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  1. Wonderful model, Bulldog - well done! Regards Dave
  2. Lovely Gladiator - your bronze effect on the cowling is spot on Regards Dave
  3. That's lovely! - yes, the rigging is a bit thick for scale but it is lovely straight and tight. Regards Dave
  4. That is a superb DR1! Did you paint the Fokker factory streaking yourself - it looks spot on. Regards Dave
  5. Fantastic! Love the realistic battle damage Regards Dave
  6. Don't beat yourself up, Lanmi - You've done an outstanding job here on a less than perfect kit. Roden's early decals are truly horrible the chips really add to the weathered look. BTW, the Roden kits I have built recently seem to have better quality decals. Regards Dave
  7. Wonderful work on your Mustang, John Out of interest, I live in Gravesend and my housing estate (Riverview Park) was built late fities/early sixties on the site of the former RAF Gravesend airbase. Regards Dave
  8. P, Dodd and RMCS and all those who posted a reaction - Thank you all kindly. These latest Eduard weekend edition range are refreshed with striking box art, colour printed paint/marking guide plus four marking options. In this particular kit you get an extensive selection of decals including pre cut lozenge decals with seperate rib tapes - good value for money. Regards Dave
  9. Dear all - First completed model for the New Year. This is the 'weekend edition' latest re-release of Eduard's Pfalz DIIIa with new markings. A nice little kit although some details are not included within the kit. I therefore added various scratch built (using stretched sprue and plastic sheet) to try and replicate some of the more obvious missing items. These include (amongst others) mainy: Adding fuel and radiator pipe work; Basic details to engine; Hollowed out exhaust opening and engine vents/intakes in cowling; Machine gun front sights, feed and ejection shutes; Gun triggers to control stick; Seperating and posing control surfaces I found fitting the upper a bit on the tricky side especially ensuring the wing aligned correctly. Rigged using sewing smoke coloured 'invisible' nylon mending thread and Oschi standard elastic thread for elevators and rudder. Being a brush painter, this was quite an involved paint scheme which took about a week to paint fuselage and nose. Adding the decals was also fairly time consuming for the lozenge fabric wings including rib tape application as well as other general markings. It's not perfect (I keep trying!) but I am generally pleased with the outcome on this one. Chosen markings represent Lt Eugen Siempelkamp, Jasta 29, Gondecourt, France, July 1918. Regards Dave
  10. Lovely work on your Gotha - As others have already said, great wood effect on props Regards Dave
  11. Wonderful workmanship - great to this one in diffirent markings too Regards Dave
  12. Wonderful work on your Kaydet, John - Very nicely rigged too Regards Dave
  13. Wonderful, Comet John - I always admire you lovely smooth shiny finishes on your civil aircraft. Regards Dave
  14. That is absolutely brilliant! I bet that took a lot skill and patience to put together, but what a great display piece. Regards Dave
  15. That's brilliant work - you could be fooled (at first glance) thing it was much larger scale! Regards Dave
  16. Excellent work, Bill - The German WW1 aircraft are always popular because of thier colourful markings. I've got the 1/72 Eduard weekend edition recent release of the Albatros DV because of these lovely marking options. Regards Dave
  17. Mikhail, This really is outstanding work - hard to believe this was the old Airfix kit, actually. Love your interior and other details. Regards Dave
  18. You've every right to be very proud of that one, Chris - Excellent work, especially as yellow not the easiest colour to work with. Regards Dave
  19. Great work on your Ansaldo - I wonder why they covered the wires? Regards Dave
  20. Stunning work on a very much little known aircraft from British aviation history - wonderful! Regards Dave
  21. Excellent build with great finish and rigging - well done! Regards Dave
  22. Really impressive work both on your aircraft and the excellent diorama which really tells a strory. Regards Dave
  23. wonderful work - excellent rendition of this unusual camo scheme too. Regards Dave
  24. That's wonderful work on your tiny Buffalo! Regards Dave
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