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  1. Very much in for this one Stix, it’s been a while since I built one of these! Rob
  2. You don’t do small do you? The float is about the same size as my normal models! Fantastic work here, really impressive as ever. Rob
  3. I’ve been absent from this thread far too long and been desperately trying to catch up Tony. all I can say is your work is phenomenal as always, but you really have raised the bar here. The vixen looks stunning in the white and black, to the point that now don’t understand why they didn’t just spot there with jets… what more could you want. see you in another 50 pages I imagine Rob
  4. Hope the rest come back with nothing to worry about and your feeling better soon! Sadly I wasn’t so much caught off guard, more had my time stolen by lots of other things that unfortunately pay the bills. Frustrating. however, seeing everyone’s work on this has been great and the results are fantastic and varied with their subject. A big thank you to everyone for taking part and making this a great group build! heres to what ever you do next! Rob
  5. A tiny masterpiece that zebra, and something that really adds to the range of the GB. Thank for taking part. Rob
  6. I don’t feel your alone I have no chance of finishing and I only entered with one!! It’s nearly last orders everyone needs to finish up their drinks and start booking their taxis! Rob
  7. That’s a stunning result cliff, absolutely love it Rob
  8. Looking forward to seeing that final cote, a fantastic turn out for the GB as ever. Rob
  9. Great perseverance with this kit, it’s really paying off. Looks fantastic. Rob
  10. Looks very cool in black! Love the progress, looking forward to it appearing in the gallery. Rob
  11. So close to the finish now, and it’s looking excellent. I do love a d day striped beau! Rob
  12. Glad you went back to this otherwise I might have missed it! Brilliant work so far, the wings are looking great with paint and decals on. Rob
  13. I have every faith you will have this Irish beauty sorted before the end. Great work so far, as ever! Rob
  14. A mere week and some spare to go on this one! I need to really pull my finger out! gallery is looking well stocked and fantastic quality, last little push will get some more stunning bristols over the finish line. Rob
  15. TF-X looks great in the gallery Greg, your on a roll! looking forward to how you progress on the night fighter, like the idea of adding a touch of blue to the rubber paint, good to see how that turns out. Rob
  16. Love the Aussie Beau Greg, again impressive work and another great addition to the gallery!
  17. Beautifully done Greg, I really like this scheme and you have done a cracking job on it. Rob
  18. Your normal meticulous attention to details G, you make it look simple. I really enjoy watching your builds, even these big grey jet things. hope you and the family had a nice time in Florence, I’ve always wanted to go but not ticked it off yet! Might break out the Irish passport to get ahead of the Queues and get a trip over there some day. Rob
  19. A master class on how to build detail! However having followed along with yours and other museum builds i am really hoping that mine will be in a display completely separate from any other model . Rob
  20. I’m with G, I’ve been using the Gel super glue a lot of late and appears to be working well, especially with plastics that are tricky to glue. Also I find the gel isn’t instant bonding like some thinner glue, gives a little time and wiggle room. it’s looking the business though! As I would expect in your very capable hands. Rob
  21. This is stunning! The wheel wells are currently my favourite part, not sure why but they look excellent. As ever very nice weathering. I hope there isn’t a timescale! I haven’t even buttoned up one of mine yet, or even started the second one, that said it’s because I’m still waiting on decals to sort a scheme or even a mark for the B-24… I’ll email him again, probably won’t love that as he has a lot on! Rob
  22. You have done a great job on this beast mr T, a fantastic addition to the gallery! Rob
  23. Greg that paintwork is looking flawless! Brilliant work. Rob
  24. Yet another it maybe, but after so long with few quality/affordable options of this aircraft I say the mores the merrier! In fact can you even have too many! looking great so far. Rob
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