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  1. Another grand job, Chris - Very well painted and weathered without going overboard Regards Dave
  2. Brilliant work on your Martinside Elephant, OM - great looking aircraft too Regards Dave
  3. All, Completed the very old (1957 vintage) classic Airfix kit of the Albatros. Anybody who has ever built this one will know that (by today's standards) what a crude,basic and incorrect kit it is. A friend set me a challange to build this one bought more up to date and better detailed - here is the result. Many modifications (too many to list) were made which include (amongst others) removed engine cowlings with scratch built engine compartment, engine, fuel and oil tank and cockpit. Here is the build link: https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=12339.0 Finished in the colours/markings of Ltn Max Nather, May 1918 - these being the second marking option of the last Airfix re-issue of this kit. Regards Dave
  4. Wow! - excellent job on your Shackleton Regards Dave
  5. That's brilliant - Blake's 7 was my favourite sci fi show when I was younger. I can picture Travis in that ship chasing the Liberator .......... Regards Dave
  6. Truly outstanding workmanship on your Bucker, Andy - Love the bare metal look and the wood prop - smartly rigged as well. All nicely set of your dio with excently painting figures. Regards Dave
  7. That's different! Great model and nice to see some colourful marking too Regards Dave
  8. Wonderful work on your Eindecker - love your added flare pistol - a very nice touch! Regards Dave
  9. Really good work on your Camel, Paul. Do you you have any more pictures of it from other angles? Interesting what you say regarding the cabane struts, and yes, I have read other sources that state the same about reversed struts - I must be doing something wrong then because I have built three of these kits over the years and used the struts as per the instructions and never encountered a problem ........... Regards Dave
  10. Wonderful work on your Duck - like it Regards Dave
  11. Hello, Jerzy - Fantastic result on your Airfix Bulldog - excellent rigging as well Regards Dave
  12. Great work, P - Excellent scratch building - it really does look like it was made from a kit it is that good. Great historical brief on the machine too. Regards Dave
  13. Hi Bill My paint of choice are Revell 'Aqua' colour range of acrylics. The paint from the pot is very thick but is this way so you can thin it down with tap water. In terms of paint thickness, I thin down to consistancy of milk - so pretty thin. You then build up in thin layers, changing direction of brush stroke with each new coat. Decals are sealed in with Revell's clear matt as soon as the decals are on and once I have smoothed the decal onto the surface - I apply four coats of clear in quick succession. The reason for this is that once it dries, it really pulls the decal tight into the surface as gives a reasonable painted on look. Hope this helps? Regards Dave
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