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  1. I am aware that I have done zero actual work on these but I’m building myself up to it! Also waiting for sets to arrive.... speaking of which look at this... it comes with a polesti decal set rather than the ones for the kit, and some rather nice PE. some of the bits a eye wateringly tiny. Should be fun. this also comes with all the parts to make a D and a J version which means I can finish my B24 I started years ago! its been a busy day cheers and good night Rob
  2. This is brilliant, I’m really looking forward to seeing this one come together Bill! Rob
  3. Such a nice finish and build. Really impressed with the painted numbers and camo. Rob
  4. That’s an absolute beauty stew! Really love the paint job, stunning. Rob
  5. This is fantastic Stew! And it looks like you got a good deal on those two! Yeah Jim appears to have had a bit of a time getting hold of lib kits. It is frustrating that a subject that is very popular is so hard to get hold of with out paying big bucks. I’ve said the same to Jim that if I just build one and he can send me some options then that’s fine. he’s popping some transfers in the post and appears to have some other kits sorted and slowly on their way which is good news! interested in you wanting to build some H’s, don’t see that very often.
  6. I really like that scheme G, really different from the normal phantom and great scope for weathering from that picture! Nice work so far, sounds like you had a real busy weekend, hope it was fun! Rob
  7. That is a great bit of detail on the kit, thanks Eric massive help and some lovely builds as well. This was my thought, maybe get some narrow plastic rod to give it the look of the frame. I’ll have a little look and order some plastic! Cheers Ced, I remember your Revell build! Great work. After reviewing it it shows what I mean, Revell have give the option of two noses, one with pre prepped holes for the forward guns in the nose. This is not a feature of the Academy kit which is a shame. Rob
  8. I’ve got some spare b24 props hanging around so will have a little look for them... I also have another 3 boxing’s of the same kit so hopefully I can cobble together a full set! I may have sorted a bit of detail for the B24 now, just waiting to see. I’ve ordered a full CMK set for the B17 now! I think they will be fun, first proper go with resin sets. With academy decals I just pop them in the bin along with all the other rubbish! Yeah it probably was when their only competition was the airfix kit! I have dutifully been on the above link and managed to get hold
  9. Neil she looks perfect! Lovely paint work, especially the subtle variation in the olive. Rob
  10. This is a great plan! Your are a softie really eh Ced. I’m a big fan of the down loaded music, I’m sure it will be very soothing and sleep inducing! Rob
  11. Well I used to gloss the whole thing in aqua gloss, but is so shiny it took too many coats of matte varnish to get the right finish. It ended up affecting the smoothness of the paint work and you were seeing brush strokes in the matte finish... so now I only try and do the parts where the decals go. Cheers G, getting close now!
  12. Academy B17F, didn’t come with aftermarket but will be added... the B24 is for personal use
  13. Right so we have a move forward, the Gladiator has had a gloss cote where the decals will go and decals have been added. Undersides re painted, glossed and decaled And the canopy has been weathered a little to try and replicate the wear from the pictures. so after a few matte layers we should be on to the weathering to make this look nice and battered like the pictures! As for the CR.42 she has had the lower transfers added, they didn’t want to behave and are quite matte in finish so I’m expecting slivering later. bit more decal work and
  14. Had to make myself feel better after seeing you casting resin just to test paint sequences thanks G always a pleasure to have you along. He’s a gem isn’t he! Please pull up a seat the bar is open! Oh Christ we’re all screwed then So here’s a look at the kits, first up is the b-17 Exterior detail is nice, looks like it will look good under paint and weathering so happy with that... interior is hit and miss but that’s ok as the transparencies are made from the bottom of milk bottles so you won’t see Jack anyway I’m going
  15. Thanks @tomprobert, that reassures me a lot. My last build I painted the radio room green but thought this was wrong and painted the bomb bay metal but airfix said I shouldn’t. So I was nearly there! This has cleared it right up! I knew no interior green but always nice to have someone who knows a lot more clarify things, thank you, I bet your sick to death of posting it! Cheers Rob
  16. Cheers Roger, I’ll look into some engine sets to make them better. Thanks Tom, so get some plastic card to level out the wings a touch, I’ll add it to the list. Now when you say no interior green, do you mean only bare metal after of the CP as that’s what I did with the Airfix B-17 G, but the CP and bomb aimers compartment I used a green of my own making to replicate photos I had seen where they had green wadding and what looked like painted metal? I need to look into this a bit more! Rob
  17. Hello all! I'm going to be starting my build for Jim’s museum, it’s will be the Academy B17F. Currently I’m trying to finish off two bi planes which are at the decal stage so should start cracking on with this in the next week. really excited to be doing this, it’s not often you get to give back to something that remembers and celebrates the same people and history that you love! I have built two little spitfires for the Son of Howard Squires but they are sat in his house, not quite the same. kit I don’t have pictures of the kit as not open
  18. So if it’s a stretch to build the ship I’m guessing you won’t be doing it propped up by two destroyers with a tiny Stuka crashed on the deck then . Love the idea of building Ohio but I’ll definitely be leaving it to others... like you! Rob
  19. Brilliant work, especially painting those stripes! Rob
  20. Looks brilliant! Looks even better when I turn my phone upside down you may when to look at rotating your pictures before posting Rob
  21. That’s some cunning hiding! The best I had was a inner flap from a B-25 that thought it had hid from me forever, until the basement flooded which made it float to the surface.... unfortunately I now build in the loft so folding there is not an issue, in fact if it is flooded then something is horribly wrong with the word. the PE is setting it off a treat, a really nice addition! And well done on taming that seem. Rob
  22. So far so happy with them. I can not speak for them in airbrush’s as I only use hairy sticks. they dry quick, aren’t too thin and react well with water as a thinner. I would say just be carful, they need a really good mix, I decant a bit into a tiny pot and then give it another stir. they give great coverage, and when painting don’t always look like they will dry smooth but when they do dry they level out nicely so not may brush strokes. I’ve got a B-17 to start so it will be interesting to see how they go on a bigger surface, I think I shall invest in more
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