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    I don't suffer from insanity, I quite enjoy it really.

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    Coventry - no need to send me, I'm already there.
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  1. Gorby


    I just had to find that to get another laugh, straight from the idiots mouth as it were: https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Wolfpack-Design-1-48-WP48069-F-4k-m-British-Phantom-Flap-Down-Set/1475178278?iid=192475246886#UserReviews I've seen similar ones on Amazon - gives me a giggle every time.
  2. Gorby

    Our best friends

    I'm very sorry to hear that Stu. I was in the same position with my beautiful girl three years ago. I still talk to her every day and I well-up probably more often than would be considered seemly. She is far from the only dog in my past, but to me there was something extra special about Amber.
  3. Gorby

    Show us your modelling space / stash

    I was also going to comment on all that wanton tidiness and to add insult to injury - cleanliness, I mean really, where's the blood? We need to see another photo in a few months time when the chaos has descended. When I originally set up my room I did in such a way that most of the modelling stuff could be hidden away when not in use, but I found that it is in use 99.8% of the time. Anyway the original tools seem to have multiplied and the the various bottles, cans and tubes of model related gunk have breed far in excess of what was originally envisioned, so hiding it all away would take effort (which is never a good thing). The answer is convenient tactical blindness – just pretend it isn't there.
  4. Gorby


    Browns Lane and Ryton count as county-side! The museums are a plus (both the motor and the aircraft ones) but they are just rare perks in an sea of hammering, SHOUTING, drilling, barking, firework bangs, unreasonably load music, sirens, alarms etc. etc. etc. I would move to the country but offensive smells would just replace the noise.
  5. We'll let you off with a warning as it's a first offence. That's more likely to get you banned! Beautiful model and that's an exceptionally nice paint scheme.
  6. Gorby


    If only…. If there are seven ages of man, the bloke next door was… Born (probably screaming), he passed through the age of hammering, progressing to hammering and SHOUTING VERY LOUD part, he's currently on hammering, SHOUTING VERY LOUD and drilling stage of his life. I could go on about the joys of living in a city but if I don't want to be responsible for you're early, self-inflicted demise.
  7. Gorby

    What's your day-job?

    I used to be a computer analyst (no I don't know what one is either) but as I've always been a bit arty, I was about as suited to it as rabbit carving the Sunday roast. Modelling would only have been a help in my job if I made Voodoo dolls. That would have been quite useful. I'm currently medically retired, much against my personal wish and desperate to go back (ssssshhhh! That's what I'm supposed to say, retired is absolutely fantastic!). I'm not in education, but to an open mind, every day is an education. I'm currently doing my ideal job (which is none at all) but back when I was youthful, energetic and enthusiastic (that didn't seem to last long), I would liked to have been a furniture designer - really.
  8. Gorby


    What's this 'Happy Saturday'? I expect better from you lot - it's not keeping me amused! It's almost as if you don't realise that you only exist to keep me entertained.
  9. Gorby


    "Penguin" * (I think we might be going in circles here). * Apparently it's Welsh
  10. Gorby

    A Different Morgan Model

    WOW! These things look great! Have a look a these:
  11. Gorby


    How is it possible to fit a new bathroom using only a hammer and a hammer-action drill? That's what the bloke next door seems to be doing. I've fitted two bathrooms in my time and although the hammer and drill put in an appearance, it was more of a walk-on part rather than a starring role. Chiselling tiles off the wall, lifting floorboards and perhaps a bit of minor demolition I can understand, but FIVE days of it so far! There's barely any time between the drillin and manic hammerin for any other tools to be used. I hope the same bloke isn't doing the tiling as well – that might work out expensive. I would say that it's driving me round the bend, but I think I reached the end of the that journey quite some time ago.
  12. Gorby


    French chocolate apparently. How bad is the food in Africa’s bottom Steve? Even with me eating rabbit food, British food isn't bad enough for me to start experimenting with tasting the puke of countryside critters. Even rabbits.
  13. Gorby

    What are you reading?

    It might start to work out expensive getting your fire going Vince.
  14. Gorby


    For some reason my memory is a little hazy on the subject, but rest assured - I definitely didn't drink it. Is life still worth living? How very dare you not be cold!
  15. Gorby


    That's the spirit - who needs brain-cells anyway!