. Should have kept them and developed them. Now we look at the American-built F35's. Grounded by the MoD today. Why? Safety reasons they say. More likely they don't want £100,000,000 pile of wreckage to sweep up because of a faulty fuel line. That's silly money for any single aeroplane. Imagine how many Harriers we could be flying for that! Okay, I'm straying into the political. Apologies.
  6. FatFlyHalf

    Revell 1/72 spitfire mk 1a 1979

    Nice one. Spitfires in 1/72 are so good to try out your skills as there a hundreds to choose from. On the next one have a go at adding the cockpit framing (I use water-based acrylics and a VERY fine brush - and a steady hand - for this as it's easier to 'fettle' the frame to tidiness with a cocktail stick). It makes such a difference. FFH
  7. FatFlyHalf

    Revell 1/72 Hawker Hunter

    Super. But I do have a minor reservation. The surface looks in the pictures as just too matt. Hunters had a semi-gloss / satin look to them. Apart from that, it's a good 'un.
  8. FatFlyHalf

    Sopwith Camel

    Skilled woodworking!
  9. FatFlyHalf

    Hobbyboss 1:48 Dragon Hawk

    Nicely done but .......... Wot? No driver?
  10. The dayglo looks spot on and that really shows off your modelling skills!
  11. FatFlyHalf

    Prone Meteor

    Well all that hard work really paid off. Looks good to me.
  12. FatFlyHalf

    Battle of Britain foe, the Do17Z

    Simply stunning.
  13. FatFlyHalf

    Airfix 1/72 EE Lightning

    Awesome build of a fun aircraft!
  14. Brilliant small-scale detailing. Well done, but.... I'm not sure, are the main roundels on the fuselage upside-down? I thought the straight edge cut -off went along the demarkation between upper and lower camouflage colours. I'm probably wrong, but thought I'd ask anyway.
  15. FatFlyHalf

    My collection of 1/72 Airfix models

    One more brushing tip. Try to get and use the widest, flattest artists brushes you can to cover large areas. The flat surface of the brush is a lot easier to manage than the point or rounded types, which you should keep for detailing.