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  1. Thanks mate, I wont make the same mistake again. Maybe it will push me into trying airbrushing. Cheers, Martin
  2. Hi everyone, thought I'd post my latest build/attempt. I'm not totally happy with the finish but I enjoyed building it, which is the main thing. This was my first attempt/foray/failure into the lozenge type of decal, or indeed any type of large covering decal. I am pretty sure I made a mistake, dont know if anyone on here can confirm that I did indeed go wrong? I decided to apply the lozenge decals onto bare styrene. I had a hell of a job getting them to stick, also they became very brittle. After they were dry just the slightest touch to trim them would make part of them shatter. Dont look too close to the leading edges of the wings. Over the last couple of years I have come to enjoy doing rigging on my WW1 builds, this plane had next to none. I was finished in ten minutes, whereas I made a AMC DH2 a while back which took me over a week to rig. I am very happy with my wooden propeller and loved the little map on the drop down table in the cockpit. I'm still very much making it up as I go along when it comes to weathering. I put too much dried salt effect on the floats of this I think. One day I will take a good pic. Would love to read any comments, all the best, Martin
  3. I can post this pic which is from my flickr account but after a certain time the option to copy url is not there. Seems to be all older pics are ok but then anything after July/August last year the option has gone. The odd thing being it has happened to pics I have already posted on this forum. Very strange and annoying, oh well.
  4. James, I'm having the same trouble as you. I've posted pics on here many times using flickr, both through a tablet and a laptop. Dogsbody/Chris, thanks for your informative post (i have never used the choose a size option before) but that right pointing arrow you mention in your post above is not highlighted for me on a lot of my pics. Even for ones I have previously posted in my threads on here. When I scroll a bit lower in my pics then the arrow becomes active at about last June. Very odd. Previously when posting via a laptop I would just copy and paste the url into my thread and the pic would then appear. God knows what's gone wrong. I have only just noticed it as I was about to start a thread for my latest build. Is anyone else having trouble with flickr? Thanks in advance, Martin
  5. I agree with your sentiment about building for your enjoyment. I'm very far from being an expert but I'm on my 7th wingnut kit now and all I've ever used is the prym knitting in elastic for everything. It looks fine to my eyes and there is a lot of stretchiness in it so you can overcome mistakes by snipping a bit more off and glueing again. I dont know if it's any help but when glueing the rigging I used to use CA accelerator but for my last 2 builds I stopped using it and just held the wire in place for those few seconds longer (whilst trying not to shake too much ) I find it easier now not to use accelerator. Good luck with your Sopwith Camel, that was my first wingnut kit that I bought. Good luck with the rigging of the bullet All the best, Martin
  6. Hi there, just thought I'd post my latest attempt. Although Im not totally happy with the end result, I thoroughly enjoyed making it, which is what counts. I chose this colour scheme as it was the only option that didnt involved lozenge artwork, im not a huge fan of that look. Im quite happy with the doped linen look but not sure I have nailed the blue. Had one nightmare session when putting the top wing on. I scratched the paintwork, drilled a hole through the wing, bent a strut. Then when I had finally got it on and glued, I went back a few hours later and another strut had actually snapped. Still I got there in the end. Its quite a big kit in relation to other Wingnut kits I have made, the wingspan is 375mm which is about 100mm bigger than the Sopwith Camel of the same scale. I seem to have become addicted to Wingnut kits lately, my stash has plenty of ww2 aircraft and various tanks and ships but I cant seem to make any of them and just start another Wingnut. Thanks for looking, apologies for the poor photos, would love to hear any comments, all the best for the new year, Martin
  7. Thank you my friend. I'm sure you will nail it when it comes to the rigging. I feel like you have to get into a sort of zone to do it, (including understanding the instructions) then it just kind of works. The first wingnut kit I bought was the FE.2b but when I looked at the rigging instructions I just put the box back in the cupboard - it's still there. All the best to you too, Martin
  8. Thank you for the nice comments and tips chaps, they're much appreciated.
  9. Thank you Michael. It gives me a lift to read some nice comments, its appreciated. Cheers for the advice about air brushing as well. My main gripe with air brushing would be the cleaning and hadn't really thought about the masking as well. Cheers, Martin
  10. Hi Bill. Thank you, the rigging is a simple roll of knitting-in elastic. It seems that you can stretch it for ever. So if a bit goes wrong you can snip the end off and carry on.
