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  1. Great work, there - I really admire you true modellers. What aircraft is this one? Regards Dave
  2. All, I hope I have posted this one in the correct part of the forum ............ Moderators: apologies if in wrong place but did not know where else to post this one. I normally build WW1 aircraft, but wanted a change in pace. I have an interest in firearms (I used to have a firearm and shotgun certificate) but mainly in pistols. I have looked at these kits on and off for ages but finally decided to go for one. Although 1/3 scale, I was pleasantly surprised at how large the completed model is as I thought they would be much smaller. Great kit that went togethe
  3. Wonderful work on your Mustang, Roger. Really like the faded/dusty finish - well done. Regards Dave
  4. Great work, there - Love the metallic effect using foil which must have taken time to get on the model without crinkling up. Regards Dave
  5. Brilliant work, Ralph - You really got the look of the faded mottle camo effect spot on Regards Dave
  6. Lovely work, Dennis - your aluminium finish looks top notch and contrasts well with the yellow upper wing. Sorry to hear your problems with rigging - drop me a PM if I can be of any help in that direction Regards Dave
  7. Hello, James - I used Oschi standard elastic thread for rigging this Regards Dave Hello, Mike - I use Revell Aqua Colour range of paint - works really well for brush painting. Regards Dave
  8. All - My apologies if I am becoming a bore, but due to the continuing national lockdown I am building models much faster than I normally would ............... Presenting pictures of Eduard's latest re-boxing of their 48th scale Morane Saulnier N. A straightforward if fiddly in parts build - mostly due to the PE. I decided to be selective on the PE parts to use (I dislike PE at the best of times) as some of them were just too tiny and difficult to use. Although far from being my worst work, I admit that this is not best either.
  9. Hello, P - Excellent workmanship on this not to well known machine and good historical account of it as well. Although this a failure, the basic airframe was good and would eventually lead into the Spad VII fighter. Good to see that you do build the odd kit from time to time - what about your next project? Regards Dave
  10. I can't comment on cockpit details, but take your word for it ......... Still looks great from the outside though! Regards Dave
  11. I'm not really a jet man, but you have done a good job here - your model looks well put together despite the build issues. Regards Dave
  12. This is really interesting me as I enjoy Roman history. Some things just never change! Bear in mind that in the early days of Rome it was Roman citizens formed the backbone of the military (and viewed as a civic duty to state) and had to pay for all their own equipment. This determined what role you played in the army, e.g. as horses were expensive so cavalry were wealthy Roman citizens (equestrians or 'Knights'), right down to the poorer citizens who could afford armour playing roles of light skirmishers 'Velities'. The very poorest Roman citizens were exempt from m
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