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  1. I’ll tag along for this if I may, I’ve got a 1/72 Ed hellcat that I want to do as “babes bouncing (rude word beginning with B)” so would keen to learn more. Rob
  2. It’s looking fantastic with that blue and decals on, great work! Rob
  3. This is great! Favourite aircraft, favourite area of the war and one the best schemes. And all in a Mr P build... what is not to like! Rob
  4. That’s some speedy work! Looks fantastic!! As does Win’s tempest. Rob
  5. Yes, we do indeed! 12th June to 3rd October. sorry, I’ve been a little quiet! @Mjwomack a brigand, great choice, but rather you than me . thanks for all the votes and for getting this one through! I’ve got two beaufighters a Blenheim and hopefully the two Beauforts I have on order will be here, so a plentiful supply of options! loving the variety of aircraft that are coming out! @Ray S sure thing, with a vac kit getting them cut and sanded is WELL below the rules for entry kits. looking forward to this.
  6. Absolute stunner and love the nose art choice. Rob
  7. 1/24 by Giemme would be a VERY interesting watch I’m with you on this one! Is this your final answer G?! Do you like Hellcats Awesome work on that engine bay, really enjoying the little details coming together. Also the engine brackets have a very satisfying finish about them. nice work. Rob
  8. This is coming together very nicely and very quickly! Looking good. your shopping experiences sound painfully similar to my own, I care very little for shopping for anything other than kits etc. I don’t really care what I eat and feel a bit of a mountain molehill situation is made about what others, including my children are given as options. My partner does not share my laid back attitude to this and gets very worked up over not having the right ‘thing’ from the particular shops she wants. It’s tiresome, and if I share my true opinion I have learnt it won’t be correct... so I’ll s
  9. Fantastic work Edward, and yes the exhaust are a little over done on one, but let’s not be to hard here as it’s still fine work. Rob
  10. Lovely to see another of your spitfire build thread. Great work on the two you have already finished and a cracking start on this, I’ll be taking notes for when I get round to building mine. Rob
  11. Cracking finish Ced, and looks great in the cabinet. Rob
  12. Looks very cool with the blades and and in the white and silver! Really nice work Ced, and I’m looking forward to you solving the dangle of your rotor. Rob
  13. Great choice Bill, no matter what scheme you pick it will be a colourful bird! happy new year mate! Rob
  14. Happy new year and glad you got some time to yourself! I’m waiting on mine, it comes next week! a sten! How cool, my inner child is leaping at this news, good luck building it. he hurries look fantastic and the weathering is a good addition. May I ask about the dehydrator? What is this for? Looks technical. nice work on the hair cuts my boy used to go metal about the, as in punching screaming fits. I pinned him down the once and cut his hair, he calmed down after a while of being sandwiched between my knees.... but then all work was undone when I caught his ear
  15. This is a really interesting project, love the cut away idea! Great work so far Ced. Rob
  16. All of them stunners cookie, I hope you get more time and mojo in the new year, as your builds are excellent. Rob
  17. Well this escalated quickly, great work Ced! Rob
  18. Great details your adding here, looks fantastic so far. Rob
  19. That’s beautiful work Jaime, really love the finish on that paint work. Rob
  20. This is a great project, love the B-26 and really what this boxing! Rob
  21. Cheers glad you like them! I used Vallejo, really liked the depth of colour but when brushed I found they peeled away once dry.... could have just been my lazy surface prep though! I really like the citadel paints for the metallic pigments and shades, these to have citadel, humbrol, revell and god knows what else I used! One I really couldn’t get on with which is normally my go to brush paint brand was tamiya. thank Giemme, that means a lot! Cheers Ced, really appreciate the comment! I really like how the B-17 has come out but need to keep tweaking
  22. Tiny bit more work this week, just some more weathering on both of these and masking the bomb aimers window on the B-24. The B-17 had the exhaust staining re done with the above advice in mind. And then a little work on the B-24 still needs a bit more work on the underside to get it where I would like it to be, a bit darker on the superchargers. I’ll be realistic and say I won’t get any work done until 2021 dawns. This weekend/next week will be busy! My work load has really gone up due to redundancies and due to my new m
  23. Really nice attention to detail as I would expect from you! It’s really coming together and is a great watch. Rob
  24. Brilliantly executed as ever, with really nice details and weathering, a classic bit of Stix tank work on display. looking forward to the figures and base. Rob
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