  11. Hi everyone, just finished this and thought I'd post a few pics. Had a lot of satisfaction while building this, it seemed to go well and I seemed to fly through it in a month or so which is super fast for me. I am in awe of the men who actually flew these things. As I was making it i was struck by the fragility of what the real thing must have been like. Surely one dodgy landing and the plane would crumple. This is the plane that Lanoe Hawker was killed in after a dogfight with the Red Baron. The blurb with the kit says Richthofen described his duel with Hawker as "the most difficult battle I have had" after expending 900 rounds of ammunition. As the pics show there is a lot of rigging with this kit, I had to have a lie down after each session If I had one small criticism of Wingnut Wings its that I do sometimes find the rigging diagrams a bit confusing, I know that's a bit like trying to find fault in Margot Robbie but I do wish they were a bit clearer on the intricate sections of rigging. Im still brush painting and I seem to have reached a plateau of how good I can make things look. I can never decide whether to take the plunge into getting an airbrush. Overall I am happy with it though, which is the main thing. What a very therapeutic hobby this wonderful pastime is. As usual I think I have struggled with the pics but I would love to hear any comments about what you guys think, good or bad. I'm now at my usual dilemma of trying to decide what to make next. Many thanks and best wishes to all for the new year, Martin
  12. Thank you for the comments chaps. I've had a rough couple of years and as silly as it sounds, it really gives me a lift to see some nice feedback. Thank you. John, as for what's next, that's always a question to ponder. The stash grows and grows. Pixies seem to keep adding to my Wingnut wings collection whilst I sleep. I might build my HMS Victory, or my 1/24 Mosquito, or my Wingnut Stahltaube, always a bit of a dilemma trying to pick one. All the best, Martin
  13. Hi everyone, just thought I'd post a few pics of my latest attempt. It was really enjoyable from start to finish and took about 3 months, I do like to be a bit slow and methodical. I'm still very much making it up as I go along when it comes to certain aspects like weathering and trying to make wood look real. There was quite a bit of rigging on this build but I do enjoy doing it and it is quite therapeutic and satisfying when done. I am still fifty fifty over whether to get an airbrush but am happy with the results of my brush painting. I feel as long as you enjoy it and like your own work that's all that matters. This particular kit came with the Raymond Collishaw figure but as yet I haven't attempted to paint a figure, I don't think I could do the man justice. This is my first attempt at trying to give a look of stretched fabric over the struts. I just shaded them with a brown pencil and I think it looks ok(ish). Though of course nowhere near as good as some of the amazing work on this site. Apologies for the pics, I can never quite master taking a photo. Would love to hear what the good people on hear think. Thanks for looking, Martin
  14. You will love it. It took me a while to take the plunge, I did so because of the Wingnut Wings reputation rather than a love of WW1 aircraft. I was hooked straightaway. I have 15 Wingnut kits now and look forward to the rigging. I am far from being an expert but find the rigging quite therapeutic, theres something so satisfying about letting go of the tweezers and seeing it snap into place. I'm currently making a Sopwith Triplane and am loving it. I dont know if any experts agree but for my latest build, when rigging, I didn't use any CA accelerator, just the glue itself. It just means holding it in place for that bit longer without shaking too much, it seemed to give better results and I only had one fail. Sometimes I have had accelerated CA not take, then the next attempt doesnt take and you can end up with a small blob. All the best, stalal, I hope you will post your Hannover on here. Martin
  15. Love flicking through this thread. Thanks to all the contributors. Am always one for a bit of nostalgia. Me and my mates used to love playing with soldiers when we were lads. I still have all mine from the 70s. Id love to have had the amount of choice available now, back then. Used to just have Airfix and then Matchbox. Then I remember coming across some Atlantic figures, Indian regiment used to be a favourite. As a result I still buy random packets of 1/72 scale. Recently got these Finnish WW2 figures.
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