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  1. Lovely model Gauntlet! Great distinction in painting to simulate between metal and fabric Regards Dave
  2. Blimey that's good - amazing it is only 72nd scale ............. Regards Dave
  3. Your right to be pleased with this one as it looks great and Iove your camo painting Regards Dave
  4. Wonderful work on your Corsair and the folded wings look very neat Regards Dave
  5. Really nice work on your 727 - I like it! Regards Dave
  6. Great work on this ancient Revell classic! Love the photo with the spining prop and engine Regards Dave
  7. Lovely job, Roger - Great faded paint job too Regards Dave
  8. That's absolutely lovely and what a clever way to display your handiwork. Regards Dave
  9. That's really very kind of you to say Richie - I'm really pleased with how this one turned out and no, at this stage in my life I don't see me ever going over to an airbrush now! Regards Dave
  10. That really is good, Martian Nice base too Regards Dave
  11. Very nice work on the ancient Airfix kit - well done! Regards Dave
  12. Again, many thanks, John - This has been one of my favourite projects to date and a thoroughly enjoyable (and challanging in parts) build and I was actually a little disappointed when I finished it. Regards Dave
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