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  1. I've owned a H&S Ultra and an Iwata Neo. If I were to choose from those two again, it would definitely be Ultra.
  2. Those aircraft are about the quality I achieve. But mine are in 1/48. Rigged, weathered and dropped flaps - in 1/700! Incredible work!
  3. I've tried a few, but the best I've found is 'G-S Hypo Cement'. It's also good for PE. Just remember to let the glue flow on it's own - don't squeeze the tube.
  4. That would be very helpful Mike. Would it be possible to send me the updated instructions as a private message, and then I'll update the relevant section. Thanks - Gorby
  5. That would be good in 1/35, but in 1/72 it's stunning!
  6. It always felt like such a cheap thing so I've no idea why they are so expensive. Bear in mind that I've only every used them on records before I don't know if it would work on models, $85 seems a lot for an experiment. Perhaps someone knows of a cheaper alternative.
  7. Years ago when I had a vinyl record collection I used a Zerostat anti-static gun which seemed to do the job. For some reason they seem to be quite expensive these days. I don't know it one of those would work.
  8. About thirty yeas ago my dad came home to find his back window smashed and his telly gone. When the police turned up (because those where that days when the police actually investigated crimes ) they noticed blood on the broken glass… They also noticed a trail of blood….. which…. lead over the back fence….. then over the next fence…. and disappeared inside the back door of the house two doors down – where they found dad's telly. They managed to convict that master criminal - even though it was Poirot's day off!
  9. I thought those were the engines in the central wing section. The nearest I can think to your arrestor hook problem, is the Sea Vixen: Obviously that doesn't help with the launch.
  10. Back when I was mangling data rather than plastic, in every company I worked at we used to have a backup system called 'Grandfather, father, son'. The first backup would be done on the 'grandfather' tape, then the next day/week/month (depending on how important it was) the 'father' tape was used for the next backup, and then the 'son' tape. Then the same tapes would be over-written in the same sequence. That way, if one backup failed you always had two previous ones to fall back on. I use the same system but with three 64GB USB drive pen thingies and as a result, I've never had a problem with loosing data. USB drives are dirt cheap these days and it's worth the cost when the alternative is loosing everything. In addition to that, I also backup to an internal hard drive. What I don't understand is that when Windows does an update it generally only updates the operating system (and maybe a few MS related bits), but it can take hours to complete. When Linux updates it usually does the OS and much of the software that was originally installed, but the update only takes minutes. When I replied to this thread yesterday it reminded me that I hadn't done an update for over five months. The download and install took less than seven minutes. If anyone is concerned about moving to Windows 10 and think Linux may be an option, this is an interesting article. I'll leave you with this thought (pinched from the article above): What do air-conditioning and computers have in common? They are both useless when you open Windows.
  11. If you read through the 'Photo Host' post I linked to on the first page of this thread, there are many sites that are secure and just as good as Village Photos.
  12. Very nice job Ced and very tidy canopy masking. I'll be pleased if my 1/48 one turns out as well (if it ever gets anywhere near the work bench that is).
  13. That's what I do when I can be bothered to dip, but it needs to dry for at least one day before you attempt to mask (preferably more). Also, I sometimes give it another quick dip after the masks are on, which helps reduce the paint bleeding underneath the masks. This does make it a little more difficult to get the masks off at the end. When you say 'Klear like liquid' what do you mean?
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