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  1. Hello fellow modellers, Here you are my Spitfile Vb trop, reproducing one of those given to Italian Co-belligerant air force in 1943-44. The kit is the excellent Airfix Spitifre mkV b recently re-issued. I just used the parts for the tropical version that are still on sprues instead of the standard ones. I've also used Tauro Model decal sheet that includes options to make Spifires, Macchi 205 and Airacobras all in italian colours. To paint the model this time I used Lifecolors Acrylics instead of my usual Tamiya and I have to say that they are not bad at all.
  2. Hi Mark, thanks for your nice comments. No it is not a nigh fighter. The upper surfaces are actually dark green with lower ones light gray-blue (sky gray) as per the Regia Aeronautica standard camouflage for continental based airplanes. Unfortunately I took pictures with my phone and quality of colours is not the best. Cheers Andy
  3. Dear fellow modellers, greetings from Italy. Here you are, just finished, my Special Hobby Re 2005 Sagittario. The kit is a bit tricky like all Special Hobby ones but a lot better compared to others from the same brand. This airplane has a beatufil design, one of my favourites, and it'a pity that there is only one camouflage applicable and very few decals options... unfortunately to few of them entered in service and for a very short time. The model is basically OOB. I've just added Eduard seatbelts, scrhatched some internal details and cut the control surfaces on
  4. Dear all, Greetings from Italy. Finally, after two years of forced stop I'm back to modelling. A new start in a new home, with much more space to build and show my airplanes (with wife blessing of course). This kit is the very nice Tamiya P-47 M, 63rd FS, 65th FG, 8th AF, England 1945 built practically OOB just with some little extra scratchbuilt details on the engine and in the cockpit. To paint it I used Tamya primer, Tamiya acrylics (with airbrush) and Tamiya spray finishing just with a slight homemade oil wash for weathering. Not 100% perfect but I would sa
  5. Dear fellow modellers, here you are few pictures of my last built: OOB Tamiya Meteor F.1. It has been quite e relaxing job and I didn't want to make many upgrades apart few details in the cockpit, on the engine, in the landing gear bays and tail control surfaces in deflected position. Painting and finishing as usual is done with Tamiya stuff applied with airbrush/spray can. Enjoy pictures even if I know they are not the best quality.... I think sooner or later I have to convince myself to by a decent camera. Any comment or suggestion for improvements is welcome.
  6. Hello fellow modellers, Last summer I had a chance to buy my firs Airfix kit since more that 25years and I have to say I have been positively impressed. Really nothing to do with the old stuff I used to buy when I was a boy. The Defiant kit is nicely detailed and quite easy to build even if the turret requires a bit of patience. As usual for me it is an OOB with just little additional details like belts, some wiring etc. Paint has been done using airbrush and Tamiya acrylics with Tamiya spray cans for finishing. Any comment or suggestion is always welcome. Enjoy picture
  7. Thanks to all for suggestions. Here you are another attempt to post pictures. Hope it works now...
  8. I'm really sorry for problems with PhotoBucket. I'm trying to re-post the pictures. By the way, does anybody knows a good alternative to Photobucket? I'm really not happy with it.
  9. Back in 1925 the newly created Regia Aeronautica signed a contract with Breda that created a flight school on Bresso airfield on the northern outskirt of Milan. That school trained young pilots using SVA 5 airplanes built in the nearby Breda factory were my grandfather was working as an apprentice. When I was a child he used to tell me a lot of stories about how they built motor cowlings, wings, carved wood to build fuselage, test wings resistance, start-up engines by hand... He used also to draft these planes teaching me about all the different components and I believe this is
  10. I have this kit on my "to do" list. I will follow your posts closely.
  11. Hi Pete, yes I made the base as well. They are just two pieces of MDF glued together one over the other painted in black with a spray can. The deck is made with the wood used for wooden ship models. I'm also busy building a cover in synthetic glass, so at the end everything will look like this one here below I made some time ago. cheers Andy
  12. Hello Modellers, because my wife told me that she's fed up with my airplanes all aorund at home I had to take my latest on to my office at work.... Thank God I have some space and maybe in the near future i will bring also another one. This dauntless is almost OOB with just some details added in the cockpit. Painting has been done with airbrush and Tamiya acrylics. Matt finishing is also a Tamiya but spray can. Any comment and criticism is welcome . Enjoy pictures even if quality is not really the best (I took them with mobile phone...). Cheers
  13. Hello modellers, Here you are my last job, the beautiful Tamiya Sturmovik. It's a great kit that it's a pleasure to build (even if a bit expensive). The model is OOB just with few additional details on landing gear and cut of control surfaces in angled position. Paint, as well as glue and finishing spray are all Tamiya. Enjoy the pictures and feel free to comment. Cheers Andy P.S. Apologise for the quality of the pictures... I made them with my mobile phone instead of camera.
