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  1. Superb, Dean - Great to see a Spit in a non military scheme! Regards Dave
  2. Super work, Duncan - You have cracked this one nicely Regards Dave
  3. Great one, Tony - These old Matchbox kits were my pocket buys when I was a kid - great memories! Regards Dave
  4. Wow - lovely work! Regards Dave
  5. Echo others, Andy - Superb model Tiger Moth and well rigged. Regards Dave
  6. Great work on your Camel and very nicely rigged! Regards Dave
  7. Very nicely done, and good rigging for first attempt - I like it. What did you use for rigging material and how well did the kit go together? Regards Dave
  8. Wonderful, Dennis - This has bought back memories - I remember building this one as a kid! Regards Dave
  9. That is lovely - really like it! Regards Dave
  10. Really lovely, Ruth - lovely neat, clean and tidy work Regards Dave
  11. That really is outstanding workmanship on display here - just the right amount of weathering without going completely over the top. Love the streaky staining effects. How long did this model take you to put together? Regards Dave
  12. That's wonderful - I especially like your mottle camo painting - well done! Regards Dave
  13. Dear all - Showing pictures of my latest completed project: ICM's 48th scale I-153 'Chaika' biplane fitted with winter skis. Markings are for a soviet machine from 1940 so I guess this puts it in the Finnish winter war conflict. Great little kit although the extra sprue suppling the parts for the skis were not a good fit so a bit of work was required getting them onto the corresponding aircraft parts. Built OOB and only added the missing control horns for rudder and seat harness cut from Tamiya masking tape. Rigged using fine (flat section) knitting ela
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