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Martin Ford

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  1. Martin Ford

    Italeri Tiger 1/35

    Thanks my friend ☺
  2. Martin Ford

    Get your Wingnuts Brisfits while you can!

    Wow, that's wonderful ☺ a hell of a stash. They are certainly an exciting set of kits. I can still remember getting my first one. I can spend hours just looking at the boxes and browsing the instructions and Wingnut website. Things of beauty. Cheers
  3. Martin Ford

    Italeri Tiger 1/35

    Thanks chaps. I know its a long way from a lot of the builds on here but im getting there. Am enjoying the hobby more and more since coming back to it a couple of years back. All the best, Martin
  4. Martin Ford

    Italeri Tiger 1/35

    Thank you for your kind words, in excellent English may I add ☺ I've only just started posting pics on here as I don't think most of my builds are good enough. But I am getting better I think. Best wishes to you, Martin
  5. Martin Ford

    Get your Wingnuts Brisfits while you can!

    Got one last year, it's on my to do list. Maybe I'll open the box by the next world cup. Beardie, do you mind if I ask how many Wingnut kits you have? They fascinate me and I'm up to 8 now. Cheers,Martin
  6. Martin Ford

    Italeri Tiger 1/35

    Just thought I'd post a few pics. Am still experimenting with weathering and panel washes etc. after not bothering since I got back into the hobby. This was my first attempt at individual track links as well which is far from perfect. I do love the Tiger, it's iconic and looks so, so menacing. All the best, Martin
  7. Martin Ford

    WW1 Diorama

    Thats really fantastic. So much detail to get lost in. I love the rust, wine bottles, the cracks in the plaster, in fact I love it all ☺ Congratulations on such a brilliant build. All the best, Martin
  8. Martin Ford

    Wingnut Wings Fokker E.111 late

    Thank you so much for your kind words. As i mentioned above, i find the rigging quite calming, although admittedly I haven't done any too challenging jobs. Cheers, Martin
  9. Martin Ford

    Wingnut Wings Fokker E.111 late

    Wow, thank you so much. Oh I'm very much hooked, have 7 others in my stash, I first bought an FE.2B but I'm saving that as the rigging diagram makes my head spin. I'm currently making Camel Clerget and loving every minute of it ☺ Thanks again, Martin
  10. Martin Ford

    Wingnut Wings Fokker E.111 late

    I got one of the crosses a bit skew whiff on the underside, hence no pics I used knitting in elastic by strick elastic, it's maybe a bit white in colour but I tried to dab some Ali paint on the lines to dull them a bit. Cheers, Martin Thanks mate.
  11. Martin Ford

    Wingnut Wings Fokker E.111 late

    Thanks mate, Wingnut Wings are great aren't they. I went a bit mad last year and brought 8. Am currently making a Camel Clerget. All the best, Martin
  12. Martin Ford

    Wingnut Wings Fokker E.111 late

    Many thanks Dave I think the hardest part was trying to get a good picture, still, im happy with it. All the best, Martin
  13. Hi all. I've been a member here for a while and up to now haven't contributed any pics. Have been a bit nervous as a lot of the builds on here are top class. I was quite happy with this build so thought I'd post some pics. There's a ton of errors, had trouble painting the Tamiya acrylic, lost a foot plate to the carpet monster but really enjoyed building it. I loved doing the rigging, found it therapeutic in a way, satisfying when you let go of the tweezers and see it done. I apologise for the standard of pics, am a bit of a novice with a camera. Thanks for looking. Cheers all, Martin
  14. Martin Ford

    Matchbox 1/72nd Westland Lysander MkII

    That's a cracker. I love your pictures, it's such an iconic aircraft. May I ask what you use for the grass, it looks great. I'm currently debating whether to get the Eduard 1/48 version. Your build has made my mind up. All the best, Martin
  15. Martin Ford

    Brief guide to using Flickr

    I'm getting old was well. Or maybe not getting as I actually am old I think my posting problem was I didn't have the pics in my flickr account on a public setting. Anyhow it seems good now, just have to take better pics and post them in the RFI section. Many thanks for your help, all the best, Martin