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Daughters first build Spitfire

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This is my daughters first build. 1/32 Revell Spitfire MK I/II. She added a resin seat and painted it with Tamiya paints. She's not to happy with it because she knocked off the mirror. She forgot to put the canopy on when she took the pics





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Great to see the next generation having an interest let alone the skill shown here. Well done , she renews your faith in the future.


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What a coincidence! My daughter has just finished her first build and it was a Spitfire too! Only it's 1/72.

Don't tell her I said this but yours is far better! Awesome job! Then again she's only just turned 11.

Will be posting in RFI later.



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First build!!? My jaw just hit the deck. Fantastic work. Forty odd years, off and on, I've been building kits and I would be dead chuffed if I managed to achieve this level. Great subtle weathering and wear and tear really bring this to life.

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Your daughter has made a smashing job of it. If mine turned out to be half as good, I'd be over the moon.

If she's got the bug, watch your stash!!!!

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