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  1. They look really good, but are a lot more than I'm willing to pay. They also look like nice kits and at good prices as well. Unfortunately I'm a bit OCD with scale so 1/56 is out for me at least - what a weird scale. If they'd been 1/48 I would have been very sorely tempted by some of them.
  2. Perhaps I should add a link on this thread, to my stab at it:
  3. Very convincing result Dennis, if would look fantastic on a little base or dio.
  4. Excellent job Dennis! I've done the Tamiya one and I didn't do the mottling half as well as this. Lovely job.
  5. Welcome to BM Covcat. Also being a creature from Coventry (England) I was curious about your forum name?
  6. Thanks mates, very nice of you to comment. No probs John ( @Bullbasket ) I've been following your camper van drama elsewhere. Those bloody rivets where painful (literally) at the time but I'm pleased I did them now. It will almost certainly never go to a model show, I've never been keen on models being judged against other models, it doesn't seem right to me.
  7. Nice models Gary. The Panther is particularly good.
  8. Hi Gary, welcome to BM. I did wonder what happened to you – we met on Scalemates a few years ago. I've also been in a tank mood recently and just posted the pics of my first only a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed it quite a bit, so my aircraft kits are going have to stay un-built for a bit longer. Is your workshop still as chaotic as it was? Gorby
  9. That looks like Permagrit to me. https://www.permagrit.com/ I bought one of their sanding blocks years ago and it still one of my most useful woodworking tool, excellent stuff.
  10. If that's sandstone (as I assume it is in Shropshire), you may be able to grind it down to get a reddish powder from that. I don't know how you would be able to fix it to the base and still make it look like dust. When I use soil I mix it with PVA, but that produces a damp earth or mud effect. I'd be interested to see the results of your experiments.
  11. Interesting. Are you building a steampunk Horseshoe crab?
  12. As Paul says, garden soil might be an option. I cook it in the oven which not only kills the bacteria in the soil it also dries it out. You will be surprised how dusty it is when it's sieved. You could experiment with making it redder by using ground up red chalk or pastels.
  13. If your not too proud to do a bit of skip diving, foam insulation board is excellent, very easy to carve and completely free. It also allows more depth of surface in case you want hills/incline, holes, trenches etc. I recently did a small dio using insulation foam covered in soil from the garden (cooked to sterilise and then sieved) mixed with PVA - It dries rock hard. If you want cheap, I did this base for an out lay of £0.00:
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