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  1. Tom, Simply excellent...love the plastic card details...really super. Thanks for sharing the progress. Did you make a template or jig for the ribs too cut them all the same and space them properly? They look great! All the Best! Don
  2. Hello All! Well did quite a bit since the last pictures but it has not been fun. As previously mentioned the wing tops were a very poor fit to the fillets on both sides. So .10 card was added to the wing top trimmed then glued in place but there was still gaps. You can see them as the dark areas along the seam. Now to rescribe and replace any surface detail lost. It's not going to be easy due to some of the curved areas. I use CA for most of my filling especially when I have to rescribe. Another rather poor area on the kit is the valve cover bulges on the cowl. Very difficult to fill and sand without loosing the detail. Since I wasn't going to rescribe them I used a slurry of Tamiya putty and Tamiya cement. Sanded after curing. It turned out OK in my opinion but a shot of primer will tell the tale. As mentioned prior I added some plastic card to the oil cooler cover so it would fit better. You can see that also. Not sure when the next update will be since it's not a fun stage and I have a couple of other projects going. It also takes me forever when rescribing. Well I'll leave it at that and show you some pictures. All the Best! Don v
  3. Les, The panel is a true drop in...it is exceptional to be honest. I needed the belts and the LooK package comes with those PLUS the panel. It is a bit more more to splurge once in a while is OK. Thank you on the figure. I very much appreciate it. I don't do it very often but I thought it would add a little to this particular model. I may look for a Black Lab too just to complete the scene LOL. It is painted with Vallejo acrylics which is also new for me figure painting wise. I really like those paints for most of my modelling now. Hope that answers your questions. All the Best! Don
  4. Thanks James..actually the build is quite a bit further along. On the fuselage the oil tank cover on the fuselage needed a filler of plastic on the angled portion. I completely understand about the wings. The lower wing fit really well. you have to make sure the wheel well sides fit properly though. But there is a fuselage to wing gap on the top...big enough to need strip to fill. ... at least on the right wing. Nothing insurmountable of course..just stuff that's annoying. I'll post more pictures in a week or so. All the Best! Don
  5. Hello All, Another subject I am pushing to finish is my second new tool Airfix Lanc. I must say it is much easier the second time around though it is a very time consuming project no matter how you slice it. SO far normal out of the box less a couple of additions. Eduard belts, dorsal windows in escape hatches out of acrylic rod and wingtip lights our of acrylic sheet. So far so good. Hope you enjoy the pictures and as always comments are appreciated. All the Best! Don
  6. Hello All, Thought I'd show you some in progress pictures of my Airfix Spitfire Mk XIV. So far it is very nice. All I have done so far as far as additions are the belts and a Eduard "LooK" instrument panel. I also thought I add a pilot standing near by preparing for a sortie. He's a Barracuda product. Hope you enjoy the pictures. As always all comments are appreciated. All the Best! Don
  7. Peter, Thank you for once again sharing this epic. Really excellent. All the Best! Don
  8. Absolutely brilliant Elger...very well done. Your picture of you and Oscar is so precious. All the Best! Don
  9. Wow that is excellent! Well done Fuad! All the Best! Don
  10. Dunny, That is turning out very well indeed. Well done. All the Best! Don
  11. Very well done. Just love seeing these old kits being built to such a high standard. Thank you for sharing! All the Best! Don
  12. Tony, Just washed one of these....anything that I should be aware of construction wise? I also ordered the decal sheet from Hannants..hopefully I'll have it in a few days...being in the States it takes a bit of time. All the Best! Don
  13. This is truly an amazing piece of modeling. I truly enjoy bringing these older kits up to snuff and you did an amazing job on this one...and being one of my favorites from my childhood makes it that much more appealing. Thank you so much for sharing. All the Best! Don
  14. Tony, That looks awesome. as usual. Was not sure how many different markings were available but this sheet is very promising indeed. Thanks for sharing! All the Best! Don
  15. Happy New Year Edward! Did you happen to see the New Years fireworks on the river? Spectacular...the city at it's best. BTW..your pair of Spitfires are awesome...well done. All the Best! Don
  16. Hi All, Four done this year..which is actually more than usual for me since I am now retired. In any case here they are. Hope everyone has a great new year and happy modelling! All the Best! Don Airfix 1/48 P-40 Monogram 1/48 P-47D Airfix 1/72 C-47 Airfix 1/72 RAF 100 GRP B-17
  17. Hi All, Four done this year..which is actually more than usual for me since I am now retired. In any case here they are. Hope everyone has a great new year and happy modelling! All the Best! Don Airfix 1/48 P-40 Monogram 1/48 P-47D Airfix 1/72 C-47 Airfix 1/72 RAF 100 GRP B-17
  18. Very nice Howard..well done! All the Best! Don
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