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  1. rob85


    Ironically flooding has stopped me starting my ship.... who saw that coming?! now a foot of water in the modelling dungeon Rob
  2. I have my own dock in the garden now!
  3. Agree with you on the angle very important.... progress is looking good Ced, so much scratch building and metal! Rob
  4. Don’t feel you have too on my account! But definitely not a problem if you do I wouldn’t copy me if I were you, I’m not a builder of ships! Normally it’s aircraft and even then it’s mediocre. Rob
  5. Nice Pete, great to see a Japanese subject in here! Rob
  6. Nelson is a great subject, odd design but pretty powerful looking armament, and pretty big name in the med with Malta convoys and torch/husky? nice choice! Rob
  7. Nice work, don’t see many hunter navy subjects! Rob
  8. Please do give it a reboot! Let’s get it built on this GB and no more being taken away in ambulance’s. Rob
  9. Looking forward to this, and it definitely sounds like you know what your doing.... which leads me to ask, can’t you build Belfast? Then I can copy as you go along?! Rob
  10. Top choice Dave, I’ve got thus boxing and love the options in there, nice choice out of a tough selection. Rob
  11. rob85

    Wessex HAS 1

    Look everyone it’s got its propeller on its head! i was expecting more helicopters in the first hit if I’m honest, glad you have managed to sneak in there first! Great choice and your doing folded blades, nice. Rob
  12. Well this is something different, great choice stew! Also looks like you have lots of neat goodies along with it. preamble was fine, just the right length! Rob
  13. *sorry couldn’t wait till midnight, getting shouted at go go go Rob
  14. Lovely choice, I look forward to it... not long now Rob
  15. I can’t wait to see your delicate finessing of this kit, great tools, @CedB would be proud Rob
  16. rob85


    So here we are..... the kit There she is in all her bagged glory, and her she is out the bag! so many little rafts! They are rafts right? I know what that is, that’s flash! and the only thing in my comfort zone and it’s a bi plane! I won’t be rigging that! Rob
  17. Yay a harrier! Nice choice, very glad this has turned up and it’s Spanish... exotic Rob
  18. White miliput to fill the dips sounds a good plan, it’s nice and fine. There’s lots going on in this build isn’t there Ced, I’m picking up quite w bit! Rob
  19. Looks a great build, always surprises me how big these things are, I remember seeing the duxford one and thinking the same. greet references, looking forward to this one. Rob
  20. Looks a good kit, nice subject and great to have you on board. Rob
  21. We have so many builds ready to go! Such a great range of subject, even have a little nazi remote control tank with marine on it! Rob
  22. I think this is such a great idea! So different, I love it! i will be tagging a long to see how this progresses. Rob
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