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  1. I can't remember why I came to that conclusion, although no doubt I was entirely correct (as I always am in my version of reality). I haven't been on BM much recently so I hadn't seen that you were making a mini-me Xantho first – very nice work! Perhaps you could say to the museum staff “No, I definitely said it would be in 1/144.” Then you can get back to making tracks for the tanky thing.
  2. That's a trip down memory lane - that was the first kit I ever built. It goes without saying (even though I'm going to say it) yours is several thousand times better than the pre-teen me managed.
  3. I must admit I am curious about the running costs and would love to know a ballpark figure - just out of interest, not trouble-making. The suggestion that it cost a few Tamiya 1/32 kits is a tiny bit vague when the definition of 'few' is 'not many, but more than one'. So a few Tamiya kits could be from £150 to £1,000+!
  4. Wow! That honestly does look like you've just taken a photo of a loading bay and framed it!
  5. Hi @aviapassionmaquette, Facebook image links are designed to expire and renew after a while. It is to prevent hotlinking to their images in external websites. There are plenty more hosts that you could use:
  6. Gorby

    Which paints to use?

    Thanks @dogsbody In order to show photos on this site you will need a photo host. The site is run on a very small budget (you may have noticed that there isn't any advertising) so can't afford a server big enough to store all the pictures that are uploaded. There are other reasons like security etc. All you need to know about posting photos is here (don't worry that it's several pages long, all you need is the first post on the first page): There is a document on suitable photo hosts here: Posting photo's on here may look complicated at first, but it it is much easier than it sounds.
  7. @aviapassionmaquette In a different thread a couple of people have mentioned that they can't see the photos, are you using Facebook as a host?
  8. I can see the photos without any problems. The image size doesn't seem to be excessive but when I checked the image address it mentioned 'scontent' and when I looked to to see what that is, it mentions that the photos may be stored on Facebook. Facebook isn't a suitable photo hosting site for hotlinking so perhaps that might be the problem. I'll ask the bod who posted the photos.
  9. I'm not sure if it's been mentioned before either – I don't think it has and it's a good point to make. I also use GIMP* to crop the photo and reduce in size. I use 180dpi and reduce the image size to 160mm (about 1130px) width or height (whichever is the greatest). Then I save the file with an image quality of 90% which reduced the file size to around 200 - 300kB. As you say, the reduction in quality of the image is barely noticeable on a monitor (with my eyes anyway). * for anyone that doesn't know what GIMP is, it's a completely free image manipulation program– a bit like Photoshop but without the cost. It's excellent and well worth downloading if your looking for a photo editor.
  10. That's incredible if you managed to produce that beauty from a MACH 2 kit!
  11. That looks seriously weird... I like it! Excellent model.
  12. That looks a weird one – very Rubenesque, but an amazing project. Strange to think that the future of air travel may mean going back to props. I think Frank Whittle has just turned in his grave.
  13. Isn't that a joy to behold! 55 parts in the engine alone! I've done kits with less parts than that. If you keep building these beauties this fast Frank, I see more shelf building in your future. I'm just off to punish myself most severely for nearly missing this one.
  14. That IS what happens for the vast majority of photos on the site. They need to be stored on a photo host and linked to a post.
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid-state_drive
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