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  1. Gorby

    For Sale in Ontario Canada

    I'm interested in how much this collection/stash cost to originally buy. If, for example, the average for each kit was £23, that's just over a quarter of a million! Not a particularly good investment.
  2. Gorby

    For Sale in Ontario Canada

    WOW! I think his collection got a tiny bit out of control. What I can never get my head around is when I see these enormous stashes, there is usually many multiples of the same kit. I don't understand why. It is just obsession? I saw one a couple of years ago with about eight Airfix Apollo Saturn V models. It's not as if you can do a diorama with all 8, or 8 different markings.
  3. Gorby

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    Final, ultimate, official, very very serious, quite grown-up (well nearly grown-up) written warning. Any more of this 'santa in November' business, I have to use the Islamic curses again. Gorby
  4. Gorby

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    When was that then? It must have been a particularly vivid dream. Stop that right now!
  5. Gorby

    Italeri Stirling

    Excellent model, just a shame about the prominent Photobucket mark spoiling the photos.
  6. Personally I'm very please with the damp loamy appearance of the end result: This is without adding any colour or varnish. It looks natural to me anyway.
  7. Gorby

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    What's this about Christmas? 'Tis always the season to grump. Half way down page three within 24 hours, this thread isn't long for this life. Which means the Christmas grump thread has yet to be born – probably in a manger with stars and stuff.
  8. Gorby

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    Talking of 'in-laws' (and if we weren’t, I'm going to) my brother-in-law turned up at the door this morning. I have five brother-in-laws and this one is by far my least favourite, unfortunately he lives about 200 yards away and often comes around to give us the benefit of his idiocy. He is a walking, talking Daily Fail editorial who, if he were to study diligently and tries hard to make an extra special effort, could work his way up to being a half-wit. When I saw him, I realised what a medieval villager must have felt at the arrival of the black death, even Hare Krishna would tell him to “ off we're full”. Mrs Gorby was getting ready to go out and I was getting ready to enjoy Mrs Gorby going out, the prospect of an afternoon of solitary bliss. “I'm just about to go out she says”. “That's all right, I won't stop” he says as he takes his coat off and makes himself comfortable on the sofa. He is aware that other people can speak, but deals with it as an annoying background noise that means he has to raise his voice to drown it out. His skin would make rhino hide feel like finest silk. I do anything I can (other than using an angry mob) to avoid spend any time with him, as countering his bigotry is like arguing politics with a parrot, you'll win, but it's not something to take pride in, and the parrot won't have understood a single word you've said. I did feel a bit a of a cad leaving Mrs Gorby to deal with it, but I'll get over it….. oh, it looks like I have. 50 minutes it took to get the bugger out. Moving house is starting to look like the best option – that's since Mrs Gorby told me that murder was out of the question… ….or at least a last resort.
  9. I hate killing things as well, so I can pretty much guarantee that no living thing got harmed in this process – other than microscopic ones and it's difficult to feel empathy for something you can't see. It's odd, because I would consider trying to make something look like soil was more convoluted than using soil. I'm not saying that you shouldn't use your method, I'm just saying that that using soil is a very viable alternative.
  10. Interesting advice @Badder. Having now used real soil, I was very pleasantly surprised to find how easy it was to use and of course, because it is soil, it ends up looking like soil without the need to colour or paint it and if I need more, there is a few tons of it readily available in the garden. I found that heating it in oven to be preferable as it seemed to burn off the organics and also dried it to a course powder making it easy to sieve, the next time I won't sieve it as fine as I did on this occasion. If there is any thing left to decay, it is now locked forever in rock-hard PVA and after a month and a half since I first used it, there is no smell at all and no sign of decay. Just as well there wasn't anyone around to see me sniffing my dio. I would recommend using real soil to anyone, I will definitely be using it again.
  11. Gorby

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    Oh the excitement of getting up on Sunday morning to a full page of freshly fallen grump.
  12. Gorby


    Excellent result Dennis!
  13. Gorby


    For any tube under 2mm I just roll a scalpel blade where it needs to be cut and then snap it off with a small pair of pliers. For 2mm I use a JLC razor saw blade (as it's hard-point) to score around the tube and then snap it off as above. Using this method the burr isn't too bad so a minimum of clean-up. I find it's quicker and gives a cleaner cut than using a dremel.
  14. Gorby

    Injection Molding 101

    Any chance this fascinating and informative thread could be 'pinned' @Mike please. I needed to refer to some of the info, and it took me a while to find it.