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  1. Asolutely nothing wrong with that - your DII looks wonderful to me Regards Dave
  2. Wonderful work, Alistair Regards Dave
  3. Lovely work - looks good with the pilot in the cockpit Regards Dave
  4. I'm not a jet man, but I can really appreciate the work that you would have put into this one - impressive. Regards Dave
  5. Simply outstanding (as all yours are) workmanship, Frank - But what an odd looking machine it created in triplane format ........... Regards Dave
  6. Really execellent work on your Swordfish Regards Dave
  7. Dear all - Just completed this KP kit today. Very nice little kit comprising 26 parts on a single sprue. Fairly straightforward build although some careful assembly/alignment required installing cockpit; tailplane and main wings. Built mostly OOB with the following small aditions/details: Cockpit including bulkheads, ammo boxes and seat harness; Cut and posed elevators and ailorens; Sanded back the over promiment molded rib details; Vickers MG belt feed added; Wind driven fuel pump added to front port side cabane strut; Open out the additional air cooling slots/holes in cowling; Windscreen; Control horns; Access panel underside Rigged using Uschi standard for bracing wires and fine for all control cables. According to Wikipedia, the Russians ordered around 20-30 of this aircraft but replaced the engines with more powerful types to improve performance. I therefore used the Clerget engine supplied in the kit which is really for the Mark 2 version. Painted in the colours/markings of 'Black 12' the machine used by Grigori E Suk (2 victories in this machine shared), Imperial Russian Air Force 1917. Regards Dave
  8. Wonderful work on your N17! Regards Dave
  9. Absolutely brilliant -superbly set off on your diorama Regards Dave
  10. Wondeful! - what excellent camo painting too Regards Dave
  11. Amazing that these excellent models are scratch built - wonderful! Regards Dave
  12. Colin - Amazing model and the quality of your brush painting on this one is particulary fine to the point that it really looks as though an airbrush has been used ........... Regards Dave
  13. Outstanding work on the old kit - love the cut away sections to reveal the details Regards Dave
  14. Wonderful work on your DVI set off nicely with your base and figure Regards Dave
  15. Simply stunning - great metallic finish with nice subtle weather and well rigged. Regards Dave
  16. Brilliant work on your Roden DR1 - Roden always reward the modeller who puts more into it and you certainly cracked this one. Regards Dave
  17. Dear all, I am not a figure modeller although I like to have a go from time time as I mostly build WW1 aircraft kits. This is actually my second attempt (I built this one when it first released some years ago as I like the subject matter) on this one and I have made some small changes and additions to the basic kit. These are mostly to the sword, scabbards and arm guard armour. This figure kit is not the best fitting kit so much time spent cutting, filing, shimming, filling and sanding to get a reasonable decent fit. This was an enjoyable build that gave me a good break from my usual genre. I appreciate that dedicated figure modellers will make a better work of this but I am generally pleased (for me) how this one turned out Regards Dave
  18. Wow! - brilliant - I thought it was larger scale ............... Regards Dave
  19. Great work on your Tiger Moth! Nice to see different markings as well Regards Dave
  20. Wonderful work on your Typhoon! Regards Dave
  21. Ray - This is every inch an Albatros DII - really great work all round. The wood effect to the fuselage is excellent and has been well rigged. Regards Dave
  22. Beautiful work and finish - especially the decal work over the corrugated surfaces Regards Dave
  23. Thank you! The technique for rigging is pre-drilling through the top wing and partial drill in lower wing. A rigging diagram is therefore a must to understand where all the wires run from. I used the WNW rigging diagram (from the website) as there diagrams are very accurate. The kit instructions do feature one but is simplified. Once I have the rigging holes drilled, you simply thread the rigging material through and CA glue to bottom first. Once set, pull wire tight (not taunt) and also glue in place. Patience is required here and it took me a couple of days to rig the main wing. The material I used for this one was combination of elastic threads (I often use fishing line as well) these being Oschi standard thread for control cables and flat knitting elastic (to simulate RAF aerodynamic wires) for bracing cables. I then painted the knitting elastic dark grey to match the colour of the Oschi thread. This was done once all the rigging had been added to the model. I hope this makes sense? Regards Dave
  24. Dear all - Just completed Eduard's Bristol Fighter kit which I found quite a demanding model to get together so has been built from the box. I don't pretend it's perfect (what model ever is?) compared to what others could or have done with this; but overall I am very happy with how it has turned out. Markings are for 35 squadron, RFC February 1918. Regards Dave
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