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  1. Nice one, Steve - Love the line up in your last picture Regards Dave
  2. All, Completed Eduard's (weekend edition) excellent Fok. DVII kit. Brilliant fit on this kit - the only (likely me as the rest of this is superb) issue I ran into was carefully aligning the cabane struts to ensure a straight wing fit. Built straight form the box and finished in the markings of Lt R Kurt Monnington, Jasta 18, Montoy-Flanville, France, August 1918. Regards Dave
  3. What a brilliant model - great with all the working features too. Regards Dave
  4. Wonderful! Great to see unusual markings too Regards Dave
  5. A Camel and a Snipe - you have been busy! Good work Regards Dave
  6. Excellent, Ruth - Very neat work and well rigged too. Regards Dave
  7. Wonderful! Very neat work - I remember building this one as a kid! Regards Dave
  8. Thants great, Ian! - wonderful work and as others a good standard of finish - I actually prefer your clean finish as weathering tends to be a tad overdone on occassions. Regards Dave
  9. Really good work on this one - Good wood effect to fuselage and the clear doped linen Regards Dave
  10. Outstanding, Allan - I might be tempted to try this one again myself now I've seen what can be done with it .......... Regards Dave
  11. Excellent work on your N17, Paul - Well rigged too. I also like your choice of Italian markings for one of Barraca's machines. Regards Dave
  12. My thanks to all for your lovely comments - appreciated. Regarding the yellow painting: I used matt white as a base coat for this colour. Top coats of the yellow (Revell aqua colour 'Lufthansa yellow') were applied in successive thin coats via the brush. There will be around 5 - 6 coats of the yellow in total applied. Also, don't let rigging put you off doing a model biplane - it's not a black art - you just need a method that works for you. Rigging on this one was straightforward anyway as there are not too wires to add. I used 'Pryme' knitting elastic for wing and tailpane; Oschi standard elastic for rudder and elevator cables and Oschi fine for the radio antenna. Regards Dave
  13. Your ICM Gladiator model is excellent, Roger - Your quality of painting and finish has really made this one stand out. Regards Dave
  14. Dear all, This is the old Hasegawa kit that dates to the early 1970's which I picked up at a recent Kent model show. This particular kit was a 1991 re-issue example. It pretty straightforward build with minimal parts although some shimming was required in a couple of areas to improve the quality of fit. Mostly built OOB with some minor detailing/additions/alterations in cockpit, engine and control surfaces. Painted by brush. Finished in the markings of the US 16th Pusuit squadron year not stated in kit. Regards Dave
  15. I've done the exact same thing with this kit last year - I therefore know and understand the work that would have gone into this. Excellent result and a fantastic improvement on this ancient Airfix kit Regards Dave
  16. Great build and finish and not ruined by overdoing any weathering Regards Dave
  17. Wonderful work, mate - love the rigging for the radio antenna wires. Regards Dave
  18. Chris - Fantastic work as ever, mate! I have this kit in my stash and this will most likely be my next project once I have finished my current one. I'm to read this is a good kit from Airfix - any issues I need to be aware of? Regards Dave
  19. Great to see something a bit different and your Zeppelin looks amazing! Regards Dave
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