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  1. Wonderful job! Beautifully finished and painted Regards Dave
  2. Hello, Chris - Great work (as always) on your Vampire - this was one to obviously get your teeth into ........!! Regards Dave
  3. Lovely, work on your PZL, Jurek - I also agree regarding the weathering Regards Dave
  4. Hello, Chris - Another unusual aircraft I have never heard of before - love the Ford motif along the blue fuselage. Excellent work as ever Regards Dave
  5. Your Junkers is brilliant and I love the display - I've often looked at this kit but your build has made me decide this is worth having a go at! Regards Dave
  6. Great work on your Meng DR1 and great hand painted too. Regards Dave
  7. Excellent work on your Stuka - love your repairs and the wood replacement tyres are amazing Regards Dave
  8. Wonderful work on your RE8, Dov Well rigged too! Regards Dave
  9. Outstanding, work - love the upper wing camon scheme Regards Dave
  10. Long time no see, John - Absolutley brilliant! - love the national cross showing through the wing fabric effect. Do you still have any WNW kits left in your stash? Regards Dave
  11. That's lovely - Matchbox were great kits for their day. Regards Dave
  12. That's lovely! Great camo painting Regards Dave
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