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  1. Blinkin flip, I missed out as well. I will keep checking your site Duncan
  2. It arrived today, safe and sound. Just in time for me to go back to work. Many thanks again, Duncan at BlackMike models.
  3. That was me my friend . I wanted to get a Junkers D1 off of you, without paying much attention, I didnt realise how quick they would go. That Gotha might be an acquired taste but I think it looks great, am so glad a bought it. Thanks for the great service you provide. I genuinely get excited when one of your parcels arrives with a wingnut wings kit inside. I hope somehow, someway they reemerge one day. All the best, Martin
  4. Thanks mate. I always find it hard to pick out what to build next. I get one out of the cupboard, then put it back. Get another out, put it back and so on. I might go with the DH.9a 'Ninak', but not sure. I have 3 I really want to make, the Stahltaube, an FE.2B and a Felixstowe but I am saving them for the future. Incidentally i have just seen your WIP of your Eindecker. That is very, very good and way better than mine. Cannot wait to see that finished. Get that cabinet filled up. Best wishes to you, take care, Martin
  5. Thanks mate, Yes it does look nice. Funnily enough my love of WW1 aircraft came from Wingnut wings being great kits rather than an initial love of how they look. I bought a Sopwith Camel just to have one of their kits, due to their reputation, then realised I love how they look. I get a thrill go through me when I see a Spitfire (I live near Southampton Airport) I'd imagine I'd get the same thrill if I ever saw some biplanes. I'm now a fully paid up Wingnut lover. Have over 20 now. Hope they somehow carry on trading. All the best, Martin
  6. Thank you very much for the reply my friend. Steampunk is a great way of describing the exhaust look. It mainly seems to be the German planes that have an exhaust like that. I hope you get the chance to finish your build soon, I have attached a pic of my finished Wingnut kits. All the best, Martin
  7. Hello everyone, best wishes, hope you are all coping as well as possible. Just posting my latest effort. I seem to be whizzing through some builds, due to the lockdown, so went with this plane. Im not totally sure I have got the colour right, but in some respects I guess there isnt a right colour with these old planes. So just went with what was in my paint box. Picking a colour scheme is becoming as hard as picking what to make out of my stash lately. This is my ninth wing nut build (currently Germany 6 England 3) and for the first time I came across a couple of little problems. Had some warped sprues, some odd numbering for the build - bottom wings before undercarriage was definitely wrong. Also a few decals not numbered in the instructions. But dont want to quibble as they are by far my favourite manufacturer (fingers crossed they carry on). I also had to make my own rigging holes for some of it, which was unusual. This is a fairly large plane, 410mm wingspan compared to 265mm for a Sopwith Camel, im running out of space to put these. I think I made a few mistakes, 1 or 2 bent struts. I bonded the wing struts to the bottom wing, way, way to early, wont do that again. They are so fragile and I snapped 3 off. Quite a nice amount of rigging on this one, compared to the AMC DH2 or the FE.2B for instance. Ive stopped putting in the internal rigging, as there doesnt seem much point really. But do enjoy the external rigging. Am always reading about it putting people off, which was an outloook I used to have myself, then I had a go and really enjoyed it. Am a brush painter and am reasonably happy with the finish, for some reason, crap as I am at taking pics, they always show up the mistakes and not the good bits. I do like trying to recreate the wood effect on the propeller, there are so many different techniques for this, sometimes it just works, other times not so much. Would love to hear any comments, thank you for looking and take care, cheers, Martin
  8. Thanks Dave and chaps. I think I did overdo it a bit on the weathering front. To break up the white a bit I used a Tamiya weathering stick. Seemed to do what I wanted, it's like a lipstick, you can just wipe it on. I always use brushes apart from an occasional use of a rattle can for some undercoat. I've just had a look at the artwork for the version you are making and it looks great, I look forward to seeing it soon. I agree about the machine guns, it's always a bit of a ball ache to get them spot on. All the best, Martin
  9. Hi everyone, hope you're all doing ok. Just thought I'd add my latest effort to this wonderful site. It is minus Mr. Goring as I havent got round to painting figures as yet. I seem to have gone one bit of a Wingnut blitz of late, find it hard to make any other make of model at the moment. This one was as usual a pleasure to build. There is very little rigging, which actually I have come to enjoy, I find it therapeutic. So this build didnt take long due to the lockdown I have had much more spare time. I'm still very much making it up as I go when it comes to weathering, hopefully my latest attempt looks okayish. I had a bit of a nightmare when bonding the machine guns, they are aiming downwards slightly and I think would have blown off the radiator if used by Hermann (what a shame that would have been ). I hope I have managed to pull off the white look of the plane okay. It's not the easiest of colours to cover. The only bit of the aircraft that isnt white is the top side of the bottom wing, which is doped linen but due to my appalling pictures you cant really see it. I'm a brush painter and still havent made the transition to airbrush, not sure I ever will now. Would love to hear any comments or critiques. Thanks for looking. Take care everyone, all the best, Martin
  10. Just having another test, for some reason I cant post on my laptop but seems ok on my iPad.
  11. I bought the Spad VII c.1 1/32 scale a while back, purely because it was available as opposed to Wingnut wings not making a similar model. Have been making it for a few weeks and have just decided to put it back in the box. Admittedly I havent been at my best recently but I haven't been enjoying it, it feels like I'm just bonding some random plastic together. Maybe what hasnt helped is the fact I've been building pretty much nothing else but Wingnut kits for the last couple of years. The difference seems like night and day to me. The Roden kit has poor fitting pieces and I havent got the energy right now to alter things. Obviously there is a big price difference. I dont like to give bad reviews for anything, books, music etc as I wouldht have a clue how to manufacture a model kit but the standard does seem poor. Maybe one day I will reopen the box. I think I will have to get another wingnut kit out of the cupboard. All the best Duncan, hope you and yours are fit and well, Martin
  12. The unused parts are the parts that are blued out on page 2 of the instructions. I've made quite a few and I believe the amount of unused parts can vary from kit to kit. I've built at least 2 kits so far that even has a teddy bear on the sprue, which was used as a mascot by a few pilots. Have you enjoyed your Wingnut experience? I have to admit I am hooked and have somehow ended up with 23. God knows how that happened I haven't got the Junkers D1 though. Would love to see your build when you are done. All the best, Martin
  13. Thanks mate, I wont make the same mistake again. Maybe it will push me into trying airbrushing. Cheers, Martin
  14. Hi everyone, thought I'd post my latest build/attempt. I'm not totally happy with the finish but I enjoyed building it, which is the main thing. This was my first attempt/foray/failure into the lozenge type of decal, or indeed any type of large covering decal. I am pretty sure I made a mistake, dont know if anyone on here can confirm that I did indeed go wrong? I decided to apply the lozenge decals onto bare styrene. I had a hell of a job getting them to stick, also they became very brittle. After they were dry just the slightest touch to trim them would make part of them shatter. Dont look too close to the leading edges of the wings. Over the last couple of years I have come to enjoy doing rigging on my WW1 builds, this plane had next to none. I was finished in ten minutes, whereas I made a AMC DH2 a while back which took me over a week to rig. I am very happy with my wooden propeller and loved the little map on the drop down table in the cockpit. I'm still very much making it up as I go along when it comes to weathering. I put too much dried salt effect on the floats of this I think. One day I will take a good pic. Would love to read any comments, all the best, Martin
  15. I can post this pic which is from my flickr account but after a certain time the option to copy url is not there. Seems to be all older pics are ok but then anything after July/August last year the option has gone. The odd thing being it has happened to pics I have already posted on this forum. Very strange and annoying, oh well.
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