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  1. I kept well clear of dioramas for a long time because I thought they were too difficult, but now I find that they are one of the most enjoyable parts of modelling, so why not give it a try? This is my second dio – which cost only about £50 (excluding the aircraft and other vehicles): It doesn't have to be expensive. This base I made for virtually nothing (I said £0 but the milliput for the sandbags probably 20p and the PVA probably 10p): I'm never really very impressed with the realism of the commercially available dio bases, and the cost is usually quite high. Give it a go yourself, you might enjoy it.
  2. Gorby

    Spray booths

    When I rebuilt my room a couple of moths ago I ducted it to an airbrick with a vent that can be closed. I used something called 'Kair System 100 rectangular'. It doesn't get rid of the smell completely, but the ducting makes a big improvement, well worth the £37 it cost.
  3. I didn't realise that we've come to a 100% positive conclusion. If not, what's the problem with speculating further? Yes it is drawing your attention to the swastika and to me, the strike through emphasised the anti-nazi element. When you want have a visual representation to signify that you are against something, it usually shows a strike through rather than obscure the image completely.
  4. I'm no expert but as a pure guess, is it possible that the strike through could have happened after Germany surrendered? There may have been airfields that had not yet been overrun by the allies by that point and I know that may Germans went out of their way to try and dissociated themselves from nazism. Even if it was before the surrender, if you knew that your airfield was about to be captured, it's a quick and easy way of saying 'No nazis here'. The thing that makes me think that this may not be the case, is that the white stripe is so neatly painted.
  5. WOW! I've seen this and the build log before, but worth seeing again.
  6. Gorby

    The Happy Birthday thread

    You're a good'un Dennis so I hope you have a great day.
  7. There have been a couple of disparaging, oblique references to the other site, I overlooked the first but when it happened again this morning, that's when I mentioned the name. I would have done the same the other way around. Regardless of the feeling between the owners/mods, there is no need for the members to be hostile toward each other. I had hoped that mentioning Brexitmodeller on here and Britmodeller on there, that it might be a tiny, tiny step in the right direction.
  8. Probably better if I take this to PM. (it may take me a while to back to you)
  9. I agree. If the two sites are to really get over their past differences, we should treat them like any other modelling website. Otherwise it perpetuates the 'them and us' mentality. There may have been major problems in the past, but perhaps it's time for this hostility to end. Let's just butcher some plastic rather than each other.
  10. I've just had a look and there are five rules. Not quite the long list you've mentioned. Then why mention another site in a thread about BM being attacked? I've been a member of BxM since the beginning of this year and have seen minor digs at BM in that time, but none of the loathing you seem to think there is.
  11. You think it would be a good idea to have a website with no rules? That may have been the case in the past, but as other have said already in this thread, things have changed over at Brexitmodeller (no one would thing twice about mentioning Scalemates, so why not mention the other website by name? Incidentally, the 'Brexit' bit has nothing to do with leaving the EU). One of the main reasons for this is that on BxM there are many current BM members. I only signed up because at the start of this year the mods on this site asked a few of us to reduce the amount of chat threads, due to the extra work that created for the mods. I'm still a member here and I still contribute, but I don't see it as a problem belonging to both sites, just as I'm a member of Scalemates. When I first looked at BxM a couple of years ago I would have agreed with your comment, but as I've said, things have changed a lot and continuing to deride them for past deeds just seeks to spread more ill feeling. Mike has already said that they believe it is an individual that is involved in the latest problems. That individual may be a member of BxM, but they may also be a member of Scalemates. Would you blame Scalemates for the actions of one of it's members? The mods at Brexitmodeller have assured us that they haven't the knowledge, finances or the interest in attacking Britmodeller.
  12. I had hoped that this sort of was in the past. I'm a member of both sites and firmly believe that if it is a member of the other site, it's a fault of that pathetic, selfish individual, not the site as a whole. It certainly isn't anything the members are aware of. Although I do believe it doesn't help to point fingers without any concrete evidence. It should be live and let live and lets just build some models and have a natter.
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