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  1. Dear all, My latest completed project - the latest 'Weekend Edition' release of Eduard's 72nd scale DV. Being the weekend boxing, means you only get the basic plastic (single) sprue, the instructions and decals. Because this is devoid of any great detail, I added the following details: Built up the cockpit a bit (you only get seat, stick, rubber bar and floor although you get instrument and seat belt decals) and added the missing fuel tank; winscreen; hollowed out exhaust opening; made up the missing radiator to engine pipework; MG08/15 MG feed and extraction chutes added; Elevator control horns and aileron actuator covers added I'm sure others of better ability would be able to add even more detail - however, I am happy with what I have added here. Rigged with nylon smoke coloured 'invisible' mending thread and Oschi elastic thread for elevators. In this new release you get four very colourful DV markings to choose from which are all excellent. I decided to go for this particular one as it seemed a shame not to use the lozenge camo decals and because this was the more demanding paint job for a brush painter like myself so more of a challange to pull off. Model completed in the markings of Albatros DV 2299/17 of Lt. Xaver Dannhuber, Jasta 26, Abeele, Belgium, 1917. I hope there are not too many pictures? Regards Dave
  2. Very, very nice I-16 and I love the Spanish Republican markings. Regards Dave
  3. Your FW 190 is wonderful! Looking at this, I might be tempted to go for this Revell kit in the future ............ Regards Dave
  4. That really is different for you, John - Excellent work on both Spits - as regards weathering, I also prefer the less is more approach anyway. Regards Dave
  5. Great model with wonderful finish! Regards Dave
  6. Asolutely nothing wrong with that - your DII looks wonderful to me Regards Dave
  7. Wonderful work, Alistair Regards Dave
  8. Lovely work - looks good with the pilot in the cockpit Regards Dave
  9. I'm not a jet man, but I can really appreciate the work that you would have put into this one - impressive. Regards Dave
  10. Simply outstanding (as all yours are) workmanship, Frank - But what an odd looking machine it created in triplane format ........... Regards Dave
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