  14. There's nothing better than starting the new year with a little nice model.... Here you are my FW190 A8 made using the Tamiya kit built almost OOB. Just some little details added in the cockpit, on the engine and cut tail surfaces to fit them in angled position. The kit is easy to build and does not give any problem. Painting has been quite funny with my old airbrush even if the Italeri acrylics are definitively not the best colours to be sprayed. They dry quickly and have the tendency to block the nozzle. Anyway at the end the outcome is not too bad in my opinion. W
  15. Dear fellow modellers, here you are my last built of 2016: a real British classic. The Tamiya kit is not latest standard but still a good and enjoyable one. I just added some details in the cockpit,landing gear and engines, but for the rest is definitively OOB. As usual painting has been done with airbrush using Tamiya acrylics. For weathering I used oil colours and pastels. The matt finishing has been obtained with a Tamiya spray can. Comments and suggestions for improvements are more than welcome. Enjoy the pictures and happy new year Cheers
  16. Hello modellers, here you are my Fiat CR42. The model represent an aircraft of "412^ Squadriglia" based in Eritrea in 1940. This Italeri kit is not too bad, it goes together pretty well even if needs some special care to fit the upper wing. Model is 99% OOB with just few details added in the cockpit and on the engine. Paints used are Italeri acrylics applied with a 0.2 mm nozzle airbrush covered with a layer of matt Tamiya finish paint. Any comments or suggestion is more than welcome. Enjoy the pictures. Cheers Andy
  17. Hello Gentlemen, here you are the last of the four Japanese kits I had a chance to buy online few months ago with a good discount. The Hasegawa Shiden kit is as expected an easy and straight forward built. As usual I cut tail control surfaces and added details in the cockpit and on the engine. I was thinking also to scratch-build flaps (this plane has very interesting flaps) but I decided it was too difficult for my skills. Paint scheme is not really challenging, and I realised it with airbrush and Tamiya acrylics. I kept the weathering quite light and added engine exhaust stain using paste
  18. HI Michael, for oil colours I normally use turpentine or sometimes a synthetic solvent. I always test the solvent on a piece of sprue first, just to make sure it will not corrode the plastic. I've currently on the bench the Hasegawa 1/48 Kawanishi Shiden. You will see pictures posted in a couple of weeks. Cheers Andy
  19. Hi Michael, I'm very pleased about your questions and more than happy to give you some details. About painting, first of all I applied a layer of primer (using Tamiya spray can) then i made the so called "pre shading". To do this I painted lines with flat black (sometimes I use also a very dark gray) using the airbrush and following more or less panels and rivets lines. Then, I sprayed few layers of dark green. The zones painted during pre-shading remain darker then the rest and they give you the effect you're looking for. In "work in progress" forum you will find a lot of great examples m
  20. Hello modellers, here you are my last one. Honestly the Fujimi kit has nothing to do with the same subject from Hasegawa. Internals are almost zero, clear parts are thick and engine details are really poor. Anyway I had a lot of fun scratch building a lot of stuff in the cockpit and on the engine(gun sights, cowling flaps, radio equipment etc..). I've also cut flaps to put them in lowered positions as well as tail controls surfaces. The colour scheme is the very popular "Pearl Harbor" style and despite it was not very original I decided to stick with it. The biggest fun has been painting the
  21. Great job. I'd like to build one myself soon. cheers Andy
  22. Hello modellers, I had recently the opportunity to buy some Hasegawa japanese subjects at a very interesting price, so this year will be full of rising sun planes. The first one is the Ki44 Shoki from Hasegawa. The building was really a pleasure as everything comes together almost without putty. I enjoyed adding some details to the cockpit cutting some panels, cutting and re-assembling tail control surfaces and detailing the engine (even if at the end this is not very visible). I used decals from the box, choosing for a quite challenging painting scheme that I manage using Tamiya acrylics
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